Jun 8, 2016

Artemis Racing starts building AC Hull for Bermuda

Source: Artemis Racing  - Watch video below to see part of the building process of Artemis hulls to be used at Bermuda.
Linton confirms on the almost OD looks of the hulls for each team due to rules restrictions, which also defines a key aspect of race foiling : dagger case position.... few little aspects are open in this edition.

If they pretend for sailors to define the Cup and lower costs, just wipe out those brute force grinders and race a la standard AC45/GC32 , which tremendous functional sailing work from the crew.

Nice story on Paul Goodson on the clip and his path from Laser to Moths and the AC. Paul won the Moths Worlds in Japan 2 weeks ago. Artemis also shows two Nacra F20FCS, an addition to their FPs at Bermuda.
Artemis Brandon Linton: “We’ve been in Sweden to build the hulls and bows of our America’s Cup Class Yacht, because under the America’s Cup Protocol, the challenging teams need to build at least the bow portion, approximately 3m long, in their country of origin.The boat is primarily constructed out of 150 gram - 300 gram uni fibres, and the hull is one design, meaning every team will have exactly the same shaped hull. Although there are a couple of areas that you are allowed to play with, to the average spectator, the boats will look exactly the same”
Full article at http://artemis-racing.americascup.com