Jun 29, 2016

Performance Cruiser Cats: Tony Grainger's 'Flying Fish' Series

Tony Grainger's design lines were already some of the smoother ones in the business. With the light cruiser industry migrating lately to the wave pierce trends, his concepts updated no problem to the new standards.  Tony is now addressing more agressive lines from his initial Barefoot & Raku models, and came up with the 'Flying Fish' Series.

These are truly Performance Cruiser range cats, the former G4, now Dna F4 is a 'thoroughbred racer with accomodations'  (as we remarked since day 1!) that can cruise with the right people onboard.

Below text sent by Tony on this new line. check Grainger web at graingerdesigns.net
Three new high performance sailing cats from Grainger Designs built on a core philosophy of simplicity and efficiency

These cats developed from an exercise in using simple streamlined forms to minimise windage, retain the rig aft with a high aspect main and keep the weight concentrated near the mast to reduce pitching and allow fine low profile bows for good wave penetration.

Particular attention was paid to the cabin profile to allow clean air flow and to avoid the creation of a large air dam in front of the cabin.

Rig and Sail Plan
The rig is placed well aft (the mast is at 53% LOA from the bow) and an efficient high aspect sail plan with the foot of the main sealed against the cabin top. The cabin roof has a strong beams each side and across the trailing edge to provide full control over leech tension.

Headsail halyards and reefing lines can either stay on the mast or come aft to the cockpit.

Two rig options will be offered; a non rotating alloy spar with lowers, or a carbon rotating wing section.

Mainsail Controls
The original concept toyed with the idea of a boomless main simply supported at the foot with a batten but this introduced complexities for reefing and sail stowage.

Out with complexity; the boom makes these things relatively simple; either park avenue style or with open stowage racks on the side.
The traveler is rebated in a channel at the trailing edge of the cabin top for clean airflow over the cabin. The traveler control lines lead in a fairly direct route down to the winch beside the helm station.

The mainsheet leads forward to the mast on both sides of the boom (it can be internal) and back to the other cockpit winches to port and starboard, and within easy reach of the helm position.

The outhaul system is fairly conventional leading forward to the mast inside the boom.

Jun 28, 2016

C-Class Cup 2017: Maxime Loiselle & Olivier Pilon to sail ETS 'Rafale II'

Photo: Rafale I at past C-Class Cup by Pierrick Contin. Below Olivier & Maxime at 2015 F18 North Ams , by Charlotte Regatta / Photoboat.com -
If there is a cool plus high technical endeavour for a Technical school/college students to embark themselves onto, nothing can beat learn the design & building process for the most refined up to 20' racing cat out there, which is without a doubt a C-Class

The Rafle C-Class project done by the École de Technologie Supérieure, Montreal
was presented here past year : catsailingnews.com/2015/02/c-class-rafale-project-by-ecole-de.html

For their 'Rafale II' C-Class, the ETS has made an arrangement with Maxime Loiselle , a long time and experienced F18 sailor from Canada, (who also sailed Nacra 17 past year) and his friend Olivier Pilon, together they hold F18 Canadian Nats Title and were 5th F18 North Americans 2015

Great task ahead for Maxime & Olivier  to be handed such weapon built by the ETS alumni, they also plan to get involved in the design and building aspects. they already have great finesse handling no problem the Wildcat in +25knots at past North Americans, and their combined sailing background will serve as a good base for even more refined skills needed to sail a foiling C-Class equipped with a Wing.

More details (in French) at voileenligne.com , link sent by Maxime.
ETS Rafale Project Official Web: etsclassc-rafale.ca
Max Marine Fb

Jun 27, 2016

F18, Texel Open 2016: Delnooz & van Leeuwen 1st

A-Class Worlds 2016 @Medemblik: Mischa Heemskerk Champ

Sequence by Olaf Kleijweg, click images for hq & slideshow. Check his entire gallery (105 pics) at CSN Fb.  Great shot above Jacek & Mischa at the windwardmark by - Paula Kopylowicz / Expoder gallery.
- Prize pics by Gordon Upton, who is putting some additional hours and gathered some great shots at gordonupton.photoshelter.com
Read his complete onsite reports at a-cat.org
Photos from the week at IACA official Fb page.
- Jodie Bawden took great pics all week , see her shots in previous post & at jnbimages.co.uk
- Must see videos by VRSports at www.vrsport.tv (cannot embed)
- Medemblik Worlds official web acatworlds2016.nl
- Daily video list acatworlds2016.nl/media/video/

More pics from Jodie, Scheurer camp, and others later in the week. Check the A-Class label for the Worlds posts.
The comparison with Phil Mickelson is always present with Mischa Heemskerk as the progression keeps flowing. Back in 2012 Mischa could finally break the World Titles spell for the first time after many close calls ,  winning in Florida his first World Title (A-Cat Worlds). I wrote at the time, that like Phil it was clear more would come his way after the first one was achieved.

The US talented golfer relies much on his family, I remember his first win in Augusta Masters how he embraced with wife and kids. The rest is history and now the lefthander has 5 majors in his pocket after a long period to reach a first one.

Mischa has formed a family recently and a first baby girl too, he feels now this extra support as he tells it himself in this great Final Day video by vrstport, this new family base has given him a new focus, added to the Dna F1 development and hard training a second World Title is now at home.

Foiling Power House
At Medemblik Mischa was flawless, imperial. 7 bullets over 7 raced, bypassing the last one with the title secured. He took advantage of the conditions the wind gods sent him for every race and he maximized performance.

I selected Olaf Kleijweg's sequence above as a proof of his powerful sailing skills, those are NOT downwind foiling pics, many of us can aim to have, instead this sequence above is upwind foiling, Mischa said around 18knots in this mode. Lots too see, click for bigger size.

Medemblik provided almost perfect conditions for Mischa's races, the third A-Cat Worlds with foiling tech R&D but the first one we can affirm the development field was leveled and the title was defined by sailors skills alone. I mean past two foiling titles have been won by Ashby...  but indeed there were equipments gaps at Takapuna 2014 and Punta Ala 2015.

This year, and just analyzing Exploder team comments on them being happy with speed plus a key shot in Day 5 video where Mischa and Jakub reach head to head to the windward mark, both keeping a smooth reach transition to downwind.

I witnessed that same sequence countless times at Punta Ala and the difference in speed was too much for Mischa and Glenn against any other sailor. Not the case here,  Jacek seems even faster and foiling earlier. The polish Nr 1 A-cat sailor pushed hard in the last races scoring two 2nds behind Mischa.
Watch how stable Bundy foils , the same for Jacek or Sandro's take, Impressive how far the As have

Jun 26, 2016

Round Texel 2016: Larsen-Westerhof Champs

Photos: RoundeTexel.com . Winners pic by Henk de Graad - We reported on Saturday the 2016 Round Texel was started in light winds, with almost total calm later which forced the retirement of  280 boats, only 10 remained capable of finishing the race as they could pass through  'VC boeie' gate.

Luckily enough many different boats/classes were able to continue like F18s, Tornado, F20 M20 & Eagle 20. But light racing conditions made Flight boats foils not that efficient to compete against the Nr 1 floating cats like the F18 or a Tornado. The Arg crew on an Infusion were shutdown by time on their faces, and were forced to came back, as two hundred more boats.

In the end it was a win for Gunnar Larsen & Lisa Westerhof-Larsen sailing a Nacra Infusion F18 over Gavin Colby & Peter Dubbelaar on a Tornado.

Really good performance for William Sunnucks & Mark Self on the M20 Vampire, I would rather thought the Vampire apparatus was too draggy for light weather, thinking again they can pivot entirely on of their main foils, giving them a drag advantage at least over the other foiler, the Nacra F20 FCS.
Considerations above taking sailors skills and their navigation of course throuhg the Round.

So Gunnar gets another major event under his belt, this time with wife Lisa.
There was a protest on them not going through an specific gate, but was dismissed as the final results were not changed as far as published.

Great result for the F18 also, which remains a Raid machine in any conditions, from 5 to 30knots, the French sailors always remind us that the Formula 18 origin comes from Long Distance / Raid racing.

Official web: roundtexel.com/

Below the only results that matters, corrected time is for monohulls, those Round texel wons by Prindle 15/Hobie 16 finishing 10 hours laters are too awckward, this is a Long Distance Raid and people target a win select their weapon of choice, then again you can have corrected times but as secondary raking and Category/Class prizes.

F18 & Texel Open Course Racing resuls & pics later.

That was a tight regatta for the top 4Corrected Round Texel times at roundtexel.com/uitslagen-round-texel-2016/

Real Time Results:

Pos  Starting Number Boot type  Spinnaker  Team Finish Time  Corrected Time
1 70 F18 Nacra Infusion Yes Gunnar Larsen/Lisa Larsen 06:55:34 06:55:34
2 227 Tornado Yes Gavin Colby/Peter Dubbelaar 06:56:03 07:22:36
3 289 M20 Vampire SCR Yes William Sunnucks/Mark Self 06:56:22 09:22:39
4 269 Nacra 20 FCS Yes Grant Piggott/Sam Curtis 06:56:23 08:04:10
5 273 Nacra 17 Olympic Class (2) Yes Thijs Visser/Renske Hijlkema 07:00:21 07:04:36
6 185 Eagle F20 Yes Maarten Van der Gaarden/Jan Hoogstra 07:02:47 07:20:24
7 162 F18 C2 Yes Oscar Zeekant/Karel Begemann 07:03:59 07:03:59
8 112 Nacra F20 Yes Tom Loopeker/marc haazenberg 07:05:19 08:03:19
9 68 F18 Cirrus R Yes Ad Noordzij/Maarten Noordzij 07:07:37 07:07:37
10 125 F18 C2 Yes Hans van Dam/Marius van Dam 07:07:48 07:07:48

Jun 25, 2016

ESS 2016 @Cardiff : Day 3 Live replay

Live replay video below:

Raid Emeraude 2016: Day 1 Images by Pierrick Contin

Round Texel 2016

Main Photo: Round Texel. The 2016 Round has started in calm winds, Tony Mels posted this photo to the left from his F18:  "When you're not sure if your speed of ground is forward or backwards"

- **Update II via Jasper's help: "Only 11 made it in time at the gate (VC boei).... all other boats need to go back"
- ***Update III by Jasper: "The 10 remaining cats are almost near the Ferry at the south side of Texel. Lots of tactic moves between Texel and the ferries....at the finish (paal 17) they see a little breeze filling in"
- Update IV : "Gunnar and Lisa still leading. The are almost at the finish. At the lighthouse (first gate) they had reduce the fleet from 300 -> 175. At the VC boei (2nd gate) they reduced the fleet from 175 -> 10
Maybe this is the longest Round Texel race ever. Started 10:45, finish ~17:45 But.... It will be a close call... "

- Update V:  from Arg crews at Texel:
1st Gunnar & Lisa F18
2nd Tornado (Colby)
3rd F20
4th M20 Vampire (Sunnucks)

Gunnar capsized coming ashore on the beach while celebrating! Photo left.-

More pics / results when avaiblable.
- Fb  facebook.com/roundtexel
- Official web www.roundtexel.com

Jun 24, 2016

A-Class Worlds 2016: Day 5 Images by Jasper van Staveren

A-Cat Worlds 2016 @Medemblik: Day 5

Gold fleet out and Mischa won the first race giving himself a 2nd A-Cat World Title. Second place in the race for Jacek Noetzel and 3rd for Darren Bundock.

Two races for each fleet, 7-10knots.
Info just received from Arno Terra along pic. More updates & Day 5 results later. Full report on Monday.

Check previous posts for additional info on the Worlds.
Day 4 (Thursday) Video by Vrsportv here

**Update Silver: Mehl wins both for the day. Overall Silver for Stefan Scheffer, 2nd overall Julio Saubidet, 2 & 6 today,  with two dns from the qualys.

Top 15th Gold below, full results here,   Silver fleet pending.

Jun 23, 2016

A-Class Worlds 2016 @Medemblik: Day 4, Heemskerk x 6

A-Class Worlds 2016: Vid by Watersportverbond

There are some good videos of the event but cannot be shared. Gladly Gert-Jans Kos sent me this clip  source above from Medemblik done by Watersportverbond with  some good footage and Mischa in native language for our Dutch followers. Check the way Mischa handles the A...

Videos not able to embed at vrsport.tv -Day 2 & Day3

A-Cat Worlds 2016 @Medemblik: Day 4, Gold Fleet out

Photo: Gordon Upton. Bad weather this morning but the Gold fleet managed to go out, 1h already , still no updates. they went out with 6-7 knots and wind later increased.
Check previous post for current results. More info later.

**Update II : Mischa won both gold fleet races. unofficial data.
***Update III: Gold Fleet top 15 below. Full results here. Pics by Gordon Upton at IACA Fb. Silver no racing yet, coming ashore.

Moth Europeans 2016 @Bordeaux: Vid wrap-up Part II

Official web moth-european.com - Results moth-european.com/results

Jun 22, 2016

A-Class Worlds 2016: Heemskerk leads after 4R

Great image by Gordon Upton, best so far from the event, check his gallery and his official reports links at IACA Fb-- Second Image Jodie Bawden. More at her web: www.jnbimages.co.uk
Check previous posts below for plenty more images, 105 courtesy of Olaf Kleijweg, his full gallery at CSN Fb. Paula Kopilowicz gallery at Exploder Fb
- Videos with great footage avaiblable at vrsport.tv -Day 2 & Day3
4 races held in perfect foiling conditions  for Mischa Heemskerk and 4 bullets. The Flying Dutchman
in control and ready for anything the weather can throw at him tomorrow with the start of the Finals. Mischa is in command on the water and in the overall lead, but still has pending to race in 5knots shifty winds like others had to endure.
Check Mischa's speed at video link above plus comments from him and Bundy.

In the second group Darren Bundock unveiled some of his extensive experience to secure two wins in poor shifty winds. Bundy scored two bullets, and is currently one pt behind the leader, so anything can happen and right now is a close call on paper although Mischa can discard at will next two races.
Both have to maintain regularity, Tymek Bendik was 2,2 today behind Mischa for a 3rd overall.

Bundy 'survived' the day, but the worst part for the top guys is going for another Australian. Feeling right now for Stevie Brewin, all that preparation and training to suffer literally all of his races in lousy conditions while others are having Champagne sailing every single time! (speaking of Perfection I can't believe yet Messi's freekick..)

This has to be reviewed for coming Worlds, check my comments from yesterday and Bundock's from today: "Had to sail my ass off today to survive. Scored 1 &1 while the first group had 2 nice races in 15knots our group was left with 4 maybe gusting 6knts. The first race was a Mickey Mouse race in shifty conditions. Sorry for those that scored big as we got the unlucky draw. Still not a fan of racing in groups."

Qualy Groups are Ok as long as they race at the same time like past Worlds or Bordeaux Euros. The good thing is in the A-Class you still need to master floating mode in 5 knots, not and easy task and quite challenging for those without patience.
Also the non foiler vs foiler is an old subject by now on performance in any wind condition, but it is great to have all racing together, I would go again to a major event in floating mode as I did in Bordeaux 2014 with the Scheurer G6 no problem.
Just like Marcin Badzio is doing now at Medemblik, by the way, someone please give the kid some foils for the Worlds at Poland 2017, top 5 talent hiding there. If not I will organize a fund gathering!

Tomorrow Gold & Silver Fleets, there the is not much of an issue to decide a title, as all leaders are racing together. After two non scores, my good friend Julio Saubidet from Arg, put some numbers on the score sheet, nice 12 & 13th in Mischa's foiling group and was short just two overall places to reach the Gold fleet after his two 'dns' from yesterday.

Also nice to see Joerg Gosche, glad you listen and you went racing. A long time experienced F18 sailor and rookie A-Cat one sitting 16th overall after a 7th & 3rd for the day. Are you enjoying the ride mate? You are for sure a 'Grand Maestre' , keep going Joerg!

Official event web Acatworlds2016.nl
Top 16 below , full results Here

A-Class Worlds 2016: Day 3 Images by Jodie Bawden

A-Class 2016 Worlds @Medemblik: Day 3 Images by Olaf Kleijweg

A-Class Worlds 2016 @Medemblik: Day 3

*Update I: Mischa got two more bullets earlier today , Tymek Bendyk 2nd in both. Second group with Bundock & Brewin waiting now for wind. Info & pic Exploder.info / Paula Kopylowicz.
Check Day 2 images by Paula at Exploder fb page

**Update II: Provisional Results Mischa's group, check full at Dutch Assoc Fb:
Race 3
1 Mischa Heemskerk
2 Tymek Bendyk
3 Adam Beattie
4 Giovanni Calabria
5 Jakub Surowiec
6 Roeland Wentholt
7 Bob Baier
8 Thomas Paasch
9 PJ Dwarshuis
10 Paolo Penco
11 Emmanuel Dodé
12 Julio Saubidet
Race 4
1 Mischa Heemskerk
2 Tymek Bendyk
3 Adam Beattie
4 Thomas Paasch
5 Roeland Wentholt
6 Giovanni Calabria
7 Jakub Surowiec
8 Bob Baier
9 Paolo Penco
10 PJ Dwarshuis
11 Sam Newton
12 Emmanuel Dodé
13 Julio Saubidet

***Update III: Top 15 results after 4 races for both groups. Full Results here.

A-Cat Worlds 2016 @Medemblik: Day 2 Images by Jodie Bawden