May 31, 2016

World Match Racing Tour 2016 @Newport

Photo: Ian Roman - After the show at Garda with the GC32s fully powered, rolling tacks and incredible transitions watching the reefed / jibless / hard tacking M32s  is kinda rare, but the WRMT is selecting good racing spots, like windy Frematle in Australia months ago and now one of the best sailing venues I've seen for the past Cup glorious floating AC45 Series: Newport , Rhode Island. Next A-Class North Americans will take place here in September, schedule published this week at

The WMRT is also providing excellent media coverage. Check their official web at
Results at
Live Stream

May 30, 2016

GC32s Riva del Garda 2016: The Epitome of Sail Racing

Raw footage of the clip For those always asking for video, here you have 10 minutes of raw footage from Days 1,2,3 & 4 filmed and provided by Icarus Media / GC 32 Racing Tour. I took the liberty to add some Division Bell soundtrack, feel free to silence track, in any case this is one of the best sailing footage ever seen,.
If some ad popsup is done & served by YT on the use of the Pink Floyd tunes.
I hope the guys at the GC32 headquarters have the races full filmed, it could be a show & a joy to watch.

AC4 what???  You don´t need stadium to promote sailing, you just need WIND only provided in average by the right course location. Out of words for this footage, tremendous sailing and guts from all teams, the finesse of the GC32 weapons and their power drive response from the crew handling 'c'est magniqfique' as a good friend likes to call this kind of champagne sailing.
What a great boat Martin Fischer designed.

Great win by Franck Cammas / Norauto and his crew. Also nice to hear Pierre Casiraghi, digging cats, the grandson of Grace Kelly has things clear on how to race Multihulls: Sail fast or stay home! His father would be proud.

Daily reports in previous GC32 posts, final results and official web
Keep those raw videos coming, nothing better to promote the GC32s.

Hobie 16 Worlds 2016: Day 1 , Masters fleet

Moth Worlds 2016: Paul Goodison Champ

Images: Junichi Hirai / Bulkeahd magazine / -  Great transition for Paul Goodison coming from the Laser camp to master the art of foiling and racing Moths or any other flying sailboat for that matter. His comments on the official web : “If you are asking me which is more fun to sail with Laser (with which I won the gold Olympic medal) or International Moth, I would say Moth. Foiling boat attracts me very much since I can tune my race boat by sailing conditions. It is also great to race together with world top level sailors”, he added with a smile..."

3 British sailors on the podium. Rookie Argie Franco Greggi on a great debut finishing 13th overall. Franco is a former 29er crew World Champ and also had a go on the F18 and N17 in the past.

Top ten below, full reuslts at

F18 Worlds 2016 @Buenos Aires: Capizzano will cover the event

A-Class North Americans 2016 @Newport: September 12-15th

Photo: Walter Cooper . The 2015 North Americans will be remembered as a Classic event and a milestone for the Class on the racing action  between Matt Strubble & Bruce Mahoney and the media coverage, specially Nick Bowers shortfilm: .
This year the locals are heading to Newport Rhode Island securing another excellent venue for the growing NA fleet.

Below report for incoming 2016 NAs sent by Bill Vining
The US Aclass continues to grow and thrive.

Having come off a very successful winter season, which saw 57 boats race in 6 events in Florida, the US Aclass is looking forward to the North American Championship in Newport RI, Sept 12-15th at Sail Newport. With four months to go, their are already 25 competitors registered.

Prior to the Newport North American Championships, the class will participate in Foiling Week at

F16 Worlds 2016 @Belguim: July 16-22

Sent by the Royal Belgian Sailing Club / :
The countdown to the F16 worlds has begun. Only 50 days left!
To get in the mood you can find a little movie from one of our 2015 championships, held at RBSC Knokke-Heist by clicking this link.

What can you expect from the F16 Worlds 2016?
· Lovely clubhouse on the beach
· Nice club atmosphere at the club where the F18 Worlds were held in 2009
· 2 participant diners on the beach
· Early entry fee 250€ until 20th June (after 20th June 300€)
· Professional media coverage by Jasper van Staveren

The NOR can be found here!
Follow us on Facebook to get all latest news about the F16 Worlds 2016!
Don’t forget to register as well via our online form!
Hope to see you all on the water!
The F16 Worlds Crew

May 29, 2016

GC32s @Riva del Garda: Day 3

Image Loris von Siebenthal / GC32 Racing tour -  AC 45 Series has become a lame show. The real sailing now is being taken place at the GC32 Series. I'm in awe how the AC marketing machine focus on selling seats tickets for NY, Chicago while leaving thousands and a wider audience reach out of the equaiton not broadcasting the event live in internet.

The GC32s are reaching 40 knots, they go to the right places to organize a regatta with foiling cats and right now  they provide the action to follow (watch  vid above starts and footage plus raw one from Day 1 in prev posts), the AC 45  little circus , and their little course racing area are like jester king clown acts.
Below press release sent by GC32 Racing Tour
GC32 Racing Tour press release issued on 28/05/2016
After a dramatic capsize yesterday, Malizia came out all guns blazing to win the first race on day three of the GC32 Riva Cup.

“We had a change of approach,” said Pierre Casiraghi, skipper of the crew representing Yacht Club de

May 28, 2016

Moth Worlds 2016 @Japan: Day 4

Image: Junichi Hirai - Bulkhead Magazine Japan / MothWorlds,org - After the lay day racing resumed and Paul Goodison maintained lead by two points over Chris Rashley an five over Robert Greenhalgh. One more day left to close the 2016 Champ.

Top Ten below, full results here

Loick Peyron / Pen Duick II @Le Pouliguen by Launay

Brand new DNA F1 for sale GER/NED

A good opportunity to race A-Cat Medemblik Worlds with a brand new Dna F1. This boat was delivered this same week, but the owner has now a complicated schedule ahead and will not find much time to spare to sail this weapon.
Fully equipped F1, Dna mast by Fiberfoam, Mischa decksweeper Sail, covers and all details included.

Location: North Germany or Holland. Brand new , never used.

If interested contact ----- Sale cancelled by sailor---
For more free classifieds ads check

May 27, 2016

GC32s @Riva del Garda: Day 2

Images GC32 Racing Tour FB - Report below sent by Icarus Media & GC32 Racing Tour:
GC32 Racing Tour press release issued on 27/05/2016
Big Day on Garda is good for Norauto, tough on others

While Norauto and Team Tilt were battling to be top cat at the GC32 Riva Cup on another strong wind day on Lake Garda, others in the hi-tech fleet were battling to stay in the game.
With nine boats on the course, it’s a new game, but one that has the crews – both amateur and professional – enthralled by the competition and the sheer amount of high quality racing. Six races a day was perhaps even a bit too much for Glenn Ashby, the Olympic medallist racing on board Team Tilt. “All the boys are under 30 except for me,” grinned the 38 year old. “Maybe one less race would be nice. But good fun out there, the last two days have been great sailing.”

The Swiss crew skippered by Sebastien Schneiter swept the board in the first three races, winning all

May 26, 2016

GC32s @Riva del Garda 2016: 9 Teams racing, Cammas-Norauto leads

All images: Loris von Siebenthal - Franck Cammas helming 'Norauto' leads over a 9 fleet of GC32s, including Team Tilt with Glenn Ashby as trimmer. The GC32s keep gaining momentum and new teams.  Day 1 impressive raw footage by Icarus Media I uploaded to yt above.. Official report below.
Official web
Full results at

Report sent by Icarus Media:
GC32 Racing Tour press release issued on 26/05/2016

Franck Cammas steered NORAUTO to the top of the leaderboard after six high-speed races at the GC32 Riva Cup today, the first event of the GC32 Racing Tour 2016. The French offshore racing legend managed to squeak past Team Tilt after the Swiss team suffered from some gear breakdowns.

Sebastien Schneiter and Team Tilt took scores of 1,1,2,1 in the first four races, although when their

Moth Worlds 2016 @Japan, Day 3: Paul Goodison leads

A2V - Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels

Finally a project targeting a wing crossection as part of the cat platform design. I thought Dna would go for such concept beyond all the cool aero fairings. For instance the F1 front beam/tramp does not applies a proper aerodynamic lift wing cross section on its shape  to my knowledge, of course is not that easy to implement on A-Cat neither and efficiency should be weighted, but I always wondered on a beam/tramp combo designed with a wing section.
Americas Cup flying cats have net tramps so they are limited in this regard too, focusing also on fairings and not on integrated wing shaped platforms from beam to beam.

The guys at Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels, are using this concept as an alternative to foils,
Video and links sent today  Gianluca Guelfi who is a Naval Architect / R&D Engineer for Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels.

Lots of questions comes to mind, specially on safety, blown out a la F1 cars and implementation for larger vessels and sailing cats. I'll prepare a Q&A with him later, below main concept, for more info at their web & Fb page.

"A2V is a new generation of transportation vessels using aerodynamics to improve energy efficiency.
During the last two years, the A2V team of naval architects and CFD specialists developed
a revolutionary shape able to safely transfer ships weight from water to air.

The required propulsive power depends mostly on the weight carried by the water. Reducing this weight is the key to greater efficiency. "

Moth Worlds 2016 @Japan: Day 2 Video

Good video by Beau Outterdige Productions to see the actual conditions reported in previous Moth post:
The extended wand mounted on the new bowsprit seems to add pitch stability, from the harsh days footage I remember from past Worlds in Australia.
Kohei KaJimoto also comments on the video "it's not survival mode anymore" on latest developments

May 25, 2016

F18 Croatia: Murter Challenge 2016; Images by Pavao Mirosevic

Moth Worlds 2016 @Japan: Day 2

Images: Junichi Hirai / Bulkhead Magazine. - Chris Rashley leads over Paul Goodison by 1pt overall  after 6 races. Argentine rookie Franco Greggi is excelling with a 12th overall, great performance for 'Mosta', the guy who brought the Moths to Argentina. Reading the conditions report is clear again that our local waters are great training 'grounds' to endure harsh conditions abroad, which are tougher to handle for those used only to sail lakes or mainly flat seas. He got some capsizes but managed top 10 overalls for the day. Excerpt from official report:
"..Today’s sailing conditions was strong southerly wind from the morning which is not ideal for non-experienced sailors to handle Moth. Therefore about 20 participants mainly who are not confident about sailing under this weather didn’t join today’s races. However, many of them rode on safety boats to support the competitions. They could have a close look at top sailors’ racing and learn a lot..."

Full report, pics gallery & official web at
This year Peter Burling & Nathan Outterdige (defending & former champs) by passed the event surely on the AC campaign but maybe we'll see them along Ashby at Medemblik?

Top ten below. Full resutls:

M&M Rapido 60 Trimaran

Tris are fast, but at this size for an offshore cruiser, comfortable wise and on reliability (amas connections, remember Groupama's capsize) I would stick with a fast cruising Cat. In any case this Tri looks like a weapon. Rapido 60 Trimaran designed by Morrelli & Melvin. More info at

May 24, 2016

GC32 Tour 2016 @Riva del Garda , May 23-26

Photo above; Malizia - Yacht Club Monaco training on Lake Garda. Photo ©: Jacopo Salvi - PR sent by Icarus Media. // This will be the owners Tour. The Extreme Series will also sail GC32s but on a separated series.
GC32 Racing Tour 2016 sets sail on Lake Garda
"The 2016 GC32 Racing Tour gets underway later this week with the first of two regattas on one of the world’s most magnificent regatta venues, Lake Garda. The GC32 Riva Cup will take place over Thursday 23rd May until Sunday 26th May, from the Fraglia Vela Riva in Riva del Garda, on the Italian lake’s northernmost corner.

In addition to its natural beauty, nestled within the Italian Alps, Lake Garda is renowned for its

May 23, 2016

'Florida 300' 2016 : Final Results

Image by Damon Linkous / - Reports & official race web at
Pic gallery by

Timed results here

F18 Fleet
1st Turtle Mojo - Cirrus R - Dick McDonald and Dave Ingram
2nd Irrational Again - Nacra F18 - Sergey Duko and Anatolly Duko (13 yrs old)
3rd Team Tiger - Hobie Tiger - Jacob Keilman and Brett Robinson

Inter 20 Fleet
1st Miami Yacht Club White - Mac Agnese and Ian MacDiarmid
2nd Miami Yacht Club Yellow - Leandro Spina and Guz Zuloaga (first leg Taylor Palmer)
3rd Miami Yacht Club Orange - Raul Lopez and Maximo Nores

Open Fleet
1st Buoy 44 - Modified Tornado -Brian Lambert and Will Rottgering
2nd Key Sailing - Nacra 20C - Kirk Newkirk and Tom Whitehurst (lowest overall time)
3rd Cyberspeed - SC20 - Craig Van Eaton and Mark Herendeen

A-Class: Perfect 'Garage'

Having a brand new DNA F1 & an Exploder AD3 in your gear is already a dream come true, storing them fully rigged at your local club is like too much. Being Italy and me a family man I would just add a Ferrari FF and you will have the perfect garage.

The interesting thing to know is which one he'll select for Medemblik.....
Photo: Paolo Penco / Classe A Italia

May 22, 2016

D35 Trophy: Open de Versoix for Team Tilt

Photos: Loris von Siebenthal - Glenn Ashby will join Team this season for their GC32 campaign. This weekend the Swiss team went racing the D35 lake machines at the Open de Versoix, beating Ernesto Bertarelli/ Alinghi for 1pt overall. Full report (french) at

Net Tot R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9
1 Tilt 31 41 9 3 1 2 6 10 1 8 1
2 Alinghi 32 39 5 5 6 1 7 2 6 2 5
3 Swisscom 34 43 4 9 3 7 4 4 3 6 3
4 Ylliam Comptoir Immobilier 36 46 3 10 7 5 1 1 10 7 2
5 Mobimo 37 46 1 1 4 6 9 8 8 3 6
6 Ladycat 39 50 6 2 2 9 8 3 5 4 11
7 Racing Django 40 50 2 8 10 4 3 5 2 9 7
8 Zen Too 43 53 10 7 8 3 5 7 4 5 4
9 Realteam 47 58 8 4 9 10 2 6 7 1 11
10 Okalys 62 72 7 6 5 8 10 9 9 10 8

European Kiteracing Championships 2016 @Cagliari: Day 5

Press release & video Sent by ICARUS Media // Watch the video above, pretty good. Check also the diff vs the Formula floating kites on speed and handling.

Cagliari, 21st May, 2016 – It has been a very intense competition day, with nine rounds for the entire

May 20, 2016

Florida 300 2016

All images courtesy of Damon Linkous / - Damon is covering the event live, check his web for more shots at .

One F20 suffered a dismast as seen in pic below, with the sailors setting up a jury rig to finish the stage. Damon reports: "We have a Dutch team (Dutch Rockerz) participating, skippered by Bob Henson head of Nacra Europe. They have already broken a mast on their borrowed Nacra F18 and sailed today on a borrowed replacement."

Florida 300 yt Channel here
Florida 300 official web:

F16 Worlds 2016 @Knokke-Heist, Belguim: July 16-22

Image: Jasper van Staveren - Knokke Heist in Belguim was the venue for a great 2009 F18 Worlds which were won by Coen de Koning & Thijs Visser. For this year Formula 16 Worlds, the Royal Belgian Sailing Club will host a major cat event again, and  their local youth program will search for another title, Henri Demesmaeker already won the F16 crown with Jeroen van Leewen in 2013

2016 - F16 Worlds Registration

May 19, 2016

European Kiteboarding Championships @Cagliari: Day 2

Photo above by Nicola Belillo - Full gallery at - - // I'm  currently drawing a Windsurf & SUP foil for some local friends who asked me to do one after seeing Kai Lenny's footage. But also I've been wanting one for Windsurfing for a while, left current draft. past years I focused on cat hull lines with teh F18 OP and a new A-Cat coming, now is time to learn about latest foiling tech.

On Kite racing foils, I will bring Luca Filippi's Banga Foil soon to Arg. Luca is an F18 sailor who built his own F18 too, and now is building Kite racing foils with great demand, his foil was designed by Gorgio Provinciali, an AC Cup engineer. More info on his project soon.

Below Press release & Video from the European Kiteboarding Championships 2016 at Yacht Club Cagliari sent by Icarus Media.
- Official web:
- Results:
Poetto - Cagliari
"The Monegasque Maxime Nocher and Italian-Colombian Riccardo Andrea Leccese are sharing the lead after the first 10 races, run in the Mistral wind the first day and with sea brezze the second.

Cagliari, 17th May, 2016 – Tthe Kiteboarding European Championship – Formula Kite & KiteFoil

Stunt 9: New container heading to the US

It seems the two Stunt 9 boats Charlie brought to the US past months had a good impression on the local sailors. Now Michele Petrucci's is preparing a new batch of boats to be delivered to the Houston, Texas  in September. Six (6) boats sold for this new container and there is room for 2/4 more.
If interested to join the US local Stunt 9 growing fleet contact Michele directly at 12piedi (at) or through his Fb page:

Above the Stunt 9 in Texas doing 19knots. Great to see this concept having commercial success, Michele Petrucci , his catbulding family and the Bimare brand deserves it.

May 18, 2016

A-Class: Sopot Catamaran Cup 2016

All Images sent by Jacek Noetzel. Tym Bendyk won at Sopot (2018 Worlds venue)  sailing the 'AD3'/Bryt Sails. The new 'AD3' is the latest version of the Exploder A-Cat. Developed together with Gonzalo Redondo from D3 Applied Technologies. Conditions for all races went from 5 to 9knots and is remarkable to see how Marcin Badzio won over top Polish sailor Jacek Noetzel (AD3 / Brewin),  with a floating Scheurer G6/Landenberger.

I saw Marcin leading the pack upwind at Punta Ala and I'm wondering for a while what he might achieved sailing the latest foil tech. Together with Tym they've been performing for a while a now and both part of the future of the Polish A-Class looking forward to 2017 Worlds at Sopot.

Watch video above to see bendyk foiling in light winds, while other boats are going downwind full floating light winds mode.
Report by Jacek
"End of April / beginning of May is traditionally the beginning of the racing season at Sopot. This year, 28 catamarans from various classes participated in the event. Sunny weather and light winds made all sailors enjoying races. In A-class, the new Exploder AD3 allowed foiling in 8 knots of wind. 
The first place went to Tymoteusz Bendyk on Exploder AD3 / Bryt Sails, second was for the light wind specialist Marcin Badzio on a Scheurer, G6 and third place went to Jacek Noetzel on Exploder AD3. 
It was interesting to see new sail maker on A-class scene. Bryt Sails is well established company, very experienced in iceboat sails. Hopefully, know-how in high speed boats will work for flying a-class as well."
Full results here.
Photo gallery  at

GC32s,1st Match Racing Event @Lake Traunsee for Minoprio

Images: Helga Nagl & Hans Feitzinger / GC32 Racing Tour Press.   - -The GC32s will have split tours this year with the Extreme Series and the European owners circuit.  Team Gropuama's Adam Minoprio with F18 World Champs crews Arnaud Jarlegan & Matthieu Vandame  won the first GC32 Match Race event at Lake Traunsee in Austria. Minoprio already had a good debut at Oman, adapting himself pretty quickly, now on the smaller GC32s he continue to train in foiling cats over his MR background.

And with the strong French sailing team behind  like Arnaud & Matthieu come from Peyron's great performers "Energy Team" from the AC45 Series of last Cup, and also continued to race with Guichard in Spindrift projects. Yann remember was also helm for Energy Team.  The French with Minoprio , Cammas and also a experienced design team are on a mission for Bermuda.

Official web & report at

Finals (match racing, best-of-seven):
NORAUTO v ARMIN STROM Sailing Team: 4:0

Petit finals (match racing, best-of-seven):
Team ENGIE v PROFS I Youth America’s Cup Team Austria: 4:1

Semi finals (match racing, best-of-five):
NORAUTO v PROFS I Youth America’s Cup Team Austria: 3:0
Team ENGIE v ARMIN STROM Sailing Team: 2:3