Apr 5, 2016

A-Class: Totally new Exploder platform 2016

Photos sent by Jacek Noetzel. Some weeks ago Jacek, Exploder official rider, published pics of a new 'Exploder 2016'. The boat had indeed several brand new components like L rudders (but using standard casting, no cassette) , the Z10 boards tested in Australia, a flat front beam and new case/beams placements.
But Exploder is a factory in constant motion and development in the background, and in parallel they were working on totally new hulls.

This new platform along the new set of foils tested in Australia (L & new T rudders / winglets & the Z10 foil) were developed in collaboration with D3 Applied Technologies, a top CFD/Design company based in Spain and led by a former Volvo & AC experience Eng like Gonzalo Redondo and his colelague Marc Menec from ISD & 3D Eng , also was involved in Volvo/AC projects, who helped me out with the F18 Open Project final cad refinement. We will make a Q&A with Gonzalo soon on new A-Cats developments.

With this new platform featuring lower volume hulls, forward placement of beams/ dagger case ,  the mentioned foils/rudders/winglets  and a super talented team of riders including Steve Brewin, Darren Bundock , gold medalist Anton Paz & among others, Exploder will aim for the Title at Medemblik.

Lets wait also for some pics on the water to have a better view. Exploder decided to go for a more simple or spartan platform in terms of aero details like the new Dna , but there is some serious core platform work here along the new foils and excellent new refined looks.

A-Class are getting a great stage of devel, and still much to be done, even with 2015 platforms, on Sunday I saw live on the water some incredible upwind full foiling rides on a Dna 2015 here in BA.
More info to come on the Exploder and those upwind rides..

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