Apr 30, 2016

Nacra 17s @Hyeres 2016: Day 4

Image by Laurens Morel / saltycolours.com - Full album at Nacra Fb
Top Ten below, Full Results at sailing.org/worldcup

Apr 29, 2016

Carnac Eurocat 2016: Day 1

Nacra 17s @Hyeres 2016: Day 3

All Images Images Laurens Morel - Full Album at Nacra Fb - Top ten below, Full Results here.

Apr 28, 2016

Nacra 17s @Hyeres 2016: Day 2, Echavarri-Pacheco lead after 5

Photo: Laurens Morel - Full album Nacra Fb -
Fernando Echavarri & Tara Pacheco are leading Hyeres 2016 World Cup after 5 races, 4 held today. Way for the spanish team to show they will take their ticket to Rio to a good use. 2008 Tornado Olympic Champ, Echavarri, sailing with Tara, is showing his skills remain unscathed for cat racing, being a Tornado or skimming Nacra 17, against the new young guard and top guns like Billy & Marie.

Top ten below, full results at sailing.org/worldcup/results/

Gunnar Larsen on the Olympic Nacra 17 Foiling Upgrade

Photo: Courtesy of Franck Tiffon-Terrade . For foils check previous post on the N17
I contacted Gunnar Larsen (Nacra CEO & current 2x F18 WChamp) to know actual details on the new upgrades and how ISAF (now World Sailing...) and Nacra will implement the new foiling kit: 
Gunnar Larsen: "Next week is the World Sailing meeting and we have to wait their position on all Olympic classes, after that we can provide you with more accurate and solid data on the upgrade. Showing an updated used Nacra 17 was good in Hyeres. The whole idea is that the existing fleet can be easily upgraded by having a retro fitting kit available. 

So Olympic sailors can choose to continue  with their current boat or purchase a new one. Also for new generation sailors is important, so they can step in at reasonable costs, sailing needs the young kids to have any future. 
Showing both sides here at Hyeres, Starboard side is fitted out with hull update but still with curved daggerboard in combination with a bearing cassette. And the portside is fitted with out rake adjusting system, 'Z' board, and bearing cassette. 

It seems that the majority of the crowd wants to go foiling. Specially the younger crews I must say. The older and more established crews have lots of questions that we were able to answer and sometimes discuss with each other. Interesting times I should say for sailing in general. The pressure on WS grows noticeably to have the Nacra17 flying for Tokio.

Lets have contact then next weeks so we can inform you and your viewers on what actually is happening. Not based on assumptions and rumors but on reality after World Sailing next meeting."

As per Gunnar's response the idea is actually to retrofit current fleet, so is clear they will need to support their past customers on the modifications and upgrades. For the new boats and the foiling mode, is strange to know that part of the 'older' guard might be reluctant to go foiling, beyond any ISAF handling on these mods and equipment details, which we will know more about next weeks,  those Olympic sailors who don´t want to go foiling should start looking for other classes, like Laser or Finn.

Olympics are the pinnacle of our sport, thus right now a foiling cat is the way to go, campaigns are not cheap either as we all know.  Two local crews who didn´t qualified for Rio  bought 2 boats each (1 for Europe other to train locally), spending almost 60k only in equipment out of their pockets.
So costs at Olympic level are secondary to performance, it is what it is, this ain´t no F18. Olympic campaigns are the toughest projects outhere for sailors.

Of course we would like Nacra to improve the structural quality for boats to last longer and protect sailors investment, more now with the extra loads foiling will provide, 
but I'm addressing here any possible  costs vs foiling which is nonsense discussion for an Olympic cat nowadays.

After World Sailing meeting we'll get back with Larsen on updated status and we'll do a Q&A on the retrofits, new boats , current fleet structural issues, actual foils for the Nacra 17 .

Apr 27, 2016

Nacra 17s @Hyeres 2016: Day 1 by Laurens Morel

Hyeres WC 2016: New Nacra 17 Foils exposed

Photo: Nacra 17 Class - Full album at their FB Page - As stated in previous Nacra 15 Q&A with Fer van West, the  Olympic Nacra 17 will also use that same foil development. Now Nacra is showing them at Hyeres WCup.
Yesterday Iker Martinez uploaded to twitter a great video of him foiling in current N17 conf. Imagine the flight Olympic sailors will get with this setup above.

Also watch saw the Brazilian team footage published months ago: catsailingnews.com/2015/11/nacra-17-foiling-video.html

Nacra will have the challenge to address the structural issues already seen in the curved boards fitted Nacra 17, and sailors who have purchased en masse the previous version will probably need to reinforce their older boats to been able to upgrade current platforms.
I will contact Gunnar for more details and plans ahead on this regard.

In any case, seen the big picture, great times coming, sailing will have the chance to show innovation and something for new generations to look up to, with a racing flying cat i the Olympics, imagine some 'wise men' wanted to keep the Star for this.......

In terms of  alternatives on which Class to participate or newcomers & Youths, if the Nacra 17 becomes 'Open' instead of mandatory Mixed crews, they will definitely own the double handed racing cat market for good.

Compared to latest A-Class foils this N17 'Z' and 'L' rudder seem to be little less more refined, not on the technical aspect but on the shape, chord & aspect ratio.
For details on the 3pt vs 4pt plus this new foil setup designed by MM , similar to current A-Class flying designs, check Fer's interview from past week.

Below, BRA 230 Flying video published past Novemeber, Olympic Nacra 17 , Rio 2016 version, already flying with curved boards and no rudder blade winglets:

Apr 26, 2016

AC45s 'Turbo' Race Traninig @Bermuda by Rachel Fallon-Langdon

Bañuls Design 53'-78' Catamaran range to be built by Alibi

Pics: MC60 by Christophe Launay. - Nice different hull/bow lines & design approach for a change on Cruising performance cats. Past articles published from different brands all looked the same. These MC260 drawn by Renaud Bañuls, now to be built by Alibi , feature some original smooth lines and a solid cockpit/cabon which by experience seen past year seem to be mandatory. Below press release sent by Bañuls Design:
Bañulsdesign has teamed up with Alibi to build its range of semi-custom high-performance catamarans.

"Previously commercialized under the name MC²53, MC²60 and MC²78, the Bañuls catamarans represent the top end of the performance cruising catamarans.

Loic Goepfert, CEO of Alibi comments: After building five Alibi 54 and one Alibi 65, we felt that we were ready for the next step and set up to build custom one-off boats. The range of Bañuls catamarans fits in that objective and does not compete with our existing offer of Alibi 54 and Alibi 65 since the Bañuls designs push the envelop even further than we do in terms of performance.

Renaud Bañuls, the architect of the luxury catamarans adds: “Many catamarans builders claim to offer performance but few sustain scrutiny to that claim. Alibi had constant improvements all along its 8-years existence, to reach maturity in building truly high performance catamarans. We feel confident that they have the full capacity to deliver the high level of quality and the lightweight we expect for our designs at a competitive price.

The Bañuls 60# 1 Mach² just finished second over the line in the 580 miles 2016 Rolex China Sea Race from Hong Kong to the Philippines after leading for most of the race.

Raphaël Blot, owner of Mach² and manager of the Bañuls catamarans comments: "This was a very frustrating result but a great testimony to the potential of the boat. We led for most of the race and had a 27 miles lead with 45 miles to the finish. We were in line to break the race record until we managed to park the boat sailing at 0.5-1kts while the Reichel Pugh 66 sailed past us 10 miles offshore at 10-12kts. We still finished ahead of the TP52s, the Humpfreys 54 and the Swan 82.

 The Bañuls 60 is not a racing cat that goes cruising but a cruising cat that goes racing and finishes ahead of the monohulls pack. It's great to be able to cruise the next day after the race in comfort with air conditioning and all the necessary cruising amenities with the exact same boat without having to spend days switching from racing mode to cruising mode. We had all the cruising gear on board for the race (stand up paddles, dinghy, outboard engine, diving gear, etc.. ) and still were faster than the stripped out monohulls.

Bañulsdesign will exhibit at the International Multihull Boat Show in La Grande Motte 13-17 April. Look for us on the pontoon P, same spot as the previous years.

Apr 25, 2016

Team Tilt: 2016 Program for GC32s, Flying Phantom, D35s, AC Youth.....

All images Loris von Siebenthal / Team Tilt -
The Swiss team is on a mission for 2016 as Glenn Ashby will be racing with them in the GC32 in parallel with the rest of their projects. Good to see how they keep focusing on youth also. Full details in this press release:
Teamtiltsailing.ch - Switzerland’s Team Tilt Sailing launches busy 2016 programme

With the Bol d’Or Mirabaud and the Decision 35 Trophy on their 2015 achievements list, Team Tilt shifts focus to foiling boats in 2016 while keeping the development of young Swiss sailors at the heart of the organisation. The squad plans to maximise on learning opportunities this year with a GC32, Flying Phantom, Decision 35, 49er and the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.
Geneva, Switzerland, 20 April 2016 – The Team Tilt sailing squad that offers a performance structure to young and talented Swiss sailors, has a busy season ahead. The team’s medium and long term goals are focussed on the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup in 2017 and the Olympic Games in 2020.
To prepare for the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup, Team Tilt will train on the GC32 foiling catamaran, the Flying Phantom and the Decision 35.
The programme and its objectives are as follows:

Red Bull Youth America’s Cup
Of the 40 applications received, 16 sailors were selected for the first trials that began at the beginning

Apr 24, 2016

Row & Sail Multi: Race to Alaska on a 'Liteboat'

The drive some people have to attempt these challenges is remarkable. This same drive is is what keep adventurers alive, and the 'Endurance' story always comes to mind...
Programmed raids and crossing are also to respect, being sailing or rowing across the Atlantic , or racing to Alaska on an hybrid open waters rowboat equipped with a main & Spi like this special and quite interesting project sent by Nicolas Nerau & Mathieu Bonnier. Watch video above also to see the Liteboat in rowing & pretty good sailing mode:
"Liteboat is building innovative rowing boats in France, especially light, stable and easy. More than 200 boats have been built in 2015, and shipped to 25 countries around the world !

Liteboat, it's also an innovation and challenge spirit, to make rowing easy for everyone with high quality boats, built in composite thanks to vacuum infusion technology.

Mathieu Bonnier, founder of the company, but also solo rowing adventurer (Transatlantic race, North-West passage) is involved this year in a new project : he'll be part the 23rd of june of a new adventure race called Race To Alaska (www.r2ak.com).

Program: 750miles journey along the west coast of Canada up to Alaska, without any assistance and with no motor. All of the Liteboat team is involved into this project, to build a unique trimaran, combining sailing and rowing. Based on one of our rowing boats, this prototype has been designed by the architect Sam Manuard.

Find some pics of the boat and the building on this page : www.liteboat.fr/en/race-to-alaska
More info on the Liteboat range at www.liteboat.fr

Apr 23, 2016

DNA F1: 'Crisis? What Crisis?'

I've been reading for years now on the 'Economic Global Crisis' affecting the beachcat racing market as main argument for some Classes stalls on new boat sales..... someone please make a call to DNA & Exploder guys... as they seem to neglect 'reality' itself.

DNA F1 Lineup at Holland Composites, there is a waiting list already for the F1, 5 coming to BA and I also know Jakub is fully overhead with deliveries. I told someone the other day I have the gut feeling Dna is going to sell 100 F1s in its first year, and I think they might achieve that number. Pics published by PJ Dwarshuis.

Apr 21, 2016

A-Class training: Scheurer G7 upwind foiling perfect trim

Sandro  Caviezel continues to test the new Scheurer foils presented some months ago, this time with a brand new Landenberger Decksweeper by Felix Egner.
The Scheurer camp has an advantage regarding the platform re work seen lately in other brands, as beyond some fancy & cool aero addons, they don´t need to modify their hulls for the new full foiling mode (up & downwind) and can concentrate in optimizing foils & rig. In fact even the G6 platform is a perfect platform which already performed incredible upwind (A fact well known by all, but I also raced Andy Scheurer G6 at Bordeaux 2014 as a rookie, and I was impressed by its speed & pointing upwind).

Sandro's comments; " You can make gains if the conditions are right but you can also lose a lot if you don’t get in rythm. It seems that when the breeze is up and the sea is rough you can make big gains. We will see how the performance will change with our new Aero-kit. Apparent wind is up when you’re doing 15-20 Knots Upwind so better put a wingsuit on ! - In terms of handling upwind foiling is easier than downwind foiling."

The Scheurer distinctive hull shape and low volume bow suits perfectly the new times, and remember Dna & Exploder have modified their hulls on latest 2016 version launchs.
Along the Scheurer Gs there are some platforms like Melvin A3, Hall's Barracuda , Nikita and others which are perfect platforms to fit latest foils + decksweeper.

The A-Class experienced a period of higher volume hulls in its latest floating stage, but with current flying foils and the generated lift , there is no reason now to keep volume up like is mandatory in the F18s for ie.

Check Sandro's shots above, perfect upwind trim, super flat and looking fast, more when we know how good the Scheurers fly in the Swiss lakes: catsailingnews.com/2014/07/a-class-scheurer-g7-doing-243knots.html
With all the material and development we have seen lately , Medemblik will be a championship to remember...

In other platforms news, today I have started a new boat project, this time an A-Cat platform targeting costs but with no performance compromise. More details next months.

Apr 20, 2016

New 'Z' board Cruiser-Racer Cat: The North Wind 55

Just like the guys at Morrelli & Melvin , Gonzalo Redondo continues to work with the whole range of Multis. Lastest work for Gonzalo / D3 Applied Technologies has been the new foils & hulls for Exploder , now he has applied the A-Cat 'Z' foil tech to a 55' Cruiser-Racer from North Wind. Below a Q&A we did with him this week to know more about the implementation of the Z system on the North Wind 55. Below also official press realease , more info at northwindyachts.com
- CSN: You were called to be part of this new NW project, which was the main goal 55 , it seems this new cat targets an upgrade from MM Gunboat series
for cruising and racing, I mean which were the design requirements you were requested to apply? 

Gonzalo Redondo: The owner of North Wind Yachts, Enrique Ribot, called us for this project as he wanted a unique high performance catamaran. He had a great vision and put together a team composed of Francois Perus & Romain Scolari as naval architects, Jonas Hertwig responsible for interior and styling and Isonaval looking after systems and overall project? supervision. At D3 Applied Technologies we are responsible for performance, mainly hull and appendage design.

The NW55 has been developed as a high performance cruising catamaran which competitive owners could bring to regattas and be substantially faster than similar sized vessels.

- Which is the purpose of fitting this rather large Cruising cat with Z style boards and T rudders as seen in the render? Full flight or reducing wet surface skimming? 
GR: Funnily enough we faced the "remove appendages from the top" restriction, which is why I thought of Z-boards straight away. There will be two versions, one with standard C-boards and one with Z-boards as you see in the render. We are still developing the high performance package. I expect low-riding and skimming.

- Which a re the benefits of Z over curved then if full flight is not targeted a priori?

HH Catamarans launches the '6601'

Apr 18, 2016

Morrelli & Melvin 4pt Foil setup for Nacra 15/17: Q&A with Fer van West

Pics sent by Ferdinand van West -- Some weeks ago Nacra published some renders showing the N15 would be fitted with an A-Class 'Z' board foiling solution. The growing adoption of this 4pt foil system is great news for beachcat sailors worldwide, as the 3pt foiling system has the hassle of launching and on the water handling, in contrast they are super efficient in the early foiling and speed aspects.

But latest 'Z' board developments and new learned techniques , as seen in the Dna F1 article published past week , are placing the '4pt'  board conf in a position to challenge the TNZ J design. In fact a big 55' cruising cat has already adopted the 4pt foiling setup, I'm waiting for a report & renders to arrive to publish soon on this project.

So the 3pt foil paradigm is being supplanted rather fast, and the guys at Morrelli & Melvin saw it coming and implemented the proven racing A-Class conf with an inhouse design for the Nacra 15 featured above and surely for the Nacra 17* (check Fer's comments below on the N17)  , which was already foiling even with M&M designed curved boards and no rudders winglets.

I think this conf will become the 'de facto' system for recreational & racing foilers alike, although from what we've seen till now we are still far from the automatic flying of Michele Petrucci's Stunt 9.
Is important to note that in the racing Multis, asides the mentioned A-Cats, the F20/FP or even AC 45s (Turbo & standard versions) there are no current 4pt challenger.  That scenario might change also next season.

Going back to the Nacra 15 I really like now what MM have done with the possibility to fit 3 different foils designs in the same platform, a super clever solution that can be implemented in other cats/classes in the future. This foiling alternative will give dads a reason to buy the 15 'for the kids' for them to go flying single handed.
To know more about M&M / Nacra  15 & 17 foiling projects based on a 4 point foiling setup  I contacted naval architect Ferdinand van West, 2x F18 World Champion crew ('14&'15) and currently working in California learning from the Multihull design gurus Gino Morrelli & Pete Melvin at MM offices.

(Like Dna F1 article, this is no 'press release', so respect work & copyright and source accordingly when republishing as I do religiously with others.)
CSN: You were involved in the first Nacra F20 with curved boards and then later in the Nacra 17 launch/tests. I remember some videos where Macca was getting airborne witht the 20. So It was a surprise for you what the Olympic sailors achieved with the N17 foiling downwind? 

Ferdinand van West:  It is kind of a surprise they are able to be fully foiling for a brief period of seconds. It does show the level and the skills of the sailors and if you give them a finger, - read: slightly curved symmetrical daggerboard – and they'll take the whole hand.

- With the standard in the AC and even foiling double handed beachcats being the 3 foil conf, you guys decided to maintain the 4 foils down and take latest A-Class proven concepts like L rudders & Z styled boards for the new Nacra 15. Why?
: Simplified, this configuration moves the "tip-up" effect of the 3-foil configuration (like the Nacra f20 FCS), to the windward CZ-Daggerboard, so both daggerboards need to be down to operate the boat in a stable flight. Which essentially in Full Foiling mode eliminates the daggerboard to be pulled up and down before each manoeuvre making the gybes and tacks significantly easier and less physical for the crew than on the 3 foil configurations equipped boats. So the physical demand of the crew is quite the same as with the curved daggerboard in regards to foil extension, maybe even less.

On the Nacra 17 they seem to pull the windward daggerboard up in most conditions, but with the N15 configuration we expect you will sail with both boards down in most conditions. The choice for L-rudders was one mostly out of safety considerations where you only have the horizontal foil going inboard, but comes with some more benefits as well.

- What can we expect then for the Nacra 15 in terms of foiling?
FVW: Quite the same as the Nacra F20 FCS, but the minimum foilborne true windspeed will be a bit higher on the Nacra 15 and also it will be easier to back off and sail in a non-foiling/semi foiling mode than the Nacra 20 FCS. For example, in conditions with big waves and strong winds, where the L-rudders will provide a lot of pitch stability or safety for the crew.

- Nacra 17 for 2020 has already been voted to be a foiling conf, now we guess that those 15 renders can also preview what updated foils for the N17 would be like?

Apr 14, 2016

F18 Worlds 2016 @Buenos Aires preview: Young Guns

We have some local talent training hard for the 2016 Worlds to be held in Buenos Aires from October 28 to November 4th. Above two of the most talented sailors in our fleet, the Young Guns, Pablo Volker & Juan Martín 'Tigre' Benitez. Pablo is a former 420 World Champ and 'Tigre' has been sailing F18s after leaving 29ers in 2010, he is also one of the best crews around. Together they participated in the past RB Youth Americas Cup in san Francisco and will aim for the 2016 Title along other Arg crews.
In 2014 I asked Pablo to become Gral Sec for the local Arg Class to start setting the basis for a continued legacy as you cannot think the future of the F18 attached to the past or to older guys like me and the first members. Together with 'Tigre' they are pushing the old guard to sail & train towards the Worlds in October and beyond. You should always work for the next generations for them to take charge for the cycle to conitune ad infinitum.

The team is eager to sail against Gunnar Larsen & Fer van West, defending champions from 2015 & 2014.
Gunnar came in 2011 to race and had a rather tough event, local conditions and local sailors level presented a challenge for him, he won the nevertheless in the last two races with clam & tricky conditions where his experience was vital. Check Report of that 2011 Arg Nats at catsailingnews.com/2011/11/f18-argentine-nats-2011-larsen-franck.html

If you are up to the challenge, like Gunnar & Sam Franck were in 2011, we'll wait you here with more than tough competition to enjoy, check Pablo & Tigre interview above to know more.

Pre events Schedule:
October 1,2,8,9 & 10 :  Buenos Aires Week 2016. - YCA
October 22-24 : Argentine Nats 2016 - YCA
October 28-Nov 4: 2016 World Championships - YCA

Worlds official web & NORf18worlds2016.org.ar/notice-of-race/

Containers from Europe & Charters
Many asking on charters & containers. Remember Nacra is preparing a container for anyone to join, Contact them at info@nacrasailing.com
Some charters available at: f18argentina.org/2016/03/mundial-buenos-aires-octubre-2016-f18-en-ventaalquiler-charter-boats-available/

Local tourism guide at catsailingnews.com/2016/03/f18-worlds-2016-pre-worlds-events.html

Apr 13, 2016

Artemis Call for RB Youth Americas Cup Sailors

Image Balsz Gardi - The Swedish team is looking for youth to participate at the 2017 edition of the RB Youth Americas Cup.
Source & full Article at artemis-racing.americascup.com/
"...We are recruiting a new team to represent Sweden at the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup, and you might be just what we’re looking for.
All teams will race in a Qualifying Series to determine the top eight who will face off in two days of fleet racing scheduled during the week between the America’s Cup Finals. All racing in Bermuda will be in the same one-design AC45F foiling catamarans the America’s Cup teams compete with in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series.

We are looking to recruit a mix of sailors with extensive technical knowledge of high performance sailing, together with young athletes who have the physical strength to crew these boats.

The sailors will not be compensated financially, but will gain an incredible experience and the opportunity to learn from members of the Artemis Racing America’s Cup team including Olympic champions Fredrik Loof, Nathan Outteridge, Paul Goodison and Iain Percy.

The event itself aims to provide a pathway into the America’s Cup, and has already delivered great success. The inaugural Red Bull Youth America’s Cup champion was a Kiwi team skippered by Peter Burling, who is now the helmsman of Emirates Team New Zealand....

The trials for the Swedish Youth team will take place during spring and summer 2016 and the final team will train together in Sweden and Bermuda, as well as compete in the the GC32 Racing Tour as part of the ‘Gunvor Sailing’ team.
For more information and contact data to apply go to http://artemis-racing.americascup.com

Oracle on Wings vs soft Sail

Video source: Oracle Team USA -- These short clips are mainly useful not on the short gral insights or tehcnical details but on the actual clips of the AC45 T foiling. Wings are only being raced in small cats in the C-Class. In the As it has been tested by Ben Hall and also by Thilo Keller in the As. On the same reasons mentioned by Ferguson in video above, Wings will be hard to depower in the breeze. I don´t se myself using one beyond the initial costs, nothing less practical than a hardwing on small beachcat.  Fischer also tested a wingmast and there are some soft wings projects going on based on Windsurfing racing tech. More details on this soon.

Apr 12, 2016

Jason Waterhouse joins SoftBank Team Japan

Photo: Jason at Punta Ala Worlds 2015 -- Team Japan has taken one of their most important decisions towards Bermuda Americas Cup. If we had Outteridge and then Burling as the Youth stars going to the big leagues, now Jason Waterhouse is definitively the name following the path those two already established top notch sailors, both currently racing at highest level in the ACWS Series, 49ers, Moths and A-Class.

Jason Waterhouse is the best choice Barker had and he took it right away. I'm sure Jason will start slowly taking command of the AC45/AC50 helm in the future, this kid has a marked destiny for glory as stated many times. But first Waterhouse and his cousin Lisa Darmanin will face the Nacra 17 final campaign stage that will end in August at Rio de Janeiro. The Australian youth has Bundock, Ashby, Booth, Landenberger and other Tornado legends as a legacy to defend in the Olympic arena, and he is ready to deliver.

Read his last year CSN interview here.
Comments from Draper below , excerpt from official report by Softbank Team Japan:
...The announcement follows trials earlier this year where the team had invited Waterhouse out for several sessions training on the team’s new AC45 Sport test boat in Bermuda.

“The whole team was enormously impressed with his great attitude and work ethic. His skills on the boat have been very impressive”, said Draper. “It is enormously important to the team that we ensure his focus is 100% about the Olympics in Rio for now and we will look forward to welcoming him in Bermuda full time after the games.”
Source & Official report : Softbank Team Japan

Flying Phantom Series @Cannes 2016: Boc-Ho & Roger Champs

Apr 8, 2016

Gitana Team MOD 70 Foiling

Photo: © Yvan Zedda / GITANA SA -- Some years ago I asked Lange on an unpublished interview and also to Loick Peyron about the Volvo being raced in Mutis in the Future, well, here you have a preview of things to come: Flying large Trimarans/Multis smashing Jules Verne and any other Transatlantic/Transpac records.

Press release by Gitana Team just arrived below:
Release Nr. 126
In late 2013, the members of Gitana Team embark on an adventure that is as thrilling as it iscomplex: overhauling the Multi70 Edmond de Rothschild, a 70-footer initially built to race in crewed configuration on a one-design circuit, in a bid to become the first flying offshore trimaran. It is an ambitious project. Like Rome, which wasn’t built in a day, the transformations to Gitana XV call for over two years’ research and innovation to satisfy the objectives of the five-arrow team. However, everyone agrees that the interplay is very worthwhile. Just a few days ago, equipped with her new appendages, the Multi70 Edmond de Rothschild definitively took flight, racking up some 43 knots on the speedo in 20 knots of breeze and thus validating the efforts of a whole team, supported by the passion and commitment of the boat’s owners, Ariane and Benjamin de Rothschild.
Multi70 Edmond de Rothschild Flying offshore, the Gitana Team’s first gamble pays off

There is nothing new about the idea of flying… but the 34th edition of the America’s Cup, which

Apr 7, 2016

US Stunt 9s: Trim & Fly smoothly

The Stunt 9 by Michele Petrucci emulates Moth wand systems which also require you to spend time finding the right setups & trims. John Tomko (F18 & FP sailor) and others sailors in the US are having several sessions on two Stunt 9 recently arrived to Texas coasts thanks to Charlie Mayer, and after some sails out the group is getting the trim point and hours onboard to achieve  some perfect flights on the little great foiling machine Michele designed & built.

Smooth sailing above by Tomko. With current A-Class you can reach same level but the learning curve in handling and setup is also much steeper than the out of the box foiling Stunt 9, which is again a great recreational foiling cat. Best out there for single handed sailing.

HH Catamarans prepares to launch the '6601'

Sent by paul Hakes / HH Yachts --  Anticipation continues to build as HH6601 prepares to launch. --

"The first in the new line of HH Catamarans, HH6601 is the ultimate synthesis of brains, beauty and performance. This impressive yacht was designed and constructed with a clear goal in mind - to be lighter, quicker and more luxurious than any of her predecessors. Test pool system checks are complete and final finishing has begun in Xiamen; best laid plans have 6601 hitting the water mid-April. After initial sea trials she will be delivered to Valencia and into the waiting arms of her owner and crew. This impeccable clear coated carbon yacht is sure to turn heads as she tears up the Med this summer. Stay tuned.

With a flurry of activity surrounding HH6601, HH5501 quietly reached a major milestone of her