Mar 31, 2016

Nacra 17s @Palma 2016: Day 4 Results

Photo: Laurens Morel. - Thomas Zajac & Tanja Franck have been pretty consistent during current Rio campaign, and they are keeping the pace on a great performance level. The same for the Italian crew.
Denmark had two competitive crews, finally  Allan Norregaard & Anette Viborg will represent the danish vikings and are also showing they are honoring the selection overr Lin Ea Cenholt & Peter Lübeck, their teammates who also displayed a high competitive level through the last stage of the campaign which is reaching an end by now, precisely in this event.

Fernando Echavarri & Tara Pacheco didn´t stayed with the comfort of being selected by Iker Martinez walkover racing for top 5 overall.

Ah.. Besson & Riou lead by 43pts.
Top ten below, full results at

A-Class: Flyer 'Z' board Retrofit Works by Stefano Tacchi

Last year we published an article on Bob Fischer retrofitting an older Bimare with FP/F20 J board style. The change made the formerly floating A an instant foiler, but not complying with IACA racing rules.

Past seasons there have been some legal and outstanding foiling retrofits like Thomas Paasch Nikita and others. The work done by Stefano Tacchi on his own Flyer and on several other boats for other sailors like Bimare Zero or older Dna's is also a remarkable achievement, as Stefano is providing new life to these platforms without having to spend 15-20k on another set of hullls.
Here in BA a local guy is retrofitting 7 2013 Dnas to fit latest Z boards with same result. Later details on his work.

These are the benefits of the A-Class Box rules, the flyer low volume hull is a great option to transform it in a latest generation foiling A. Hats off to Stefano Tacchi for this detailed and high technical level work done on several different platforms.

Photo above Flyer with previous Dna J tip version. Now the boat his Flyer has been updated with his own designed & built Z board as seen in the  video and photo left. Stefano also participated in the Italian stop of the Red Bull Youth FP Tour.

The Bimare Zero retrofit looks factory made. If you want to retrofit your older A contact him here.
Stefano Tacchi on his devel and retrofit:
"My Z foils are made with aeronautical pre-pregs carbon in autoclave. Each foil weigh 2,100 kg .. They foiling since 8 knots of wind. I think the keys to a good foiling with current flight solutions are balance, coordination and the correct settings  between foil, rudders and sail.

All boats can be retrofitted. Some are easier to upgrade (DNA and Exploder) thanks to their structure and because of their size are more similar to new catamaran. Others, like Flyers, are more difficult to modify because they have an “older” design.
First of all it is primordial to design our retrofit in order to have a very precise measurements.
It critical for a good upgrade.
Moreover it’s important to reinforce specific hull structural sections that support great stress and high loads on the new foiling modes. I use vacuum-sealed carbon fiber for all my laminates."

Mar 30, 2016

Nacra 17s @Palma: Day 3 Images by Laurens Morel

Nacra 17s @Palma: Day 3 Results - B E S S O N & R I O U ....

Photo: Zajak & Frank by Laurens Morel / - 3 Races completed today. AUT, GER & DEN pushing for the top 3. Altough the Nr 1 might have been secured by now with the French freaks standing 30pts ahead of their nearest competitors.
Vitto & Silvia with a bullet today, a 15th and a 3rd for second overall.  Also first win in their campaign for the URU crew, de Fazio & Foglia , who are coached by Macca and have secured a spot for Rio in recent Worlds. Top ten below. Full results at

New Zealand: 'DYI' 20 Foiler by Bruce Beca / Fast Fibres

First drawings of this 20 feet foiler were sent by Bruce in Nov 2014. No the platform is finished and looking good, I like the carbon beams shape. On the foils I think further developed 4pt setup will be the new standard, so any new built I would consider cases able to fit A-Class 'Z' board type. Also he is planning to sell plans & parts, check comments by Bruce:
"Down under at the mini monster garage, I've been putting the basic platform together. At Fast Fibres Tauranga NZ, I'm building our first working prototype. Carbon/foam hulls and carbon beams are obviously complete now. Some good visual progress out of the shop, while behind the scenes I'm working hard to finalise the foil moulds and mast too.

Once our testing program is complete, builders/sailors will be able to buy plans and parts for their own DIY Foiler
I’d like to hear from Cat sailing news followers who would be interested in building from themselves or others this kind of Cat.

Thanks very much!

Bruce Beca
Managing Director

Fast Fibres Ltd
32 Townhead Crs
Tauranga 3110
MOB: +64 (0)22 0123 223
PH: +64 7 5718270

Mar 28, 2016

Nacra 17s @Palma 2016: Day 1 by Laurens Morel

Nacra 17s @Palma 2016, Day 1: Besson-Riou lead after 3 bullets

Photo: Kohlhoff & Werner will try to secure their ticket to Rio at Palma, by Pedro Martinez / Sailing Energy / Sofia. - Give Billy and Marie  the Gold medal already. Interview by the Org with Besson earlier today here.
Top ten after 3 races held today below. It seems Iker Martinez was denied by the Spanish Sailing Fed a new qualy event to define which crew is going to Rio as he was injured at past Nacra 17 Worlds. 2008 Tornado Gold medalist Fernando Echavarri will get a chance to grab the another medal in the Nacra 17 along Santi Lange. More info later on this.

Check  additional data on the countries and crews already qualified (17 over 20) in today's previous post:

Official web & full results at

A-Class US: Hall Spars 2016 Admirals Cup for BaileyWhite

Photo above: Larry Wodds, 4th overall. 2016 Ben Hall's Admiral’s Cup Report and pics sent by Bailey White - Full table results below. Bailey continues to race a local built Decksweeper by  Bach Wilson / Carolina Sails. opening the door for local lofts to provide competitive A-cat sails at alternatives costs. Event hosted at Sarasota Sailing Squadron, home of the 2018 F18 Worlds. Check also John Casey podcast with Ben Hall linked below.
2016 Admiral’s Cup Report by Bailey White :
"Admiral’s Cup, sponsored by Hall Spars and and organized by internationally renowned sailor and mast builder Ben Hall, was hosted by Sarasota Sailing Squadron in Sarasota, FL this year.  The Sailing Squadron is a special place for catamarans with F18 Americas and soon F18 Worlds at the venue.  This was the A-Class’s first time there.
Friday was to be a practice and tuning day but winds were so light not many wanted to sail.  Instead, John Casey, who is producing an excellent series of podcasts from leading sailors around the world, spent two hours in a recording session with Ben about the A-Class.  He has already posted it.  Go to  The day finished with Ben leading a tuning clinic and free mudslides and pizza.

The first race day began in light air too and some wondered if this is what we would have all day or weekend.  Eight boats missed the start after being taught a hard lesson of an early launch in light winds by a race committee that does not like to delay.  In that race, Bob Webbon led definitively around the marks but got clipped by the Admiral himself, Ben Hall, and Joseph Bello, who got on the foils, just before the finish.  Bob said he just couldn’t beat the Admiral in the first race.

With the Florida Winter Series leaders Ken Marshak and Bailey White getting DNS’s on race 1, they knew they would have to sail near perfect regattas to win and were in no mood to be so generous.  Stoked by their own DNS’s, they put down firsts in race 2 for their divisions.  The breeze built as the day went on and the race committee fired off 3 more races for the day, getting 5 races completed and giving the chance for everyone to drop their worst score.

The conditions were like Miami, with chop and big puffs.  Foiling grew more difficult as the breeze

Nacra 17s @Palma 2016: Crew list for Rio

Lange interviewed by the org. Trofeo Princesa Sofia official web at -
Complicated year indeed for Santi with a delicated lung surgery, but the Argentine sailor is tough as a rock and he will go forward to fulfill the goal for his last(?) Olympic participation in Rio.
Ben Saxton & Nicola Groves have been selected to represent UK. Full list below. Bad news for Iker Martinez on his own injury which seems to be terminating his 2016 campaign.

Nacra Press Release :
///...Last two Olympic spots
The regatta is a qualifier event for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. For the first time the last two participating countries in each class will be decided in Palma. In the Nacra17 class 46 countries registered. Their is one spot left for Europe and one for an African country. Ten European countries are on the entry list who have not qualified yet and will fight in Palma for the last Olympic spot: Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, Russia and Sweden.

For the Olympic spot for Africa, a few countries wanted to try their luck but Tunesia is the only nation left on the entry list at the start of the Trofeo Princesa Sofia IBEROSTAR.
Full report at

Fleet went out racing 2hrs ago. Updates on the racing later.
Below Selected teams , source Nacra Class press:

1) ARG – Santiago Lange & Cecilia Carranza Saroli
2) ARU – Nicole van der Velden & Thijs Visser
3) AUS – Jason Waterhouse & Lisa Darmanin
4) AUT – Thomas Zajac & Tanja Frank
5) BRA – Samuel Albrecht & Isabel Swan
6) CAN – Luke Ramsay & Nikola Girke
7) DEN – Allan Norregaard & Annette Viborg Andreasen
8) ESP – Team will decided after Palma and Hyeres 2016
9) FRA – Billy Besson & Marie Riou
10) GBR – Ben Saxton & Nicola Groves
11) GER – Team will decided in Palma 2016
12) ITA – Vittorio Bissaro & Silvia Sicouri
13) NED – Mandy Mulder & Coen de Koning
14) NZL – Gemma Jones & Jason Saunders
15) SIN – Justin Liu & Denise Lim
16) SUI – Matías Bühler & Nathalie Brugger
17) URU – Pablo Defazio & Mariana Foglia
18) USA – Bora Gulari & Louisa Chafee
19) Last European Country decided in Palma
20) Last African Country decided in Palma

Mar 27, 2016

AClass: Queensland States Title 2016 for Matt Homan

Photo: Matt Homan by Beau Outterdige Productions from Aus Nats 2016.
Top 5 below. Full results (24 boats)  by John Dowling at Australian A-Class Association Fb - Matt finished 4th behind Brewin, Beattie & Bundy at the 2016 Aus Nats where he sailed Exploder platform and Brewin's deckwsweeper boom equipped.

Pos Helm R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 Tot
1 Matt Homan 2 2 1 -16 -8,5 1 1 1 8
2 Adam Beattie 1 1 3 1 -7 2 2 2 -9
3 Andrew Chaney 6 -11 5 8 2 -11 5 4 30
4 Peter Bradbury 5 3 -9 3 -11 5 8 8 32
5 Zack Heachmer 4 4 -17 24 -dnf 3 3 3 34

South African Hobie Tiger & H16 Women Nats 2016 by Roger Lagesse

Mar 25, 2016

DIAM 24: SPi Ouest 2016, Day 1: JC Mourniac leads

Photo: Spi Ouest-France Fb. - F18 long time sailor and 2015 F18 French Nats Champ, Jean Christophe Mourniac,  is in control after 5 races complete today for the Spi Ouest France at La Trinité Sur Mer, a beatiful near port YC Carnac , also close to the Gulf of Morbihan, one of the most special places I've ever visited.

The Diam 24 fleets continues to gather big numbers with a fleet of 28 Trimarans.

Spi Ouest-France 2016 Official web at
Top ten results below, Full results at

DIAM 24 OD - 5 courses -
Place Pts Sponsor/Skipper C1 C2 C3 C4 C5
1 8.00  Grandeur Nature Veranda
Jc. MourniacFRA7
2 13.00  Lorina - Golfe Du Morbihan
M. Salomon/Q. DelapierreFRA56
3 14.00  Credit Mutuel de Bretagne
N. Troussel04
4 19.00  Accorhotels-Natixis
B. ChampanhacFRA35800
5 19.00  Team Terrillon Avocats
J. VillionFRA116
6 20.00  Tresors de Tahiti
T. PlichartTAH118
7 23.00  Lorina Mojito - Golfe Du Morbihan
S. Robert/R. Perron1895
8 25.00  Team France Jeune
R. FollinFRA23
9 27.00  Quantumsails
M. SoubenFRA 1
10 28.00  Dynamique Homkia
E. DaryFRA2

Mar 23, 2016

Artemis & Oracle training @Bermuda: 'Crossroads' close call...

A good demonstration of what AC sailors are facing racing these great & extreme AC45 Turbo Foiling weapons.
Source and Full story at
....."At these speeds, your reaction time is reduced, but it is the same reaction. You have to know what the plays are before you get into the situation. You know what your play is and what their counter-play is, so when you see they aren't on their normal play, you are ready to make a quick adjustment."

At closing speeds upwards of 50 knots, it better be quick.

North Sails 2016 Moth US Nats by Nick Bowers / Kettle Cinema

New FP Team: Defi Voile Solidaires en Peloton

Photos Pierrick Contin.-  DVSP official Fb here - A new team formed to race the FP 2016 circuit was gathered by Defi Voile Solidaires en Peloton including two former F18 sailors, Benjamin Lamotte & David Fanouilliere.  Below video of the photo sessions with Pierrick.

Mar 21, 2016

F18 Worlds 2016: "Constructors Cup" to be awarded by Arg F18 Class

Photo: Kiel Worlds 2015 by Jasper van Staveren - For the 2016 Worlds to be held October 28 - Nov 4 in Buenos Aires , I will put an additional local trophy to award the winning platform & sails builders. The local Class was made possible to the boatyard activity my uncle Horacio Solari had, which permitted my cousin Nadal Solari the resources and knowhow learnt from his father to build the RC F18 hull from scratch in 2005 after a cad I draw while working in the IT Office.
My uncle also learned some wood working from my grand father, Raul F Cassina, who was a wooden racing rowing boat builder and coach.

Nadal and I got the passion to built things from them, his father Horacio Solari sadly passed away while we were delivering the second set of F18 hulls.

So to honor their memory and heritage that allowed us to embark ourselves in the birth of the local F18 Class we will award the 'Constructors Cup' in their names for platform and sails builders. Also it is a way to recognize F18 brands that invest in the Class and allows us to have our boats&sails built on their own passion for the sport , people like Manu Boulogne, Greg Goodall, Matt McDonald , Brett Burvill and many others.

This is a local initiative, not an IF18CA thing and I have asked permission to its President, Olivier Bovyn to go forward with this.

A-Class Arg video: Foiling 'a la Heemskerk'

Video shot by a 3rd party crew , El Faro TV comissioned by the rider, we only edited / gather best takes. Video ads are on the music source  --
Foiling the As right now demands lots of skills , but also brings plenty of rewards. Arg nr 1 A-Cat sailor blasting the waters at Punta del Este this summer.
Sergio Mehl foiling 'a la Heemskerk' , check 1:30...  Upwind foiling  shots at 3:20.

Mischa's DNA 2016 video published by Holland Composites was one of the most stable flights I've seen so far any racing or recreational Cat. More info to come from the DNA caming soon.

Mar 19, 2016

Mar 16, 2016

A-Cat foiling heritage for Nacra 15 to be sailed @BA 2018 Youth Olympics

Render published by Nacra UK. Take a good look to these foils featured on the Nacra 15 foiling version , as is going to be the launch and test platform for the Nacra 17 Tokyo 2020 flying version.

This Nacra 15 'F' is scheduled to be sailed in Buenos Aires Youth Olympics in 2018.

Finally the restricted box rule where the A-Class developers found a solution to foil is becoming so efficient that the guys at Morrelli & Melvin are targeting to use them for the next Olympics, which indeed is a wise move to upgrade current Nacra 17.
We can trace setup above (4 foils down and L rudders) to Martin Fischer's 'Mayfly' A-Cat built by Exploder in 2011.

Edit: -- I recieved a mail saying Martin did not invented the 'Z', I didn´t wrote that above, the idea was to point that Fisher was the first designer to my knowledge to implement and target along Jakub / Exploder a racing foiling machine. many laughed at the time, and they certainly did not succeed with the Mayfly, but they set the first basis for what we have now, racing foiling cats, even before TNZ great and first effective AC solution. --

All these considerations taking costs and discussions o  a change of platform without a trial for 2020.
Lets wait also for some AC further development too regarding alternatives to TNZ J foil design from last cup.

Additional info onthe Nacra 15 platforms at

F18 Worlds 2016: Pre Worlds events Schedule - 2016 F18 Worlds will have a good previous series of regattas for those wanting to come earlier. Jason Hess will be here 2 months in advance in preparation for his 2020 Olympic campaign, if someone wants to share training with him let us know and we'll get in you contact with him.

The Worlds will be hosted by the Yacht Club Argentino located in Buenos Aires City Downtown / Port. Accomadations are at hand with our major city blocks away from the Club. We are preparing a recommendtaion list. Local domestic airport to go Patagonia or our North is also 10mins by car. Below 3 good videos showing some of our landscapes.

Annual Buenos Aires Week & 2016 Arg Nats will be held before the main event.
There are some boats available for charter as posted this week, check our local Class Association web at:

I've received some questions about temporary imports, there are no issues on that and neither on definitive imports as populist thieves are gone from the Gov and new administration is normalizing commerce.

Official web

Pre Worlds event schedule:
- 10,11,17 & 18 Gran Prix Cerrato: - YCO Olivos
- 1,2,8,9 & 10 Buenos Aires Week / Southamericans 2016 - YCA Dársena Norte
- 22-24 Arg Nats 2016 - YCA Dársena Norte
- 28- Nov 4th 2016 Worlds -  YCA Dársena Norte

Mar 15, 2016

Hugo Boss/ Alex Thomson: Kite Sky Walk

This guy has Class to exposure & awareness for his sponsors, he has some good skills as a sailor & kiter too.

Mar 14, 2016

A-Class, Boomless Main: Cut & Sail

Just came from the river after a good afternoon sail. 6 Knots when launchingt and we came back with excellent 9-12knots with excellent pressure to foil. I took this Landy Maxx tradtional cut sail from a friend to a local loft to re cut as decksweeper shape and also make it boomless proof.

The setup and launching of an A-Class just become even more easier. The sail worked good upwind in firm 8 knots again Mischa's boat, maintaining angle and speed. In 6knots inside & downwind I also noticed the sail responded well having little more speed than Mischa's boom setup, but that was handling in the calm I guess, in any case the sail did good. The boat is a Dna 2013 retrofitted with Dna and Exploder T rudders from a friend who asked me to do the sail cut.

Foiling was smoother with this sail too, you feel a lot of power when wind pressure is on.

The new cut & boomless main feels super smooth.  I still believe you can't match 1 to 1 a boom fitted main in every condition, but it is a great alternative to go and train, sail with no worries, racing too as it performs, as
noted above and Brewin showed in past Australian Nats. But lets see at Medemblik how it goes again.

The tacks with this specific cut are a pleasure, you have even more space than with the boom, (this cut specifically, as I saw some in the Australian Nats with tiny room to pass.)

Conclusion: If you have an older sail, even if you are buying new designs from Brewin, Landy (a batch coming here soon from Felix with the boomless plate option) Glaser or Ashby , go for a Cut. You wont regret it, and you will have another sail to use and train. Remember Glenn won a Worlds with a re cut sail, if good for him, is good for you!

I told the Loft guy to replicate what Glenn Ashby did for Punta Ala in terms of cutting & and adding cloth, an additional batten is due, and it serves as an additional support for the boomless option. The mod went really good and with the orginal cloth available (not this case) it can be even better.

In current development frenzy, having the chance to give new life to an older sail and reduce costs (no boom) is really excellent news for the Class.

F18 Worlds Buenos Aires 2016: Charter boats available

Photo: Jasper van Staveren , Grossetto Worlds 2013 . Some local boats are already available to charter for the Worlds like Phantom F18 picutred above. Check list at our local F18 Assoc web: - For those wanting to bring their boat from Europe contact Annelies at info (at) (Netherlands) and (Poland)

Worlds Official web & NOR at

Mar 13, 2016

Video: M20 Vampire Project

I've published pics and docs on the M20 in the past, but not much videos available until now. Excellent footage and filming of Will Sunnucks M20 Vampire Project. I really don´t like their foil setup/system as simplicity always seems to find its way to a more efficient & faster ride in a variety of sailing conditions, being flat waters or Texel waves, but we need to reckon they have put the hours on development and they are simply sailing Fast! Hat off to Will & Graham.
Watch video with some impressive flights.
Full Technical details by William in this CSN article

Graham Eeles comments and technical details below:

F18 Europeans 2016 to be held @Brest, July 5-13

Photo by ClocloBleizh from French Nats 2013 won by Bontemps & Amiot. -  Info sent by Gael Delbaere: "With the USAM Sailing Club and the F18 French Association we are organizing the F18 Europeans 2016 at Brest (in Brittany) as the opening of the Brest 2016 Event.
You will find more information on the event web site : "

- Mardi 5 juillet
Enregistrement et jauge.
- Mercredi 6 juillet
Enregistrement et jauge
- Jeudi 7 juillet
Enregistrement et jauge

Mar 11, 2016

A-Class: Foil Training at Punta del Este (Teaser)

Video filmed & edited by a local Tv crew, 'El Faro', who also filmed Nacra Clinics too. --- This is how dynamic the A-Class is right now, compared to Stunt 9 video in previous post. There are some long stable rides from this session we are going to publish next week. This is a good video to get you amped. Follow ARG21 at Medemblik in the breeze and sailing the new 2016 Dna weapon... to be be revealed soon.

Stunt 9 foiling @Canyon Lake, Texas

Michele Petrucci's projects is gathering quite a drive, now selling boats to the US as reported some weeks ago. Video above shows perfect easy foiling it is almost boring to watch. Excellent little cat, best recreational foiler outhere.

I also like Michele's solution for beams attachment, if you could implement a similar strong & super stiff setup for the an A-Class I think we might see more custom A-cats built. I will go for such a system if efficient enough to take A-Class rig & racing loads.

In the F18 / Tornado bolt attachments works well, but in the A you need an elevated rear beam, and you don´t want to get the hull bigger, so Dna/Exploder and others go for a higher back beam, although Scheurer continues to use a dead flat rear beam tube beam without issues.

Front beam Dna 2015, G7 & Exploder seen in Spain have flat ones. 2016 Dna render I made has angled beams.

In floating mode a low back beam is one of the most uncomfortable characteristics you can have while sailing a beach cat.

Mar 10, 2016

Video: Oracle 45 Capsize @Bermuda in review

Great video showing the AC45 Turbo capsize and recovery. Plus comments from the crew on the implications of capsizing at 40knots. Gladly no one was hurt and security measures have been tightened since SF. High respect for Slingby and all the sailors sailing these incredible beasts.
Main photo by Sam Greenfield, full sequence at