Feb 25, 2016

AC45 Series Oman 2016: Minoprio will replace Cammas

New Zealand Match Racing Master, Adam Minoprio, will replace Franck Cammas (who is still recovering from a tough GC32 accident), at the helm of Groupama Team France:

Adam Minoprio: ..."I am very excited to race for the first time on the Cup circuit. I've training for two months with Groupama Team France, we worked hard to improve. Hard to say how we will perform but I can affirm we will give the our best, We have a great team. "..

In fact it will be interesting to see him racing with the French team against established AC Multihull helms, most of them coming from Monos like Ben Ainslie, who had an impressive AC45 debut on last Cup 45 Series.

Rest of the French Team:
- Adam Minoprio -Helm
- Thierry Fouchier - Wing Trimmer
- Thomas Le Breton - Tactics
- Hervé Cunningham
- Devan Le Bihan