Feb 29, 2016

Australian Sailing: Local Youth Multihull program Survey

Image: Aussie Youth Stars Jason  & Lisa  by / Jesús Renedo Australian Sailing Team. -- Excellent initiative by the Australian Sailing Fed, asking for feedback to the actual sailors. If you analyze the background of the top Australian youths and current Olympic representative you will find out that is not mandatory to create new fleets out of thin air to get the kids to perform. Read Jason Waterhouse interview for his path to the Olympics together with Lisa Darmanin  at catsailingnews.com/2014/10/jason-waterhouse-interview-youth.html

Common sense dictates that having a good local Viper,  F16 fleet & Hobie 16, the local sailing authorities are looking for feedback on which boat might be the ideal for the local fleet to train their youths.
Below check Sailing Australia introduction for details, below link to the survey for Australian sailors, parents and local Classes:
"Australian Sailing, Yachting Australia’s Performance Program, is investigating the best option for the multihull selection class for World Sailing Youth World Championships and the Youth Olympic Games following the decision by World Sailing to use the Nacra 15 as the mixed multihull class for these events. Further background information can be found here.

In order to collate the feedback, Australian Sailing has created the following survey. We encourage all participants (including parents) in the performance pathway, be they dinghy or multihull sailors, to participate in this survey. We also welcome Class Associations via their official representatives as well as multihull manufacturers and distributors in Australia.

The survey will take no longer than five minutes to complete. It would be appreciated if you could complete this survey no later than 5pm on Monday 7 March 2016. Your feedback is much appreciated."

Survey for Australian sailors available at surveygizmo.com/s3/2610605/Australian-Sailing-Multihull-Survey

Americas Cup Series Oman 2016: Land Rover BAR 1st - Pics by Renedo

Feb 28, 2016

Americas Cup Series Oman 2016: Day 2 Live Replay by Canal+

//Stream below was available yesterday, now is geo blocked by ACEA , the Experts... on not showing the AC to the public, Not even a replay...//

Feb 27, 2016

Americas Cup Series Oman: Day 1 Live Replay by Canal+

//Stream below was available yesterday, now is geo blocked by ACEA , the Experts... on not showing the AC to the public, Not even a replay...//

Day 1 Results & pics by Jesús Renedo at http://www.catsailingnews.com/2016/02/americas-cup-ac45-series-oman-2016-day.html

Americas Cup AC45 Series Oman 2016: Day 1 Results + Images by Renedo

Americas Cup AC45 Series Oman 2016: The Blind Generation..

One more time I cannot watch a single thing. Little tired of complaining but well I have  ESPN and they have rights for Arg, I have access to Espn Play which streamed by pure luck it seems now, past Bermuda Series.

AC- app is worthless even paying, so that's it. Lets wait for the pictures....
What a lame way to waste the epitome of sailing promotion for new generations, being the foiling AC45 and some of the most talented sailors out there.

Right now I prefer Oracle to lose just to have other team managing  media for next Cup!

Feb 25, 2016

AC45 Series Oman 2016: Minoprio will replace Cammas

New Zealand Match Racing Master, Adam Minoprio, will replace Franck Cammas (who is still recovering from a tough GC32 accident), at the helm of Groupama Team France:

Adam Minoprio: ..."I am very excited to race for the first time on the Cup circuit. I've training for two months with Groupama Team France, we worked hard to improve. Hard to say how we will perform but I can affirm we will give the our best, We have a great team. "..

In fact it will be interesting to see him racing with the French team against established AC Multihull helms, most of them coming from Monos like Ben Ainslie, who had an impressive AC45 debut on last Cup 45 Series.

Rest of the French Team:
- Adam Minoprio -Helm
- Thierry Fouchier - Wing Trimmer
- Thomas Le Breton - Tactics
- Hervé Cunningham
- Devan Le Bihan

AC45 Worlds Series 2016: Cup arrives to Oman by Renedo

Feb 24, 2016

F18 Chilean Nats 2016: Mandujano & Keller Champs

MOD70 Phaedo 3 @ RORC Caribbean 600, Record broken.

That is one cool finish Line for the RORC Caribbean 600. // Text & Video (Nice clip as always from Phaedo 3 Press) sent by Rachel Jasperen: "Another great year for Lloyd Thornburg and his crew on Phaedo^3 have come across the line of the RORC Caribbean 600 first, breaking their record time from last year. This year they did the course in 31 hours 59 minutes and 4 seconds!!! We will have to wait and see how they will place in class, once all of the MORCA boats have finished." --

Feb 23, 2016

New French Foiler : "Easy to Fly" by Absolute Dreamer

At first glance it looked like Groupama's C-Class job paint. Seeing bow and other details like beams, showed this platform was not the actual Cammas C-Class, but for sure it has some Groupama project background on the hulls lines and Foils shape. "Easy to Fly" is built by 'Absolute Dreamer' a French sailing Team / promotion service provider based in Lorient,  led by Luc Talbourdet  & Jean Pierre Dick, Vendee Globe / Transat Jaques Vabre competitors. More info next weeks.
More pics at their Fb page-

Feb 22, 2016

MOD70 Phaedo 3 @ RORC Caribbean 600

AC45 Series 2016 first stop: Oman, February 27-28

2016 AC45 series will start next weekend at Oman 27-28 February. Above preview clip with nice footage form last cup, including TNZ tremendous pitch & save. That pitch scenario is still possible, the AC45 have shown great recovery in flaoting mode so they might 'survive' such a hard pitch, on the AC50s, the only hull I've seen is the Oracle model testing aero drag, volume looks smaller but not that tiny. The new aero oriented A-Class hulls designed by Dna will interesting to follow as they will need to perform in 5 knots too.
Remember last Cup was almost defined in 5knots flaoting conditions where TNZ was destrying Oracle in light winds, but they were short of the limit time to take the Cup back to New Zealand.

 Left point system towards Louis Vuitton & AC Finals. Click image to enlarge.
Core data is that ACWS Series winner has 2pt bonus ahead of the LV Qualifiers. Top 4 will race for Semis, winner will face Oracle.

Current ACWS Standings:
Emiraties Team New Zealand 122pts
Oracle Team USA 112pts
Land Rover BAR 109pts
Artemis Racing 105pts
Softbank Team Japan 100pts
Groupama Team France 82pts

M32 Bermuda Series 2016: Event #2

Feb 21, 2016

Bundock & Brouwer foiling As; "Spending a bit of quality time with the wife"

Photo Darren Bundock fb web. - Earlier today I shared in CSN fb a pic from Bundy & Carolijn flying the Exploders at home, The caption said "Spending a bit of quality time with the wife"... which has to be the best ever.

I learned to sail cats with my wife on a Hobie 16, then we got married. Previous to that I windsurf , surf, wake etc. So she knew what was coming. I feel lucky to have her , as I have no complains and full support, while I'm used to see sailors getting barked on the sailing time they get by their wives/girlfriends.

Bundy went another level with Carolijn, being two of the most talented catsailoirs in the World, I don´t see them arguing on the sailing time each of them gets. Carolijn embarked herself last year in the Volvo Ocean Race and Darren was part of Oracle Team USA who won last ACup and campaigned for Nacra 17. Now they will sail Medemblik A-Cat Worlds in July and I hope they can come to Buenos Aires to race the 2016 F18  Worlds too in October..

Feb 19, 2016

Oracle launches AC45 'T' #3 , new foils & new Wing

All Images Sam Greenfield / Oracle Team USA: Kyle Langford reported today : - "Launched B3 straight into the 40kt club today. The new #AC50 wing has some power!! // --

Wing to the Left is the new AC50 one as indicated by Langford. Wing to the right is former Wing used in the AC45 Turbos (Photo from Feb 15) The AC50 wing is mounted on the 3rd AC45 launched by Oracle.

Below the new L daggerboard , photo also from Feb 15. Compare with last image from Nov 2015, and last pic from May 2015.  The current is one has a huge L. I remember first Oracle L foils for the AC72, they had also the vertical straight section  which was later modified as the foiling stability was not good at all. Now it seems designers are re visiting the hard L concept after the  C/J combo imposed by Team New Zealand. Lots of testing going on at Bermuda on the Turbos.
This AC45 using the 'AC50' Wing above  is not using this L though.

The ACWS Series is being raced in the standard AC45 foiling platforms with OD foils.
Click images for more quality.

Feb 18, 2016

Foiling Mini 40s Trimarans: Production Version launched by Ian Holt

Ian Holt has been sending excellent pics & footage from the Perth Mini 40 Tri fleet. Last time I told him why not to build a production version to be sold as the demand is there. Glad he listen and here is his production version launch. Check video below and how stable this foiling RC model flies. You can now contact Ian to have your own Foiling Mini Trimaran. For previous post check the RC Multihulls label.
Ian Holt: "Happy to announce that Holt-Burke now have all the moulds completed for their One Metre foiling trimaran. For under USD580 you get a complete kit of three hulls, 2 laminated cross beams, cases fitted in the floats and a pair of kinked foils. One metre long, one metre wide, it is designed to be a one-piece boat which will fit inside the average family estate car. Whilst a wider beam would undoubtedly increase stability and power, a high priority has been placed on ease of transport, to increase popularity of the class.

Link to latest sailing trials is here. The boat was so stable that it would foil with no hands on the transmitter!

The boat is being produced south of Perth, Western Australia. For further details, please contact Ian at iholtkss (at) gmail.com.

EXSS 2016 & GC32s: 'Extreme' Series are Back(?)

Last years 'Extreme' Sailing Series were tough to watch on the no winds venue selection and the lack of action, if your series are called 'Extreme', you need to deliver like the early X40s regattas did.
For its 10th anniversary the Series management decided it was time to revamp the show and the GC32s were selected to replace the X40s.

City venues will continue but we hope for them to have decent wind for coming 2016 season.
More info on the new series at extremesailingseries.com

Exploder A-Cat 2016

Exploder has been lots of  working & developing  this winter. To Australia Jakub sent a bettery of foils & rudders designs that were tested some of the best sailors in the A-Class. Brewin, Outteridge, Bundock , Beattie and others raced the Australian Nats to test new equipment.

The current production foils are Z10 (used by Brewin & which will fit A15 dagger case) & L Rudders fitted with standard rudder casting.
Using current casting is also good news fro those wanting to upgrade from their current T winglets blades.

Also Felix Egner from Landenberger has been developing with Wallmer & Caviezel (on the Scheurer G7), Noetzel & Outterdige the new Landy decksweeper.  Membrane production  version can be seen in this picture of the Exploder team currently training in Murcia , Spain. along the new dagger foils and the L rudders (covered).

These devels aim to put the Exploder back in the game after what we witnessed at Punta Ala, and with the background info I have on the foil development, plus the work done by Brewin on his sails be sure that the string Exploder sailing Team will turn some heads again at Medemblik.
Photo: Jacek Noetzel

Feb 17, 2016

F18 Worlds 2016 @Buenos Aires, Oct 28th-Nov 4th: NOR Published

Photo: Marcela Zapiola
28th October to 4th November

3.1 The event is open to eligible boats of the International Formula 18 Catamaran Association.

3.2 All competitors shall be members of their respective National or of the International F18 Class Association when there is no National Association in their country, and shall have their entry endorsed by their respective National Class Association or by the International F18 Class Association.

3.3 No later than 14th October 2016, a boat shall enter the regatta via Internet and pay the appropriate entry fee.

3.4 Online-entries via Internet www.f18worlds2016.org.ar shall be used. The official entry form must

Helly Hansen St Pete NOODs Regatta 2016: Ben Hall 1st

Photo above , The 'Admiral' sailing at past 2015 North Americans by Walter Cooper. No photo available of Ben Hall sailing the C board Dna at NOODs. --
But how is possible that a floater wins over a foiler? Maybe if you are a good sailor you can overcome equipment diffs...? But lets be honest , foilers in flying conditions  and 1 to 1 in sailing/racing skills are untouchable, and in Punta Ala they also won in light winds.
But having latest tech wont do the job for you alone or will grant you a victory in the the wide range of winds the A-Class continue to race.

Ben Hall's win is fresh air for the Class and those who continue to sail floating mode. It is the proof that the Class is experiencing transition times, and the best option is to race together and only split rankings, Then if a a legend like Ben Hall on a floater gets you in the overall, and you just bought the '2020' Dna or Exploder or Scheurer and you finished behind him, well, you just need to put some hours into your racing & sailing skills.

Report below by Bill Vining & Ben Hall
Don't fear the foilers' - 2016 St Pete NOOD Report

"The Acat fleet showed up in force for the 2016 St Pete NOODS with the largest fleet on the water. The Acats raced on the same course with the Megles 24's and the J70's. While the Melges and J's worked hard to go slow, the Acats zigged and zagged around and through them with only one reported collision as OH Rodgers couldn't slow his pony down enough around the top mark to avoid hitting the back end of a J70. OH made it back to the beach in good shape with a hull full of water and a big smile on his face saying "I looked down for a second, and next thing I know I had a J70 between my bows."

For the 3rd regatta of the winter series, Ben Hall, aka "The Admiral" took the overall first place finish on a C board classic DNA. Bailey White took second on his A15 foiling exploder with a Carolina Sails decksweeper main. Bailey was very fast upwind in breeze on Friday and Sat, but he was ultimately undone by free Rum on Saturday night and light winds on Sunday.

Friday we had 3 races in near perfect 13-15knt winds with reported gusts to 18. Saturday we had 3 races in a building breeze that got up to 21 by the last race. Bob Orr got separated from his boat at the finish of the last race and was rescued by Mark Skeels. In these conditions Bailey had a clear advantage with his flat sail upwind and foiling downwind speed. The downwind speed differences of two identical boats is dramatic based purely on technique. Sitting in vs. trapping out even when not foiling has a dramatic difference in speed as proved by a couple of downwind gybes from sailors with identical Exploders winning and losing 300+ yards in each gybe. Trapping out in breeze is markedly faster, even in skimming mode with the boards not pulled back to full foilng mode.

Saturday evening's party, which was sponsored by Emmanuel Cerf, was a great success with lots of antics on the dance floor, at least one new love connection and some very fun stories for Sunday morning. The Acat guys not only foil, but they can dance, and all of the sailor girls were love struck with the impressive talents of the Acat guys on and off the water.

Sunday morning was COLD, with the thermometer reading the in low 40's, and with the wind forecasted to die as the morning went on. Woody Cope decided that "there would be lots of better sailing days," and retired. A few others followed his lead. 2 races in light winds on Sunday showed the foiling/decksweeper combo's kryptonite. Bailey and Bob Hodges reported that they were slow downwind with the decksweeper sails. One of the challenges reported by Bailey White, aka, "el Presidente", was that it was difficult to raise the leeward board with the deck sweeper setup downwind in light air. One of the provisional rules that has been adopted in the US for a trial period is to allow a second sail. This rule was introduced with the thought of having a heavy air, smaller cut sail, but perhaps this can be the answer to a decksweeper setup in light air. Maybe you use the decksweeper on 10+ days, and pull the big fathead, non-decksweeper out of the closet for light wind days.

So far in the series the Classic boats have won 2 out of the 3 Regattas, with Ken Marshak winning the first event on a DNA C board classic boat. Bailey winning the Upper Keys event on a foiler and Ben Hall winning the 3rd event on a classic DNA. Buying a foiler doesn't seem to guarantee a first place finish. Most of the sailors that have upgraded to a foiling boat have reported that its a new skill and learning how to keep the boat on foils requires some skill, practice and more conditioning.

The classic guys on last generation C board boats are still hard to beat. The DNA C board platform has taken two wins vs one win for the foiling exploder. The Miami event will most likely prove this point again.

Blue Oyster Cult said it best:
Come on baby
(Don't fear the foiler)
Baby take my hand
(Don't fear the foiler)
We'll be able to fly
(Don't fear the foiler)
Baby I'm your man

Ben Hall & Bill Vining

Top Ten below , Full resutls at http://yachtscoring.com/event_results_cumulative.cfm?eID=1588

Pos Sail Boat Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 tot
1   USA *99 Hall Spars Hall, Ben 3 4 3 1 1 4 3 1 20.0
2   USA *320 el Presidente White, Bailey 1 1 1 3 3 1 4 8 22.0
3   AUS *192 ShackAttack Marshack, Ken 5 5 4 2 4 3 1 3 27.0
4   USA *357 Bello Bello, Joseph 8 2 2 4 8 2 5 2 33.0
5   USA *230 Exploder A14 Hodges, Bob 2 3 7 5 2 6 2 6 33.0
6   USA *342 Fabbys Xmas Gift Romey, Dustin 9 6 9 8 5 7 7 5 56.0
7   NZL *268 Kiwi Magic Burdett, Andrew 7 7 6 10 10 8 9 9 66.0
8   USA *108 Last Year's Model Orr, Bob 12 12 14 9 7 13 8 4 79.0
9   CAN *44 Woodscraft Woods, Larry 6 10 5 7 ocs dnc 6 7 91.0
10   USA *358 A-Cat Vandenoever, Tony 13 9 11 13 14 11 10 11 92.0

Feb 16, 2016

Glenn Ashby on the new North Sails 'Ashby' signature line

Photo above: Glenn at A-Cat Punta Ala Worlds 2015. Short Q&A with Glen Ashby on the North Sails to offer an Ahsby Line announcement. Glenn has been offering his sails for a while, but never had a major distributor. The partnership with North will get his sails a wider reach and will put more alternatives in the market. Quality will be there, lets check their price too when launched.
- CSN: New sails will keep your 'Ashby' branding or they will be 'North' plus your signature? 
Glenn Ashby: The sails will be a signature line of north sails. So they will have an Ashby logo along with a North logo to identify it as an Ashby signature sail.

- This move will get your sails a wider distribution, for ie in Arg we have a North sail Loft supplying South America, Are your sails going to be available world wide ? 
GA: Yes they will be available Worldwide through the North Sails Network of lofts and dealers.The Ashby line will be centrally manufactured and distributed internationally.

- The sails range will be restricted to A, Tornado and Taipan as announced, no F18 signature sails now or in the future? And  Since when you've been building sails
GA:The F18 may be a added to the Ashby line in the future. North Sails has recently put a lot of work into developing fast F18 sails and a great product is available now.
I started GA- sailmaking at the age of 16 in 1994. In 2002 I started Ashby Sails and this company has been operating since then. 

- I saw a great gap in performance in Punta Ala A-Class Worlds, specially in early foiling, how much can be assigned to the new decksweeper sails designs? 
The decksweeper sails have made foiling more efficient, it locks the boat in more.

- You will sail Medemblik with a North/Ashby decksweeper? New tramps will part of the package? New devels like double luff a la Windsurf sails? I hope to sail in Medemblik with the latest development for sure. It is not yet clear what my commitments will be at that time but I hope it can work. I guess nothing is off the table but that would take some development work for sure.

- GC32s have shown you can have top notch foiling without hard wings.
In the long term, do you think the A-Class will end sailing hard wings sails like the ones tested by Hall or Thilo? Or better keep developing soft sails to maintain costs down and practicality?
The soft sail in my opinion suits the smaller boats very well. Both for performance and practicality.

- When the new signature sails will be available? The Ashby signature sails will be available in about a month. Keep an eye out for the announcement.

Two Stunt 9s arrived to the US

Great new having Michele Petrucci's Stunt 9 going into production and being acquired to be sailed in the US coasts. The Stunt 9 is one of the many project we've seen here in CSN since its conception, like the Phantom projects, Dna and several others now established products. Check log for this project at the 'Stunt 9' label.

The new owners speak of a foiling Class/Division, but the Stunt 9 is far from being a racing foiling cat like the A-Class , FP or the Nacra F20. They will have lots of fun with easy foiling but Michele didn´t built this boat to race, less against cats mentioned above.

Images & report below sent by Will Rotemberg .
"The first two of Michele Petrucci's 14 foot, single handed foilers have arrived in the United States. The boat's owner has been anxiously awaiting their arrival and is very excited to get them on the water and start foiling. With the addition of these S9's, Texas now has three different foiling catamaran platforms in resident (Phantoms and A-cats).

There are hopes of hosting a foiling Class at an upcoming catamaran regatta this spring, but details are still in the works.
Pictures of the boats in the shipping container, as they were unloaded and on their way home are attached; expect more pictures and videos as assembly, first sail and testing progress."

Feb 14, 2016

Nacra 17 Worlds 2016: Historic 4th consecutive title for Besson & Riou

Nacra 17 Worlds 2016: Final Day

Image: Laurens Morel / Saltycolours.com . Day 5 (Sat) full gallery at Nacra 17 Class fb. The event winners have been crowned in advance, 4th consecutive title for the top French crew. The Medal Race today will complete the rest of the top 10. A final race will also be held for the rest of the fleet, with plenty at stake on US Team Selection.

Current results after 15 races Here
Live stream through the 49er YT Channel will be available today. Check this post for the updated link. 49er YT Channel Link Here

Feb 9, 2016

Nacra 17 Worlds 2016 @Clearwater: Day 1

Image by Jen Edney. Full Gallery Here - Billy & Marie lead after only 1 race held today. Newberry & Whitehead finished 19th ahead of the rest of the US crews. Gulari-Chafee 32th.

Event Official website saillife.com/
Local report at Nacra 17 Class Website nacra17class.com:
"11-12 knots, although the 43 crews probably had an inkling that something big was going to happen when the breeze suddenly shifted 30 or 40 degrees to the left with less than a minute to the start gun.
... With the breeze whistling up to over 20 knots, and the waves becoming more treacherous by the minute, the race committee was forced to abandon any further racing for the day .."

Top Ten below. Full results Here

New DNA 2016: Holland Composites launches Production

Pics sent by Thijs van Riemsdijk Holland composites /DNA, showing first hull laminate of the new DNA 2016. That yard looks like an operating room. Working with prepreg carbon on allows this kind of cleanness. The hull mold shows finally some real lines, and the bow seems super slim & low, with little volume. Transom is quite rounded, Oracle style, and the freeboard backwards maintains the height we saw on the renders they released weeks ago.

We don´t know how much performance the aero modifications will bring and how the lower volume will affect floating mode in +20knots and big waves, like the ones seen at Punta Ala where Ashby hits and pitchs many times but with great recoveries. This new bow will have less drag and pitch release will be better, but we need to see which is the limit for the new refined foiling As to maintain that still necessary floating / skimming mode in conditions mentioned above.
The new DNA will show its teeth at Medemblik and we'll find out the results of the new modifications. In any case it will look like a weapon.

Feb 8, 2016

F18 Worlds 2016 @Buenos Aires: Registration is Open

2016 Formula 18 Worlds will be held at Buenos Aires, Argentina organized by the Yacht Club Argentino. 2015 49er Worlds were held at San Isidro past november and this February 20-27 the 2016 470 Worlds will also be held here up North of Buenos Aires, Arg capital city.
But 2016 F18 Worlds will take place at BA City itself, right there in front of it's Port/Downtown and Puerto Madero, BA's newest development area where the YCA has its main clubhouse.

The Worlds is Scheduled for October 28 - November 4th and We will held our Arg Nats one week before the event.Complete info soon when official NOR is released.

Official Website: f18worlds2016.org.ar/
Registration Form: f18worlds2016.org.ar/entry/register/

Containers info:
Nacra is organizing a Container from their headquarters in NED and Exploder might also prepare one. In the US there are preparing one too as informed by Don and we hope to have some French guys coming too.

A Customs & Logistics contact was provided to the IF18CA, this company is used to manage temporary imports specifically for Sailing events Words , including 49er & 470 ones.
Please contact Don Findlay for more details.
To join Nacra's container please contact:
Annelies Steendam from Nacra Sailing International at annelies (at) nacrasailing.com or info (at) nacrasailing.com

2016 F18 Worlds Schedule:

Nacra 17 Worlds 2016 @Clearwater: US Team Selection Status

Photo: Laurens Morel / Saltycolours.com - The Spanish Team is using  Worlds at Cleawater this week plus Palma & Hyeres. I think the US selection should have included one more event too. After four years of dedicating your lofe to a such tough Olympic dream you need the toughest selection process you can get. Sarah & Matthew above got the slot for USA.

Nacra 17 2016 Worlds official web www.saillife.com
2016 Worlds starts today Monday. Current US selection points are as follow below. Source US Sailing ussailing.org/olympics/selection/teamtracker
Crew Pos @Miami WC Pts behind Leader
Bora Gulari – Louisa Chafee 12th -
Mark & Carolina Mendelblatt 20th 8
Step Hudson & Dalton Tebo 27th 15
Michael Easton & Katie Pettibone 28th 16
Sarah Newberry & Matthew Whitehead 29th 17

Feb 7, 2016

A-Class: Punta Ala Worlds 2015 by DNA Part II

Once more the right dose of  footage by Nick Bowers / Kettle Cinema, Punta Ala was the perfect stage to film this. What else to say? Eye Candy footage. Just watch some of the most skilled & talented sailors in the World (from any Class) outhere blasting Tuscany waters. Sailing starts 1:30-

We had some good foiling sessions past days here in BA but with some chop, handling it forces you to be more active and develop a higher degree of finesse, that is why talented guys putting the hours like Arg 21 will be sailor to watch at Medemblik, he is flying here a la Mischa/Ashby without a doubt.

This weekend a rookie told me: "But why I'm not foiling right away?" ... I told him, if you want easy foiling go sail a Moth or call Michele for a Stunt 9.
The As right now provides sailors the greatest challenge you can get of any racing sailing machine. It is good? Well, it is what it is, and we are having so much fun doing it that I will leave discussions to others right now.

Also believe that the A is an excellent training platform for any other Class, specially F18s or Nacra 17s  when you don´t a crew available. When I go back to the F18s, I have 'spare time' for each maneuver, giving you additional control and sensitivity.

Feb 6, 2016

AClass Midwinters 2016: Nick Bowers clip

I've been sent this video link but the embed is only available at Ratherbe.com - Another great clip from Nick Bowers / Kettle Cinema , watch it at ratherbe.com/video/a-cat-day-one-key-largo-editors-extended-cut/

Feb 2, 2016

Diam 24: Team Concise Racing @Barbados

Video sent by Robert Gullan / www.teamconcise.com . Take a good look to the video, current thumbnail doesn´t do justice to this little jewel of a clip.
Diam 24 sailors seem to have lots of fun racing together fast multis in the Tour de France a Voile. Spindrift & Groupama were also participating last year on the new tour . The Diam 24 was selected to replace a former fleet of monohulls.

This is the new multihull racing format coming: Sailing with 3/4 crews on Cats or Tris. Some interesting projects going on in the background,  GC32s are already here for a while but are expensive  and who needs foiling either way to enjoy Multis? We keep having a blast with F18s and the entire range of cats and I wont mind be onboard Team Concise Diam 24 on video below!
A Diam 24 package starts at 55,000 Euros.

Team Concise MsBarbados Diam 24 racing out in the Mount Gay Round Barbados coastal series. I
R Gullan is the skipper, this session was their first training for the Tour de France a la Voile which will take start in July.

Rob follows CSN since the early days and he reports that Barbados was an amazing place to go sail, especially as it was so cold once back in the UK.
Follow Team Concise campaign at  www.teamconcise.com & fb.com/teamconcise

Feb 1, 2016

A-Class - Ronstan Midwinters 2016: Bailey White 1st

Imagess & video coverage by Ratherbe.com -  Bailey sailed an Exploder with J/Z boards and a custom Decksweeper sail from Bach Wilson / Carolina Sails.
Bach is Bailey's friend also sailed the event and is planning to build a dedicated  Decksweeper for C board As. Good to see new builders in the A-Class as we are seeing now in the F18,  Check Ratherbe.com for videos by Stephen Hansen . Nick Bowers cut will be available later (Two drones were available).
Report by Bailey White including some words by Randy Smith about the pass away of Larry Woods Sr. . Top ten results below plus link to overall. --
"The 2016 Ronstan Midwinters at the Upper Keys Sailing Club turned out to be much bigger than we expected and even more fun.  What started with registration just breaking twenty turned into 35 boats as they just kept showing up on Friday.

About 15 boats made a week of it and enjoyed flat water, mid teens winds, and warm tropical weather all week.
The club put a lot of effort into making sure we had a good time with home made food and great
work all around.  They are already talking about next year.  Skip Kaub and his finance Melania made the event possible by hosting enough boats at their home to keep things comfortable at the club. 
Thursday’s foiling clinic started with video and set up review at the club led by me.  It was a good time for people to ask questions and share their insights on what was working and not working.  A lot of talk on rudders, getting the boat up, etc. UKSC prepared several drills for both foilers and classics and got us all on the water but a storm system brought us in quickly. 

Friday’s weather gave us high winds and big gusts at the beginning of the day.  The club postponed

Nacra 17s @Miami ISAF WC 2016: Mulder & de Koning Champs

Image Jesús Renedo / Sailing Energy / World Sailing. - Jason Waterhouse & Lisa Darmanin entered the Medal Race leading the pack  6pts ahead of SUI and 8pts with the Dutchs.  The rest of the top ten didn´t had chances to win the event.

In the Medal you only have 10 boats racing so you might think starts are a little bit easier to handle. This time was not the case for the Nacras 17 at Miami WC. Santi Lange-Ceci Carranza went for a pin start which looked good in the beginning but ended with a penalty and the Australian team just got left behind by the fleet as they drifted behind the committee boat after an incident with Vittorio & Silvia.
It was hard to watch. Being dead last it was game over for them , but the future Olympic champs (if not Rio , it will be the next) started to recover from way back to give themselves a second chance for the title.

Meanwhile Mandy Mulder & Coen de Koning went for a temporary lead in tricky no trap sailing conditions. They finished the Medal Race in 3rd place, tying in points with Jason & Lisa who scored finally a 7th. The tie breaker went for the Dutchs though and the were crowned champs.
Mandy & Coen are coached by Mischa Heemskerk. The Dutch teams (Mischa, Beggeman & Visser were also racing) had the best start of this new campaign in 2013, they were simply dominating the regattas on a great previous work done with the new Nacra 17s promptly delivered by the factory at home.  Later that gap ferformance simply fade away, peaking again in the last stage towards Rio is the best thing that could happen to Mandy & Coen.

The Nacra 17 fleet is super competive, Besson & Riou have won last Worlds Championships and look untouchable in the key events, but no one has a medal granted.

I asked Iker and he confirmed that the Spanish Team will define their selection in coming 2016 Worlds at Clearwater, together with Palma & Hyeres.
The US selection is led by Gulari&Chafee, Clearwater will be final event of the selection.

You can watch the Live replay of the MR at catsailingnews.com/2016/01/miami-medal-race-live.html

Top Ten below, Full Rresults here

Pos Nation Sail Number Crew Race Points
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Total Net
1 NED NED-3 Mandy MulderCoen de Koning 1 7 9 3 12 15 8 2 7 15 11 15 2 6 -16 6 135.00 119.00
2 AUS AUS-2 Jason WaterhouseLisa Darmanin 19 3 3 4 3 11 2 -22 8 11 4 10 5 15 7 14 141.00 119.00
3 SUI SUI 220 Matías Bühler MatíasNathalie Brugger 3 -26 5 20 7 16 3 14 5 2 3 1 19 9 4 18 155.00 129.00
4 GBR GBR 042 Lucy MacgregorDavid Evans 26 6 12 -33 21 1 4 18 3 9 5 11 10 4 26 12 201.00 168.00
5 ARG ARG 226 Santiago LangeCecilia Carranza Saroli 11 1 44 10 4 (48)
9 23 20 6 2 2 11 1 10 16 218.00 170.00
6 GBR GBR 060 Ben SaxtonNicola Groves 21 2 4 -36 13 8 24 3 25 16 12 12 17 12 1 2 208.00 172.00
7 AUT AUT 277 Thomas ZajacTanja Frank 22 -40 6 5 19 13 11 20 16 4 18 5 16 2 15 10 222.00 182.00
8 ESP ESP 28 Fernando EchávarriTara Pacheco 6 30 26 -42 16 4 15 9 2 10 7 9 14 23 11 4 228.00 186.00
9 ESP ESP 246 Iker Martinez de Lizarduyjulia RITA ROMAN 17 20 1 11 10 22 22 12 1 3 16 23 1 8 -32 20 219.00 187.00
10 ITA ITA 307 Vittorio BissaroSilvia Sicouri 2 14 18 19 15 10 17 17 11 20 6 4 -27 7 24 8 219.00 192.00