Jan 4, 2016

Jules Verne Trophy 2015/2016: Spindrift II will not beat Peyron's record

Video from Jan 2 above, and message from Guichard from yesterday below. Spindrift will not break the record this time (neither IDEC) but they should be awarded and recongnized  by isaf on their contribution to promote sailing on the incredible work done with their journey media & websites. Sailing in the middle of the Ocean battling and busy racing & handling such Trimaran beast around the World, and being able to put that much content online , Spindrift has established a new standard for sports communications. Impressive work done by the Team on the water and on sharing their adventure to sailing fans.

Yann Guichard: "Since the start of our record attempt for the Jules Verne Trophy, we have chosen to bring you the adventure live as we experience it every day. We have told you about our ups and downs, our decision-making, and also, however difficult they have been, our misfortunes, which are part of any race of over 40 days around the world.

The announcement this morning was made in this spirit. The record is no longer mathematically possible, the weather forecast will not allow it, that's a fact.

We have not given up, but although the record is no longer attainable, the adventure continues. Our goal is, of course, to complete the circle of this voyage around the world and to cross the finish line off Ushant.

As we explained, after seeing the latest weather files, there are storms forecast in the area around Ushant, with severe wind, and waves over 10 metres high. Therefore, the safety of the crew and of the boat remain my priority and my main concern as skipper. Good sense will win the day. But everyone on board is committed to doing our best to let you live​ the adventure all the way to the finish and until we’re back safely in port".

Thank you all for your support.

Yann Guichard.
Official Spindrift Jules Verne dedicated website & logbook: spindrift-racing.com/jules-verne/en