Jan 20, 2016

Back to Flight School

Today I went back to the water on an A after many months. A good friend who helped me a lot and is key for my last year A-Cat rides broke his mast,   I gave him the one exchanged with Piet Saarberg for IACA editing services in 2014. So the boat I was sailing has been grounded for a while.

Today 7/8 knots of a dying morning Northerly. No much much pressure but enough to get on the water again for some air time with the J/Zs daggerfoil, on a lent Exploder of another good friend.  Need to put this boat together in trim, much work left.  I'm confident that with a good steady breeze , say 8-10knots , I will be able to fly the 'long run'. I used this J/Z only 2 or 3 times past year only. The first one being a blast on a flat offshore 15knots.

I will work on winglet angles next days to a more neutral trim, also tested a new setting tip Jakub gave me. Let me give a good use to it, and get back with more feedback. Tested the Sony Action cam today, but I messed up with the settings, it has a gps also so it will be good fun to film next rides.

Also Felix is preparing the new Landenberger Decksweeper sails which are coming next months along some new tramps. Decksweeper production series will start soon after the tests done by Jacek in Poland, Sacha Wallmer on Swiss waters along Sandro and Nathan racing it at recent Australian Nats.

All in all, pretty happy to sail the A again, meanwhile I'm putting hours on the water till gather ring the funds to assemble my F18 to race the Worlds next 28 October 2016 here in BA. I have mast, Cirrus beams and sails ready.
No European season for me this year. Some Argies will travel to Medemblik A-Cat Worlds for sure eitherway.