Jan 30, 2016

Miami Medal Race Live

You can go back in the time Line and watch from the start. Including interviews with lange, Jason & Lisa and Mandy & Coen.

Jan 26, 2016

A-Class: Learning to Foil the Exploder (Part 2)

Last year I published a video to show the learning process to get an A-Class airborne. It was March 20 2015. I did not sailed much after that. To Punta Ala Worlds I went to take pics and report. Last Wednesday I could sail again this season and Sunday a good Northerly was forescasted. I went to the club to sail the usual rather flat North winds conditions looking to achieve more flight hours. It was a good session with a borrowed Exploder A14 equipped with J/Z boards.

I tested the nose down trim tip Jakub gave me raising the boards 5-7cms and the boat felt quite stable & fast. In fact I used the cam gps feature and the fastest rides are the lower flights you can identify in the video when the 'humming' can be heard.

With bigger chop I should raise them again to fly over the waves, but with this North small side chop, the nose down trim worked really good. The foil rake, and the traveler position also can be seen in the video (I added a part when I'm not flying and I change the trim). For those starting to fly, my recommendation is to  open the traveler quite a bit. Tip I learned myself last year and I continue to give good  use, it's easier to level the platform once in the trapeze to start foiling.
Winglet angles: To tell you the truth I don´t know for these rides! I was so eager to sail that I set them the other day eyewise only.  Will check angle with phone level later to see actual settings this specific boat has.

Cunningham is completely loose in the video cause it's a borrowed boat and I don´t want to play much with it downwind after a pair of broken masts , but I should have removed wrinkles at least. Some are foiling full Cunningham to foil better.
With this second phase of the learning process I'm already looking forward to sail the new Decksweeper Felix is building for us. That will be the next step towards mastering the 'Art' of flying an A-Cat.

What a Joy is to fly these machines and I feel pretty lucky having the chance to experience such great rides.

Nacra 17s Miami ISAF WC 2016: Day 2

Martinique Cata Raid 2016: Stages 1 & 2 by Pierrick Contin

Nacra 17s Miami ISAF WC 2016: Day 1

Jan 22, 2016

F18 Australian Nats 2016: Day 1

Only one race held today in 'drifting' conditions.Prov top 3. full results pending, 40 boats registered: Van Kerckhof, Brett Burvill & Stephen Medwell. Steve Brewin is racing the Exploder with his sails, but no info on the rest of the fleet. Hope they get wind tomorrow.More pics at Aus Assoc FB.

F18 2016 Worlds: We've been testing the process and now the Registration is open, we' ll announce officially on Monday. Link & official web:  F18worlds2016.org.ar -

New Cruising Cat from South Africa: X5 Sail

Sent by Tamas Hamor / Xquisite Yachts : "Hi, we’re a luxury catamaran manufacturer from South Africa and we just launched our first vessel. Some images attached plus the boat launch video. More info at hour website www.xquisiteyachts.com. You can also visit us atat the Miami Strictly Sail show (11-15 February) "


Land Rover BAR 'Academy' to select Youth Americas Cup Team

The AC45 Youth Americas Cup was a hit by the AC management, glad to know they will continue with the project. BAR announce a new 'Academy' project to select the young sailors to represent them at next Youth event in Bermuda.

Source and full article at Land Rover BAR: "The British America’s Cup Challenger and Land Rover, the team’s Title and Exclusive Innovation Partner, have deepened their commitment to creating a sustainable talent programme in sailing with the launch of the Land Rover BAR Academy. This new initiative will find and support talented young British sailors, and create a pathway into the America’s Cup.

The immediate goal is to select a British team to compete in the Red Bull Youth America's Cup (RBYAC) in 2017. Raced in the same AC45F that the senior teams use for the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series, every America’s Cup Challenger and the Defender must enter a team into the RBYAC. The finals will be fought out during the main competition in Bermuda 2017.

The RBYAC is seen as an important pathway for young sailors into the Cup, and competitors will be hoping to follow the example of two of the sailors aboard the winning New Zealand boat in 2013 – Peter Burling and Blair Tuke – who are now on the Kiwi’s senior sailing crew..."

Jan 20, 2016

Back to Flight School

Today I went back to the water on an A after many months. A good friend who helped me a lot and is key for my last year A-Cat rides broke his mast,   I gave him the one exchanged with Piet Saarberg for IACA editing services in 2014. So the boat I was sailing has been grounded for a while.

Today 7/8 knots of a dying morning Northerly. No much much pressure but enough to get on the water again for some air time with the J/Zs daggerfoil, on a lent Exploder of another good friend.  Need to put this boat together in trim, much work left.  I'm confident that with a good steady breeze , say 8-10knots , I will be able to fly the 'long run'. I used this J/Z only 2 or 3 times past year only. The first one being a blast on a flat offshore 15knots.

I will work on winglet angles next days to a more neutral trim, also tested a new setting tip Jakub gave me. Let me give a good use to it, and get back with more feedback. Tested the Sony Action cam today, but I messed up with the settings, it has a gps also so it will be good fun to film next rides.

Also Felix is preparing the new Landenberger Decksweeper sails which are coming next months along some new tramps. Decksweeper production series will start soon after the tests done by Jacek in Poland, Sacha Wallmer on Swiss waters along Sandro and Nathan racing it at recent Australian Nats.

All in all, pretty happy to sail the A again, meanwhile I'm putting hours on the water till gather ring the funds to assemble my F18 to race the Worlds next 28 October 2016 here in BA. I have mast, Cirrus beams and sails ready.
No European season for me this year. Some Argies will travel to Medemblik A-Cat Worlds for sure eitherway.

Nacra 17 @Miami Midwinters 2016 for Buhler-Brugger

Photo: Buhler-Brugger FBSkiff & RSX Miami Midwinters was the previous event before ISAF World Cup 2016 which will define last places for Rio 2016. In Nacra 17 Mathias Bulhler & Nathalie Brugger From Switzerland and now coached by Legend Mitch Booth,  won the Worlds warmup regatta over the Danish Viking crews with Norregaard/Viborg & Cenholt/Lubeck in 2nd & 3rd respectively.

Moth Master Borta Gualari & Louisa Chfee scored two bullets. Need to check if the US crew is already defined. Spain will define their representative too , while Ven, Uruguay & Guatemala (Hobie 16 top riders and H16 North Americans Champs Jason Hess & Irene Abascal)  will fight for the Continetal slot as the US has secured theirs.

Qualified Countries till December 2015: sailing.org/tools/documents/2016QualifiedNationsMNAconfirmationfromallevents14.12.15-[19831].pdf

Top ten below. Full Results at regattanetwork.com/event/11485#_newsroom

Jan 19, 2016

A-Class Worlds 2016: June 18-24 @Medemblik

After a record number of entries for an A-Class Worlds at Punta Ala 2015, the A-Class will remain in continental Europe for 2016.  The Dutch Assoc will host this year Worlds at Medemblik.
Registration is open: acatworlds2016.nl/entries/register-for-event/
Entry list so far: acatworlds2016.nl/entries/list-of-entries/

Finally also the Class management has listened the French Assoc ,  our own and many others requests to establish two separated rankings within the same fleet as done by the US and Aussie fleets for years. Details at the official event website acatworlds2016.nl/

On Rules IACA has published a new article on the matter when it was more than quite in the western front!  Their concern might be based on the close call for Rule 8 modification voting process at last AGM in Italy. Any modification was rejected by a tiny margin.

But after Punta Ala I don´t see anyone pushing for a new vote this year, the US assoc will not put their heads on the chop again and I doubt any other NA will replace them for a new bid.
People need to analyze results & deeds from past Worlds to see nothing will happen in 2016. Which indeed is good news as we might be entering again a stabilized and incremental design scenario.

Foiling Rules discussions in my view are in a dead end right now with the performance we all saw at Punta Ala within current box rule.  While changes were focused on foil development Mischa came up with the new Sail 'Engine' & tramp design and left everyone wondering.
Foiling in 6knots as reported by 'rookie' Darren Bundock plus the early foil saw in Italy are taking current somehow initially restricted foil development to new heights.

Analyzing what an FP/F20 can achieve , where they need almost the same range of wind to start foiling downwind, the insert from below option might just became useless in the early foil performance aspect.
Easy of foil for a rookie might remain though until builders enter the refinement stable flight stage of current 4 point foiling solution.

At Medemblik we will see again a close competition between all designs with everyone now using the Deckweeper Sail  (with or without boom).  Plus the  new foil development seen at recent Australian Nats where Exploder sent a battery of new daggers and rudders prototypes.
It was a racing 'laboratory' with Brewin, Bundock, Outteridge, Beattie and others using different combos of foils & T or L rudder blades.
Check pics below, winglets are starting to ressemble Kite foiler hydro wing tip shapes... wonder why?

Brewin used the latest dagger foil version and Bundy used the Z5 which was the one used at Punta Ala for the 2015 Exploders. A known experienced foil designer is behind Exploder development, so I foresee their foils will match or even might improve current DNA foils.
Take an eye to Scheurer reported  latest devels also.

Of course we don´t know if Dna will realease new foil versions, till now modifications, on the info I have , are focused mainly on the platform aerodynamics.

With this scenario and to know more about what happened in Australia with the Exploder Camp is good to review Bob Griffits complete & detailed Final Wrapup for the recent Australian Nats he sent along pics of the T & L rudders by Exploder with a new tip end shape. Results & pics by Beau Outteridge Production here.

Australian Nats 2016 Wrapup and pics sent by Bob Griffits. Photo Beau Outteridge Productions of Matt Homan at the Aus Nats 2016.-

Wrap Up A Class Catamaran 2016 Australian Championships.
"The 2016 Australian Championships has now come and gone. The record shows that Steve Brewin dominated the regatta, and won his third Australian Championship in the A Class Catamaran.
Steven has been at the top of the class for many years, and previously won the World Championship in Aarhus, Denmark, in 2011.

For months, Steve has been working tirelessly to perfect his foiling technique, as well as testing the endless evolution of rudders and centreboard prototypes that have emanating from Exploder in Poland. As a sail maker, he has manufactured many deck sweeper mainsails, and sealed trampolines in the short period since the Punta Ala World Titles in September.
He used a 2015 Exploder platform, with Z 10 centreboard, and “T” shaped Exploder asymmetrical horizontal sections on the rudders. Naturally he used his own deck sweeper mainsail design, and did not require a boom.

Adam Beattie, who finished second, used the same equipment, except that he used Exploder’s latest “L” shaped rudder designs.

Third placed Darren Bundock used Brewin main and trampoline, and standard 2016 Exploder.
One thing that all three placegetters emphasised was been fastidious in refining the angle of attack of the rudder winglet. This is an absolutely essential element for the ease and efficiency of foiling.

The final race of the series was sailed on Friday. The high winds that featured in the middle segment of the regatta were now exhausted, and we were left for hours drifting about waiting for the breeze.
Racing finally commenced at 2:00pm, in brilliant sunshine, and about 6 or 7 knots of easterly wind. Darren Bundock raced away from the remainder of the fleet on his foils on the first downwind leg as he skilfully exploited the gusts, and he went on to win by a large margin.

The battle was on for the second and third spots. Nathan Outteridge rounded the last windward mark just ahead of Steve Brewin, and the high speed-foiling race towards the finish was on Brewin prevailed over Outteridge to take the second position.

Darren Bundock gave notice in some of the pre-regatta training that he would be very fast in these conditions. He is a very skilful catamaran sailor with two Olympic Silver Medals to his credit. He is capable of foiling a Nacra 17, which has no rudder hydrofoil surface.
With a body weight of 73 kgs, he had little trouble coaxing his A Class up into the air, and it would certainly be a fascinating battle between Darren and his former crewmate Glenn Ashby in these conditions.

The Frequent Flyer award for this regatta belonged not the to sailors, but to the Postponement Flag. The weather proved a disaster. An intense low-pressure system known as an “East Coast Low” developed off the NSW coast during the middle of the regatta, which totally destroyed the normal summer wind patterns.

There was no wind for the Practice Race on the Sunday. Racing on the Monday was delayed several hours, but fortunately a reasonable, if patchy, NNE breeze arrived to allow three races to be sailed, with good foiling conditions.

The racing one Tuesday and Wednesday was blown away. Racing on Thursday was held in a slowly strengthening southerly wind, which was characterized by severe gusts, and lead to many capsizes, retirement, one completely broken boat, and the need to rescues some sailors whom became separated from their craft.

The top ten places were filled with the usual faces, which reinforces the obvious, in that the top sailors usually win.
The top non foiling boat sailed by Dave McKenzie came in at 11th place overall, and the next few positions were filled by the best of the non-foiling sailors.

Both the latest generation of Exploders and DNA boats are superb and efficient foiling designs. Exploders have improved their rudder foil design, and seemed to have caught up to the DNA’s, which arguably had the advantage at Punta Ala. The technology will march onwards.
One cost saving has become apparent and proved. A boom is no longer needed.

48 sailors entered the event. In the end James Spithill was unable to sail, and did not compete. Nathan Outteridge showed flashes of his brilliance including winning one race, and showing lightening speed and skill downwind. Unfortunately he had little time on the boat before the regatta. He was a very late starter for the first race, and he suffered from a DNC and a DNF in the strong winds of the

Thursday racing.
Both Darren Bundock and Steve Brewin will be contesting the 2016 World Titles in Holland.
There is a very high standard of A Class sailing and Australia, as well as a strong sense of camaraderie and friendship. No matter where you come in the fleet, there is a lot of fun both on and off the water".

Report by Bob Griffits.

Jules Verne Trophy: Spindrift II Globe Crossing Highlights

Land Rover BAR: AC45 Winter Training

Source Land Rover BAR

IKA Kite Foil North Americans 2016

Sent by Icarus sailing  Media. - Video of Day 2 Above. Report & Final results links below.
"IKA Kite Foil North American Championship 2016 - Lord of the Wind" - lordofthewindbaja.com

"The decisive day at Lord of the Wind 2016 has dawned and riders were yet again ready for an epic finale, and the last chance to demonstrate their skills in what was a thrilling round of heats in the Big Air competition. Julien Kerneur took a ‘go-for-broke’ approach in the final, which saw this star rider achieve the highest jump at 11.6 meters, showcasing commitment, strength and confidence. Jacob Olivier powerful riding style earned him second spot on the podium, followed by “airborn” Anthar Racco.

Perfect wind and wave conditions produced strong heats in the women’s big air competition. In the Finals, Cynthia Brown proved that she knows how to go big, dominating her way to victory. Kris Kinn secured silver with a jump at 8.4 metres and bronze to Astrid Berz.

The Slalom competition saw high octane racing and fierce competition as the riders weaved their way skilfully around the track. Bruno Ferreira came up with the goods, found better speed and superb style to seize the title.

As the riders headed ashore, they reflect on an action packed week, showcasing their sport at it’s very best with some gripping and nail biting battles. There was deserved celebration for the winners who could now relax and enjoy the atmosphere on the beach and the post race party Mexican style.

You can find the final results for each category here:
Top ten Kite Foil below:

Jan 18, 2016

Diam 24 Foiler by Macif

All Images Alex Courcoux / Macif -- Scaled down methodology is Nr 1 approach to reach the best results. Great development work by Macif & Francois Gabart testing new devels for the Macif Tri on an already fast Diam 24 platform. Check the stepped version a la Artemis first flying AC45 foil design.

More info in French at macifcourseaularge.com  : "...Last Thursday and Friday in Port-la-Forêt, François Gabart was able to test the new 'M24' . The objective is to validate the performance and maintenance of the new foils for the bigger Macif Trimaran... "

Cruising Life aboard Gunboat 60 'Jade'

Little nice video to depict the joy of sailing a cruising cat. Video posted in our CSN Fb by Team Jade.  I hope someone can continue to build these great cruising Cats.

Jan 17, 2016

Groupama Team France AC45: Bleu-Blanc-Rouge

These are the due color for a French Team. New looks for their AC45 for the ACW OD Series. All Images © D.Ravon / Groupama Team France. Meanwhile Franck Cammas is recovering himself from a serious leg accident while falling from a GC32. He plans to return to sailing in late February:

Jan 14, 2016

F18 Croatia looking to expand the local Fleet

F20 Solo Flight

Photo sent by Fede Reim. The guys went out on pretty ligth day, so they decided to give the beast a solo ride. Double handed the F20 can fly in around 6knots as we showed in the early 2015 Clinics made here in BA with Fer van West. But flying it solo it has a special feeling. Even sailing the H16 or F18 single handed is a blast.

Needless to say a thing about the A, but with this shot I wanted to show how cats are lowering the wind range where we can have fun. The As are now foiling in 6-7 knots downwind.
But not everyone has the resources to buy an A or F20/FP thus I think new recreational foiling cats must aim to match their early flight range to have a broader market.

Team New Zealand collaboration with Team Tilt GC32

Sent by Team Tilt. Ashby will sail their GC32 in the "GC 32 Racing Tour" which to my knowledge will be the owners circuit in parallel with the GC32s racing the new Xtreme Series
Team Tilt announces partnership with Emirates Team New Zealand
"Emirates Team New Zealand and Team Tilt will share their respective experience and talent. Glenn Ashby will sail on board Team Tilt’s GC 32 whilst the two teams will work in parallel towards the next Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.

Geneva, Switzerland - 14 January 2016 - The cooperation between Emirates Team New Zealand and Team Tilt provides mutual benefit for both teams and will be focused around the 2016 GC32 Racing tour and on towards the next Red Bull Youth America's Cup.

Despite its youth focus, Team Tilt already has a proven track record in major sailing events with its biggest success to date in 2015 not only winning Switzerland’s most prized event- the Bol d’Or Mirabaud on its D35 catamaran, but also the taking out the overall 2015 D35 Championship against well established competitors Alinghi and Spindrift racing who also compete on the GC32 circuits. Team Tilt also successfully competed in the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup in 2013, finishing 4th. Some of its members have obtained world class results in the Moth Class, Laser Class, Extreme Sailing Series and sailed America’s Cup pre-events onboard AC 45’s.

Team Tilt is looking to build on its recent success and transition into foiling on the 2016 GC32 Racing Tour. Team tilt manager Alex Schneiter explains: “Team Tilt is above all a team of talented Swiss youth promoting youth sailing at international level. The support from highly experienced Emirates Team New Zealand sailors will be huge for our guys. To have Glenn Ashby - one of the best, most highly regarded multi hull sailors in the world - sailing with and coaching our guys is amazing.”

“On a technical level, Emirates Team New Zealand were the innovators that lead the world in terms of bringing foiling to mainstream grand prix yachting, which is clearly key for Team Tilt” said Tanguy Cariou, Team Tilt’s sports director. “Even though we have been sailing high tech multihulls for over a decade, the foiling world is rather new to us and we are in the middle of a transition time into foiling.”

“This is an exciting partnership for both teams,” said skipper Glenn Ashby, “Emirates Team New Zealand has always placed an emphasis on developing new talent in the sport and it will be a great opportunity for me personally to coach and sail with Team Tilt. ”

The partnership signals Emirates Team New Zealand’s continued emphasis and leadership amongst the America’s Cup community of supporting youth sailing and the next generation of the sport, highlighted by the promotion of three previous Red Bull Youth America’s Cup sailors, Peter Burling, Blair Tuke & Guy Endean into its sailing team.

Emirates Team New Zealand also plans to support a New Zealand entry into the Red Bull Youth America’s cup in 2017 in partnership with Yachting New Zealand."

For more information on Emirates Team New Zealand : http://emirates-team-new-zealand.americascup.com

Jan 13, 2016

F18 Australian Nats 2016 preview

Above: Nice video shot in 4k sent by Jason Mead of the NSW 2016 titles held at Sidney Harbour few weeks ago, The 2016 Nats will take place in the same venue. At the NSW championships Steve Brewin sailed the Exploder F18 for the first time, and finished with a pair of bullets after tuning & trimming done during the regatta,
For the Nats he will face  a 40 boat fleet including Brett Burvill and his super fast Windrush Edge among the usual performer fleets of C2s , a Cirrus and the updated Capricorn built by Chris Caldecoat.

Jason Waterhouse, past year helm Champ will not defend the title due to his Olympic campaign. 2016 N17 Worlds are going to be held in the US coming weeks.  Jason's father, Rod, and recent winner of the Australian Hobie 16 Nats will  be racing to retain the crown for the family.
I Cannot identify if any of the Goodalls  (Brett crew foir Jason past year) will be racing. Entry list available at F18 Australian FB .The event willbe sponsored by Forward Sailing Australia.

Jan 12, 2016

Land Rover BAR Capsizes at the Solent

Photo:  Harry Kenney-Herbert / © BAR - Wind range 15-19knots, no one injured. Details at http://land-rover-bar.americascup.com/en/news/218_Tough-day-at-the-office.html

Jan 11, 2016

Flying Phantom Series 2016

Photo: Pierrick Contin -  "The Flying Phantom Series are Flying Phantom specific events across Europe with One Design regattas and long distance races".

Flying Phantom Series 2016 first semester program:
Flying Phantom Series Cannes 2016
- 7th-10th April 2016 @ Yacht Club de Cannes

- Flying Phantom Series Geneva 2016
3th-6th June 2016 @ Yacht Club De Genève

- Flying Phantom Series Lake Garda 2016
6th-10th July 2016 during the Foiling Week

Second semester program to be published early 2016.

'Wild Oats' owner, Bob Oatley passed away at 87

Image: Wild Oats - Many people support the sport in any way they can,  those with resources are sometimes also key in giving life to new projects like founding Yacht Clubs or building hot racers like 'Wild Oats', his work allowed more sailors to be involved with the sport and that is a great legacy.
Matt Allen, Yachting Australia, President :
Vale Robert ‘Bob’ Oatley AO - “Bob mentored many sailors and supported them throughout their careers and many people owe him a debt of gratitude. He was a Foundation Member of the Australian Sailing Team Patrons’ Program and we are extremely grateful for his contribution and support over many years,"

Sail-World Article by Richard Gladwell at : ww.sail-world.com/Wild-Oats-XI-owner-and-sailing-patron-Bob-Oatley-dead-at-87/141427
"The Patriarch of the Oatley family and one of Australia's most prominent sailing campaigners and backers, Bob Oatley has died after an illness at the age of 87.
Best known in sailing circles as the owner of Wild Oats XI, the outstanding supermaxi that won eight Rolex Sydney Hobart Races. The family is also owner of Hamilton Resort and Robert Oatley Vineyards.

A long time sailor, in 1993 Oatley commissioned the original Wild Oats, a state of the art kevlar 43 footer which won the 1994 Sydney Hobart with Roger Hickman on the helm and then again as Wild Rose in 2014...
Full article & past interviews at sail-world.com

Jan 10, 2016

Jules Verne Trophy: Spindrift II arrives at Ushant

Image & Video by Spindrit Racing - Officail Web: www.spindrift-racing.com .  Same concept from the IDEC Sport post: Mission Accomplished and a place in History for Spindrift II crew. Time for Spindrift: 47 days 10 hours 59 mins
Spindrift 2 crossed the line at Ushant"The trimaran skippered by Yann Guichard has finished its first Jules Verne Trophy, registering the second fastest time in history, and with Dona Bertarelli becoming the fastest woman to sail around the world.

- Spindrift racing has finished its first voyage around the world
- Spindrift 2 crossed the line at 15:01 UTC after 47 days 10 hours 59 minutes and 02 seconds at sea
- The trimaran is expected to arrive in La Trinité-sur-Mer around 21:00 UTC
- A live video link with the team from the port at La Trinité-sur-Mer will follow from 16:30 UTC

The sailors on Spindrift 2 crossed the finish line of the Jules Verne Trophy off Ushant at 15:01 UTC on Friday, after 47 days 10 hours 59 minutes and 02 seconds at sea. After nearly 29,000 miles travelled at an average speed of 25.35 knots, Spindrift 2 closed the circle on its first voyage around the world by claiming the second fastest time in history. The crew, led by Yann Guichard, did not beat, on this attempt, the time set by Loïck Peyron (they were slower by 1d 21h 16’ 09”), whose record of 45 days 13 hours 42 minutes is still the one to beat. However, they were 20 hours 45 minutes 50 seconds faster than the time set by Franck Cammas in 2010, over this always demanding course. During its high-speed journey, the black and gold trimaran also improved three record times (Ushant-Equator, Ushant-Tasmania and Ushant-Cape Horn) and held, for a few hours, the record for the crossing of the Indian Ocean. One woman among 13 men on this record attempt, and the first to complete a Jules Verne Trophy course, Dona Bertarelli is now the fastest woman to sail around the world.

The crew is sailing to its home port and base in La Trinité-sur-Mer and is expected to arrive there at 21:00 UTC on Friday night. They will be greeted by the public and notably the schoolchildren who shared the adventure, along with the families, friends, project partners, supporters and onshore members of this young Spindrift racing team, who have prepared a warm welcome on the harbour. After the arrival of the trimaran, the sailors will enjoy sharing a drink and some oysters with the public.

They left in the dark of night on November 22, and in the afternoon of January 8, just before sunset, the three bows of Spindrift 2 emerged from the great Atlantic swell with Dona Bertarelli, Yann Guichard, Sébastien Audigane, Antoine Carraz, Thierry Duprey du Vorsent, Christophe Espagnon, Jacques Guichard, Erwan Israël, Loïc Le Mignon, Sébastien Marsset, François Morvan, Xavier Revil, Yann Riou and Thomas Rouxel on board.

Yann Guichard, skipper: “The passage south of the Cape of Good Hope was one of the most important moments for me, but then, finishing in front of Ushant is also a relief. Not in the sense of liberation, because I wasn’t a prisoner and I really enjoyed this round-the-world voyage, but it's time I have a little break. Of course, there was a bit of stress, but that’s part of my job.

This Jules Verne Trophy has been a series of firsts for me: going around the world, rounding the three ....
>> Full Report at Spindrift II Official web : http://www.spindrift-racing.com/jules-verne/drupal/en/log-book/day-48-arriv%c3%a9e-en#sthash.cLWYUkJU.dpuf

Jules Verne Trophy: IDEC Sport completes Round the World Adventure

Images & Report IDEC Sport Official Web: www.idecsport-sailing.com - Niether Spindrift nor IDEC SPort could break 2012 Loick Peyron's BPV record of 45 days 13 hours 42 minutes 53 secs. But once the trip is completed these sailors have nothing more than feel than high pride on rounding the globe in such a way. They are members now of an special group and both teams have made history the same.
8 January 2016
IDEC SPORT crossed the finishing line off Ushant at 1650hrs UTC on Friday 8th January. Francis Joyon and his crew of five took 47 days 14 hours and 47 minutes to sail around the world. This was the third best time in the history of the Jules Verne Trophy.

They are back. The sun was going down over the Le Créac’h lighthouse and it was under fairly clear skies with a few clouds around that Ushant welcomed back the six men aboard IDEC SPORT. Francis Joyon, Alex Pella, Clément Surtel, Boris Herrmann, Gwénolé Gahinet and Bernard Stamm can hug each other, perform a high five and smile as they look forward to a great night ahead in the harbour in Brest. It is true they didn’t smash the Jules Verne Trophy record, but they did manage to get the third best time ever sailing around the world. They improved on the boat’s own record by 17 hours, with a crew of just six, while Franck Cammas had nine men with him when he won the Jules Verne Trophy on this boat back in 2010.

Above all, this adventure will be remembered for the human aspect. There were some great moments, like the record sprint towards the Equator in heavy weather and just one gybe to start the adventure. Then, there was the outright record set in the Indian Ocean, when they dived a long way south down into the ice with the men and boat freezing. They suffered in the Pacific, which was a bit too quiet and ended with a very strange and peaceful rounding of the Horn. They could all admire the sight of a giant iceberg right in the middle of the South Atlantic. They went all the way to the limit in some wild moments of surfing at 45 knots. They sailed fast. Very fast. They laughed a lot. They got to know each other and shared their dreams with each other and with us back on dry land. They enjoyed themselves and fought hard. They will shortly be welcomed home in the harbour in Brest, when the public will be able to thank them for al that. But now we let them speak for themselves…

What the sailors said at the finish of the Jules Verne Trophy

Francis Joyon: “The Horn and a very positive feeling”
“There were a lot of great moments. I shall most remember a classic one: rounding Cape Horn in very pleasant conditions and in an incredible light… But the most important thing was the pleasure of being with a crew. We really worked well together and got on well. Our skills were fairly complementary. There were several solo sailors in this crew and that made a good mixture. We really worked hard on the boat, for example last night. I may sound a bit tired, but it’s true we didn’t get much rest, as we carried out manoeuvres through the night in squalls, but there was a good atmosphere and we all enjoyed it. At one point during the night, Bernard fell over in the boat. It was quite violent… Will we do it again? If we could set off again as a crew on this boat, we’d willingly do it. We are all very positive about what happened between us.”

Bernard Stamm: “Surfing along at 45 knots”
“If I had to pick one moment, it would be surfing along at 45 knots...

>> Full Report & Source IDEC Sport Official Web http://www.idecsport-sailing.com/idec-sport-completes-the-adventure-after-47-days-14-hours-and-47-minutes/?lang=en

Jan 8, 2016

A-Class Australian Nats 2016: Steve Brewin Champ

All Images Beau Outteridge Productions - Full gallery at his FB page.  Clear skies and light winds conditions at Lake Macquire after a tough week of rain and storms. The organization could put together 7 races in the end with one discard. Steve Brewin scored 4 bullets, two 2nd  & a 3rd to win by 13pts over Adam Beattie with 21pts overall.
Excellent number of boats for the Class , with 47 A-cats were present at South Lake Macquaire Amateur Club.
Returning 'Rookie' Darren Bundock closed the event with a bullet himself. So happy for Bundy after pushing him to experience the new A-Cat foiling mode from the racing he did back in 2011.

Bundy was close already in the first races, showing his talent remains intact even without much training on new flying techniques. Finishing with a win over Brewin, & Nathan Outteridge in the last race puts his possibilities in perspective for next Worlds at Medemblik.

From Brewin not much to say, as he continues to dominate his home waters against the most competitive local fleet  in the World. At Punta Ala he didn´t wanted to talk much on the new  decksweeper sails, but of course he told me he would work on the new design once back home.

And he did a pretty good job it seems as he even removed the boom for his own design, which after the event results is showing no drawbacks for the moment. Most of the top riders were racing his Brewin deckseeper, Bundy included.

Another sailor returning to the As was Nathan Outteridge, I think last regatta for him was Takapuna Worlds 2014.  He had a dnc and dnf yesterday in the high breeze, and also some issues in the first race. The rest he scored  3,5,1 &3 in the last one, completing a good comeback for him. As Brewin & Bundy he sailed an Exploder platform, sail though was Felix new Landenberger Decksweeper with boom setup.  I hope Nathan can attend Medemblik along his Aussie mates Brewin, Ashby, Bundock and the rest of top local top guns.

Regarding equipment, the Exploder camp had a fest at Lake Macquire, with several combos for the top guys including different foils & sails combos. This will provide the team riders and Jakub great feedback for the incoming European season that will peak at Medemblik Worlds in July.
In the meantime Dna will release their new Stealth soon.

No pics were available in the week , but gladly Beau Outteridge was there the final day, he shot an excellente set of photos. Full gallery at Beau Outteridge Productions FB

Top ten below. Full results not officially published yet.- Official web Here
Image of the pdf can be found at the Australian Assoc FB

Pos Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 Tot
1 Steve Brewin 1 1 1 (3) 2 1 2 8
2 Adam Beattie (10) 7 3 1 3 2 5 21
4 Darren Bundock 5 5 2 6 8 (dnf) 1 27
3 Matt Homan 4 4 (6 5 4 6 4 27
5 David Brewer 2 2 7 9 11 5 (15) 36
6 Stephen Brayshaw (15) 9 8 3 7 3 7 37
7 Scott Anderson 6 11 10 (dnc) 5 10 6 48
8 Stuart Scott 9 8 9 (27) 6 11 10 53
9 James Wierzbowski 7 10 13 4 9 12 (dnf) 55
10 Dave McKenzie 14 (15 15 7 14 7 13 70
11 Nathan Outteridge 12 3 5 dnc 1 (dnf) 3 73