Dec 15, 2015

Jules Verne Trophy: Spindrift 'Match Racing' Idec Sport around the Globe

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Spindrift II Logbook:

Report by Spindrift: 
"There was an unlikely encounter in the middle of the South Pacific last night between Spindrift 2 and Idec Sport. The two trimarans had not crossed paths since being at their bases in La Trinité-sur-Mer, in Brittany. Without any kind ofconsultation they left Brest and crossed the start line of the Jules Verne Trophy just two hours apart. 15,000 miles later, here they are, side by side, in the middle of nowhere, in their quest for the Trophy.

The feeling on Spindrift 2 is a mixture of surprise at meeting them again here, and excitement of seeing a reallive competitor in a competition where the opponent is usually virtual. Although, without doubt, it was more comfortable seeing Francis Joyon and his crew over 800 miles in Spindrift 2’s wake. But, at the same time, this unprecedented situation in the history of the Jules Verne Trophy is bringing additional spice to the challenge.

Spindrift 2 crew are competitors and they like this kind of race for the record. When we asked Yann Guichard about the likelihood of continuing to sail in contact with Idec Sport, nothing was ruled out. “The boats are close in performance, and there are not many possible weather options for Cape Horn,” he said. “It’s not impossible that our paths cross again in the coming days.” -