Dec 24, 2015

Greetings from the South

With all the racing , foiling & new tech frenzy, nothing better to stop the circus this Dec 24 posting another great trip of my friends Pablo Querol & Matias Soriano.
They have been cruising the Patagonian coast for years now in two special cats we assembled for them some years ago.
After a decade of sailing our Cruising beachcats Pablo (the 2nd cat we built was for him) is now building himself  a 40' Alu Cat for bigger cruising projects.

Matias runs Bahía Bustamante lodges, a special place if there is one in our South East coast. This trip is from Feb 2015 where they covered Bustamante to Bahía Camarones, another secret paradise. I forgot to post past summer, so now is a good time to put it online to remind us the core reason we all love sailing , and specially cats.

The joy of sailing and admiring Nature in its purest form. Time to relax a bit , giving thanks for what we have and pray for those not having the same luck. Sports discussions are tiny problems in this Era of conflicts so we need to appreciate the luxury of dedicate our lives or part of it to sailing.

Have a nice Christmas and a better year's end,
Best wishes & greetings from the South.