Dec 31, 2015


2015 was a Great Year for cats, and 2016 will be even better. Having some connectivity issues, so will make the 2015 year review later.

I Just want to thank all the readers and friends who follow the web and also believed in the F18 Open Project. Specially Jakub Kopylowicz and his Exploder Yard.
Lots of projects and people to be included in the incoming review, but I wanted one more time to remark what a great guys he is, working hard for the sport trying to provide more alternatives for us to enjoy sailing and racing Cats.

Also a big thanks to Felix Egner, he was the reason I could afford a rib at Punta Ala, and he just drive the thing the entire week.
And of course to the brands supporting the web back with Ads, they are the reason I could travel these years and invest further to provide more and better content, or at least I try to.
To those that left me hanging, well, I just wish you the best, hoping everyone can always get a new chance.

Huge year coming for us Argies, 2016 is the year the local Argentine Fleet will be looking forward to host the 2016 F18 Worlds, to be held in Buenos Aires, October 28- Nov 4 - official web

Finally,  Thank You, the readers, to make this web a joy to maintain
Keep sailing & Racing cats.

All the Best for 2016!

Dec 29, 2015

DNA 2016 updates preview & DNA Punta Ala Worlds Film Extended Version

DNA Extended version for Punta Ala 2015 Worlds Video , Report , and renders sent by Holland Composites / -
A-Class builders keep pushing development. DNA is preparing a new platform for 2016, some details can be seen in 2nd render above, with a dedicated and modified beam/tramp area clearly optimized for Aero efficiency.
Also they sent me the premiere of the  extended version of the great footage filmed by Nick Bowers at Punta Ala. (Director's Cut)
Check at 3:00 and understand now my reports from Punt Ala.. seeing that Live was awesome, unbelievable and painful (for the sailors being passed) at the same time!
Great footage to see once more the work involved to put the As in airborne mode, specially in waves.
Holland Composites:  "We have been working with various partners in team DNA for the upcoming DNA A-cat development, again with DNA team rider Mischa Heemskerk (obviously) and designer Rudo Enserink who also worked with us on the G4 project.
New to the team is Mikko Brummer from WB-Sails who has provided us with loads of invaluable input by analyzing everything in CFD. No detail has been overlooked. And funnily enough, when we did the bigger G4 we could use a lot of lessons learned with the smaller A-cat and now we are doing a new A-cat, we implement again many lessons learned from the big boat/G4. In addition to all the feedback from 5 years of sailing with the current DNA, of course.

Please have a look at attached pictures and vids which are testimony to the engineering efforts made thus far. The devil is in the detail and every item which could be improved without making the boat double or triple in costs (no AC budgets at DNA or at our customers) has received an update.

Sailors may expect a new foiling DNA A-Cat weapon from the spring of 2016. Plugs for the new moulds are finalized, we are working on the carbon moulds as we speak and we expect to reveal all information in about two months from now.

Interested sailors may contact us at so we can keep them updated."

Dec 28, 2015

F18 Australian Nats 2016: January 22nd @Sidney Harbour

Sent by Darren Flanagan: "The 2016 Australian formula 18 national titles are rapidly approaching. Measurement day with practice will be the 21st January and racing to begin on the 22nd. There have been more than 40 entries so far including a youth division. This is going to be the largest Australian titles with the most exciting location ever seen: Sidney Harbour

Membership to the formula 18 association is required to compete. If anyone has not yet joined for the 2015/2016 season, please follow this link and click on join. If you have previously been a member then your details have been saved. Entries can be lodged here

For the 2016 nationals we will be taking safety to a much higher level than previous regatta’s.
All crew members are to carry a safety knife on their person at all times. Safety knives will be on sale at the regatta for anyone requiring one.

Compass’s will be mandatory this year without exceptions. The compass does not need to be an

A-Class: Scheurer G7 New Foils

Sandro Caviezel sailing Scheurer G7 with proprietary new daggers made a great impact at 2014 Europeans held at Bordeaux obtaining the European crown and a 5th overall from a +100 boat fleet. Even people from other yards recognized the great performance Sandro had and praised Andy Scheurer's yard devels to match Dna & Exploder foiling work.

At Punta Ala Worlds held in September 2015 many of us were expecting a better performance on the G7s, but as Sandro recognizes they felt a little bit behind in some conditions. Sascha Wallmer had a good event finishing 7th overall with a ret included.

After Punta Ala Scheurer Bootswerft went back to the 'drawing table' to get a 2nd version of their daggers. Rudders blades & winglets were already updated and launched at Punta Ala.

New boards look different from DNA & Exploder foils, with a smoother / progressive curve/radius.
I'm out of names for new foil devels, Sandro told me they also though of an 'X' conf two years ago but was discarded. They firmly believe this is the way to go.
First test have been done against their previous version and results can be seen in video above.

Sandro reports also little modifications to the daggercase bottom exit were made to fit new boards.
New daggers will be also available to public after official production version is launched.
Full development details by Sandro at Schuerer Devel Blog:

Is great to see how A-Cat builders are pushing each other to refine and improve performance. I'm confident current box Rule in the future will provide the framework to develop the most stable and faster allround solution which will discard  for good as A-Class racing alternatives any FP/F20 J/L/V foils or Stunt 9 double Moths Ts systems. (aside of rules allow them or not in the future)
On other A-Class news check Stephen Brayshaw / Team Ronstan new Traveler setup for Brewin's boomless main:

Paradox: L/V foils & new platform Test

All Images by  Carbonix / -- Dario Valenza continues to refine his concept and L/V foils choice. We still need to see what will happen if say Mischa's Class legal Dna, race against these foil setup. US  Class testing period could provide an answer but I still maintain latest A-Class conf might prevail in the all round. More after what we saw at Punta Ala.  Beyond maybe Dario, not many have a real grasp on what will happen.

The other aspect of current A-Class conf is that now you don´t even need to change foil rake for upwind/downwind mode: With upwind foiling in the verge of being achieved efficnetly (a la FP/F20 mode) new Class legal developments are in fact simplifying the sail handling & racing the As.

With L/V foils a la FP/ F20 you need to raise them in every tack /gybe, and I have the feeling that the smart systems Dario is developing will not compensate the time lost for every transition.

Check full report & additional images at Carbonix blog:

Then again these are all suppositions until we have a real matchup between the two concepts, I keep my favoritism for current 4 foil conf in the racing course.
As stated the L/V foil can provide a more rapid and easy airborne time for rookies compared to the hard but rewarding process of learning to fly class legal 4 foil setup.
Needless to say the easier way to fly is the Nr1 asset and selling argument for Dario's solution who keeps delivering his foils all over the World.

The legal A-Class foil learning process might change/accelarate if the crazy X-Wing alternative I proposed past Friday has any viability in every aspect of sailing, handling & transitions. I have the feeling  the X setup might provide additional stability and easier flight.

Sidney-Hobart 2015: Comanche takes Line Honours

Photo By: Rolex / Kurt Arrigo / - Comanche managed to repair a damaged rudder  to grab Line Honours at Sidney-Hobart Race 2015. reportedly the toughest race since 2004. Official web at

Re issued Time: 2 days 9hrs 58m 30 sec

Comanche Specs:
- Sail Number 12358
- Owner Jim & Kristy Clark
- Skipper Ken Read (1)
- Sailing Master Casey Smith (1)
- Navigator Stan Honey (1)
- Crew: D Wislang, D De Ridder, J Spithill, J Fanelli, J Von Schwarz (1), J Clougher (1), K Harrap (1), L Sinclair (1), N Dana, N Burridge, P Arrate, P Harmer, R Clarke, R Godfrey (8), S Falcone, T Mutter (1), W Fleury, Kristy Clark.
- State USA
- Club NYYC
- Type 100 Supermaxi
- Designer Verdier Yacht Design & VPLP
- Builder Hodgdon Yachts USA
- LOA 30.48
- Beam 6.8
- Draft 6.8

Dec 25, 2015

A-Class: 'X-Wing' Draft Concept

Click image for HQ, - Past days I published pics and videos of Kite Foilers training nhere in BA(check previous week posts) , their efficiency is superb, and I've been thinking for a while (also writing here) on how next devels in racing foiling cats might adopt Kite foiling tech or R&D like Eagle  yard did earlier in the year.
Yesterday I just tried to mimic on paper a possible configuration to implement on a legal A-Class platform. Doing it outside the A-Class rules box is rather easy to implement, but keeping it within current Class limits is the real Challenge.

Of course this Nut job above has no CFD, Theoretical or previous study behind, it is only the result of trying to transpose current Kite hydrofoils to a Cat platform splitting its wings & stabilizers in both hulls instead of two main Kite foils tested by Eagle & Dario Valenza.

Beyond Quant 23 Monohull Foiler and this Outward J conf  render Carl Johan Soder sent me , I also found a Phd work showing main foils to outward. But in the As you are limited in the outward span.
Common sense tells me this conf might work with four foils flat. And heeling angles would bring the design questions to be resolved. I have a feeling this crazy stuff might work though.
You also have a little more room to play with main foil design & shape as the tip exits hull to inboard inboard. (Now some boards tips needs to be cut to fit width platform rule)

Rudders and dagger are inside 2,30 and within 75cm span from center.
Now I will contact some real Designers & Engineers for them to tell if there is any viability and benefit in this draft concept above.
At least  hulls will surely work, are current F18 OP project scaled down to an A.

Next week Scheurer and  Exploder development updates. Plus Valenza's first test of his currently non legal Js boards alternative on Paradox platform.

Jules Verne Trophy 2015: Spindrift 2, Mast Repair

Some sanding, prepreg carbon patch, roll over and its done.... just like your weekend beachcat maintenance .. Spindrift Racing excellent Jules Verne log web at

Dec 24, 2015

Greetings from the South

With all the racing , foiling & new tech frenzy, nothing better to stop the circus this Dec 24 posting another great trip of my friends Pablo Querol & Matias Soriano.
They have been cruising the Patagonian coast for years now in two special cats we assembled for them some years ago.
After a decade of sailing our Cruising beachcats Pablo (the 2nd cat we built was for him) is now building himself  a 40' Alu Cat for bigger cruising projects.

Matias runs Bahía Bustamante lodges, a special place if there is one in our South East coast. This trip is from Feb 2015 where they covered Bustamante to Bahía Camarones, another secret paradise. I forgot to post past summer, so now is a good time to put it online to remind us the core reason we all love sailing , and specially cats.

The joy of sailing and admiring Nature in its purest form. Time to relax a bit , giving thanks for what we have and pray for those not having the same luck. Sports discussions are tiny problems in this Era of conflicts so we need to appreciate the luxury of dedicate our lives or part of it to sailing.

Have a nice Christmas and a better year's end,
Best wishes & greetings from the South.

Dec 22, 2015

Jules Verne Trophy 2015: Spindrift 2 Crossing Cape Horn

Position à 07:30 GMT :
56° 6' 50" S and 67° 41' 39" W
534.36 milles ahead the record Banque Populaire V
- Distance covered from the start: 19,619.2 nM
- Distance traveled over 24 hours: 636.5 nM
- Average speed over the last 24 hours: 26.5 kts
- Waves: 2.5 m
- Water temperature: 5°C
- Air temperature: 7°C
- Wind: 20.3 knts, West North-West

- See more at:

Dec 18, 2015

Man Made Perfection

That's it, there is nothing left to invent after this.

Dec 17, 2015

A-Class: Training @BA, Dec 2015

Foiling in flat waters is the ideal condition for stable perfect flying. But once you have some little chop, current developments are a little short in managing these 'bumps' where the foil lose grip and control height becomes sometime too trickier forcing a sudden dropdown to floating mode , where the flight process begins once more.

FP or Nacra Js or L/Vs foils have a better performance in these conditions but as chop gets bigger/deeper they also have the same problems.
In the A the work needed to maintain the boat airborne is super dynamic and the best challenge and sense of achievement you can get out of a foiling boat.
Being saying this many times, and I will continue to pursue for this kind of dynamic , skill driven foiling mode. Wands are for rookies and Moths.

Foiling the S9 is a kids game on the efficiency of the T foils & double wand systems.
Below just some short footage I could save from a session this week but good to see the crew sheeting work involved in maintaining the boat flying.
Will get better footage next time as I'm playing with a rig and the new camera which I use mostly for shooting pics till now trying to get the right speed mode for freezing catsailing action.

Check 2nd pic how the foil tip  works with little chop/wave , sailing here is the reason this guy above was constantly top 5 in the breeze at Punta Ala. Expect him to challenge the top guys once more at Medemblik.

He is also going for upwind foiling lately, third pic. Still much to go though.

Dec 15, 2015

Jules Verne Trophy: Spindrift 'Match Racing' Idec Sport around the Globe

Idec Sport Website:
Spindrift II Logbook:

Report by Spindrift: 
"There was an unlikely encounter in the middle of the South Pacific last night between Spindrift 2 and Idec Sport. The two trimarans had not crossed paths since being at their bases in La Trinité-sur-Mer, in Brittany. Without any kind ofconsultation they left Brest and crossed the start line of the Jules Verne Trophy just two hours apart. 15,000 miles later, here they are, side by side, in the middle of nowhere, in their quest for the Trophy.

The feeling on Spindrift 2 is a mixture of surprise at meeting them again here, and excitement of seeing a reallive competitor in a competition where the opponent is usually virtual. Although, without doubt, it was more comfortable seeing Francis Joyon and his crew over 800 miles in Spindrift 2’s wake. But, at the same time, this unprecedented situation in the history of the Jules Verne Trophy is bringing additional spice to the challenge.

Spindrift 2 crew are competitors and they like this kind of race for the record. When we asked Yann Guichard about the likelihood of continuing to sail in contact with Idec Sport, nothing was ruled out. “The boats are close in performance, and there are not many possible weather options for Cape Horn,” he said. “It’s not impossible that our paths cross again in the coming days.” -

Dec 14, 2015

F18 Argentine Nats 2015: Exploder F18, Honoring the Formula 18 Concept.

When you launch a new Formula Class like Olivier Bovyn & Pierre Charles Barraud did years ago, you need to be true to its original concept. The governing commandment of the Formula 18 is to have several boats from different builders racing together without any awkward handicap system.
Thus the main goal of the F18 is to promote more builders into the game which directly translate into additional alternatives and more sailors. You have no better example on this  on how the Arg F18 was born 10yrs ago.

OD branded classes only objective by definition is to gather more sailors selling their own product. A Formula Class must encourage and Promote new builds, without them there is no Class at all, they are the first step of the pyramid for a Formula Class.
The F18 Open project tried to fulfill this path since day 1. The background is already known.  So I want to focus on what happened this past 3 days at the 2nd stage event of the Argentinean Nats Championships.

To promote the local Arg F18 Class in other provinces we divided this year Arg Crown in two stages, one held at Setubal, Santa Fe where a group of sailors are working hard for the F18 among others in Rosario ,(another city from the same prov). We wanted to force sailors from Buenos Aires to travel and attend to that first event to award and recognize the local sailors on the work done plus return the favor on the their constant trips to BAs to race with us.

That First event at Santa Fe was won by Cruz Gonzalez Smith & Mariano Heuser, followed by the young guns Pablo Volker &  Juan Maritn Benitez.

The second stage of the 2015 Arg Nat Titles was held this past weekend. It started on Friday  with +20-23 knots from the North west. In parallel with the Arg nats the Club decided to put an A-Class race, of course they couldn´t go out to race. My F18 crew could come only on Saturday so we went out with the A guys on a rib and 3 Slalom ws boards to watch the F18 races in the high breeze.

It was a tough day and many sailors stayed onshore. Juan Faustin & Nico Aragones controlled the day on a Phantom. The Exploder was finally 100% assembled & tuned to our best guess the day before when I re drilled rudder blades to modify compensation. I went out on Thursday afternoon with Agustin Krevisky, the owner and the most talented (but somehow lazy) sailor of the fleet.

We found out that one rudder was working perfectly and the other still needed more balance. It was a great session though with flat water,  perfect conditions and my first sail on the boat.
We went back to shore and I measured rudders blades again, worked to match compensation in both, fitted straps and other minor final details to leave the boat ready for Agustín and Billy Lopez Segura to race the next day.

Friday: With winds growing towards 20 knots they couldn´t start the first race on a tiller extension issue, they fixed with a leatherman I handed to them previously onshore. In the  second race they had a good start and lead the pack along Volker-Benitez Phantom , who established a gap with Agustin&Billy reaching the last windward mark.

We followed both from the rib to take some pics and later we went to the finish line.
Volker was leading with a secure win marging, but we start seeing the Exploder accelerating and eating gap like crazy, we speculated on some problems for the leaders as Agustin-Billy were pushing the boat hard. But we were sure something went wrong with leaders.

I asked the guys what happened that they lost so much ground and with no excuses whatsoever they

F18 Australia: 2015 New South Wales State Ttltes

The NWS Title took place at Sidney Flying Squadron. Greg Wyers & Kez Stevens won the event after 7 races over Steve Brewin & Andrew Williams. Third place for Chris Boag & Chris Salt.

Brewin was racing with Mischa's Exploder from Kiel, of course with his own sails. He launched the boat directly at the event, and he made several trim/setup mods after the first day. It seems they tuning and some hours on the water payed as he finished the event with 2,1,1.

No pics available, but it seems they are preparing some video footage. More info & Full results at Australian F18 fb.

Australian 2016 Nats willbe held at Sidney harbour , Jannuary 21-26th
Schedule & Program at

Dec 11, 2015

F18 OP by Exploder: Sailing the 'Project'

I've been busy past weeks assembling and putting together from zero the Scorpion / F18 Open Project / Exploder F18 platform built Jakub Kopylowicz. This is the 3rd time I can sail my own cad lines in a finished cat since 2005. And the experience, like the first time, is awesome.
More if you like the ride. We have already the good performance and feedback Mischa Heemskerk & Francesco Bianchi had at Kiel , with 3 days on the water before the event.

But actually sailing the boat and experiencing how smooth it feels gives you a real perspective on the final product. You have to sail her yourself of course, but I really like what we've achieved in terms of functionality and looks.

This platform is equipped now with with C2 Mast/Main & Jib and a Performance Spi.
A top rider here will race the boat this weekend and we will learn more about the potential of this great project which has become a reality thanks to the people helping on the design & concept process: Ralph Moolenaar, Ronan Currid, Francesco Moretei, Andrew Gallagher, Sanyi Roka , aslo Marc Menec / IS&3D Eng who polished final lines for routing and finally Jakub Kopilowicz who invested all by himself to built it.

Mischa's boat is now in Australia and will race Australian Nats.
Above just teaser pic & info , more info to come on both boats.

A-Class: Brewin's boomless Main

Photo sent by Stephen Brayshaw /  Team Ronstan.-  After publishing Bailey's boomless sail two days ago now we received the developments being done in Australia. This sail designed & built by Steve Brewin is looking so good, more when we'll have a chance to reduce hardware in the A-Cats. Click image for hq. The sail is rigged on Stephen Brayshaw's  Dna. Later Brayshaw will send a video of his new traveler system.
"Hi Martin,
Here are photos of Stevie Brewin’s new boomless sail.
It is extremely fast and buying a boom would be a complete waste of money.
The only issue is traveller system but I have fixed that with a new system that comes out to each hull and is endless so you now have everything accessible from out on the wire.


Dec 10, 2015

Australian Viper Nats @Sail Melbourne 2015

No Nacra 17 this year at Melbourne ISAF World Cup, as the Australian Team already has selected their team for Rio 2016.

Goodall Design Viper is an invited Class at Melbourne and they are also racing their Ausrtalasian & Aus Nats 2015. Below Top Ten after 2 races.
Full Results here
Viper Class has reached also a good level of participation in Europe as OD and within the F16, specially in France.
Sail Melbourne official website at
Australian Viper Assoc : fb/ViperClassAust

Pos Name Sail
Club 1 2 Total
AUS351 PMYC 3 1 4 4
422 TBSC 1 3 4 4
3 BURSA, Michelle
BURSA, Meagan
290 SYC 4 2 6 6
243 FYC 2 8 10 10
5 RIETMAN, Tayla
SHUE, Kenton
AUS345 PMYC 5 6 11 11
RIETMAN, Harrison
AUS369 PMYC/SYC 8 4 12 12
SHUE, Jonathan
324 TBC 9 5 14 14
DULL, Kegan
164 BSC 7 7 14 14
WHITE, Lachlan
218 HHSC 6 13 19 19
10 RIETMAN, Gavin
RIETMAN, Tiffany
AUS365 PMYC 11 9 20 20

Jules Verne Trophy: Live from Spindrift 2

Dec 9, 2015

A-Class: Boomless Decksweeper Main

Photo: Bill Vining |  A-Cats are the quintessential development Cat Class, with the fleet Worldwide going crazy for the new shaped booms to adopt Mischa's decksweeper sail from Punta Ala, others just decided to go for a boomless main with same planshape. Bailey White is currently testing a protoype and he reports added flight stability using this new sail.

In recreational cats boomless mainsails are quite practical, the only issue is that you lose control on the foot draft, which can be compensated with good batten position and cloth reinforcement/placement.

In Australia they are also testing this type of sail without boom , and I have direct reports on no performance loss sailing without  the windsurf type boom. Waiting for pics to publish.

In the end If this conf can work efficiently in the course race, it will be great news for sailors as costs can be cut down from Misch'as/ Melvin / Glaser original concept  and the A-Class rig will become even more simpler and practical. -

On other A-Class news, ISAF has approved Championship Rules change regarding GPS/Radio/Smartphones :

Dec 8, 2015

St Barth Catacup : Best of 2015 Edition

Easy Ride-Théo Reynal-St Barth Fly Cam - Catacup organizers have the privilege of sailing in a perfect spot, but that is not enough to promote your event, so they put extra emphasis on the media to get additional exposure. We need to have this kind of coverage in IF18CA Worlds, a local F18 regatta cannot have a more complete coverage than our major events, that gather +170 boats in Europe. Same applies to the A-Class Worlds vs  the North Americans for ie.

For Buenos Aires 2016 F18 Worlds we are getting budgets and trying to gather the funds to have a filming crew to do daily clips during the championship.

Dec 7, 2015

US A-Class: Local Equipment Guide

Photo left will become a classic: Jay Glaser & Matt Strubble, one is a Master Sailmaker, who also developed the first deck sweeper sail with Pete Melvin and the other is the Nr 1 North American sailor.
Still guessing what Matt can achieve with his own designed & built platform, now with new Glaser sails against Ashby, Mischa, Brewin, Manolo and the rest of the pack present at Punta Ala.

But the current US scene is not all about latest developments. Older or floating boats are sharing the lineups and the US Class keeps pushing to integrate sailors from all levels or budgets with the known separated rankings, which again is the right way to handle current fast development times.

Below Bill Vining points out some good deals on local boats and builders alternatives for the North American sailors to join the A-Class.

Report by Bill Vining:
"Time for all to get an Acat and get ready for our winter season in Florida.   There are lots of great boats on the market now for all price ranges from fully foiling to entry level boats.

Our last regatta a LLSC saw a mix of foilers and classic boats at every point in the standings:
As the most recent big regatta proves, you don't need a foiler to compete, and we are committed to making racing fun and fast for all boats.  Whatever your price range, now is the time to jump into the class.  

A few of the notables from website are:
- Bob Hodges' Curved boat DNA platform.   If you've ever seen a boat Bob has set up, he is meticulous about systems. This platform is one of the best C board boats available now.    I've seen it and its like new at a used price.   Lots of extra stuff, covers, extra rudders and Bob will deliver it to you on Christmas Morning:

- PJ's 2015 New in Box, never sailed 2015 DNA.  Latest gen Z boards, New Fiberfoam/DNA tapered mast (latest & greatest)  Want to foil out of the box?  Want a complete package?  This is the boat for you.   Have the boys from NC toss it on top of their keys bound boats, show up and sail in Florida this winter like a rock star!   Peter might even give you a Gunboat belt for free (maybe): 
- 2007 A3 - So if those two are too rich for your blood this boat might be for you.  Trailer included.  Can you say ROADTRIP? :

- 2004 Flyer - So you are basically getting the platform for FREE!  Hall mast plus all the covers, plus beach wheels, plus 2 sails is worth what Ken is asking for this boat.  For those of you that don't know, the Flyer is a great light air boat.  All you lake sailors take note, this is  deal:

Need foiling gear?  Call Emmanuel Cerf.   He has rudders, foiling boards and curved booms all in stock now.    He also has some C boards and straight rudders.  Ho Ho Ho.  Santa loves carbon fiber.

Jeff Meyers has Fiberfoam mast for sale.   He's a tough negotiator so start your bidding low.  He can be a Grinch, see if you can melt his heart. 

Are you a Right Coaster?  Bruce Edwards has a 2015 DNA for sale in Santa Cruz.    He has decided to compete for Contender worlds, so he wants to go slow.  You can go fast if you call him.

I am going to upgrade to an Exploder so, my well loved, very experienced EVO 2 is up for grabs - Cheap!  I have a Hall tapered mast, a Cogan sail, 2 sets of rudders with winglets, C boards plus a set of experimental CL boards that I can throw in(or not) if you want to experiment.      This boat foils with the C/L boards and the class has agreed to include experimental boats in non National events for the next 2  years.    Be a mad scientist.  Glue stuff together.  Buy my Poster!    

Plus Bach Wilson is making sealed tramps.  His first exploder tramp came out very nice.   He's perfecting a deck sweeper sail.   Give Bach a call if you need a tramp or a sail. 

Jay Glaser and Matt Struble are on their 4th iteration of the deck sweeper.  We are all looking forward to seeing the west coast as powerhouse of Acat development with one of the best sail makers in the US and the current national champ working together.    
Call or write Bailey White, el Predente for more info or unbiased opinions on boats, sails and gear.    
Contact  Bailey at the US Class Assoc Web :

2015 Jules Verne Trophy attempt by Spindrift 2: Southern Ocean Realm

Video of Day 12 above, Day 14 below. Current position for Spindrift 2:

North Kerguelen (Map Here)
Start of day 16 at 07:00 GMT
- 47.28.96 S and 64.57.79 E
- 346 miles behing the record holder, Banque Populaire V
- Distance covered from the start: 10 017 miles
- Distance traveled over 24 hours: 703 miles
- Speed over 24 hours: 29,3 knots
- Sail : mainsail 1 reef, medium gennaker

Log Book:
Live Tracking at

Dec 5, 2015

Soft Bank Team Japan Crew Trials Vid

With Barker & Draper leading the selection and posterior training/racing of new local sailors into the Americas Cup circuit, the Japanase Team is building up a great base for the future.

Dec 4, 2015

Nacra 17 @Rio 2016: Waterhouse & Darmanin will represent Australia

Photo: Rio2016 Test Event - Alexandre Loureiro. -  I had some rumours on this but I was expecting actual final racing trials to define the spot. Nevertheless Jason & Lisa in the last year had a more consistent top performance and Championships wins including 2016 Test Event at Rio.
Darren Bundock with Nina Curtis are left without the chance to defend Bundy's medal from Beijing.
His Tornado mate, Santiago Lange will be at Rio and Echavarri or Iker selection for Spain is still pending.

Great achievement & challenge for the 'Hobie 16' racing born kids, check their story at

Outteridge & Jensen and Belcher & Ryan are confirmed for 49er / 470 respectively.
Source Austrlian Olympic Team
"...It’s been a successful 2015 for Darmanin and Waterhouse, winning the Rio Test Event and finishing second at the World Championships. Darmanin was also named Australian female sailor of the year last month.

“Our focus is strong and going back to Brazil reminds us how it all began and how far we’ve come. We’ve won two out of two in Brazil (The Youth Worlds and Test Event) so looking forward to the continuing that strike rate next year,” Darmanin said.
Waterhouse said selection brings them closer to the aim of a podium finish next year.

“It’s a goal we’ve been working towards for a long time and it’s a relief, it’s a stepping stone to gold at Rio,” Waterhouse said.
“It’s special to get to go to the Olympics with family. Our families support has been amazing.”

Further selections to the Sailing Section of the 2016 Australian Olympic Team will take place in May, with a total of 12 sailors expected.

In other classes the nomination process is ongoing and competition super tight. In men’s Laser, Tom Burton and Matt Wearn are both ranked in the top three in the world and only one boat can be entered per country.
Sailing at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will take place from Monday 8 August – Friday 19 August at Marina da Gloria, in the Copacabana region of Rio.

Dec 3, 2015

Oracle sailing Team training Moths @Bermuda

Oracle Sailors training for an incoming Moth International Regatta Bermuda. Source Oracle Team USA

I'm still wondering what Mischa's A-Cat from Punta Ala can do against a Moth , we will find out next weeks..

SeaCart Trimaran brand looking for a Transition

Info sent by Calle Hennix. Seacart 26 & 30 projects are available to be purchased. Below a Q&A made by Dick Cadwalader.

Dick Cadwalader: How did this all got started?
Calle Hennix: Well, I got contacted out of the blue one day and was asked how much I would want for the whole SeaCart business, molds, boats, brand and all.

Q: What was your reaction?
A: At first I was surprised, and flattered. And then I got thinking: what if I sell this impeccable brand that I’ve built from scratch and do something different? It’s been 10 fun years launching two boat’s with lot of international racing and victories.

Q: Which races have you and your boats won?
A: SeaCart has been on the winner’s podium at Cowes Week, Round the Island Race, Tour de Belle Isle, Kings Cup, Round Gotland Race, Faerder Race, Heineken Regatta, Ft. Lauderdale to Key West Race, Voile de St. Barth’s, Australian Nationals to mention a few.

Q: If you decide to sell, what’s in the package?
A: We have the designs, molds, CE certification, web & social media sites for both the SeaCart 30

Dec 2, 2015

Bissaro-Sicouri & Besson-Riou Tarining @Cagliari

Vittorio Bissaro & Silvia Sicouri have Cagliari as one of their training base. Past weeks, Nr 1 Nacra 17 crew, Billy Besson & MarieRiou joined the Italians, who are also one of the top crews in the Class, for some training sessions. After seeing the Brazilians foiling video you have to wonder which level these two crews are achieving while going airborne. I received some private comments but we will have to wait to see them flying while racing...

Like Santi Lange-Camau Espinola did with Hagara & Steinacher, training with your greatest opponent is a win-win for both crews.

Billy Besson comments :"Vittorio talked me about Cagliari, between us there is a great friendship and training together is a consequence of this good relation. The choice to train in Cagliari was a natural thing, and I've been here already for the 1991 Tornado Worlds, the one won by Giorgio Zuccoli.

Here you have also a nice atmosphere and we hope to complete two training sessions now and another in January..."

More pics at

Jules Verne Trophy: Ocean Crossing 101 by Spindrift Racing

Dec 1, 2015

'Shuttleworth 32': "Building a Dream"

If embarking yourself on building small cats is already a complicated endeavour, going for a 32' feet it's a huge challenge. William Pack was searching for a built Shuttleworth Cat ,  none was availble. He thought on  tercerizing construction but is always too expensive, so he decided to build it himself along his dad.

I can´t think of any other project that takes so much effort and time to be accomplished as transforming a plan to a sailing vessel, doing the project with your dad is definetely  ranks as the ultimate family project.

Below William tell us the full story on his own built 'Shuttleworth 32':
Building a Dream
"This story goes back a long time. My father had discovered the joy of sailing when he bought a J-24 that we raced on Lake Sam Rayburn in East Texas in the early 80s. Her name was written from bow to stern and was called “Red Necks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer”. I learned everything there was to know about a sailboat when I was just a kid.
Fast forward to about 1988 when we had moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and loved the occasional excursion via bare-boat to the Bahamas. Dad had gone to a boat show to look for something he could potentially purchase and watched a couple buy a half million dollar boat that was no better than trying to sail a bathtub. So he went to researching.

What dad found next was in his mind one of the most brilliant designs in the world, a John Shuttleworth catamaran. From that day on, and for the next 20 years he talked about that boat. I remember one day in 1998 coming home for the summer break from my studies at the US Merchant Marine Academy and dad had laid out some wooden stakes in the back yard with pink ribbon strung between each. I said, “What the hell is this dad?” He quickly replied with a dead serious look on his face, “We could build a Shuttleworth Catamaran right here in our back yard.” I was convinced he had lost his mind.

For the next 10 years it had always been in the back of my mind that one day we should buy or build one of these designs. In about 2006 I really started thinking about it and had started researching the designs. I fell in love instantly and printed out a picture of the plan view and pinned it up at my desk at work. I looked at her every day for three years and left that job in 2009 to move back to Houston, Texas where I now currently reside.

Once back in Houston, some struggles with my professional career lit a fire inside. I made some phone calls and found out that there were no Shuttleworth boats available