Nov 20, 2015

St Barth catacup 2015: Day 2 , Prix St-Barth Assurance/Allianz

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Orion Martin and Charles Gaté winners!
In the end, it was all about Orion Martin and Charles Gaté. « This year, the competition is fierce with all the big names of the F18 Class being here. So this victory is superb ! », said Charles Gaté, winner of the St-Barth Assurances/Allianz with helmsman Orion Martin.

A first at the St-Barth Cata Cup
The three races of the day were won by the same crew, and as luck would have it, Orion Martin and Charles Gaté of St-Barth Assurances/Allianz finished on top : a first at the St-Barth Cata Cup.
« We made a very good tactical choice at the start of the first race and we were able to maintain the lead throughout. The other two races were trickier, in particular the last run which was really close but we were able to reach the first buoy in the lead and in the end, win the three races of the day », said Orion and Charles.

The conditions have been extraordinary since the beginning of the event and today was no exception. In the morning, the best racers were able to cross the finish line after 35 minutes. This afternoon, the first run took 55 minutes followed by as 40 minute final race, which crowned the St-Barth Assurances/Allianz crew. //
Top ten Results for Day 2 - Full results at
1- FRA 9 (Allianz 2) Orion Martin et Charles Gaté
2- USA 80 (St-Barth Properties) John Casey et Colin Page
3- FRA 901 (L’Esprit) Emmanuel Boulogne et Vincent Boulogne
4- BEL 1 (St-Barth Sail Racing Team) Patrick Demesmaecker et Olivier Gagliani
5- FRA 007 (ODP1) Jean-Christophe Mourniac et Alexandre Dekytspotter
6- FRA 56836 (Architectonik) Gurvan Bontemps et Benjamin Amiot
7- ARG 1892 (ODP1) Cruz Gonzalez Smith et Mariano Heuser
8- NED 2 (ODP2) Elke Delnooz et Jeroen Van Leeuwen
9- FRA 29 (Float and Shoot) Pierre-Yves Durand et Antoine Le Corre
10- ARG 1808 (Tropical Hotel) Juan Faustin et Nicolas Aragones