Nov 30, 2015

A-Class: Scheurer G7 new rudder development

Andy Scheurer established a partnership with the Caviezel brothers, Sandro & Daniel , both with professional Engineering background, to develop the G7, which was the step the Swiss yard took towards the new foiling mode in the A-Class. (Check full background at their interview).
Daniel runs also a proprietary simulation software used by the Scheurer camp for their inhouser R&D. Below Sandro commnets on the new G7 rudders & winglets:
Sandro Caviezel: "Our first built rudder blade had some ventilation issues. Ventilation was not considered in our CFD simulation as it is a very complex topic and to simulate it properly you need a lot of time and resources. But after building expensive moulds with a section that was critical for ventilation (as we noticed after the first test rides) we had to rethink about this topic.

We modified the CFD to include the models needed to simulate ventilation. As a reference, we always had the Rudder from 2014 (the short one from Exploder) which was working really well. (First pic you can see the reproduced ventilation problem on our first built rudder.)

The ventilation cfd tests process was a very time-consuming task where we learned plenty of lessons to decide to go for another design.
Finally, we got our new rudder working really well, there is no more ventilation and because of the extra length you're never running out of rudder again.

Finding the right section for the rudder was one of the issues for the whole rudder-project. In a next recap I will give you some addtional information about rudder blade, case stiffness, ruder hangings and height adjustment (while sailing) of the blade".

AC: Franck Cammas injured while training at Quiberon

Image: Cammas-Groupama. -- All the best wishes for this True Legend to get a quick recovery:

Translate from Groupama France  Americas Cup Team
"While a training for the America's Cup this Monday, November 30 , Franck Cammas , the skipper of Groupama Team France was seriously wounded in his right leg.
As part of the preparations for the America's Cup , Franck Cammas and his team were training with two boats ( GC32 ) at the National Sailing School in Quiberon Bay.

Saling with winds around 20 knots, and while he was at the helm ,  Cammas went overboard and his right leg hit the rudder while the foiling cat was flying at full speed.

A quick rescue followed and the skipper was taken to land where firefighters and a doctor were waiting.. He was evacuated by an emergency helicopter to Nantes hospital."

Nov 29, 2015

Soft Bank Team Japan: Selection Trials on board GC32s

Jules Verne Trophy 2015: Spindrift going for the Record, Day 8

Spindrift 2 with Ian Guichard and team owner Dona Bertarelli onboard beat current record (hold by Peyron's BP V) from Ushant to the Equator by 17h25'16''-
Excellent dedicated website by Spindrift at
Below log data for Day 8:
Start of day 8 at 04 :00 GMT 15 42.04 S et 31 34 14 W 
Area: South of Salvador de Bahia 98 miles ahead of the record holder, Banque Populaire V 
Distance covered from the start: 4 350 miles 
Distance traveled over 24 hours: 304.5 miles 
Speed over 24 hours: 12.7 knots 
Sail : Mainsail, gennaker - 

Nov 26, 2015

St Barth Catacup 2015: Final Day vid by EasyRide

Video by Edit & images: Easy Ride -Théo Reynal-St Barth Fly cam. -
Get pass through the girl and watch another great filmography Easy Ride, Manu Duclos and company definitely have the best steady cam filming outhere, more when these shots are taken in open sea and waves like they use to film at St Barth. Nick Bowers/Kettle Cinema's technique when following boats from a real close range (at crew level and not from above) is quite impressive, but filming from a rib with different equipment &  lens also provides a different viewer experience.

Kettle Cinema & Easy Ride are the Master in their own field and both provide top notch films, only thing getting close to their level was past AC Live coverage, but then again their resources are not comparable to theirs.

F18s continue to be a pleasure to sail. Foiling is serious fun but with time it will become more monotonous as it gets more efficient like Stunt 9 perfect foiling.
Speeding & surfing through waves downwind with Spi in the F18 is as smooth and will remain one of the best feelings you can get out of Sailing.

Nov 25, 2015

Flying Phantom Series Bermuda: Nov 29th-Dec 2nd 2015

Image Pierrick Contin - Outterdige-Jense, Besson-Vandame & Bontemps-Amiot might put on a show for the last stop of the FP series 2015. If Oracle crews cannot race and they charter their FPs, I might get some really good Arg crew to compete at Bermuda. Press release by sent by Phantom International.
This week-end will start the final act of the 2015 Flying Phantom Series that will take place in Hamilton - Bermuda from Sunday 29th of November to Wednesday 2nd of December 2015.

An international fleet of Flying Phantoms will come together to enjoy 4 days of intense racing on Bermuda’s Great Sound. Bermuda was host in October of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series racing circuit and will be the venue for the 2017 America’s Cup. With the Flying Phantom Series Bermuda 2015, it will confirm that Bermuda is the place to be for foiling events.

The One Design races will take place in the Great Sound, the large body of water

Nov 24, 2015

A-Class: Woods Brothers Invitational 2015

Images above & below by Karen Ryan & Kirk Jockell . Click pics for slideshow. Gallery by Kirk Jockell ,  gallery by Karen Ryan
Below great complete and detailed Regatta Report sent by Bailey White & Andrew Woods
Woods Brothers Invitational 2015
"Eh y'all, watch this regatta!! A fantastic combination of two different countries most famous slang. What went from three Canadians inviting themselves down on their way to Florida, became a 27 boat flash regatta at Lake Lanier Sailing Club in Atlanta, Georgia. In fact, we had over 30 boats planning to attend but a few had to miss out due to container deliveries and other things in life.

Lake Lanier provided the perfect, central location for A-cat sailors to drive for a weekend regatta. With sailors coming from New Orleans, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and even as far as Toronto, Canada, the first ever Woods Brothers Invitational Regatta was a serious success. Entry fee was a big $25 for the weekend with $10 for dinner Saturday night. Grand Prix baby with two pro photographers and unlimited drinks.

Friday brought numerous sailors to the water for 2 practice races in extremely light conditions. Following a great afternoon on the water, the sailors made their way to the Zhik warehouse, where Mike Krantz held an open house and a showcase of the latest sailing gear and a rigid wing sail. The visa cards were flying, and after an entirely new Zhik wardrobe purchase, we made our way directly next door to the Tannery Row Ale house for dinner with one of the largest HD LED displays in the country. Something about gambling and an interstate poker club. The design and development conversation raged on through the evening, as foiler vs. floater was topic number one.

The battle of the two styles began Saturday,

Franck Cammas Cape Horn Crossing on a Nacra F20

Nov 19, 2015

St Barts Catacup 2015 Live Tracking

Image Pierrick Contin -  Live Tracking info from St Barts Press Release:  "... Follow the races live on the Web: New at the St-Barth Cata Cup this year: races in live! Thanks to Dotvision Motion and its GPS and GPRS tracking system, it will be possible to follow all of the action in St-Jean Bay. Each boat will be identified by name and country, all you have to do is click on the icon to see the position, speed and ranking. For those who have missed the live, you can also go back to see the races. Go to to follow the racers..." //

- 19 Nov Tracking :
- All links at
- Catacup official web:

Nov 18, 2015

Gunboat Factory & Financial situation by Peter Johnstone

49er Worlds 2015 @Buenos Aires: Day 3, Burling-Tuke lead after 8 Races

All Images Matías Capizzano / - More at his FB page - The fleet went out with 14knots from the South East and end acing with 7knots from the South. The Lange bros , wearing the yellow jerseys, lost some ground scoring 4,26 & 15 for a 4th overall,  while New Zealanders Burling & Tuke got two bullets & an 8th to grab the lead with a 17pts gap over Federico & Arturo Alonso from Spain holding 2nd place,

3-4 slots for Rio are at stake for 6 crews in the Gold fleet:  German crew Heil & Ploessel  currently 3rd overall, Arg Lange-Lange in 5th, Polish Przybytek-Kolodzinski (6th) , Segers-Villambrosa also from Arg (8th) and Croatians Kostov-Cupac 11th are fighting to secure a ticket for Rio 2016.

In the Fx Class Nielsen & Olsen from Denmark lead after 8 qualifying races. 3 slots will be awarded for the girls here in Buenos Aires with NOR, US, SIN, IRL & ARG as contenders,  the remaining are the continental ones. Tomorrow Gold & Silver fleets will be split in both classes.

49er & Fx Worlds 2015 @Buenos Aires: Day 2 by Capizzano

Nov 17, 2015

Nacra 17 Foiling Video

Crew: Brazilian Team João Siemsen and Gabriela Nicolino Training downwind in Rio de Janeiro. - This video is quite impressive (get pass first 10 secs), lets forget for a minute on build quality discussions and let focus on what we are seeing here: A double handed Olympic cat equipped with standard C boards and rudders without winglets getting some efficient airborne time, in fact I can´t believe how far they can maintain the flight and speed momentum. I said on Day 1 that adding winglets would get this Morrelli & Melvin design to foil. After watching video above I have no doubt whatsoever on that remark made some years ago.

I've published many pics and clips of Nacra 17s 'foiling' , but nothing like this. Watch the crew moving forward to get the weight forward and level the fligh getting the C dagger foil to provide a more balanced lift. Equipment considerations have been discussed in past two posts on the N17:

Now I get Bundy's "Foiling Training Camp" photo published weeks ago,  and I can imagine a foiling cat for 2020 Olympics, implementation is another story... More info to come, but this cat has the chance to transform in obsolete equipment the rest of the Olympic Classes by 2020.

Also this is the same foil conf of the A-Classic , which is suppossed not to foil at all , and we've pointed out here many times that you could get airtime with that setup too. But the A-Classic is a fleet formed in their own right, and I don´t see As becoming non floating hulls cats, for that we already have Moths.

Paradox V3 Platform with 'L/V' Foils

Image by Easton Chang / / Carbonix Boats - One thing you cannot criticize to Dario Valenza is how he invest and develop accordingly his line of thought. His complete platform has not excelled yet in the A-Class legal racing but he is delivering many insert from below  sets (non Class legal, and being allowed for test by US/CAN for a period of two years in local regattas)  of his L/V foils and also provided the rudder system for TNZ A-Cat winning team at Takapuna 2014 Worlds.
With the latest version of the Paradox Dario also went for an innovative pivoting rudder case cassette aiming for structural and hydrodynamic performance gains.

I asked him on the rudder blade being closer to the the dagger foil flow and he explained the work being done with this new development:
"...The rudder is further forward by about 200mm. That is a compromise. But the blade is end-plated (think like a deck sweeping sail) which makes it much more efficient, especially when low riding. Plus nice feel because of good balance. Lighter and fast rake adjustment. And accurate, with no wobbling. If foils are stable the closer distance is not a problem. Plus the horizontal is at the back of the blade. And newer boats have beams forward.

...current systems have to be strong as all the loads have to go through four bolts in the transom. With the new pivot system the loads go straight in hull and deck..."

More details on the V3 at

Nov 15, 2015

Nacra 17 in Foiling mode for 2020 & Nacra 15 confirmed as ISAF Youth

Image: Laurens Morel - Nacra has now the monopoly for the Olympic & Youth official Multihulls. This means a major responsibility on providing boats to the whole range of top sailor from all ages. Once you have the marketing and sales goals covered, now Nacra needs to focus on delivering high quality products for the money aspiring Olympic sailors & youth parents are investing.

Nacra has a solid design background with Morrelli & Melvin behind the lines of their newer boats starting with the Infusion 2006 and following with the F20, F16 , N17 and the 15. Now Nacra needs to equal MM benchmark bar at their building factories. Sailors racing the Olympic circuit need to cut their costs down and receive reliable and campaign lasting products, more with foiling entering the scene.
Here the Nacra F20s have not suffered any structural failure, sailing in +20knots and hard chop, they have been quite reliable. Olympic boats have a more intensive use though.

ISAF has a great role on controlling builders, and when we talk about ISAF official boats, the 'suit guys' are the Nr 1 responsible as they are the ones making sailors to buy x or y with no other alternatives,  and like politics in the end the ones putting the hard money are the sailors themselves.

I think a sailors own association is needed to lobby, negotiate and present demands to ISAF to pressure in a more efficient way to defend sailor rights

Comments from ISAF conference website:
"...then turned attention to the long-term ISAF Events Strategy reviewing the IOC Agenda 2020 recommendations. The committee focused on the format and qualification system for Tokyo 2020. In advance of the Events Committee meeting, the Equipment Committee put forward a recommendation on the future of the Nacra 17. The Events Committee endorsed their recommendation to evolve the Nacra 17 into a foiling multihull for Tokyo 2020. It was also agreed that a long-term strategy for the 2024 Olympic Games and beyond was essential..."
Press Release sent by Nacra Sailing / -Nacra 15 exclusive multihull ISAF Youth Multihull Youth Worlds Championships 2016 Onwards & Youth Olympics 2018 Onwards.

November 2015 Sanya, China
ISAF council just decided that NACRA 15 will be the new and only official youth multihull used in ISAF championships & IOC Youth Olympic games. Two years ago, the worldwide governing body of sailing (ISAF) initiated ­the process to replace the previous youth multihull to a modern multihull that fits better in the pathway towards the Olympic NACRA 17. The Nacra 15 can be considered a mini version of the Olympic Nacra 17 and proven in tests to be the boat for youth teams to compete in.

Bold Move
Nacra Sailing international made a bold move by designing a new multihull from scratch to the supplied criteria by ISAF. These criteria were drawn up by a technical working party consisting of specialists from ISAF. “Yes we took a risk by starting from scratch and to come up with a brand new design. But we are convinced that if we want to win the hearts of the youth, we started by taking youth seriously and came up with our solution. Our solution is the NACRA 15 with curved (lifting) dagger boards in combination with stabilizers on the rudders” according to Peter Vink, Technical Director and in charge of the design team at Nacra Sailing & Performance Sails. “ It proved to be the right solution once more, after study we realized that the perfect multihull for youth sailing did not existed yet. We hope future generations will love it as much as we do.

Challenging tender process
“A tough nut to crack for Nacra Sailing, we entered this tender with a modern multihull design with three sails, Mainsail, jib sail and asymmetric gennaker. As multihull manufacturer we have to deliver two hulls, two rudders and two curved dagger boards compared to monohull manufacturers. A big challenge to keep the price as low as we will ” according to Commercial Director Gunnar Larsen“ But we succeeded and hope to welcome many new young sailors in the Nacra 15 class which can use this as “steppingstone” towards the Nacra 17 class after the year they have become 19 years of age.

Multihull is back to stay
The multihull world now has proper representation at the highest level of sailing at both fronts. In the Olympic class with the Nacra 17 and the ISAF Youth worlds. Nacra Sailing & Performance sails will do it its utmost to promote multihull sailing in the world and to convince as many young sailors, how tactics and strategy can be combined in high performance classes and having fun while going really fast. ISAF & Nacra are depending on the youth and parents of this world to show up in big numbers at regattas to challenges themselves.

For photos requests of the Nacra 15,
Please contact:
For video look at:

For more information please visit the website of ISAF or the website of

Nov 14, 2015

Pray for the French

Structured religions are sometimes used by mankind to justify madness, it was in the past with the Crusades, Inquisition and it is justified nowadays by Terrorism.

I still believe that we are a small part of a bigger whole, but we have total freedom & power on our own acts,  we can only blame ourselves for any horror we inflict to others.
That freedom makes 'faith' to go either way.

I personally have Faith in good will and I pray for the innocent people murdered in Paris, and for all my good French friends, sailors and their families.

Photo, Antoine Albeau : "Aidez nous à rester fort et ensemble ! Help us to stay strong and together !

Nov 13, 2015

Land Rover BAR AC45 T2: The Stealth

Image:Harry Kenney-Herbert & Land Rover BAR -
BAR twitted second pic above with following caption : "T2 uses the latest technology from aerospace & automotive industries to create the marine equivalent of a fighter jet"

Reviewing BAR modified AC45 Turbo (or 'T2' as they call it)  looks, it really looks like a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor Stealth fighter.
To continue learning and understanding shapes & designs I'm currently drawing Oracle AC Turbo and will continue with this beauty above. BAR also used a different design for their foils compared to Oracle, while Artemis months ago had a new version of their stepped foils first used at past SF Cup for their first foiling 45. I will try to get a cad shape version of the three of them too.

BAR also published an article on pairing sailors & tech compared to jet fighters & pilots:

Nov 12, 2015

ISAF Meeting China Nov 2015: Nacra 17 to foil in 2020?

Image: Santi Lange (who is sailing & training again here in BA after his surgery) & Ceci Carranza by Francisco Vignale. -
Two weeks ago we posted an article titled  "Bundock & Curtis Nacra 17 Lift Off: Foiling for 2020??"
Today I received and published the new ad banner Gunnar sent from China ISAF meeting, featuring the ISAF Youth Nacra, 15 that we didn´t supported at all, (we pushed for any F16 including Nacra one) and the Olympic Multi Nacra 17.
Minutes ago I received a private mail on the talks being done in China over a proposal to get the Nacra 17 to foil in 2020/24.

I think is a good move and should be put together with an Open format. Sarah Newberry & Matthew Whitehead win at the 2015 F18 North Americans showed there is no reason now to keep a forced Mixed format.  The Nacra 17 Mixed Class is a great success within the Olympic circuit and having beautiful & hardcore girls showing the boys how its done as helms or crews is a great achievement for Multihull Olympic Racing History.

With this base now we have a good scenario to get an Open Class for 2020. The Nacra 17 is already getting airborne for years and from here we 'demanded' winglets since day 1. Is the right move to follow for the pinnacle of our sport and it should be an opportunity (as mentioned many times) for Nacra to elevate the quality built of the 17s, and provide the mandatory structural strenght needed for a flying boat.

On the Ncara 17 per se, I think it is not time to change the boat again, an Open Class will do the job and we will get hundreds of new kids pursuing the Olympic dream.  The Nacra F20 is too big, and maybe now the Flying Phantom (was conceived for Santander Trials in the beggining) could be an option too along forming a 18 footer foiling Class , but from where we are right now with the mixed crews, a priori the N17 should remain for a possible Open format transition for 2020, one of the key argument is current fleet -might- be adapted & reinforced for new foil tech.

Official news from ISAF at :
"...They then turned attention to the long-term ISAF Events Strategy reviewing the IOC Agenda 2020 recommendations. The committee focused on the format and qualification system for Tokyo 2020. In advance of the Events Committee meeting, the Equipment Committee put forward a recommendation on the future of the Nacra 17. The Events Committee endorsed their recommendation to evolve the Nacra 17 into a foiling multihull for Tokyo 2020. It was also agreed that a long-term strategy for the 2024 Olympic Games and beyond was essential...."

Transat Jacques Vabre 2015: 'FenêtréA Prysmian' 1st Multi 50

Image. Jean Marie Liot / DPPI / 'FenêtréA Prysmian' -  Reading  Erwan Leroux's comments makes me respect offshore sailors even more. A special character , drive and personality are needed to endure Ocean cossings races. Multi 50 rankings here.  Official report  by Transat Jacques Vabre web:
     Erwan Leroux (FRA) skipper FenêtréA Prysmian (Multi50): "Every win is different. This one has a special flavor especially with this boat. That's three wins on this boat. And with that come a lot of emotions. I have been thinking of Hubert Desjoyeaux who encouraged us to build the boat with Franck-Yves (Escoffier)​​.

All of those memories come back now. And so I want to pay a tribute to them today. All of this today is thanks to them all. They built a great boat. I helped with the building of this boat also. It's really a great boat. The best tribute is to win races. I dedicate this victory to Hubert. He was a great man and a great boat builder. This finish is full of emotions. It was not easy. We we had tough times, the first 5-6 days ...

We lived on our stomachs and our wits. It was tricky. Life on board is complicated. The movements are brutal, you crash, just live in the foul weather gear. Even basic needs are difficult, taking a crazy energy. That first complicated week. The conditions were not necessarily super hard, but it was long. Five days in a washing machine it's hard.

Full article at

FP Fleet @St Malo

Video sent by Vingt Sang. - In 2014 I traveled to Carnac to see and test the Flying Phantom. Gurvan Bontemps & Ben Amiot raced the only FP at the moment. The won the Raid with ease and set the norm for foiling cats winning Long Distance Blue Ribbons. Later the Nacra F20 with Vink-de Munck won the Round Texel and at Carnac 2015 we even saw two OD foiling fleets. 2015 raid was cancelled due to bad weather.

Video above is the first I see of a fleet of flying cats racing a Raid. Filmed at St Malo during this year Raid Corsaires. Next stop for the Flying Phantom will be fleet racing at Bermuda along Artemis & Oracle.

Nov 11, 2015

Catana 411 for Sale

Catanas are the Offshore Cruising Cats by excellence. Two Argentine sailors, Bruno Nicoletti & Ricardo Cufre made a round the World trip with a Catana 44 , later at 70yrs old age Bruno made a second circumnavigation with another Catana,

The Catana featured in this post is a 411, it was prepared and ready to make a World Trip on its own, F18 sailor Joerg Gosche was working  a well deserved voyage but a relative illness is making him selling it and forcing to abandon original plans.

Joerg on his beloved cat: "Our very nice CATANA 411 "Frida" is up for sale now.
This is a great opportunity for somebody intending to own a nice and  well sailing cruiser! 
I spent hundreds of hours and a lot of money in the refit and to prepare her for the trip.
- Two new engines 
- New, fast RIB with  new 15HP engine
- Nearly new Fathat-Main
- Code-D on curler
- Longlife 10-years Coppercoat Antifouling
- 4 double-cabins/two heads layout
and much, much more ….  ready to go!

Contact Joerg Gosche at joerg.gosche (at) gmx (dot) net

Nov 10, 2015

Video: Oracle AC45 Wing by Ian Burns

Source: Oracle Team USA -  When Oracle won the Cup in 2010 with the Winged Tri over Alinghi soft sail giant Cat, the US design team set the standard for new AC Cat rigs. Foiling development came next.
In the A-Class foiling came first and now R&D is focused in rig/platform aero performance.
Although Thilo Keller and Ben Hall already tested a carbon Wing on their As, Hall even race with his,  I don´t think we will see Winged racing As any time soon.

AC48 for Bermuda will not see much changes on their Wings neither on rules restriction, instead designers are focusing on platform aerodynamic and we already saw at Punta Ala what those refinements can achieve.
Oracle is currently optimizing theirs together with BMW:

Nov 9, 2015

The Story of a Legend: Remembering Cal Fuller

As sailors we take everything for granted, boat builders are there to suit our boat needs and we are the ones investing to make the Class what it is. But the reality is a little bit different, for sailors to actually being able to buy a boat, there is another passionate sailor working and investing on his own to provide us our precious toys. Getting to know the background behind Cal Fuller story, remind us why we sail A-Cats and make us appreciate even more boat builders & pioneers work.

Text & article I published at IACA web was sent by Michael Gruber to Bailey White to remember Calvin Fuller, a key sailor in the history of the US A-Class scene, and the name behind the 'Cal Fuller Regatta' annually held by Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club.

There is a common thing among sailors getting hooked with Catamarans, whichever discussion apart  on monos vs multis (rather old by now..), is that cats cannot pass unnoticed, and the reason Cal Fuller got into multis is the same reason we all sail Cats:

..."Cal Fuller can still remember the day that would change his life. He was sailing a Flying Dutchman on Lake Hopatcong, sometime in the 1960s. A young boy in a catamaran came sailing by,” he said. “I had never seen a catamaran before. But here we are, trapezing, thinking we’re going fast. And there he goes, having a great time, sailing right by us.
And that was all it took for Fuller, to decide that he needed to start sailing catamarans. Shortly after, he went down to the Jersey Shore and saw a catamaran towing a waterskier. “That got me really excited,” he said.
Excerpt above from an article published by Lake Hopatcong News sent by Michael Gruber along text below. Read Cal's full story  at IACA web
The Cal Fuller Story:
On May 2nd 2015, Paul Calvin Fuller passed away at the age of 91. Cal, as we all called him, was known as the Father of the Modern A-Class Catamaran. Enclosed is an article from 2013, which was the last official interview with Cal and his lovely wife Ruth.

A few Notes of interest:
- Calvin started building and sailing A Class Catamarans in the mid 60’s.
- In 1973 he developed the 'Catnip', which was a modified Unicorn A-Cat from Great Britain
- The first 'Catnip' weighed 210 lbs fully rigged and had a 27’ mast—it was sailed with a boom, and the boats were made out of tortured (very flexible) plywood
- Cal produced a total of 31 Catnips
- Cal won the North American Championships in 1973, 1974, and 1975
- His boats have won 8 North American Championships, and he has mentored all the sailors from Lake Hopatcong, NJ who have won a total of 9 North American Championships
- His vintage boats are still being sailed today...
Read full story at

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