Oct 12, 2015

ACWS Bermuda 2015: October 16-18th

Photo: Oracle Team FB. While Oracle has launched their 2nd AC45 T or S as they called, (for me is the same as long as we can identify both different AC45 versions..) the "phantom" (as ghost)  ACWS series will be raced at Bermuda this next weekend.

2016 and I thought the times where major sporting events or news were only broadcasted by Radio were long gone, But I think we'll need to tune old tech to follow the Bermuda event as recommended by ACEA as we all know we cannot see any footage Live in many countries, not even paying, so the great minds behind this Americas Cup edition media & broadcasting units are kind enough to provide us with a radio Live show to follow some flying sailing boats in the era where almost every person in this Planet can Live stream their daily lives with their smartphones...

Below from """all"""  the options  available I can only listen to radio to "watch" the AC45s blasting at Bermuda. Excerpt from official quick guide:

How do I watch it?
X ...Travel to Bermuda and get a ticket...
X * Watch on television. Local coverage is live and on ZFB.
OK --* Listen on BBC (Bermuda Broadcasting) radio.--
X * Download the AC App and watch the racing live on your mobile device.