Oct 31, 2015

Transat Jacques Vabre 2015: Hugo Boss out & down, Thomson & Altadill OK

Glad sailors are OK - This is getting nasty for the IMOCA 60s. I saw this coming on the reliability of adding too much fancy 'ouvehauling' to these Monos, relegating their best asset which is supposedly being 'safer' than Multis (which stay afloat after capsized though...) and we all like development but pushing Monos to use foiling solutions is an oxymoron in my view. IMOCA 60 'Spirit of Hungary' dismasted.  Hugo Boss Official Report by Transat Jacques Vabre.
Update – Emergency Situation - Alex Thomson Racing
Alex Thomson and Guillermo Altadill, skippers of yacht HUGO BOSS in the Transat Jacques Vabre set off their emergency beacon this afternoon at 13.25UT. The Spanish Coastguard was informed and sent a rescue helicopter to their location 82 nautical miles from the Spanish coast. Both Alex and Guillermo were rescued from the location by helicopter and are on their way back to land.

HUGO BOSS incurred some structural damage earlier this week forcing Alex and Guillermo to stop racing. The Skippers had made a repair and were on route to A Coruna where the technical team were waiting to meet them. After sailing for a period of 36 hours in high seas and strong winds, the structure of the boat deteriorated further and the boat started to take on water and sink. The technical team are in A Coruna, Spain awaiting further information from the coast guard.

Managing Director Stewart Hosford expresses ‘Our first concern is with Alex and Guillermo and when they are safely on the ground we will address the situation with our IMOCA 60 and begin the salvage process. We are grateful for the swift response from the rescue services in this situation.’

Parcus Medical F16 US Nats 2015: Day 2

All Images: F16 US Nats Fb. - Good to see they actually have photos of the event. The Formula 16 is slowly but steadily finding its way in the US, which started as Youth training and its establishing itself among mixed, light and Father&Son crews, you can even sail solo no handicap (without the jib like photo above). A fleet of 21 boats, majority of Vipers & Falcons from what we can see. In Europe Bimare is also gathering momentum also with theirs.

Top ten below. Full results at regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_regatta_results.php?regatta_id=10347&show_crew=1

Oct 30, 2015

'One Design' Sails: Keeping Soldano's work & Giorgio Zuccoli's legacy Alive

Images: Martina Barnetova, Luis Rebelo, Emmanuelle Beauchard. Local & independent lofts are key to maintain the health of any racing class and last years we've been seeing a drop on local loft alternatives. 
Marton Balazs & Panka are owners  'One Design Sails', former Ullman GZ Hungary. In the past they worked closely with Soldano who has stop building sails.  Now Marton is continuing Pablo's work under a new brand. Below the text he sent on the project.
Marton Balazs: "Giorgio Zuccoli and Pablo Soldano started their loft as 'Ullman Sails Iseo', where they've made a huge number of amazing Multihull sails. 
'One Design Sails' with the '1D' logo was their brand for trapeze vests and some other small products. 
When Giorgio passed away, it was a truly sad news for the sailing world, but Pablo decided to continue the business himself. When he finished to build sails a year ago, and with the opportunity to continue his work we asked him if we could use the 1D logo as we wanted it mainly on it’s spirit. 

Now we are building mainly Catamaran sails under his brand, 'One Design' , from  F16,  to F18, 20 footer like Hobie Fox or Nacra Inter 20 and Tornado.  We are working on some new projects too, which are not not public yet. 

At Lake Balaton we produce sails for different boats, but they are only available in Hungary at the moment on measuring process. We also have some great Optimist designs, and we are more and more involved to other dinghy classes too. As we have a small loft with a small team, and we are working step by step towards bigger things like moving to a bigger place and building a bigger team is on the table now.

Panka adds. "I think that the opportunity of learning from Soldano helped us a lot. Marton is a former boat builder, and as a sailmaker he learned every tiny tricks from him. Still today when he is down he calls Pablo, it’s like a mystic teacher-student relationship.
On the results we are getting in July our F16 sails finished the Europeans in Cesenatico at the second place with Emmanuel Le Chapelier and Eric Le Boudec. Last month at the Tornado World sin Carnac the Aussie Brett Burvill and Lachlan Gibson finished at the 4th place. We are very proud of these results, and hope that more regattas will come where our sails will end on the podium."

Marton: We are located at lake Balaton, Hungary. We are also Tornado sailors and we plan to race on the Tornado events as mixed team,  but sometimes work is more important so  you can reach us at the biggest catamaran events. Our website is under construction but our international Facebook page is very active. If you need sails we have dealers in France (Yachting Express Services), in Italy (UV Covers and Bolsena Yachting),  and some more are coming…

We are involved in some really great new projects. We are developing our sails furhter continously, that’s the way how Pablo did the business, and that’s how we do it too. Finally we are lucky to have partners who are very motivated to work with us.

One Design Sails FB

GC32 Tour for 2016 , Focus on Windy locations

Image: Sander van der Borch. Many times we requested for the former 'Extreme Seriers' to select venues based on wind rather than going for 4-5 knots 'Stadium Racing', following the path of the ASP (Assoc of Surfing Professionals)  on selecting spots known by the high chance of getting good to excellent waves.
Past Extreme Series streams were painful to watch. Now the ESS will replace the X40s with GC32s,
but the current GC32 Tour & Team owners have decided to keep their own separate circuit in Southern Europe.

I'm more than glad seeing  such a wise decision by Christian Scherrer, GC32 Tour new Manager on focusing the original GC32 Tour on windy locations.
This decision will bring the GC32 a higher chance of exposure with the boats flying rathe than floating in 5 knots and the people in the "stadium" getting 'super excited' by the 'action' they are watching...
Full press release sent by GC32 Tour at gc32racing.com : 
"Following a successful conclusion to the Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour at Marseille One Design last

Parcus Medical F16 US Nats 2015: Day 1

The F16 Class in Europe & USA keeps missing the chance of more promotion on not providing photos from their events. Is not that hard, you don´t need even a Pro photographer (which is the most recommended option) if they don´t have budget, just put a friend to fire the camera trigger on a rib, and you will get some pics to show.

Top ten below . Full results after 3 races held yesterday at http://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_regatta_results.php?regatta_id=10347&show_crew=1

PosSailSkipperYacht Club123TotalPos
1300Mark Brunsvold/Anderson BrunsvoldSYS/ SYS12251
2USA 303Matt McDonald/Gina McDonaldIRYC/ IRYC31482
3USA 236Sophia Schultz/Nicholas SchultzSarasota Youth Sailing/SSS/53193
4USA 317Ken MARSHACK/Arielle DarrowVLSC/ Hampton Yacht Club45716T4
5USA 315Robbie Daniel/Gary ChuRed Gear Racing/ Racine Yacht Club64616T5
6USA 5352Daniel Hearn/Allison HansenCRAW/ CRAW2115186
7132Andy Humphries/Karen-Ann XavierRNYC/ Mississauga Sailing Club973197
8233Christopher Blake/Eddie HansenCRAW/ CRAW1068248
9USA 70Dennis Key/John WilliamsMBYC/ ABYC81010289
10312Keenan Madewell/Brianna ChuSt. Andrews Bay YC/ Racine Y128113110

Oct 29, 2015

MOD70 'Phaedo 3': World Records confirmed

Excellent video sent by Rachel Jasperen. The MOD70s couldn´t gather a solid OD Class but they are having a second life with Phaedo and others like Gitana Team and their oean crossing  foiling project. Meanwhile Phaedo 3 keeps breaking records.
"Phaedo3 now currently holds 4 World Sailing Speed Records after the World Sailing Speed Record Council has now officially ratified all of Phaedo3’s record attempts from last month.

Check out above the following video link for action from Phaedo3’s record breaking week

Below are the official numbers from John Reed of the WSSRC:

- Record: Fastnet. Original Course. Outright record.
Yacht: Phaedo 3. MOD 70
Names: Lloyd Thornburg USA and Brian Thompson GBR plus a crew of 5.
Dates:.16th to the 17th September 2015.
Start time: 00;24;44 on 16/09/15
Finish time: 04;07;10 on 17/09/15
Elapsed time: 27 hours 42 minutes and 26 seconds
Distance: 595 NM
Average speed: 21.48 kts kts

- Record: Plymouth to La Rochelle. Outright record.
Yacht: Phaedo 3. MOD 70
Names: Lloyd Thornburg USA and Brian Thompson GBR plus a crew of 5.
Dates:.17th September 2015.
Start time: 04;43;23 UTC on 17/09/15
Finish time: 18;48;43 UTC on 17/09/15
Elapsed time: 14 hours 05 minutes and 20 seconds
Distance: 329 NM
Average speed: 23.36 kts

- Record: Cowes to Dinard. Outright record.
Yacht: Phaedo 3. MOD 70
Names: Lloyd Thornburg USA and Brian Thompson GBR plus a crew of 5.
Dates:.22nd September 2015.
Start time: 07;47;58 UTC on 22/09/15
Finish time: 12;36;55 UTC on 22/09/15
Elapsed time: 4 hours 48 minutes and 57 seconds
Distance: 138 NM
Average speed: 28.66 kts

Oct 28, 2015

A-Class: Pete Melvin on new Sail / Tramp designs.

Images: Pete Melvin Takpuna Worlds 2014 by Richard Gladwell sail-world.com , Mischa Heemskerk Punta Ala Worlds 2015 , Landenberger new tramp by Felix Egner Oct 2015.--
While past years developments in the A-Class were focused mainly on foils Pete Melvin tried a new sail design solution back in January 2014. Mischa also took a similar rig to Takapuna Worlds but it wasn´t actually used for the event. Thus Pete was the first to give the soon to be standard A-Class rig, a good racing test.

In 2015 Mischa Heemskerk developed the concept a step further for Punta Ala combined with a sealed tramp (check his interview for more details) while Glenn Ashby adopted the concept two weeks before the Worlds with feedback shared by Mischa.

Now Felix Egner from Landenberger sails has launched a membrane trampolin that looks super stylish (photo above) along its functional design. Felix also has been working on the loft new sail, the prototype was sailed by Jacek Noetzel past week. More info at facebook.com/OneDesignSails/?fref=ts
In the US they are also working on new booms, visit USACA Fb for pics.

To know more about the working concept behind the proven superiority at Punta Ala of the new sail & tramp design combo I contacted Pete Melvin, who is a former A-Cat World Champ, AC level designer & Rules maker along his partner Gino Morelli  at MorrelliMelvin , two of the most renown and respected Multihull specialists Worldwide.
CSN: You sailed a Mischa Heemskerk like setup rig already at Takapuna Worlds in 2014. Which were Pros and drawbacks of that sail, as the rig didn´t catch up further at that moment, and why in your view the solution working now.

Pete Melvin: When I tried it, I learned that I had too much hollow in the leach of my sail which flattened the sail too much when I sheeted in for power downwind. The setup was very fast upwind especially in breeze.

I was first to the windward mark several times at the 2014 World's in Takapuna but could not hang on downwind. I developed the sail, boom, and mainsheet system with Glaser Sails but sold my boat after Takapuna and have not had time to sail A Cats since then. I firmly believe in the concept and would like to design a new boat that would take better advantage of the end-plate effect.

It looks like he is using the same boom, mainsheet, and sail foot geometry as we developed in 2014 but has improved the shape of the sail in the middle and top so that it develops better power downwind.

Deck-sweeper mainsails have been tried on catamarans in the past but what makes them more viable now is pairing them with a sealed trampoline. Not only do you get the benefit of a longer luff for lower induced drag and lower center of effort, but you can lower the center of effort further still with a sealed trampoline. This allows you to develop more power and forward thrust without the healing moment of a higher center of effort.

On a conventional sail with no foot sealing, you generate a large draggy vortex off of the foot. If you try and make the foot fuller and flatten or twist the top of the sail in order to move the center of effort lower, I think what happens is that you generate too large a vortex and associated induced drag at the bottom of the sail.

I noticed while using my deck sweeper sail with endplate fairing at the Takapuna Worlds last year, I could really ease the outhaul and power up the bottom of the sail when it got windy and would go faster and faster. I had to be careful because the center of effort was so low that I could develop more side force and the boat would leap out of the water due to the vertical component of the foil lift I was generating.

I had an airfoil-shaped main beam fairing with trampoline behind it. When I saw Peter Burlings' fully sealed trampoline I immediately had "tramp envy". What Mischa has done is combine the deck sweeper sail with a fully sealed trampoline and I think this is a good way to go.

Congratulations to Mischa for taking it to the next step."
Copyright Catsailingnews.com

Transat Jacques Vabre: Safran & Prince Bretagne out

Images: Prince de Bretagne Sialing Voile  &  Safran Sailing Team Olivier Blanchet / DPPI -
Some months ago while presenting Gitana IMOCA 60 we pointed out the following regarding the intrincate design solutions for top oceanic crossing monohulls:
"....Of course they are trying to win its own Class but imagine an AC90 going this way? It would be hilarious. Don´t get me wrong, these developments are great, and new Mono foil assisted designs looked tremendous weapons, I just would focus on less complicated solutions needed for Gitana MOD70 than having such a reliability critical aspects like canting keels, and else mentioned above.
Next IMOCA oceanic race might not be won by the most extreme and fastest design in the end but  by the those finishing in one piece ......."

And this is exactly what happened with Safran new foil developments. In the other hand Prince de Bretagne Trimaran  keeps reminding us that racing Multihulls still have the chance to capsize and no automatic solutions can prevent, at the moment, these dangerous situations.
Below reports by Transat Jacques vabre official web www.transat-jacques-vabre.com

"The area around the foils is seriously damaged. There is a leak here on the starboard side of the boat. It has spread around the foils area, the compartment bulkhead areas in front and behind are area affected in the front and rear of that area. After the incident we tacked, we are on the tack now to return to France. It is 150 miles to Brest in the right direction. We did not have so much sea it was 3-4 meters waves, 25-knot wind, conditions that we had seen before. We were sailing the boat close to the to the maximum level. It was not particularly rough. It was going quickly, so the boat was of jumping, but nothing extraordinary. We should get there in the middle of the night. We are sailing at a speed of 13-15 knots, so we still have a good ten hours before arriving. "

Prince de Bretagne:
- Lionel, can you go tell us about the capsize, what happened?
"I did not see much because I was in the boat. We were upwind with the staysail, in a sea, with between 15 and 17 knots of wind. Ten minutes before I had discussed with Bilou whether to place the solent or not. I do not know what happened, I just had time to jump out and catch Bilou to catch him as he fell. Was it a wave, or gust or both, it's hard to say ... It's hard because we’d been through most of the bad weather and the weather was really OK

- How did you feel at that time?
"It is the sky falling on your head. I went through this two years ago. Reliving the same thing twice, it comes rushing back. I have not thought about the Transat itself but the boat, all this amount of work and energy we spent on that Maxi80 Prince de Bretagne to get here. It is terrible to see all those efforts go up into the air in the space of two seconds and then you think of the consequences from here on. ....

Full report at http://www.transat-jacques-vabre.com:8080/en/lionel-lemoinchois-explains-what-happened

Oct 25, 2015

F18 North Americans 2015: Sarah Newberry & Matthew Whitehead Champs

Rugby World Cup 2015: Arg vs the WALLabies

If Pumas were given credit for a new aggressive play maintaining their good defence, the Australians took the Argies new play mode and showed Pumas how to take it to the next level.

Argentina was groggy with only 2 mins of play on interception and a try by the Wallabies. After that is was trailing down against a superior team.

The most interesting thing to analyze is how the Pumas did not loss by 50 points. That was number was only avoided on the Arg forwards & the scrum, this time Arg could only play the old mode, they were surpassed by the Wallabies in every aspect of the game, even though Arg managed to get close to tie the match in 22pts in several occasions which were frustrated by a solid defence.

In the end Australia showed a perfect display and sent a message to the All Blacks: You wont have an easy walk for the title. And If  the Downunder squad plays like we saw today we might have one of the greatest matches ever for the Finals.

Oct 24, 2015

Bundock & Curtis Nacra 17 Lift Off: Foiling for 2020??

Photo: Nina Curtis Twitter - We've seen many pics of the Nacra 17s going airborne for moments plus  jumps here and there. But this shot is quite special on the height and crew position. Bundy & Nina look in full control.

The image got me thinking on what will happen in 2020 Olympics at Tokyo with the Nacra 17. I see some consensus coming on adding the winglets we asked since Day 1 to make this Class even more spectacular, with occasional jumps like the one pictured above to be transformed in the norm for downwind runs at least.
In such scenario for 2020 Nacra will need to keep taking a special eye to build quality of the N17s on the simple fact that foiling force the internal structure exponentially and hulls will need to be adapted accordingly.

Another thing I would like to see is to replace Mixed by Open, and having Mixed crews beating male crews as seen this week at the F18 North Americans. Final Report & Results on Monday.

Oct 23, 2015

Rolex Middle Sea Race 2015: Line Honours for Phaedo 3

Sent by Rachel Jasperen: " Lloyd Thornburg's MOD 70, Phaedo3, co-skippered by Brian Thompson, crossed the finish line of the 2015 Rolex Middle Sea Race at the Royal Malta Yacht Club to take Line Honours at 00.09.41 CET on Tuesday 20th October in an elapsed time of 2 days 11 hours 29 minutes and 41 seconds"

Official web at www.rolexmiddlesearace.com

F18 North Americans 2015: Day 4

Photos of Day 4 at Charlotte Regatta FB - Easton & Burd are putting pressure over Newbery-Whitehead in the last stage of the 2015 North Americans.With 2 discards available after 12 regattas the 2014 champs closed the gap scoring 5,3,2,2 while Sarah & Matthew  finished 7,2,3,6 for the 'worst' results so far in the event for the N17 crew.
Still the leaders are 12pts ahead but anything can happen on the last day of racing.

Images from Photoboat.com here
Top ten below. Full results  Here

Oct 22, 2015

Spindrift 2 crew for Jules Verne Trophy

Spindrift 2 is former  Banque Populaire V, the Trimaran that broke the around the globe Jules Verne trophy skippered by Oick Peyron. Spidrift if funded by Donna Bertarelli and with Yan Guichard they will attempt to break Peyron's record with the same (updated) BP V platform.
Spindrift Team has a full Multihull project going on is also racing the GC32 series , Diam 23 Tour de France & D35s circuit.

Spindrift 2 was modified to race solo for Guichard for the Route du Rhum 2014 which was also won by Peyron   on BP VII Trimaran: catsailingnews.com/2014/11/route-du-rhum-2014-peyron-leads.html . Loick & Yann were teammates for the great Energy AC45 project of the Pyeron bros,

Below comments from Donna & Guichard, full text at Spindrift web spindrift-racing.com/news/jules-verne-trophy-announcement

First around-the-world campaign for Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard
“The Jules Verne Trophy is the highlight of a programme we drew up as soon as we bought the trimaran Spindrift 2, ” explains Dona Bertarelli. “ The tour around the world will require total physical, mental, professional and especially personal dedication. Being a team means relying on each another, supporting each other, and accepting the highs and lows while striving to strike the right balance to succeed together. Yann and I are hugely motivated by this immense challenge. We want to surround ourselves with people who share our approach and our values. We’re also driven by a desire to share our passion for sailing with the public, especially youngsters, and to show them the hard work put in by our team. Very soon we’ll reveal the tools we’ve decided to use to achieve this goal.”

Yann Guichard also spoke about the record attempt: “Apart from the competition itself, for Dona and me it is as much about the human adventure. The record attempt brings together sailors who competed in Olympic series before turning to offshore competition and sailors with previous experience of oceanic record attempts and the Southern Ocean. Spindrift 2 is a prototype, so we have to take good care of her. Multihull specialists are aware of the fundamental balance we must strike between speed and safety. I’m surrounded by sailors who I know are talented and who feel good at sea. I can rely on them and trust them. In training I see us gel as a team, which gives me such a strong desire to experience this unique challenge together.”

Full report at: www.spindrift-racing.com/news/jules-verne-trophy-announcement

F18 North Americans 2015: Day 3

Photos & Video: Charlotte Harbor Regatta FB - Sarah Newberry & Matthew Whitehead in full control of the regatta at the moment with 6 bullets out of 8 races. Olivier Pilon & Maxime Loiselle are now in 2nd place one point ahead John Casey-Colin Page and Mike Easton-Tripp Burd.
The Canadians are showing how the Hobie Wildcat remains a top performer, as seen past week here in Buenos Aires, and Booth father & son demonstrated at Kiel 2015 Worlds.
You just need some hours onboard to control the boat in the high breeze like Olivier & Maxime are doing at this 2015 North Americans.

Official web usf18.com/events/2015-f18-americas/

Top Ten below, Full Results at regattatech.com/scoring/action/showResultsRoster?clubCode=CHR&eventCode=F18Americas15&divisionName=F18

Oct 21, 2015

Carbonix Foils & New Paradox V3

Dario Valenza has been working to launch a new A-Class design with a new mold different from the former Paradox V1 hulls designed by Fischer. The V2 already had a different shape too.

Now under the 'Carbonix' brand Dario will seek to offer a competitive legal A with the Paradox V3 and in parallel he continues to sell in numbers his 'insert from below' non legal foils.

Check his new website at www.carbonix.com.au & http://carbonix.com.au/product/paradox-a-class-catamaran/

Lifetime Achievement for Goran Marstrom

Photos: Goran sailing his M5 & Bundock-Ashby sailing the Marstrom by Andrea Francolini.
Goran Marstrom has been a driving force for the Multihull community for years. He has set the standard , still unscathed, for the high quality needed to build Olympic level boats like the Marstrom Tornado, which remains the benchmarking for boat builders around the World-
You can´t get a better builder reputation in Sailing , all high end racing Multihulls should pursue to emulate Goran's work, sailors investing what they don´t have in their boats deserve no less.

Like I wrote in IACA web, we are proud to have him as one of our own. Swedish sailing Federation has awarded Goran with a Life Time Achievement recognition , details at IACA official web http://www.a-cat.org/?q=node/630

Red Bull Foiling Generation France 2015: Finals Live Tracking

Pics & reports later on the week. Follow Final Live tracking at http://www.redbull.com/fr/fr/events  to start in 10 mins.

1. Tristan Trébaol et Vianney Bergot
2. Thomas Tiffon et Guillaume Eliot
3. Solune Robert et Riwan Perron
4. Arthur Boc-ho et Cantin Roger

Oct 20, 2015

F18 North Americans 2015: Day 2

All Images Charlotte Regatta FB - Former  Nacra 17 teammates  and now skippers each in the F18 and Nacra 17 , Sarah Newberry & John Casey,  are leading the 2015 North Americans in 1st & 2nd place with 6 & 8pts respectively.  Pilon & Loiselle keep 3rd overall and 2014 Champs Easton & Burd climb to 4th after a dns yesterday on rig failure.

Sarah & Matthew Whitehead have score 1,3,1 for the day and John & Colin Page 3,1,2 for a close fight for the top place and a good gap with the rest for the moment.
Good to see how a mixed crew can compete one on one in the breeze with open pairs. We already had Carolijn Brouwer in the past showing her Class, but now this shows that there is no reason whatsoever to maintain mandatory Mixed crews for next Olympics. In fact, I think many will stay mixed, but we will have the chance to see even more crews going for the Olympic dream.

Casey will attend his annual St Barth Catacup in November after this, two Argentine crew who were present at the 2014 F18 North Americans will join him for the first time. Check entries at stbarthcatacup.com

NAs Official web at http://usf18.com/
Full results Here

Pos Sail Name Boat Name Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Points
1 USA 415 Newberry, Sarah / Whitehead, Matthew Heidi 1 1 3 1 6.0
2 USA 80 Casey, John H / Page, Colin Wet Yeti 2 3 1 2 8.0
3 CAN 443 Pilon, Olivier / Loiselle, Maxime Wildcat 3 4 4 6 17.0
4 USA 11 Easton, Michael / Burd, Tripp RONSTAN 29/DNS 2 2 8 41.0
5 USA 192 Marshack, Ken / McElwaney, Tucker 6 19 9 7 41.0
6 USA 315 Daniel, Robbie / Madewell, Keenan Red Gear Racing 29/DNS 5 5 3 42.0
7 USA 111 Tomeo, Charles / Tebo, Dalton Ullman 29/DNS 6 7 4 46.0
8 1471 Selsmeyer, Guy / Johnson, JJ 29/DNS 8 11 5 53.0
9 1612 Miller, Scott / Serrano, Alberto Casi Listo 29/DNS 11 8 9 57.0

F18 NAs 2015: Day 1 , Newberry-Whitehead lead

Oct 18, 2015

AC45s @Bermuda 2015: Outteridge & Artemis Champs (+ Live Replay)

All Images Ricardo Pinto / ACEA / Oracle & Sander van der Borch / Artemis - No much pics of TNZ right now, will wait for the Team to publish theirs. ||  In spite of ACEA efforts to block people to actually watch this excellent edition of the Americas Cup World Series on the foilign AC45s, today I was finally able to watch the event  Live through ESPN Play. Quite glad they streamed the ACWS Bermuda stop, as it was a thrill to follow. I woke up early today to see the Pumas win over Ireland, then another great match with Scotland hard to watch loss it in the last minute against Australia and just after I continued watching the AC45s on ESPN, this time on their net Play platform.

What a good day of racing, specially for Artemis, not on the win per se, but on how they achieved it.
Artemis was out of pace in last AC45 events and it seemed TNZ / BAR & Oracle were stealing the show, although I wrote they were my favorites on the great team formed plus the experience not many will ever match after the SF saga and how they continue working hard each day after it , but lately Outteridge and the teams just looked out of trim.

At Bermuda,  Nathan , Percy and entire crew wipe out those thoughts in a blasting performance today that included another quick recovery from an incident where the jury boat front collided them (!) in the pre start of the second race. A dangerous situation for the rib crew mostly as the boat ended below AR AC45 tramp.

On the first race Artemis controlled the rhythm but lost almost over the line against Oracle which came from behind to grab the first bullet of the day.
The second race was delayed on the rib direct hit with Artemis, and the committee didn´t gave AR much time to fix, repair and re attach some broken lines on the King post / dolphin striker structure.
Nevertheless the Swede Team sailors and support crew managed to solve the issues just in time for the start which was dominated by Nathan in such a way that left the other teams wondering what was going on, as Artemis was just drifting  seconds ago trying to reach on time to actually participate in the race, not even thinking to own the 2nd start in such way.

That second race start was the best I've seen for any AC fleet racing yet. Artemis went speeding the rest of the course to win the race, showing additional downwind speed. Burling / TNZ finished in second place.
What a great race, try to watch the replay if available somewhere by www.americascup.com.
Edit: Check the Live Replay by CANAL+ embedded below.

For the 3rd and last race of the day Team New Zealand performed as expected emulating their All Blacks counter parts in the RWC and took the win with ease while Artemis was way behind fighting for last place. Deciding again for the favored side of the course gave them the chance to work their downwind foiling speed to finish  just ahead of Oracle who needed to gybe meters from the finish, to end winning the Bermuda series over TNZ by only two points.

One good thing about the Course race today was the downwind finish, clearly the way to go as critical action can happen right there like AR did over Oracle in the 3rd race, and not on the last mark of the past reaching finish Course configuration , where races were defined at that mark and not at the actual finish line as we saw today.

Another thing to remark that I will post this week is how at least these  AC45s 'F' (with OD foils designed by Fischer/Prada) keep the upwind floating / downwind foiling mode that the A-Class are displaying right now.,  so I still don´t get what the AC sailors are doing leaving the As behind.
In my view sailing the FPs & F20s plus the As will bring the design teams and the sailors more valuable info and feedback than the super proven & smooth flying Moths.
A reason for might be the new foiling solution I'm expecting to see any day soon more oriented to Kite foils designs but with refined shape optimized for cats.  As if there is an innovation to achieve for this next Cup is optimizing upwind foiling.

In the end more than happy to see Nathan and Artemis doing so well, this win over Burling, his greatest competitor in the AC, 49er & Moth will give him and the rest of Artemis team the needed boost to keep building a project capable of winning the Cup.

Bermuda 2015 Results below - Race & Overall Series Results at https://www.americascup.com/en/results.html
1 Artemis Racing 52
2 Emirates Team New Zealand 50
3 Oracle Team USA 48
4 Land Rover BAR 44
5 SoftBank Team Japan 44
6 Groupama Team France

Video Racing Replay from Sunday:

Voile - America's Cup World Séries - Regate du... por CANALPLUS