Sep 28, 2015

Nacra 17 Europeans 2015 @Barcelona: Day 1

C-Class Cup 2015: Team Sentient Blue Interview

Images Pierrick Contin & Ricardo de Rosario.--
The C-Class is the pinnacle for racing cats development, their past work on R&D has set the basis for Oracle's key asset to win over Alinghi in 2010. Pioneers in Wing sail implementation the Cs have always attracted engineers from several aereas, specially  Aerospace background professionals like those behind Team Sentient Blue /

The Team wanted to initiate the path towards designing and building their own C-Class. Participating at Geneva with a well proven boat like Alpha, was a good move and it will bring the team the chance to show in the future all the aeronautical know how being materialized in a brand new boat. Good to know they will also work with the As, a Class which is offering right now the biggest design challenge and is surprisingly being overlooked by many AC Teams,

Below interview with Tehcnical Director Saïf-Deen Akanni.
- CSN: Who were behind launching the team and which were the motivations behind the project?John Downey, Sito Aviles and I (Saïf-Deen Akanni) launched the concept of Sentient Blue. Sito is indirectly involved, as he is finishing the wing rigged and modified A Class at Balance Arquitectura Naval in Murcia, Spain, as well as his other projects in Dubai. The intention was to use Sentient Blue to demonstrate the ability to bring aerospace methods and tools to bear in a high performance, marine environment. In particular we focused on wing sails and hydrofoils.

The path we have followed so far is to understand what is currently being produced as state of the art

Nacra 17 Euros 2015 @Barcelona: Day 1 Live Track link

Photo: Laura Carrrau / BISC - Live Tracking at
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Sep 27, 2015

MOD70 Phaedo 3 'Cruising' at 35knots

September 2015. Phaedo3 breaks another speed record. Video below shot by Phaedo3 Navigator Miles Seddon while reaching 35knots.- /
Photos & Report by Rachel Jasperen
Phaedo3 smashes the Cross Channel World Sailing Speed Record
After achieving two world records last week, Phaedo3 screeched out of the Solent bound for Dinard, Brittany just before 9am on Tuesday 22nd September. A mere 4 hours, 49 minutes and 51 seconds later Lloyd Thornburg and his crew, heavily reefed, and in large seas crossed the line off Dinard smashing the record set by Lending Club 2 this April. Not only did the crew of Phaedo3 beat the larger multihull’s record, but they did it by over 25 minutes (still to be ratified by the WSSRC).

At a very rough finish line off the Northern Brittany coast, Lloyd Thornburg reported that their average speed on this course was 28.7 knots. They also recorded a top speed of 40.9 knots.
Crew on board for the record: Lloyd Thornburg, Brian Thompson, Miles Seddon, Pete Cumming, Robert Greenhalgh, Sam Goodchild and Warren Fitzgerald.

D35s: 2015 Trophy for Team Tilt

Press Release sent by MaxComm/Team Tilt
Team Tilt wins 2015 D35 Trophy after thrilling final showdown on Lake Geneva :
"Team Tilt’s D35 season victory went to the wire on Saturday with the final result coming down to the final leg of the final race of the season. Team Tilt managed to fend off Alinghi and third-placed Mobimo to win the regatta and the season trophy, with Alinghi finishing second and Ladycat, powered by Spindrift on the third step of the podium.

The 2015 D35 Trophy caps a dominant season on Lake Geneva for helmsman Sebastien Schneiter and the Team Tilt squad.

Geneva, Switzerland – 27 September 2015 – Helmsman Sebastien Schneiter and the Team Tilt squad put in a cool-headed performance on Lake Geneva on Saturday at the closing D35 Grand Prix of the season

Sep 23, 2015

Punta Ala 2015: G7 Shot by Andy Scheurer

This is the best action shot from Punta Ala, and it was taken by Andy Scheurer before the event started. I took thousands of pics and managed to achieve something similar with a Bruce Mahoney tip toes flying finish. Photo above had some chromatic aberration I removed with Lightroom but still a great shot showing the foils at work. Andy also took me for a ride on his rib to take pics one day as he did for others.

Trying to take good action photos as a pure amaterur makes you appreciate the work done by top Notch Professionals like Contin, van der Borch , Launay,  and many others that contribute to this web.
I'm finishing to publish Punta Ala portfolio, which contains the daily albums already published and any other shot 'legible' enough to post.

F16 Dutch Nats 2015: Top 3 for McDonald's RBSC Squad

Raid Corsaires 2015: Video wrap-up

Sent by Bruno Blin. Some good footage of the FPs speeding at St Malo. Check also images of this 2015 Edition by Pierrick Contin at Raid Corsaires Label below.

New RBSC SL16 Youth Team: Eugénie Simons & Morgan Wirtz

People appreciating the work been done here is nice, having top notch riders & designers Pros following is a great boost to keep working. But reaching new generations and knowing they also are fans of the web is CSN greatest achievement. Morgan Wirtz sent me a link of their FB page and I told him to tell more us about his new SL16 Youth team formed at the Royal Belgian Sailing Club, ISAF should be awarding the Club a Youth program recognition on their great work.
"Eugénie Simons is the Helm and I'm the crew, Morgan Wirtz. We are both Belgian and 17 years old each. We sail in the Youth RBSC (Royal Belgian Sailing Club) Sailing Team. As part of this team we have trainings and racing regattas each weekend and on holidays.

We are coached by well-known coaches such as Sebastien Godefroid, Paul Maes, Mischa de Munck and Karl Begemman.
Thanks to Patrick Demesmaeker and Laurent Verbeeck who are doing a great job, by managing everything for us! This season, we have been selected to represent Belgium on the Isaf Youth Worlds in Malaysia in December. We are very proud of it. Of course, it includes an even bigger personal investment but it’s such a consecration that we couldn’t be happier by learning that we will be the team going in catamaran to the Isaf.

Paul Maes will come along with us there. Paul Maes was the chief of the Spanish olympic team and responsible of the Spanish Sailing Federation. He was also part of the Isaf « sailing committee ». Under his wings, 13 gold medals were won on the Olympic plays by Spain. We are very lucky to have such good coaches training us all the year long. If you need any further information or anything, please feel free to ask us. Thank you for your collaboration,

Kind Regards Eugénie Simons and Morgan Wirtz ,
For more info check their FB page 

H16 , F18 to Nacra F20FCS: Blair Toland's First F20 flight

I've been lucky to sail all the new flying toys , I'm missing maybe Groupama's C-Class.... After sailing each I tried to give a first hand impression on the joy and pure fun of riding the new generation foiling Cats. Here in BA we all come from the F18, like US based sailor Blair Toland, who had the chance to sail Todd Ricardi's F20 past month.
Below Blair reports on his experience of sailing the F20 beast, he as is big guy so I was interested to know how felt onboard the huge F20 platform.  As the 20 is indicated indeed, as reported many times, for heavy weight or big sailors. Video above edited by Dalton Tebo.
Blair Toland: "My friend and fellow F-18 sailor Todd Riccardi put a post on FB one day asking if anyone had time to go to NJ from the RI area to grab a set of brand new Nacra Carbon 20FCS hulls for him, as he was out of town but wanted to get it local, build it and sail it ASAP. I jumped on the opportunity, bartering my transport services for the first sail out. He agreed and I made the trip down to the Jersey shore.

Once unloaded, we spent a few hours in the morning one sunny August Wednesday finalizing the rigging, getting all the go-fast bits in the right places, we hoped. Going from a Hobie 16 to an F-18 to an F-20FCS, it seems as though each successive boat's rigging expands exponentially. The L foils are the heart of this foiler, and rake, both fore and aft, plus ride height are critical controls, with lots of lines.

Going from an Infusion to the FCS takes a bit of brain processing, as its all the same, for the most part, but there’s just SO much more of it. It even takes longer just to walk around her, relative to an F-18. Needless to say, as a larger (6'9" and 220lb) F-18 skipper, I felt comfortable almost instantly on the 10' beams and lengthy hulls. I was pumped to get out and rip.

The breeze was steady, maybe 10-12 knots out of the southwest, a killer Newport afternoon. We set

Sep 18, 2015

Sep 17, 2015

A-Cat Worlds 2015 @Punta Ala: Nick Bowers take for DNA

Top Film maker Nick Bowers was hired by the effort of Bailey White and others including DNA / Holland Composites who are presenting the Video.

The only little problem they didn't got him a rib, so with Felix Egner we took him for a ride own our chartered one the first day he was at Punta Ala.
The guys behind this clip should thank in a very special way to Andy Scheurer / Scheurer Bootwerft on Andy kindly putting his own rib he brought from Switzerland and driving Nick around the Course to take some of these great shots.
On courtesy to Andy Scheurer services they should have included a G7 shot

It is mainly a DNA driven footage, But good to see the battle between Glenn & Mischa that were just Epic along the fleet racing and the venue, here Nick got a privileged view of those great Match Races. Also great shots to see the fleet numbers. 160 in two fleets. Good to have him recording this Historical Worlds from above.

Sep 14, 2015

A-Cat Worlds Punta Ala 2015: Interview with Chief Measurer Graham Harbour

Rules will stay put. Rule 8 will suffer no modification as the US bid did not achieved the required 2/3 of the NAs votes. Official statement form the Class when available. But here Graham Harbour , IACA Chief Measurer comments on the AGM meeting held at Punta Ala on this regard.

Stuck in Rome

...If like you can call being 'stuck' in a place like Rome. I like reading history quite much, specially ancient Greece & Rome, so being here is having a little live grasp of those great civilizations.
I always wondered what would be our world today with an uninterrupted evolution from their days to our current ones regarding engineering, arts, politics and daily life.

Waiting to my flight to be re scheduled, not good connection here even though I payed for a premium service in a known hotel. Plenty of pics from Punta Ala, interviews with Chief Measurer Graham Harbour & Manolo Calavia, and final report pending.

C-Class Cup 2015 @Société Nautique de Genève, Traninig by Contin