Aug 30, 2015

AC45s @Gothenburg 2015: New Zealand 1st

All images Sander van der Borch / Artemis Racing / Americas Cup Media / Team New Zealand. On Saturday I couldn´t watch a thing, today I managed to view (on a decent broadcast, and not pirate streams thanks to some sailors tips at SA forums) both races in light winds with some lead changes. But is not like past ACWS with a bigger AC45 fleet, where even in 5knots we were hooked on the racing on the constant fight for positions. With 6 boats that scenario is reduced greatly in light winds.

Full results at

In the end very frustrated with the people involved in taking broadcasting and media rights decisions. One of the key aspects of this new format with cats was attracting new generations and a broader audience. In fact they are doing quite the opposite restricting & blocking access. This  looks like an exclusive event from the old days  dedicated to a tiny audience.
Is such an unbelievable failure that there is no need for much words, you simply cannot watch the action, not even paying,

Nothing is lower than that. Shame having such machines that can attract new crowds to the sport being wasted on poor management/commercial agenda.
You don't need to be Larry Ellison to figure this out, you just need common sense: More people more exposure for sponsors, and if you want an exclusive regatta, at least let that niche crowd to actually see what is going on with a viewable paid broadcasting.
Current management is definitely clueless, more after a great media effort & first class coverage from last Cup.

Below serve yourself with a 1:50 mins  ""highlights"" .... Lame....