Jul 23, 2015

Tomko & Atwood completed first FP/F20 full Foiling Gybe?

This happened past weeks but is was going to get lost in the F18 news. John Tomko sent this video showing the first filmed proof of full flowing and complete airborne foiling gybe for a beachcat. Gabart has one almost nailed. This one seems to be full flowing all the way.
Officially this is the first foiling gybe we've seen , and goes to 'Lupe Tortilla' Flying Phantom Team , with crew Jonathan Atwood as the mastermind & hard crew work behind the achievement.
I watched the F20/FP guys attempt it here and is pretty tough maneuver. So you need to appreciate this great effort done only till now on the bigger AC45/72 flying cats.

John's report: "That was are third try ever. The first 2 we capsized coming out the other side.
We did 2 more after the first one we pulled. We touched slightly on the new gybe on the 4th and 5th attempt.
I feel like we will be nailing them all the time in that condition. One more day in that condition and it will standard procedure for us.

It was 12-14 knots and really flat seas. We didn't think it was even possible until we saw Gabart's attempt. After we saw his video we watched it over and over and decided to try on Saturday and we got it 3rd try. The crew is Jonathan Atwood he deserves the credit. He must of watched Gabart's video 100 times to figure it out."