Jul 26, 2015

X40s @Hamburg 2015: Day 4 Images by Renedo & Live Replay

All images by Jesus Renedo / OC Sports. Click images for HQ & Slideshow. Official Report & Results at Extreme Series Web at www.extremesailingseries.com . Just incredible having good broadcasting and images from the EXSS and nothing from the AC...  Next year with the X40s boat upgrade I think we will go back to see the series more often, they still need to get windy locations though for the foilers.
And with the GC32s, if they get some decent stream we might be able to watch two good Cat shows. 

AC45s regattas will be exclusive events for those lucky enough to have some kind of coverage. I don´t mind paying to see, but I cannot even get that 'luxury, ' cause AC live stream is zone restricted and here no TV network airs the show either way.... so we have no way to follow it.

More excellent pics from Jesus below and Live replay from Sunday.

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