Jul 29, 2015

MultiWorlds & Hobie 16 Europeans 2015 @Gargnano: Day 6

F18 Worlds 2015 @Kiel: Official Video

170 Formula 18s racing at Kiel Worlds 2015 , official video above, not much action though. Glad we had tons of great pics by Jasper van Staveren, check them along Results, Trac replays and more at F18 Label

ACWS Portsmouth 2015: BAR wrap-up vid

For those who couldn´t saw a thing, not even paying for AC- app, here you have the longest footage I found so far.. 3:21s thanks to Ben Ainslie Racing from past weekend at Portsmouth.
The funny thing is that restrictions will keep growing for next event as informed by ACEA:
AC+ Portsmouth, 07/28/2015
Dear America’s Cup fan and AC+ subscriber:
We’d like to thank you for subscribing to the AC+ service for the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series in Portsmouth. We hope you enjoyed the first competitive racing of the 35th America’s Cup. As racing was cancelled on Sunday due to extreme weather, we would like to offer you a credit* for our next event - the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series in Gothenburg with racing on August 29-30.

You do not have to do anything to receive this credit. In the week leading up to the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series in Gothenburg, the event will automatically display as having been ‘purchased’ in your app.
We look forward to bringing an enhanced online experience to your mobile device from our next event - the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series in Gothenburg.

- The America’s Cup app team
*Please note that any of the original territorial restrictions to live viewing will continue to apply. There may be some territories where new broadcast restrictions come into effect before the Gothenburg event. In those territories, we will offer a refund for your purchase of the Portsmouth event.
If you have any doubt please contact us at acapp@americascup.com

Raid des Corsaires 2015: September 4-6 @Saint Malo

Image Pierrick Contin / 2009 Edition -- Text sent by Nico - "On September 4-6 2015 we'll organize the 9th « Raid des Corsaires » edition at Saint Malo Bay. During this week end, crews will sail around local islands and castles which are the highlights of the Corsaires Bay.
The Raid will gather 150 crews sailing different types of boats :
- Multihull C0-1 (Viper, Tornado), C2-3 (HC16, Dart 18,…) F18
- Flying (Nacra, Flying Phantom,..)
- Diam 24
– 4th step of the Flying phantom Series.

The online check-in started on Tuedsay 05th May on our website www.lavoile.net.
We wish to see everyone who wants to spend a wonderful time at Saint Malo on this beautiful European Event.
The competition will take place the 5th and 6th of September. Friday 4th Series will be organized in front of the beach as a sort of training for the competitors.
You will find information on our website www.lavoile.net or on our facebook page « raid des corsaires ».

Here you can take a look at the trailer of this new edition:
Or also the film of the last 2013 edition embedded below, link https://vimeo.com/78917654

Jul 28, 2015

Australian Sailing Team: Life of a Sailor, Part I

Just what we was asking for, a good sailing flick a la Surfer docs/vids style, now add some great sailing shots and you are almost there.  Nina, Jason, Lisa , Landy and many others sailors featured in this first excellent clip done by the Aus Sailing Team. We will try something like this at A-Cat Punta Ala Worlds 2015.

MultiWorlds & Hobie 16 Europeans 2015 @Gargnano: Day 5

F16 Europeans 2015: Henri Demesmaeker &Alec Bague Champs

Jul 27, 2015

AC45s @Portsmouth 2015: Images by van der Borch , Foils by Fischer / LR

All Images by Sander van der Borch / Artemis Racing. Full gallery at his Fb page.  Additional shots from Portsmouth at Artemis Fb --Yet another set of special pics from Sander who continues to show us different angles or shots. Much to see in these pics, click for orig size & Slideshow.

Regarding AC45 Foils and as I expected them to be when analyzing Raget detailed pics from Soft Bank Japan , Martin Fischer was indeed involved in designing those foils. After that post I even had a private mail asking how the hell I could identify or say that Fischer's designed them and I just told this guy that they looked familiar eye wise, more after seeing/shooting/sailing  FP ones. As all latest J foils are converging into similar standard shapes/sections  I contacted Martin to confirm or not my initial thoughts.

AC45s Foils racing in the ACWS are all One Design, below Fischer himself tells the story below:
"It's correct that I designed the one-design appendages (Foils, Rudders & Elevators) for the AC45-F. It was part of a development deal between the different AC teams.
Each team agreed to participate at the development of the AC45-F appendages and appendage systems. And it was our (Luna Rossa) part to design the shape of the appendages.

The structure was done by Pure in New Zealand.
When I designed the foils they represented - in our (LR) opinion - a reasonably good design, although obviously not our latest thinking at that time.
The foils show some similarities with other foils I designed, but due to the different size and weight of the boat there are some important differences. The tip angle and also the sections are not the same as for the GC32 or the Flying Phantom.

Now I'm working on other foiling projects and for my pleasure I have been working on a design for "proper" A-Class foils, ignoring Rule 8. I hope very much that this rule will disappear very soon and first steps taken by the Canadian and the US American A-Class association are very encouraging.
I'll test and use those foils on the A-Class and the next stage would be to design a single handed catamaran - smaller and cheaper than the A-Class but with a comparable weight - around those foils".
Martin Fischer for Catsailingnews.com -

More pics by Sander below, click for Slideshow , Full gallery his FB:

GB66 Phaedo wins class in Transpac 2015

MultiWorlds & Hobie 16 Europeans 2015 @ Gargnano: Day 3

Jul 26, 2015

X40s @Hamburg 2015: Day 4 Images by Renedo & Live Replay

All images by Jesus Renedo / OC Sports. Click images for HQ & Slideshow. Official Report & Results at Extreme Series Web at www.extremesailingseries.com . Just incredible having good broadcasting and images from the EXSS and nothing from the AC...  Next year with the X40s boat upgrade I think we will go back to see the series more often, they still need to get windy locations though for the foilers.
And with the GC32s, if they get some decent stream we might be able to watch two good Cat shows. 

AC45s regattas will be exclusive events for those lucky enough to have some kind of coverage. I don´t mind paying to see, but I cannot even get that 'luxury, ' cause AC live stream is zone restricted and here no TV network airs the show either way.... so we have no way to follow it.

More excellent pics from Jesus below and Live replay from Sunday.

AC45 'F' Series @Portsmouth 2015: Day 2 , Racing cancelled

Nice to pay 8us to watch only onboard cams yesterday, and no racing today, simply a scam charging to view nothing , not even the replay. -  Statement at Americascup.com:
"After discussions with the America's Cup organising committee due to extreme weather we have had to take the difficult decision to cancel today's racing and Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series event programme, and the site has been closed for the day.
We had hoped to go ahead with early racing, but with winds gusting in excess of 30mph we could not risk the safety of the crews and public, and their welfare is paramount.
Due to high winds the Waterfront Festival Arena and Fanzone Arena is now closed, and we ask public to leave the event site.
For everyone who booked tickets in the Fanzone Arena and Grandstand today, refunds will be issued through Ticketmaster."

Jul 25, 2015

AC45 'F' Series @Portsmouth 2015: Day 1

All Images Gilles Martin Raget / ACEA - In the AC- app I only could watch after paying 8usd onboard cams, no local TV is broadcasting so I really don´t get why they don´t deliver web streaming here or everywhere for that matter, I watched the races not precisely on Americas Cup stream paid web or non existent TV.

Races were rather interesting to follow with BAR & TNZ looking a step above the fleet in mild conditions today

X40s @Hamburg 2015: Day 3 Live replay & images by Renedo

Great images as always from any event by Jesús Renedo / www.jesusrenedo.com - More images by Jesús at EXSS Fb. Live Replay & More images below, click for HQ & Slideshow. Extreme Series web at www.extremesailingseries.com

ACWS Portsmouth 2015: AC- Live Stream (NONE)

There is not much to see this time around in many countries. Check your limited options at http://www.americascup.com/en/ac-plus.html#country-restriction
With last Cup Live stream on the ACWS and Finals being best broadcasting of a sporting event , for this edition we are getting nothing. Great move by those running the No Show on the 'AC-'  - Not even France or Australia have web Live Stream...

I paid 8usd to see what I got on my zone restriction, it was onboard cams only, and there was no other choice as no one is TV broadcasting down here. 
Some others have reported issues on the app even without zone limitations.

Jul 24, 2015

AC45 'F' Series @Portsmouth 2015: Practice Racing

Video & Report sent by Team New Zealand - Burling & Ashby can easily be labeled as one the most talented Helm & Trimmer pair ever seen racing in the AC or any other regatta for that matter. // ACWS PORTSMOUTH: PRACTICE RACE DAY
"Emirates Team New Zealand shows promise on practice race day in Portsmouth.
After nearly two years since the last official racing of an America’s Cup cycle, today the six teams competing for the 35th America’s Cup finally got to line up for two official races, albeit as practice racing as a lead in to the first Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series in Portsmouth.

On a wet, dreary and cold summers day in conditions that were lighter than anticipated, with a 5- 11 knot shifty breeze, it was a strong initial showing for the team with Peter Burling on the helm taking a 3rd and a 1st in the two races.

The first race of the day was about big gains and loses for the fleet spread across the Solent racecourse. For Emirates Team New Zealand, after a solid start rounding the first reach mark in third place, it was about holding onto position around the course and finished in the same position as they started.

“The breeze was quite a bit shiftier than what we thought it was going to be. A lot of mode changing and gear changing today so the teams that picked their way around the track and changed gears the best did the best of the day.” said skipper Glenn Ashby.

The second race was a rags to riches story for the new look sailing team after a troubled start resulted in the Emirates Team New Zealand boat trailing well behind the fleet off the start line.
“After the bad start we knuckled down into our work and ground our way through the fleet with big gains sailing up the beat to windward,” said tactician Ray Davies. “Our crew work felt slick throughout which was really encouraging for us considering the little time we have had sailing together in this boat.”

Despite the promising results the team continue to manage expectations for this regatta as Skipper Glenn Ashby explains.
“We have only sailed the AC45 F for nine days now and we are still learning our crew maneuvers but getting the boat around the track better and better each day. So really our goal of this regatta is to continue to build and strengthen as a team, with an eye on the long term goal in 2017.”

“But today was great, It gave us a good feel for what the race course is going to be like and how the race committee are going to set up the race course tomorrow, so we are looking forward to getting into it then.”

Racing starts tomorrow with two races, followed by two double points races on Sunday, which make up the regatta."

AC45 'F' Series @Portsmouth: Official Racing begins Saturday 25

'Live' images from today by Gilles Martin Raget / ACEA, click for HQ -  On Friday only practice races will held at at Portsmouth. For Saturday offical racing web Live stream is restricted due to tv broadcasting contracts, so many will be left wondering on the past expanding the horizons for a new Americas Cup motto from last edition, which had an impressive Live stream through the AC45 Series to the AC72 Finals.

On the presentation yesterday Glen Ashby handed Spithill a legal & standard lightweight piece of an AC45 bowsprit , the lower spreader or 'king post'.
Last year Oracle was assigned a -2 races penalty at AC Finals , after Oracle Team was founded guilty of modifying their OD AC45 structure adding lead/weight to specific parts, including the mentioned spreader bar. Check Jury docs at pressure-drop.us/forums/showthread.php?3370-Rule-69-and-The-Dolphin-Striker

Jul 23, 2015

Tomko & Atwood completed first FP/F20 full Foiling Gybe?

This happened past weeks but is was going to get lost in the F18 news. John Tomko sent this video showing the first filmed proof of full flowing and complete airborne foiling gybe for a beachcat. Gabart has one almost nailed. This one seems to be full flowing all the way.
Officially this is the first foiling gybe we've seen , and goes to 'Lupe Tortilla' Flying Phantom Team , with crew Jonathan Atwood as the mastermind & hard crew work behind the achievement.
I watched the F20/FP guys attempt it here and is pretty tough maneuver. So you need to appreciate this great effort done only till now on the bigger AC45/72 flying cats.

John's report: "That was are third try ever. The first 2 we capsized coming out the other side.
We did 2 more after the first one we pulled. We touched slightly on the new gybe on the 4th and 5th attempt.
I feel like we will be nailing them all the time in that condition. One more day in that condition and it will standard procedure for us.

It was 12-14 knots and really flat seas. We didn't think it was even possible until we saw Gabart's attempt. After we saw his video we watched it over and over and decided to try on Saturday and we got it 3rd try. The crew is Jonathan Atwood he deserves the credit. He must of watched Gabart's video 100 times to figure it out."

Jul 22, 2015

AC45 'F' Series 2015 @Portsmouth: Barker & Draper will seek 'Revenge'

All Images Americas Cup / ACEA / Gilles Martin Raget / Matt Knighton & Japan Soft Bank , click pics for HQ  & Slideshow-
ACWS will start in two days, but Live Racing will be limited this time. I can ´t believe instead of getting more audience they go few steps backwards in terms Live streaming...
Check your local broadcast restricted options at americascup.com/en/news/
ACWS Portsmouth will be held July 23-26 , Check complete schedule at acws-portsmouth.americascup.com

Dean Barker was dropped out of TNZ helm position and replaced by current Nr 1 sailing hotshot  and Moth / 49er World Champ Peter Burling, that team decision has no discussion whatsoever in my view and New Zealand offered Dean to stay on the team but not as helm.
This right management move of course is no reason for Barker to put down his sailing spirit and seek some 'revenge' from the Cup New Zealand lost at SF.

Chris Draper on his side was a confirmed helm at Luna Rossa new AC62 project,  but the team hard work was cancelled when the other AC teams voted to go smaller size cats, from 62' to 48'. 

Bertelli didn´t liked that lobby and  retired Prada from current Cup, leaving many talented sailors and designers without a team to compete for 2017.

With Barker now head of the new Soft Bank Japan team he went for Draper to join him in this second chance for Bermuda. Both  have AC72 foiling racing experience plus plenty floating AC45 sailing hours.  

At this year ACWS to be sailied at Portsmouth with  the AC45 'F' versions without much customization as those saling in Bermuda from oracle & Artemis,  these two can turn out some heads around.
They will crearly be the underdogs.

Check also Team Japan foils shots by Raget, those  Js assy section look exactly the same as Martin Fischer's FP foils , of course there is a foil standard now after last Cup developments, and eye wise is tough to get the actual section used, but they seem extremely similar.

For more info on Barker and Draper check Team Soft Bank Japan web at http://softbank-team-japan.americascup.com/

F16 Europeans 2015 @Cesenatico , updates by Gill de Bruyne

All Images sent by Gill de Bruyne / F16 Fb - Great to see the Bimares doing well again. The F16 are gathering momentum with new builders and with the Falcon , Viper, Nacra, Catparts Aquaraptot and now Bimare the class is providing lots of alternatives to sailors, which the Nr 1 asset of a Formula Class. Maybe I can scale the Scorpion F18  for an F16 too, as the F16 has been a home builder Class since the beginning.

Report by Gill de Bruyne (Falcon dealer at Theboatshop.be): "Update on the F16 Europeans in Cesenatico, Italy.
We are on day 3, waiting for the wind to fill in. AP flag has been hosted so no start at 2PM today. We are having a very efficient Racing team here, they run the show very smoothly and fast. There is also a lot of help for the sailors getting back to the beach (getting trolleys and "washing" the boats while walking back to the boat park).

5 races sailed, 1 discard, and tight racing. Very light conditions and the right tacticks gain you alot of places. Top 3 consists of:
1/ Emmanuel Le Chappelier/Eric Le Bouedec - Bimare F16 - 11 points
2/ Henri Demesmaeker/Alec Bague - Viper F16 - 12 points
3/ Kim-Anne Le Formal/Chiara Cei - Falcon F16 - 14 points

Let's hope we can still get 3 races in today. Tonight decision will be made if Thursday or Friday (spare day) will be the last day of racing.

We have a nice mix of nationalities and configurations

Jul 21, 2015

A-Class: Q&A with Glenn Ashby by Bailey White

Image: Explder.info / Paula Koplowicz . --- The US  A-Class Association has presented a bid to remove Rule 8 along CAN and seconded by UK. This proposal is going to be voted at Punta Ala. Bailey White, US Class President contacted Nr 1 A-Cat and ACup sailor Glenn Ashby to know about his thoughts on the future of the Class development.
Once the A-Cats are airborne is common sense to facilitate a better flight,  and you have two ways to achieve this, do it progressively as done historically or remove some limitations that were put in place aiming to ban foiling in the past.

I personally prefer the first option and stay insert over top to keep launching and

'Lending Club' Trans Pac Record, vid by Nick Bowers / Kettle Cinema

Nick Bowers form Kettle Cinema is the filmmaker behind the US A-Class Nats Jewel ,  he sent this clip from Lending Club 2 which shows an aereal view of the Tri: "The 105-foot maxi trimaran has broken the trans pacific record from Los Angeles to Hawaii in just 3 days 8 hours and 9 seconds"

Diam 24, Tour de France a la Voile 2015

All Photos Jean Marie Liot & ASO -  July 3rd marked the first stage for the 2015 Tour de France a la Voile being raced in VPLP Diams 24. I once asked the Motive 25 Trimaran builder the Pros & Cons of a small Tri vs a cat of the same lenght, stability and range were some of the factors favoring the Tri, and surely are, but if breeze is on you will get some capsizes it seems.
Nevertheless they look so much fun and fast that I wouldn´t mind capsize while racing such a large fleet. What a change for the Tour which was being race in monos till last year, I think the Diam 24s are a great choice.

Also talking with another catsailor and project launch Master we talked about the need of a 'Melges' type of cat to be raced by 3/4 crews and smaller than a GC32, like the more spartan NZ 8.50 rule designs, foiling or not , racing cats with your friends onboard without being a GC32 owner can be a blast that sooner or later it might be a real alternative.

Ofifcial Tour Web www.tourvoile.fr/us
Official Tour FB www.facebook.com/TourVoile?fref=ts
Tour will end this week at Nice on July 24-26.

Remaining 2015 Tour
- Gruissan July 19th and 20th
- Marseille July, 22nd and 23rd
- Nice July, 24th, 25th and 26th

F16 Europeans 2015 @Cesenatico: Le Chapelier-Le Bouedec lead

Image Thomas Koning / F16 FB  -
Emmanuel Le Chapelier & Eric le Bouedec are leading the 2015 F16 Europeans after 5 races, the event is being held by Circolo Vela Cesenatico.

Youth talents like F16 World Champ Henri Demesmaeker &  2014 Euro Champ Anne le Formal are currently 2nd  & 3rd respectively. talking about inventing a Class for youths... I really can´t believe the guys taking decisions at ISAF sometimes.

No more pics available , results at F16 FB

Jul 20, 2015

AC45 Worlds Series 2015 @Portsmouth

Photo: BAR FB - After a great week of F18 Racing at Kiel this next weekend we will have the AC45s to race for the first time in foiling mode. Floating were already one of the best regattas I've seen.
Also the F16 Europeans are being held this week, waiting for some pics or reports from the Org, the F16 need to get a images of their events to start getting more exposure.
Regarding the exposure of the F18 Worlds in the major sailing webs... pfff , the most exiting sail racing in the World with 170 cats speeding at 20knots seems not that interesting for the conservative status quo that didn not even supported Cats in the AC.

Anyhow the AC45s are coming and looking this shot from BAR, better Land Rover to get a pic from a future Turbo version a la Artemis, cause the AC45s at Portsmouth looks more like a 90s Defender than the latest Range Rover!
Report Sent by Americas Cup  Media-
Racing starts at the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup in Portsmouth with practice racing on Friday, July 24.
The competition consists of four fleet races - two each on Saturday and

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