Jun 5, 2015

Texel Dutch Open 2015, Final Day: Images by Laurens Morel

All Images Laurens Morel / www.saltycolours.com - Full Gallery at Texel FB - Texel Dutch Open won by Northrop-Barker  (2nd pic above) as reported in previous post. Tomorrow Saturday  the Round Texel 2015 will take place. 
For the Blue Ribbon the Nacras F20s will go against the UK Double T foilers. Interesting design concept matchup. With winds & waves I'll go with Peter Vink, Xander Pols or Grant Pigott on the F20FCS.

On Texel Rating Flying Aurbies on the Nacra 17, winners of past edition and  Zeekant & Begemann on an Infusion, (winners of 2013 Texel on a C2).

Texel official web (only in dutch this year) at www.roundtexel.com