Jun 30, 2015

MV605 Surfski design: Model Wood Work

You can´t ask for more having Pros like Jakub building the new F18 with latest router tech and plenty of building experience, but also viewing the model building process of the Surfski design done the old good way is as rewarding and a joy to see. Wood is the noblest material around and a pleasure to work with. The first F18 model we made here back in 2005 was done the same way as the RC16. Lots of shaping & sanding involved, and mostly final lines are finished by naked eye. My brother builds kayaks here in BA and currently is working again to finish it, my grandfather should be approving with a smile up there...

On this design I had some inquiries from Australia, and one guy in the US is working on it.
The first Wave Piercer SurfsSki / Kayak I saw was Magnus de Brito Point 65 Bourbon Orca.
Nelo has now released an Olympic K1 with a wp profile , but I need to check cross section to see if its pure cosmetics.
In flat water racing I can see a wp bow cross section resutling in less pitch motion on the paddlers movements and cadence, if you look closely to K1s they are constantly submerging and floating up on paddlers rythm , specially at the start. Thus a flatter bottom section might reduce that providing a better support on the paddling down force and re direct that inertia into a more forward motion.

In any case this wp Surfski is an open water design, I'm an amateur ''designer'' and all my written thoughts have to be taken with that in mind, So in my view this Surski wp shape (cross section mainly as tried to explain in this wp/volume distribution article) might deliver a good paddling drive specially in short chop upwind as well as downwind and surfing chop/waves in open waters, which is basically the mode Surfski races are held.

This is a proto to prove the concept, thus a shorter lenght and little wider for better stability, we made some CFD tests with Ralph Moolenaar against a the reference Epic and results were quite even: catsailingnews.com/2013/03/design-surfski-mv605wp.html. Next project to be built is a Racing 12'6 SUP.

Team New Zealand's foiling AC45 by Mark Lloyd

UK: 2015 East Coast Piers Race Sponsored by Zhik

Photos & report sent by Andrew Dowley - 2015 East Coast Piers Race Sponsored by Zhik --
"76 boats made their way to Marconi Sailing Club for this years East Coast Piers
Race weekend.
The East Coast Piers race is a long distance sailing event for fast dinghies and catamarans. The race weekend raises money for The Cirdan Trust and Essex Air Ambulance.
With a fantastic forecast and free camping available all weekend many competitors arrived on Friday evening to set their boats up.

On Saturday two races were held inside the River Blackwater starting from 1pm, these were both medium distance to allow for a warm up ahead of Sunday. In the first race Olly Harris and his son Ben took the race win sailing their Spitfire catamaran.
It was Simon Northrop and Sam Van Barker who won the second race. It was a day for the F18’s with the overall races showing an F18 1, 2 and 3.

After the official race briefing on Saturday evening the competitors all enjoyed a BBQ

Jun 28, 2015

F18s @Kiel Week 2015: Helge & Christian Sach 1st

Image: Kiel Week press. The organization provided the best racing stream so far for any beachcat event, they even reached AC level. You wonder how X40s or GC32s cannot provide such coverage. Only little critic is the lack of photos, just a detail for the investment made.
The Sach brothers (Nacra Infusion) are on a mission for the coming F18 2015  Worlds at Kiel beginning July 11th. The best German team and former 2005 World Champs (Held at Germanny sailing a Capricorn) won over Danny Paschalidis- Gustav Dyrssen, also targeting to perform at the next major event, 3rd place for the other German crew with chances to defend the local colors next weeks; Joerg Gosche & Hanns Pegel (Phantom).

With 200 boats the 2015 Worlds are already a success, having Ashby onboard is pure bonus, Glenn wants his own F18 title as helm (he already have a pair crewing for Bundock). Last year along Brett Goodall they had bad luck with hardware failure giving freeway to Larsen & van West to grab the 2014 title at Ireland.

Report by Joerg Gosche: "We were using the SI sails and a Ullman/Pablo kite. Our speed in general was mostly better than the result shows but we are still learning about the Phantom as we were sailing three different F 18 designs (Wildcat, C 2 and now the Phantom) within the last year.
Downwind we had great speed under all conditions. Sach/Sach did the best overall performance and their knowledge about the area paid. Dany and Gustav had some great moments.
All in all it was a good fleet and great racing but of course the Worlds will be much tougher.
We are looking forward to meet the big F18 community here in two weeks. Everything is well prepared."

Check 2015 Worlds Entry List here
Official Website http://f18worlds.kyc.de/
Below top ten for Kiel Week, Full reuslts here

NrSail NumberSkipperClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10TN
1GER 310Helge SACHLYC122-3133-6212415
2GRE 77Dany PASCHALIDIS(dns)16721113-87322
3GER 11Jörg GOSCHECKA74-131(dsq)429439034
4DEN 18Magnus DAHL NICOLAISENKBL4314(ocs)-211987411450
5GER 17Eckart KAPHENGSTSLRV61542(ocs)-176.0DPI76611252
6GER 278René SCHWALLKYC-1178-16487105108659
7GER 276Robert SCHÜTZKEV13520-23(ocs)211211113165
8GER 309Sven LINDSTÄDTYCSO51712(dnf)61084-18512867
9NOR 55Harald BLOM-BAKKEKNS1285611-136119(bfd)12468
10FIN 5Mikko RÄISÄNENHSK2103-2519-2441710912374

Red Bull Foiling Generation UK: Bowerman & Peak Champs

Images from Phantom International -  Little restricted this time around, but those kids look pretty happy. I hope next year RB can expand this event into a major show as with the past RB Youth Americas Cup.
Report Red Bull:
After a hugely successful launch of the Red Bull Foiling Generation sailing series in Wakayama, Japan, Weymouth on England's Dorset coast welcomed the second stop of double Olympic champions Roman Hagara and Hans-Peter Steinacher's quest to find the sailing stars of the future.

For three days at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Acadmey, the UK's best young sailing talents battled against each other for the Red Bull Foiling Generation UK crown, with the pairing of Owen Bowerman and Morgan Peach taking the win in Sunday's final and the coveted title.
A quest to find the next great sailing talents around the globe,

Jun 27, 2015

Raid Emeraud 2015: Day 1 Images by Pierrick Contin

All Images Pierrick Contin, full album at his PF Page -  Last pic Gabart going for the foiling gybe in not much wind.
On Raid Emeraud no leg results available yet, Official website raidemeraude.com

GC32s @Cowes Week 2015: Round the Island Race

Image by Sander van der Borch - Full gallery at gc32racing.com - Concise 10, a MOD70 won the Round the Island Race within Cowes Week 2015, the GC32s also participated and Sultanate of Oman finished 20mins behind the 70' Trimaran, gap enough to win by corrected time.
Round The Island media at RoundtheIsland.org.uk

- Elapsed Times , GC32 Racing Tour Report & Video below.
- Full Results at Roundtheisland.org.uk
- GC32 OD Racing at Cowes Week: catsailingnews.com/2015/06/gc32s-real-extreme-racing-cowes-2015.html

1FRA70CONCISE 10MOD7010:40:2403:30:2403:30:24
2OMN1SULTANATE OF OMANGC3211:00:3103:50:3103:50:31
6GBR1RLEOPARDFarr 100 One off11:40:3404:40:3404:40:34
8GBR100ARTEMIS OCEAN RACINGTP5212:30:3005:30:3005:30:30
9GBR5200NSORCHABotin TP5212:30:3105:30:3105:30:31
10NED51TONNERRE 4Ker 5112:30:5305:30:5305:30:53

Press Release sent by www.gc32racing.com
"After the slowest race last year, the GC32s performed admirably in this morning’s spectacular JP Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race.

Four of the high speed one design foiling catamarans took part in today’s 50 mile anti-clockwise lap of the Isle of

Jun 25, 2015

F18 @Kiel Week 2015: Day 1, Helge & Christian Sach Lead

Image: Kiewl Week Media, Sach-Sach overall leaders after 2 races. - Yesterday I was consulted on the favorites for Kiel Week and next 2015 F18 Worlds to be held at the same venue in a few days. The contenders for Kiel I sent were those who performed today: Sach-Sach (1,2 - Infusion) and Gosche-Pegel (7,4 - Phantom) and Paschalidids-Dyrssen (dnc-1 - C2).
These crews above along Zeekant-Begemann, Larsen-van West , Easton-Burd,  Mitch Booth , Mischa Heemskerk  and the Youths teams from USA & France : Reiss-Whitehead & Robert-Riwan complete the contenders list for incoming Worlds on July 11st. Entry List for the Worlds available at 18worlds.kyc.de/index.php/entry/entry-list/
Update: Glenn Ashby will be back to set things straight! as last year racing with Brett Goodall they had a hull issue that left them out of the title race, Goodall Design news : at goodalldesign.com.au/Catamaran/index.php/about-us/news/95-c2-teams-set-to-make-a-spalsh

Today at Kiel Week Danes Dahl Nicolaisen-Vogelius scoring 4,3 for a third overall.
Light winds for the two races, but the stream was interesting to follows as we have lots of 5-6knots races in the Class, Pity not having the new F18 sailing in these conditions, Still waiting  for pics to post info on the project.

F18 stream replay :
Forward 24mins to watch the replay of race 1 https://youtu.be/g7BeDL7Lfkc?t=24m38s
Second race at 2:27 , direct link at https://youtu.be/g7BeDL7Lfkc?t=2h27m31s
Top ten below, Overall Results Here

Q&A with Bob Fischer: Retrofitting a 1998 A-Class into a Foiler

Original Video published at Dutch A-Class Assoc  here - I tried to stabilize it above, not that good results but the flight can be better appreciated. -- 
The theory and main goal behind the US A-Class Fleet bid to remove Rule 8 is to retrofit older boats without much investment. French sailor Bob Fischer has trasnformed the concept into a reality  adapting a Bimare 1998 with L/J foils. He achieved excellent results as seen in video below. Launching issues remain (new solutions will arise) and we're still to see how efficient this setup can become on the racing course.

Nevertheless one thing has been proven with his project: Giving new life to A-Cats that wouldn´t have much chances of sailing or racing again is now possible.

+10yrs old boats can be put back on the water for not much, and if you have / find an older solid platform, a good refined set of foils might convert that older & discarded A-Cat in a fully updated racing weapon.
Beyond racing, Bob is having lots of fun with his 98 Bimare wi
thout investing 26k Euros on the latest A-Class version... 
Congrats to Bob Fischer on this project. Below video plus a Q&A on the modifications.
- CSN: Who designed &  built the foils you fitted on the Bimare 1998?
Bob Fischer: Dario Valenza from Carbonicboats in Australia

- Which rudders did you fit to the Bimare?
Dario Valenza, the same as on Paradox

- How much money did you invested for the conversion?
Last year 2800 euros. All prices plus postage. No taxes out of AUS, but the air postage was 200 euros for the rudder kit and 1000 euros 6 month later for the foils

- How much time did you spent in the modifications?

Jun 23, 2015

Nacra 17s@ Kiel Week 2015: Day 4

Awesome streaming once more by Kiel Week Org. Stadium Racing??? What is that?  The only thing you need is an average windy venue and this type of Live Streaming, put people in the shore if you want, and add a huge screen for that onsite audience to follow the action as well as remote viewers.

The rookie N17 Argentines had an excellent performance today winning over the  almost untouchable Kohlhoff-Werner, second bullet for the Martinez-Bosco, this will boost their confidence  plus they'll get even more hooked with Multis as both comes from the 29er fleet.
Euge is on her second N17 season though and doing too well for a teenager with not many hours in Multis.

I got really pissed off with local sailing federation when they left her and others without support last year, but she is back and stronger than ever. Great future for her and I hope lesson learned for those managing resources, If you want a future, you better start supporting those putting the hours in current times.

The Germans lead with 8 bullets, Full Results here
Check Nacra race replay at 5:02 video embedded below or at  https://youtu.be/2CjS7qxniVM?t=5h2m6s
Medal Race Link for Wednesday  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOSV6Kzrz7g
Stream Links sent by Andy Rice, waiting this week to see the F18s , and hoping we can have this stream for next

Eri Fukasawa: From RB Foiling Generation, to sail along Francois Gabart

New F18 Sails by Simon Northrop

Ashby foiling the SL33 at NZ

Let me say this doesn´t look smooth at all, will try to get info on the exact foil version/setup they are using ... Video & details by Richard Gladwell http://www.sail-world.com/America-s-Cup---Glenn-Ashby-takes-control-of-the-Stratis-SL33/135700

Jun 22, 2015

Nacra 17s @Kiel Week 2015: Kohlhoff-Werner lead

Germans Paul Kohlhof & Caroline Werner are leading the Nacra 17 fleet at Kiel Week 2015 after 9 races.  Followed by two Italian crews, in fourth place, the new N17 Arg team of Martinez-Bosco. 
Good championships for them, as a Nacra 17 rookie team, they seem to be grasping the rhythm pretty well, although the top notch Olympic riders are not present at Kiel,  there are some experienced cat crews, giving them the boost needed to continue the long Olympic Journey towards Tokio 2020.

Andy Rice tells me tomorrow we will have  another stream round for the Nacras , follow this link to watch it on Tuesday www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CjS7qxniVM.

Not much pics available though, photo above Martinez-Bosco team at Kiel. Full Results here.
This week the F18s will start racing  for a warmup event towards Kiel 2015 Worlds in July.

Live Stream schedule sent by Rice / Sailingintelligence.com for Kiel Week runs as follows these classes (subject to change) on the following days:
'Olympic Week'
Tuesday 23 June: 49er FX Women & Nacra 17 catamaran
Wednesday 24 June: Medal Race finals for 49er, 49er FX, Laser Men, Laser Radial Women, 470 Men & Women
'Corinthian Week':
Thursday 25 June: F18, Hobie 16 & A-Class catamarans
Friday 26 June: Europe, Laser Radial & Laser 4.7 singlehanders
Saturday 27 June: 29er and 420 doublehanders
Sunday 28 June: RS800 and Musto Performance Skiffs

To watch today’s short highlights show of the 49ers and 2.4mR keelboats: https://youtu.be/T79KV8bIb9A

Vid: Best of Bol d'Or Mirabaud 2015

Light Wind machines at Lake Geneva, D35s, Ventilos and many others. I wonder if next editions we can see an allround efficient foiler challenging the Decision 35 fleet. Team Tilt D35 won this year edition, 2014 was for Donna Bertarelli's LadyCat. Watch the video, great wrap-up.

Jun 21, 2015

Extreme Series @Cardiff 2015: Welcome Back

Nacra 17s @Kiel Week 2015

What a nice stream Kiel Week organization provided  this weekend, it was AC level on the coverage of the regatta, really good for a local event. F18 & A-Class , and not even mentioning Nacra 17, Worlds should start offering this kind of Live strem.
Go to previous Kiel post to see Saturday's races, catsailingnews.com/2015/06/kiel-week-2015-live.html  , Nacra 17s at 03:59:21

Happy to see Arg talented Youth Euge Bosco sailing again in the Class, great future for her, now aiming for 2020 with Nahuel Martinez, both coming form the local 29er local fleet.  GER crew Kohlhoff-Werner lead , Full results here

Extreme Series @Cardiff 2015: Day 4 Live

Day 3 replay Below

Jun 20, 2015

Extreme Series @Cardiff 2015: Day 3, The Wave Muscat Leads

Kiel Week 2015 Live

Sent by Andy Rice, Schedule published here : "There will be some Nacra 17 racing in a couple of hours from now. First is three 49er FX races, then the Nacras afterwards".

Live Stream: youtube.com/watch?v=dJltdq5bELU
SAP Analytics: sapsailing.com/gwt/Home.html
Live Track  Here

Jun 19, 2015

Design, Build & Ride II: The New F18

So happy to see this project being built finally. All rather quite on F18 news awaiting for this. First boat was delivered to a German team, but I'm still checking inbox for 'official' images to publish.
Hull Design is the the render you can see above in CSN top Header.
More news & details next week.

This project will bring new life to the F18 , beyond the great success of Kiel 2015 Worlds with 200 entries, that wrapped 'package'  you can see on the left will help to get more boats into the starting line.

It will perform?
Well, we worked towards that goal, and the great asset of the Class is that many different hull lines, foils , sail & mast design combos have all a quite even performance in the end, in any case I will sail it at BA 2016 Worlds without a doubt!

Jun 18, 2015

Design, Build & Ride: Short by Jason Baffa

Surfer Mag, RED Direct Series - Filmmaker: Jason Baffa. What a nice Shortfilm, I can´t embed so watch it at Surfermag. We need more lifestyle clips in the sailing scene, plenty of good stories to tell. I will try to invest in an another cam to shoot 4k this year at Punta Ala and start playing around with clips (Not a RED cam though!). We can launch also a Catsailing Short contest to help promoting the Sport, focused on local stories + good riding shots as can be seen in this film by Jason Baffa showing shaper/surfer Tyle Hatzikian. 

Some of the best Catsailing Shorts to date: 
- A-Class German Nats 2011
- F18  French F18 Assoc
- A-Class North Americans 2015
-  Billy Besson Flying Phantom

Speaking of design & building, today I saw the first image of the new F18, exactly the same as the one featured in the top header render here in CSN, can´t wait to sail it. Waiting now for some 'official' pics to publish and share this great project, more info next week.
Below info on the RED (4k Cameras) Direct Surf Series

From Surfermag :
"Featuring El Segundo surfer and shaper Tyler Hatzikian
REDirect Surf: Eleven short surf films shot on state-of-the-art RED cameras, REDirect Surf is a filmmaking competition to see who can create the most unique and original surf short of the year. It's a celebration of surf filmmaking and a nod to the technology being used these days to document surfing like never before. Eleven filmmakers were given RED EPIC DRAGON camera packages worth $50K to use for the contest, and the winner gets to keep his. These films promise to be the cinematic highlight reels of the year.

Read more at http://www.surfermag.com/redirect-surf/jason-baffa/#QMKUOccCIthHSWo2.99"

Kiel Week 2015: SAP Sailing Analytics & Live Stream

Info sent by Andy Rice. Great to have him behind this stream project for Kiel. I remember well how he supported from his web Sailjuice.com, the Tornados when the Dino gang left Multis out of the Games. Andy through Sailing Intelligence is involved in the media fr for this year Kiell Week edition.
SAP Sailing Analytics & Live TV at Kiel Week
Some of the biggest names in Olympic competition will feature on the Live TV coverage at Kiel Week, which starts in Germany this weekend.

In addition to the full-time Olympic stars, the live TV and expert commentary and analysis provided by SAP Sailing will also offer a rare opportunity for some of sailing’s Corinthian classes to reach a global audience.
A combination of aerial overhead shots, side-line course cameras and onboard images from competitors’ boats will bring the 9-day competition alive. Expert commentators will bring blow-by-blow analysis of the racing, with the help of SAP Sailing Analytics, a vast array of telemetry and GPS tracking that helps reveal who’s fast, who’s tactically smart, and why.

It’s a hectic schedule, with live TV showing these classes (subject to change) on the following days:

Saturday 20 June: 49er FX Women & Nacra 17 catamaran
Sunday 21 June: 49er Men
Monday 22 June: 2.4mR Paralympic keelboats
Tuesday 23 June: Finn, 470, J/70
Wednesday 24 June: Medal Race finals for 49er, 49er FX, Laser Men, Laser Radial Women, 470 Men & Women

Thursday 25 June: F18, Hobie 16 & A-Class catamarans
Friday 26 June: Europe, Laser Radial & Laser 4.7 singlehanders
Saturday 27 June: 29er and 420 doublehanders
Sunday 28 June: RS800 and Musto Performance Skiffs

All these classes will be live GPS tracked, along with a number of other fleets not on the TV course. These are:
J/80, Melges 24, Platu 25, Albin Express, SB20, 505, Flying Dutchman, J/24, Folkeboot, H-Boat, Contender, OK and Silbernes Band.

Kicking off the live TV coverage on day one of Kiel Week will be the women in the 49er FX skiffs, and another crash-and-burn class, the new Olympic catamaran sailed by mixed male/female crews, the semi-foiling Nacra 17. It should be a spectacular start to the racing.
There’s more skiff excitement on day 2 with the 49er skiffs. Reigning European Champions Erik Heil and Thomas Ploessel out to defend last year’s Kiel title against the likes of the 2008 Olympic Champion, Jonas Warrer and Anders Thomsen from Denmark.

To follow the racing live from 20 June, go here:

To get a flavour of the kind of expert analysis you can expect, check out the highlight video of the 49er, 49erFX and 470s from a windy day at last year’s Kiel Week:

And if you really want to drill down into the data of the racing and do some indepth reviews of the racing, the SAP Sailing Analytics website is the place:

For media enquiries and more info on the Live TV and SAP Sailing Analytics, contact Andy Rice:
email: andy(at)sailingintelligence(dot)com
phone: +44 7980 801006

Jun 17, 2015

New Zealand Youth: From RBYAC to the Major Leagues

Image Gilles Martin-Raget -  The Red Bull Youth Americas Cup was a great event, it allowed many young talents to show their skills, and I hope the format can be repeated this edition.  Team New Zealand is preparing their the AC45 to go foiling mode, and Peter Burling, who was RBYAC winning  helm at SF is looking forward to sail the boat again : ...“It will be awesome to get out on the water with the guys on the foiling 45. Last time we sailed this boat we had a great time winning the Red Bull youth AC, it was an amazing experience but back then it wasn’t a foiler,”...
“Foiling will certainly add a new dimension to the crew dynamics and the racing, and that’s definitely one of the things we will be working on at our training camp.”...

Full report by Team New Zealand at emirates-team-new-zealand.americascup.com/

Jun 16, 2015

Diam 24, Normandy Sailing Week 2015 for Groupama

Image by Jean- Marie Liot . The Diam 24 fleet continues to put plenty of boats in each event. The VPLP desgined Tri is a great success in France in their debut year at the Tour de France a la Voile http://www.tourvoile.fr
Normamdy sailing Week final positions below, Report in french at diam24onedesign.com/general/4013

Classement général :
1 – Groupama (Pierre Pennec) : 71 pts
2 – Vannes Agglo – Golfe du Morbihan (Matthieu Salomon) : 79 pts
3 – CombiWest (Frédéric Guilmin) : 99 pts
4 – Beijaflore Sailing (Nicolas Bérenger) : 100 pts
5 – Normandy Elite Team (Charles Hainneville) : 112 pts
6 – Armor Lux – Comptoir de la Mer (Erwan Tabarly) : 114 pts
7 – Maitre Coq (Christopher Pratt) : 126 pts
8 – Sodebo (Daniel Souben) : 131 pts
9 – Le Souffle du Nord (Antoine Carpentier) : 139 pts
10 – Dunkerque Voile (Loïc Fequet) : 143 pts
11 – 30 Corsaires (Alexia Barrier) : 176 pts
12 – Prince de Bretagne (Lionel Lemonchois) : 185 pts
13 – Radio Vinci Autoroutes (Jean-Baptiste Gellée) : 192 pts
14 – Techneau (Arnaud Daval) : 198 pts
15 – Lorina Boissons Artisanales (Bruno Staub) : 219 pts
16 – Agrival (Pauline Chalaux) : 278 pts

A-Class latest racing Design setup

Tornado Europeans 2015: Team Gaebler Champ

Jun 13, 2015

Bol d'Or Mirabaud 2015 Live

Edit : Live repeat video is blocked now. // Donna Bertarelli's D35 Lady Cat leads . Map tracking embedded below & at suiviregate.ch/mapapps.html?reg_id=BOM15

Jun 12, 2015

Tripp & Chris Burd sailing the 'Race 2 Alaska'

Tripp Burd is one of US best catsailors, and current F18 North American Champ along Mike Easton. Now together with his brother Chris they embarked on a real sailing adventure participating on "Race 2 Alaska" with an Arc 22 Catamaran. 750 cold water miles from Port Townsend, WA to Ketchikan, AK. Entry list at Here
Last update from an 1hr ago: "Blown off the water with a torn jib Emoticono frown
Hiding from the wind in Port McNeill while we make some repairs. Still racing!"

They are sponsored by Sperry -

Fore more info and updates :

- Team FreeBurd web teamfreeburd.com/
- FB facebook.com/TeamFreeBurd

Official Race  web:  r2ak.com
About The Race :
"We'll follow the race organizer's lead here, and keep this simple and to the point.

R2AK is based on the hardest kind of simplicity: You, a boat, a starting gun,

$10,000 if you finish first,
A set of steak knives if you’re second,
Cathartic elation if you can simply complete the course.
Self-supported race: no supply drops, no safety net.
Any boat without an engine can enter.

750 cold water miles from Port Townsend, WA to Ketchikan, AK.
Cuddly grizzly bears, killer whales, and all sorts of other fun stuff along the way.

For us, this race will be the ultimate test.
We finish? AWESOME!
We win? The $10K goes to charity."

Follow Race Track at http://tracker.r2ak.com/

Australian Zhik A-Cat Winter Regatta, Bob Grifftis report: "A View From a Retrofitter / Weekend Warrior"

Image Bob Griffits at Takapuna World 2014. Bob has been maintaining us informed with fresh info from Australia with detailed reports on the Aussie / NZ scene (Takapuna Worlds 2014). His accounts are highly appreciated and every single one is being published at the IACA official web. Last report from the Zhik Winter Regatta can be found here.

I asked him about  current status in Australia with the Class and below is his additional personal view on retrofitting previous designs and the influence or Rule 8 in the that process.

I think retrofitting 'old' platforms is great news for any class, specially in the As. If change is approved after US/CAN/UK proposal the main benefit will be addressing Bob's concerns. but in my view current latest gen foils will be hard to beat around the Course in the whole racing wind range going from 5 to 25knots.

A TNZ/FP J will surely provide and edge in the mid range but I doubt right now it will become an all round performer in say 5knots or at the higher limit wind spectrum. F20 & FP do not fully foil upwind vmg for instance.
New devels will change that in the future, we'll see if US proposal has enough support to get through, I think this time around it will.
Bob Griffits view and below Zhik Winter Regatta Report (no pics / or full results available):
" Steve Brewin did sail a Nikita, which he has modified to take Exploder rudders and Z centreboards. He has sold his Exploder, and the Nikita is also soon to be delivered to a new owner in Tasmania. Probably the majority of foiling A Cats in Australia are retrofits . ( The list includes DNA's, Exploders, Nikita, Tool, and Flyers).

Steve Brewin will sail an Exploder at the 2015 Worlds in