May 22, 2015

Stunt 9: Benchmarking Stable Flight

The Stunt 9 by Michele Petrucci has not raced yet and it is not aimed neither to perform in a regatta. 
The goal is to provide rock solid stable flight for recreational & skilled sailors alike.
And that is what the this boats delivers.

But with the decision the US AClass Assoc has taken yesterday on eliminating Rule 8 (See previous post below),  T foils solutions might now have a place in US regattas, although active trimming like wands are definitely not allowed. Thus the chance to develop an Eagle 20HF T Kite foil without any active hardware trim, 

 relying only on design & sailors input.

This is not happening in the video above, the Cat is going like on rails, perfect flight with little or none sailors active trim as we need to exercise in the A-class and even the FP or F20.

Great achievement by Michele, currently on Stunt 9  production series. 

To contact him go to his 'catamaran Stunt' , fb page: