May 2, 2015

Carnac Eurocat 2015: F20 & FP Videos from Day 1

Nice attitude from Nacra Camp wanting to race together with FPs, great as next year they might have Roland's Formula 20 Foiling Box Rule racing along them. The same for the FP with a new 18' Box Rule, in fact we need to see Raid results this year, and they might all race together depending on both performances.

 Nacra comments at their FB Page: "Up/downwind courses organized by Eurocat. The two main foiling boats have been separated somehow. The Nacra boys would like to have all foiling boats sailing together on one course. Would make a nice fleet....."

F20s looking fast. Racing the Long Distance today, weather permitting, will check for local updates next.
Club Webcam

Update: Only the All Terrain 4x4 Formula 18 raced today as informed by YCCarnac, check our right column Twitter bar.

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