May 31, 2015

DLR 2015,'Viking Power': Cenholt & Lübeck 1st, Nørregaard & Viborg 2nd

GC32 Austria Cup 2015: Sultanate of Oman 1st

F18 Italian Nats 2015 @Punta Ala: Day 3

Matteo Ferraglia & Lorenzo Bianchini continue to lead the 2015 Italian Nats. They've been riding for a while the Australian built Windrush Edge with good results. I Hope they can attend to Kiel Worlds in some weeks along with Marco Radman and other top Italian riders.

Images & Report sent by Alessandro Pelliccia / Italian Assoc. More pics and full results at
"Third Day of the Italian Nats 2015 at Punta Ala, hosted by Centro Velico Punta Ala. Light winds from the west, about 6 knots with better conditions only in the third race as wind intensity peaked 11/12 knots and rotated to WNW, with sunnies skies and mild temperatures.
Punctual departure around 13:30 AM and return to the beach at 18 PM. Three races held today, 2 4 legs on the first two, and 6 for the last one held in more wind.

Overall ranking is still led by Lake Garda crew, Ferraglia&Bianchini, followed by Mazzucchi/Lisignoli in 2nd place and tied in 18 points with the leaders, in third place the Hungarian crew, Baro/Petheo.
Close racing as seen in the scores above, and a few surprises. Tomorrow we will have the third day of racing and more windy conditions are expected.

This year you have the chance to see the races online in real time using the GPS tracking , the service provided by the company U-Track.
Standings, news and photos on"

TeamWork M2 Speed Tour: Team Seven wins at lac de Neuchâtel

May 30, 2015

F18 Italian Nats 2015 @Punta Ala: Ferraglia-Bianchini Lead after 3

Full results and more pics at the Italian F18 Assoc new website.Report sent by Alessandro Pelliccia /
"The 2015 Italian F18 Championship started this weekend in Punta Ala at the Camping Resort and organized by the Sailing Center Punta Ala .Venue where the 2015 A-Class Worlds and past F18 2004 Worlds.
Three races held today with a westerly wind on 8/10 knots. Excellent organization on the ground and in water . After completing the 3 races programmed, the overall ranking is lead provisional the Lake Garda team Ferraglia & Bianchini , followed by the current Italian champions Radman / Cioni and third Hungarians Baro / Petheo. More news, pictures and complete ranking of"

GC32 Austria Cup 2015: Day 3

Image Guilain Grenier / GC32 Racing Tour - Oman with McMillan & Ashby onboard continue to lead the pack at lake Traunsee. follow Live Racing tomorrow at (starting at 1100 CET)
Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour press release issued on 30/05/2015
On Lake Traunsee, another severely testing day at the Austria Cup, the opening event of the 2015 Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour, allowed just two races to be competed, but not for want of trying by PRO Anne Mallédant-Vadré.

The opening race – race 10 of the series - took place in the most stable conditions we have seen here – a SSWerly peaking at 9-10 knots, blowing up the length of the lake. Apart from one tense moment at the top of the first beat, this was led from almost start to finish by the immaculately sailed Sultanate of Oman, skippered by Leigh McMillan.

After a short postponement, a second race saw more of the fluky, unpredictable conditions that have marked this

May 28, 2015

Nacra 17s @Delta Lloyd Regatta 2015: Images by Sander van der Borch

Portugal: SadoCat Raid 2015, Report & Results

Report & pics sent by Rui Duarte: "This past weekend we had a huge success with "SADOCAT2015/XVI Raid Bicasco", part of "XV Jogos do Sado", with 32 crews coming from all over Portugal to race in Setúbal. We had plenty of sun, wind and fun!

On the first day, the wind was a bit shifty and patchy, blowing between 5 and 12 knots, with very frequent shifts, which made the race very tactical...

May 27, 2015

Artemis Racing by Swede TV4

Via Artemis Twitter - I've learned some languages but not precisely Swede. Nevertheless some interesting footage of Artemis AC45 plus some interviews in English. 
Check video below  specially at the beginning their refined version of the super efficient 'stepped' foils first used in the ultra fast 'commando mission' led by Adam May in last Cup at SF to make their original AC45 to get on foils from scratch.

St Barth Catacup 2015: 60 Confirmed Entries

2014 Film above by Théo Reynal and Easy Ride Videos | 60 out of 78 teams are confirmed for St Barth 2015 Edition. After years of promoting this event thanks to Pierrick Contin's images since the 2009, and after the same time frame drilling local guys head to go to St Barth, I finally managed to convince them this year, 3 Arg crews were registered, although on the draw 1 was left out. But I think it was fair to let them go as even the organizers are promoting that 'Argentines' will attend the Regatta for the first time.
Due to growing success of this great event, that we helped to build & promote, also other sailors were left out (60 entries out of 78 registered)  like Mischa and other NED crews, but they've already attended the event in the past.
Now St Barth is accepting 60 crews! A great number considering they had 35 in 2009.

Official web at
Below their Press Release received past week:

Another quickly booked up edition!
Argentina and England will be represented for the first time in the history of the Regatta

While the sailing season reaches its height, organizers of the St-Barth Cata Cup have completed the registration process for the next edition of the event, held from November 18 to 22, 2015.

Sure sign that the F18 class is in good shape, 78 teams have pre-registered, of which 60 will navigate in St-Jean Bay, as determined by the draw. In total, 10 teams from France, 15 teams from Europe outside of France, 20 boats from West Indies, Americas and other parts of the world and 15 teams to be selected by the organisation.

New countries represented
For the first time in the history of the St-Barth Cata Cup, teams from Argentina and England

GC32: Spindrift getting ready to Race

Good to see how the level of production is going up these days, Spindrfit have the resources, but either way you need to make a good work, and this is definitely one example. Take a look aslo at Best Film ever published yesterday.
Team official web at

Glenn Ashby will be participating:  "... An 11th hour recruit to Sultanate of Oman is Glenn Ashby, the Australian multiple A-Class catamaran World Champion, best known as wing trimmer and B-Boat helmsman for Emirates Team New Zealand. “There is no wing, but otherwise it’s the same!” says Ashby comparing the GC32 one design with the AC45 and AC72s, he sailed before and during the 34th America’s Cup. “At the end of the day, it is pure and simple racing - you have to get off the start line well, do your manoeuvres well and go the right way, just like you have to in any regatta.”

GC32 Press release available at

May 26, 2015

A-Class Rules: Q&A with US Class President, Bailey White (+ Best Film Ever)

Video: Kettle Cinema, NA 2015 Highlitgths released today. Image: Walter Cooper. 2015 North Americans. -- Many has been said after the US A-Class Association (USACA) informed in their Official FB Page that they were dropping Rule 8 for local regattas for a period of two years.
I posted here my view and comments based on that public information, plus doubts on IACA's reaction, which came later officially as published this past Sunday 24 at IACA's web, and linked later from US North Americans articles and re posted today in CSN.

A good fact to have in mind is that the US fleet has never been so healthy, and beyond they should have managed comms in a better way since Day 1 on this, the investment & work on promotion for the A-class they are doing  is immense, just check video above. Nr 1 Catsailing clip ever filmed. Work done by Nick Browers/ Kettle Cinema.
If after seen this Short you don´t get the urge to sail an A-Cat... I think  builders will get their inbox full tonight...

Back on Rules and to get a more clear position on US Class intentions, we've prepared a Q&A with USACA current President, Bailey White, which will address all doubts we might have on this local decision.

What is Rule 8 in the A-Class?
Rule 8 is much like the anti-flying rule that the most recent America’s Cup had. For many years, leading catamaran sailors and designers around the world believed that fully foiling catamarans would not be good racing and that limitations on foil dimensions or foil functionality would ensure catamarans would only partially lift. Partial lifting catamarans and trimarans (typically with curved boards) have proven to be very fast and easy to handle as long as there are lifting surfaces on the rudders too. I have even seen c-board A-cats foil upwind if only briefly.

What we saw with the AC72s and now with our own class is that foiling boats are wonderful to race and sail and that full flying foils can be built within class dimensions. In fact, the flying has added another dimension to the racing and people love it! We are getting more and more people into the class and don’t expect this to slow down no matter what happens with Rule 8.

Can you tell us what you mean that Rule 8 is suspended in the US and Canada?
This is really a misnomer and we should not have used this language. We have voted to let people experiment in our local events. This means that people will be able to race experimental A-Class boats that have boards in from the bottom or boards that are longer or closer together with A-Class boats. These experimental boats cannot win or place in events as an A-Class, but we can all see how they compare and how they develop. We can do something like an asterisk beside their entry in the scoring and do a scoring subdivision for them and prizes as well. We already run other scoring subdivisions by age, gender, and even skill level.

Our mission is to encourage as many boats on the water as possible, and we hope this will be one more way to do that.

So you are still part of the International A-Class?
Absolutely! Our sailors understand future North American Champions will need to have a boat compliant will all A-Class rules.

What is the purpose then of the change?
We had about half of our fleet with foiling capabilities in our recent North Americans and learned basically everyone wants to fly. It just looks so fun, and it is becoming clear that in medium conditions foiling A-cats are faster around the track. People believe that relaxing Rule 8 will let them foil more cheaply and easily as they convert their existing boats to foiling.

Why not just put a proposal together for the next Worlds to vote on?
We are doing this. We are putting together a proposal for other countries to review, and Ben Hall is helping get the right people involved. We felt that by allowing people to experiment now, we would learn more about what is involved in doing boat conversions and be able to speak with a better perspective when we next meet in Italy.

What should people who want to get involved in the A-Class do for now?
Buy a boat! If they can afford a new one, that is the best course of action as they get a boat fully compliant and built for foiling. Control systems, foiling rudders, strong transoms, etc all come with the latest boats and allow someone to get on the water and up and out of it immediately.

If they are shorter on funds or a builder, talk with an existing class member about how they can get involved. In spite of all the interest in flying, just learning the boat and how to sail it to its potential takes some time. Getting an older boat and getting good at trapezing downwind is a great step to take and one that will give tremendous satisfaction.

Either way, we haven’t seen more interest or excitement in the boat in the last 20 years. Please contact me if you would like to get involved at our facebook page:

Bailey White
United States A-Class Association 

German F18: 2015 First two events for Gosche & Pegel

A-Class: IACA Official Rule Change Clarification

After we published US  Assoc intention to drop Rule 8, the International A-Class Catamaran Association issued a clarification regarding specifics doubts many of us had regarding this local change.
Below official statement I published on Sunday at  The US Assoc has been in contact with IACA and is working to issue a clarification of their own, which I will publish later at IACA and CSN webs- 

May 24, 2015 - Official IACA Rule Change Clarification 

We have been advised of recent postings in the social media advising that the members of the USA & Canada International A Class Catamaran Associations have voted to suspend rule 8 for two years to learn more about foiling. As you would all be aware, a similar proposal was placed before the World AGM in New Zealand last year and not approved by the Country Presidents under the IACA Constitution’s voting process.

The International A Class Catamaran is an international class managed by IACA under its Constitution and ultimately ISAF who must confirm all changes submitted by IACA.

The USA & Canada Associations do not have the power under the IACA Constitution to approve any changes to the class rules. Constitution Rule 11 clearly notes how such proposals are to take place and this must be adhered to.

The IACA Committee is certainly not against change but we are empowered by all our members to make sure any change is made in the correct manner.

To summarize, all International A Class Catamarans competing in any event as International A Class Catamarans must adhere to current measurement rules as posted on the IACA website.

Andrew Landenberger
IACA President

Graeme Harbour
Chairman IACA
Technical Committee

May 25, 2015

North Sea Regatta 2015: Images by Sander van der Borch

All Image by Sander van der Borch / Full gallery at

In the F18 Oskar Zeekant & Charlie Begemann (CSN 2012 Worlds Contenders, they finished 2nd) now racing with an Nacra Infusion dominated the event with 5 bullets out of ten races.
Second place for Team Compass, Veenman & de Waard also with Infusion.
- The Nacras F20s also raced with Xander Pols & Stefan Dubbeldam winning over Sascha Larsen & Dennis Borsboom
- F16 for Sanne Wielenga & Thomas de Jong
- Dart 18:  Dick Ganseman & Rosemarie de Haan

Full results for all NSR 2015 classes at
Day 1 images gallery by jasper van Staveren at

A-Class: North Americans 2015 Crown for Matt Struble

All images Walter Cooper .Click for sideshow  & HQ --   Matt Struble (Exploder J/Z boards / Glaser) from San Diego, California, repeats his 2013 North American Title after winning 7 out of 10 races held at St Andrews Bay Yacht Club, Panama City, FL.
 2014 Champ, Bruce Mahoney finished 2nd (DNA 2015 Z boards/L rudders / Brewin),  Bailey White 3rd (Exploder J/Z boards / Brewin) and Woody Cope 4th (Nikita/Glaser)

- Official website & Full Image Gallery by Walter Cooper  at

- Full results & at
- Official IACA Rule Clarification on US/CAN Assoc Rule 8 voting  at

In 2013 Matt won with his own designed & built A-Cat. This time he was lent Ben Moon's Exploder.

It was first time on a foiling A for him, and the way he adapted was simply impressive as Bailey told us on Tuesday. 
In 2013 I contacted him after that year NAs to report about his boat and on the event.
I did the same on Friday and Matt kindly responded yesterday after reaching home from Florida.

Bailey White tells me Struble  is a great guy, surely a great sailor too, and added he will let Emmanuel Cerf (US Exploder importer) hold & the  perpetual trophy for Cerf to show for a year. 

I hope to see Matt with the US sailors at this 2015 Punta Ala Worlds.
 2015 Noth Americans complete & detailed report  by Matt Struble:

"First I have to thank a few people and company's:
Emmanuel Cerf and his family
Zhik sailing gear
Exploder Catamarans
Glaser Sails
Harken Sailing
Bailey White
Ben Moon
Woody Cope
My family

I arrived at St. Andrews Yacht Club in Panama City, Florida on Saturday morning after a red eye flight from San Diego, California. It is 9am and 90 degrees with 90 % humidity, ouch. Woody Cope was driving my borrowed boat to St. Andrews and arrived around 5:00 pm. The yacht club was a buzz with new boats, foils, sails and everything A Cats. It felt like I was coming home after being away for a couple of years, the people in the A Class are really interesting and fun.

My boat arrives and I go to work making a list of projects, all the usual items; rudder alignment, righting lines, trap bungees and a few larger items. The Exploder I was sailing originally had Z boards and was converted to the J/Z's. With all the crazy angles the boards go through to get into the down position, the exit at the bottom of the hull gets a little complicated. In this case, the boards at the exit were pushing directly on the outside skin of the hull and unfortunately was tearing it off. So right away before sunset, I drilled some holes and mixed some epoxy hoping to go for a sail the next day.

Sunday morning the epoxy is cured and I go to work, again hot and humid with no clouds in the sky. I go over the FiberFoam mast setup for the Glaser sail I will be using. Talking with Bob Hodges who is also sailing an Exploder, I set my mast rake and rudder angle the same as his. 

 Bob is very detailed and has put a lot of time on his Exploder foiling boat. In the afternoon

May 24, 2015

D35s , Open de Versoix 2015 for Team Tilt

Image: Loris von Siebenthal - Team Tilt has won their second event on a row after winning the first GP of 2015.  We don´t need all racing cats to foil, and the powerful D35s remain attractive.
Report in french at

Below report sent by MaxComm

Class. final Open de Versoix (23-24 mai 2015, CNV)
1. Team Tilt Sailing | 7 pts
2. Realteam | 15 pts
3. Alinghi | 16 pts
4. Laydcat powered by Spindrift racing| 19 pts
5. Okalys | 21 pts
6. Zen Too| 28 pts
7. Mobimo | 31 pts
8. Veltigroup-Swisscom| 32 pts
9. Racing Django| 35 pts
10. Oryx | 50 pts
11. Ylliam Comptoir-Immobilier| 52 pts

Classement général après deux étapes | D35 Trophy

May 22, 2015

Stunt 9: Benchmarking Stable Flight

The Stunt 9 by Michele Petrucci has not raced yet and it is not aimed neither to perform in a regatta. 
The goal is to provide rock solid stable flight for recreational & skilled sailors alike.
And that is what the this boats delivers.

But with the decision the US AClass Assoc has taken yesterday on eliminating Rule 8 (See previous post below),  T foils solutions might now have a place in US regattas, although active trimming like wands are definitely not allowed. Thus the chance to develop an Eagle 20HF T Kite foil without any active hardware trim, 

 relying only on design & sailors input.

This is not happening in the video above, the Cat is going like on rails, perfect flight with little or none sailors active trim as we need to exercise in the A-class and even the FP or F20.

Great achievement by Michele, currently on Stunt 9  production series. 

To contact him go to his 'catamaran Stunt' , fb page:

A-Class: US Association votes to eliminate Rule 8

A-Class Rule 8:
8. 8.1 No part of each hull or hull appendages below the waterline shall be less than 0.75 meters from the centre line.
8.2 Movable and retractable hull appendages shall be inserted from the top or be capable of being fully retractable into the hull.//

Current A-Class Rules:

Update: As commented below in the article, we didn´t knew which would be IACA's reaction to US local rule change. Here is Official IACA comms on the matter :
Report by Bailey White, US Class President posted at USACA fb page:

"Big day today. We had perfect racing conditions and an excellent class meeting for Canada and USA members. We have voted to suspend rule 8 which limits foiling technologies for our regattas for two years to learn more about foiling.
We have not modified any other rule. This is a change just for our two countries before we make a proposal to the world members.

The A-Class is the fastest growing and possibly largest foiling class of any kind in North America. This has happened in the last year alone and the growth in unprecedented. We have almost 50 foiling boats and have now voted today to allow boats to put foiling boards in from the bottom and eliminate all other restrictions to encourage all members to experience the incredible sensation of flying. Whether you have a new boat or an old boat, you will be able to inexpensively fly".

If you want to fly, join us!


Just yesterday I was talking with a well known A-Class & Moth sailor on how at this point with a no return to floating mode I had many sailors here thinking twice on joining the As, as they are all waiting on what just happened in the US fleet yesterday.

The spirit is "If you gonna Foil, Foil good" , thus many young talented sailors are looking to go Moth instead of A.
And I think is time to go in that direction, kudos to the US Assoc members on stepping up an acting according their will.

Bailey told me they are having so much fun, that they saw no point on keeping current foil aimed restriction.
This a really good reference for IACA

A-Class North Americans Day 3: Struble marks distance with Mahoney

May 21, 2015

Portugal: SadoCat Raid 2015, May 23-24 @Setúbal Bay

Report sent by Rui Duarte: "Next weekend (23-24 of May) in Setúbal, Portugal we will have SADOCAT2015 / XIII JOGOS DO SADO / XVI RAID BICASCO, that will be inaugural race for Clube de Vela do Sado's new facilities. Setúbal's bay is one of 30 most beautiful in the world and is a great venue to sail in.
Around 30 catamarans are expected ,divided in classes like F18, Dart 18, HC16 and Interseries, coming from all over the country.

The wind forecast is 10 to 15 knots on Saturday and from 5 to 10 knots on Sunday, with temperatures between 25 and 30ºC and plenty of sun!
The races will be medium distance raids with around 15 nm, starting at 14h on Saturday and 13h on Sunday.

Also on Sunday, during the prize giving ceremony, we will have the official inauguration of the new facilities with the presence of Town's Mayor Dra Maria da Dores Meira, Councilmen Dr Luis Liberato and Dr Pedro Pina, the President for Setúbal's Districts' Union, Dr Rui Canas and general manager of Águas do Sado, Engª Ana Oliveira.

SADOCAT2015 / XIII JOGOS DO SADO / XVI RAID BICASCO is supported by Bicasco, Rockalot , 100 Entrada, Heineken, Lobo Wines, Águas do Sado and City Hall.
Information updates and past editions pics at "

F16 Charters available for 2015 Europeans @Cesenatico , July 18-24

Formula 16 European Championship 2015 will be held Saturday July 18 to Friday July 24 at Circolo Vela Cesenatico , NOR at

- Registration at

The class is organizing through Stephane Etienne charters for the event, details below:
"The charters boats will be Bimare F16 which finished 2nd (pic left) & 4th overall at the Eurocat this year. We are offering up to 5 boats ready to sail, dispatched at the sailing club facility. Price 1 200 € for the event. With a possibility to add insurance and also some additional days.
Contact : stephane.etienne/at)orange(dot)fr

Charters Boats available for 2015 European Championship:
Full boat ready to sail dispatch at the sailing club.
Week Rate 1 200€
Insurance full coverage : 240 €
Additional days : 150 €/day

UK: East Coast Pier Race 2015 Sponsored by Zhik: June 27-28

Sent by Andrew Dowley - East Coast Piers Race Sponsored by Zhik 
"Three course options for Catamarans and Dinghies
Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June

There is just five weeks to go now until this years East Coast Piers Race weekend at Marconi Sailing Club on the 27th and 28th June.
Open to fast dinghies and catamarans, the East Coast Piers Race has been running since 1987 raising money for charity every year.

FREE camping is available all weekend within our huge grassy fields. As an added bonus, one of the event sponsors are Adnams, the more beer you drink, the more we make for charity.
There will be inshore racing on the Saturday and then the long distance races on the Sunday. With three different course options, full ECPR (48miles), Colne Point (27miles) and Bradwell (13miles) there is something for everyone.

The Colne Point Race is open to the slower catamarans and fast dinghies, the Bradwell race is open to dinghies only which have a PY of 980 or faster.
Although long distances, the courses are marked with cruiser "mother ships" flying

May 20, 2015

A-Class North Americans 2015: Struble & Mahoney , head to head.

GC32: Alinghi reaches 39.21Knots

Image: AlinghiWith the Eagle 20HF reporting 36.8 knots is was times for the GC32 to show some teeth! Check Report details at Alinghi's web

A-Class North Americans 2015, Day 1: Matt Struble leads

Practice Race Images by Walter Cooper / North Americans official web --
Matt Struble leads the 2015 North Americans at Panama City, FL with 3 bullet under his belt. Racing Ben Moon's Ronstan Exploder, Matt has being able (after much work on the boat as I've been told) to grab the pace of a foiling A for the first time. But Matt knows 1 thing or two about racing & technical details, he is 2013 NA Champ sailing with his own built design.

Second place for 2014 North Americans Champ, Bruce Mahoney, with a DNA 2015 latest tech, Bruce scored three seconds behind Matt. Still much to go but Bailey White, Class president & currently in third place (3,3,4)  and also with Exploder told me he was impressed on how Matt adapted to a new boat and foiling mode so fast , he is faster and pointing better foiling downwind than the rest of the fleet.

Top ten below. 40 boats fleet. Full results at NAs Official web

May 19, 2015

Honoring Olympic & Multihull Sailor Charles 'Carlito' Favre

Charles Favre sadly passed away last Thursday while sailing an A-Cat. I saw condolences for from several sailors, and realized he was a beloved friend by his peers, and he got plenty, just analyzing the boats he sailed : Olympic 470 & Tornado, X40s, D35s, M2s and A-Class among others.

I didn´t knew him as I know other sailors in Europe, but I do remember him from 2014 Bordeaux A-Class Europeans, Why? Because he was always smiling and was the most cordial sailor to us newbies/rookies of the Arg team.

On some mails I exchanged with people who knew him I told exactly that to Arno earlier today before getting Kris Jonsson words minutes ago.

Reading how Kris describes his friend Charles, confirms the impression I had from him.

There is a good picture from that event taken by Paula Kopilowicz on Favre getting inside Waterhouse & Landy at the upwind mark at Bordeaux Europeans 2014.

First image left: At helm onboard Tilt M2 by Loris von Siebenthal. 2nd Pic: Sailing A-Class , image by Gianluca Mini.

I received several requests to publish on his passing but I wanted someone who knew him well to write some lines to honor 'Carlito' as he was also known. Sandro Caviezel & Charles Bueche contacted Kris Jonsson.
Charles passed away sailing an A-Cat, and we don´t know the cause yet. But the Multihull and sailing community will remember him on the several projects embarked through his good sailing Life. This is our humble way to honor him.

Sail On Charles.

Below words by his fellow A-Cat sailor & friend Kris Jonsson:
 "Charles Favre left us unexpectedly last week on Thursday. Our thoughts are with him and his family. We still can't accept that he is no longer with us here. He was a great sailor and friend who we admired for his passion, kindness and desire to evolve, learn and win. It will take time to digest.

He was out practicing on his new A Class, one of three new boats we recently received. We had spent a good deal of the past week-end together preparing the boats. We were all very excited about the new boats and eager to get on the water. While I had to travel during the week he had already been out on Wednesday trying it out. I got a happy email in the morning from him explaining the previous day of sailing. This was Charles' third A Class having sailed already on two earlier generations.

There were several boats on the water during the afternoon on Thursday but when the others went ashore early evening Charles decided to do one more tack over towards the other side before reaching back to Corsier. I recall many times where one of us would stay out a bit longer to take advantage of the conditions to get another run and then to find our friends back ashore after a good day of sailing. This was not the case Thursday unfortunately.

Charles was found shortly thereafter next to his capsized boat off Corsier Port, on his back unconscious still hooked in to his trapeze, and later passed away.. The exact cause of the accident is not known. The guys did an exemplary job rescuing him by boat, trying to save him followed by transportation in helicopter to the University hospital - but It was too late. Charles left us and his family, far too early.

When I speak to Charles' friends that grew up together there are endless stories about friendship, regattas and championships. I was fortunate enough to get to know him over the past years, first during the D35 series during after sail recaps at Madame L'Huillier's cabin and then later when we started sailing A Class together a few years back.

Many memories stand out, one of my favorites being coming from windy and cold November conditions on the A Class jumping straight in to Schneiter's outside jacuzzi and sharing on the water experiences with jokes and smiles - shared passion. He was such an enthusiastic and positive person, fun to be around, and as we know he could also be quite serious on the water at times with a certain temperament!

He had a long career in sailing including the 84' Olympics in Los Angeles in 470 and then the 92' Olympics in Barcelona on Tornado and many victories on the lake and abroad. He raced with numerous teams and boats on the lake through the years. He was tactician on the yellow Alinghi when it all started, he was with Cardis' D35 team and with team TILT on various boats. Highly appreciated he was regularly invited back by the teams he had sailed with for the occasional regatta.

The father of three children and the father figure to another three, our thoughts go to his family - he will be immensely missed by us. We will remember him and keep being inspired by him. "

Funeral was done on Wednesday 20 and it was very emotional.-

Sail On 'Carlit∞'

A-Class North Americans 2015: Practice Race Short Film

Sent by Bailey White . Excellent  work once more by Nick Browers / Kettle Cinema for the 2015 North Americans Practice race. Nick was the guy behind the GC32 great clip from Key West

If I labeled that one best shooting ever, this comes quite close and it is only the practice race....
This clip shows the joy of sailing & racing an A-Class.

--Australian Winter East Coast Championships are coming this June 6-7, check preview report by Bob Griffits at  , couldn´t agree more with him on the Moths, All Ok with flight development as mentioned many times, but the As must maintain at all costs the 5-25knots wind range to start a race.

May 17, 2015

French F18 Nats 2015: Frederic Duthil & JC Mourniac Champs

A-Class French Nats 2015: Micky Todd Champ

Image by Denis Lucci , check first day gallery in previous post.  Full  set of images at Denis Lucci Sports Fb page & -
No more races could be completed at Cub Nautique Berrois, and standings stay put for Micky to grab the 2015 French Nats over a 56 ACat fleet.

Conditions were light wind racing and Todd won with a foiling A (Scheurer G7, confirmed by Sandro & René Meier) over 8 'Classic' in the top ten as can be seen in official Results page. Although the win was too close against the floaters: 0,5pts gap with Luc Catineau (French Crown 2015) on a redress in first race for Todd.

This remark on how efficient current conf still is in light winds as we saw Live at 2014 , and how 'Classic' setup can win a event within current Class status.

Top ten below, Full Results at

May 16, 2015

A-Class French Nats 2015: Images by Denis Lucci

Florida 300 2015: Day 3

Image:  Full sequence at their web.---
John Case & Colin Page on the Nacra F20 FCS still in command with another 30mins gap in Leg 3.
The info published in reports I've seen at GT300 fb page is that till now legs were mainly upwind. Last one on unstable conditions with the F20FCS power providing the means to get through some lulls and extend lead- 

Read these reports and also check at GT300 FB that Tomko-Billing sadly crashed the FP while beach landing on a wave. Mast broken, they have a spare as reported in same page
Photos at The Beach Cats Fb page & full album at their web

On the overall floating fleet Key Sailing Team leads over the older Nacra 20s and an F18.

- Official Report at

- Official Web
- Day 3 Tracking replay Here
- Leg 3 Foiling boats times below.
- Full Results overall at

Rank Boat HelmName CrewName Fleet Class Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 Rocket Casey, John Page, Colin Foiling Nacra 20 FCS 0.839 04:22:00 05:12:17
2 Lupe Tortilla Tomko, John Billings, Ian Foiling Flying Phantom 0.878 05:10:36 05:53:46

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