Apr 18, 2015

G4 capsized at St Barth

High bet with risks inherited as mentioned in many posts regarding the G4, but at the same very special targeted boat and things happens to those working and innovating, to avoid any risk you stay at home and better not leave your chair.
Not much info we'll wait for Peter's report that always are wide open and with details. 

The nice thing boat is upright and ready to go again. Good sign of built quality at least.
Will be interesting to see what really happened, as foiler do have an additional safer rider downwind on the lift and winglets control.
Minor injury reported to one crew reported.

Update: Info I have is, sideways capsize, that is clearly some handling error, as no cat , Ttransoceanic Tri or whatever can handle overpowered or not releasing for x reason.  

Remember t Virbac Paprec MOD70?

As Santi Lange told me when asking about Cats/Tris for the Volvo: " Multis gives you a clear measure of the handled power and you can react accordingly, in Monos  they push hard in 30knots and they end breaking them"

More info tomorrow.

Update from PJ:  "Fantastic day of sailing ended with a dumb capsize.
Ticked that box of the test program too. Everything fine, mainsail only some broken battens, and my iphone didn't survive..
Need a quicker main dump valve on the hydraulics that's what we learned !
Only way to develop a great product even better is to test it ...."

Peter in FB "Awesome team. Awesome boat. Climb back on the horse and keep riding. A dumb capsize by us...." Pics at Ultimate Sailing FB https://www.facebook.com/UltimateSailing

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