Feb 10, 2015

Moth Worlds 2015: Short by Ben Hartnett

Short Film by Ben Hartnett from past 2015 Moth Worlds won by Peter Burling held some weeks ago.-
With new foiling speeds in Moths, As and N20/FP we are reaching a point where control will become even more critical. This weekend we had a typical kite/short windsurf board wind force conditions with chop and the guys went out with the As, one of them , a experienced Wind, Kite & F18 Arg Champ, also sailing the Nacra foiling 20s now , said he'd never achieved such a speed as with the foiling A and he was literally scared as never before on how fast he was going, he said faster than anything he has sailed but Slalom WS. We will put him a gps next time.

The additional ingredient is that he was foiling of course, so it gets tricky when trying to put the pedal down, with more hours foiling in these conditions he might get more comfortable.

These local A guys are going out in almost any wind range, I'm progressively going out with more wind/chop and getting used to handle the power and flight time myself, but clearly Moths, As and double handed foilers (some tough wipeouts here already) need to improve high speed end range to provide a safer ride.