Dec 31, 2014


FP Image crewing for Outteridge: Nicolas Felix, AClass: Own Shot. F18: Jasper van Staveren. -- Great 2014. FP in May at Carnac, A-Class racing in June at Bordeaux and about to sail the Nacra 20FCS. New experiences & latest tech trying always to give a first hand personal view. 

I also posted my favorite F18 pic again, from LA Worlds 2012 taken by Jasper, as the local fleet has handed down the Class again over my head (literally I could say this time...he) towards the biggest event I will be involved in my 'short' 42 years (beyond my Family), that is the Formula 18 Worlds to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in November 2016 organized by the Yacht Club Argentino and the Argentine F18 Assoc.

Exactly 10 years after we christened with my cousin Nadal Solari our own built F18 which founded the local class.
Really happy to see the quantity of entries for Kiel F18 Worlds 2015, 121 at the moment... (180 anyone?) ,   we will not reach those nrs, but we will work hard with the local Arg class members to round off a great cycle and work of love by many local sailors and friends since 2006.

I have set two goals for BA 2016: Sail the Worlds in my second design, hopefully delivered by a Master builder in Europe and target to crown an Argentine crew as F18 World Champs.

In parallel I will aim to locally build myself a one-off A-Class....If we are going to dream, better to do it great time don´t you think? Life is too short to let the time passing by and of course to sail Slow....

Thanks again to all who helped me travel, sail & race this season and you guys for following , sending feedback and the good vibes.  Next weeks I will post a Portfolio of the contributing Photographers & Video Pros who made this site what it is.

All the Best for 2015.