Nov 18, 2014

In Memoriam: John Moret

Image: Steve Arkely / - John Moret & Paul Smissaert -- Dutch Catsailor John Moret passed away some months ago, and I asked Gunnar Larsen to send some words on him as it was clear he was a popular & known sailor in the Netherlands. From the distance I can only say that 30years of Catsailing and such a numbers of friends remembering him were a Life well lived without a doubt, as when the time comes the only thing we left behind is the legacy of good memories in our friends and family.
"John Moret, was a very special multihull Fanatic. He sailed cats for over 30 years and when going to any regatta John was always the one helping people out when they had trouble with their boats.

Unbelievable social and unselfish person that loved the sport and lifestyle of Catsailing as none. He also was closely involved in setting up his boat with the curved foils before Nacra launched the F20 Carbon in 2010.

At his funderal friends and family had set up his Nacra F18 Infusion and his coffin, with John in it, once more was on his own boat! An example to many people in life, great to have around and we will miss him dearly! But we believe that john will SAIL ON!!

Cheers, Gunnar