Oct 28, 2014

A-Class: Scheurer G7 stable flight @Silvaplana

We are sailing the As here in BA almost every day now, and one of the key aspect for sailing every day is the actual launch. Having tide changes and shallow river coast it is a must for us being able to leave the boat unattended flat in the sand/mud (no sail) for some secs/mins depending on the tide when we go out alone.

Thus changing the rule to allow foil insert from the bottom will literally forbid us to go and sail alone, that is actually one of the best assets on the As, that are giving us a new fever for catsailing every day, on the freedom the no crew gives you.

I'm sailing out in 5 mins after reaching the club. Is quicker than rigging my windsurf boards, plus no hassle on the handling, it is pure pleasure to launch the As coming from the F18 tanks, but there you always sail with a crew who helps on the handling.  I also sail my daggerless RC16s solo, but it is a little bit heavier than the A, nothing can beat 75kg...

Bottom line is current rule development is showing some stable foiling as seen in this Scheurer G7 video, it also needs some time to learn, but if I have to balance scarifying smooth solo beach launchs for a still to be found perfect 5-25knots bottom inserted foiling solution I stay with current setup, even non flying pre Js conf,  every single time...

fb video