Oct 31, 2014

ISAF Youth Multi: Open letter & Submission by SL16 Class & Sirena Voile

Image: Sime Sokota | Regarding the new inocming selection I really don´t know why ISAF decided to change the Youth Multi again, but as it is clear they wanted a new boat my position and common sense dictated F16 over an invented new class.

As I wrote , for low cost / access we already have the H16 & SL16. I build a RC16 daggerless coremat cat with a 8mts mast similar to the SL16 that it is an excellent school, adult recreational/ youth racing boat.

With current scenario an intermediate step towards de Nacra 17 we have the Formula 16 ,  with a previous step being currently the H16/SL16. An additional key aspect I see together with this , as I wrote too , that only high level youths enter ISAF Youth Worlds.

All in all a pathway to the Nacra 17 calls for a Formula 16. If focus are cost & accessibility  let things as they are with the H16 & SL16. It is not that complicated.
Letter & Submission sent by Vincent Gueho Chairman, SL16 International Class Association.
"We, the SL16 International Class Association and Sirena Voile, published today and Open Letter about the SL16 and the ISAF Youth Worlds. This publication is related to the submission we sent to the ISAF prior the Annual Assembly which is starting tomorrow at Palma de Mallorca in Spain."

- The submission can be found here: http://bit.ly/SL16_Submission
- Full text Open Letter here: http://bit.ly/Open_Letter_SL16

Below excerpt of the Open letter
..."The ISAF is the world governing body for the sport of sailing. This year, the ISAF General Assembly will take place in Palma de Mallorca in Spain from the 1st to the 8th of November.
This meeting gathers members of the ISAF Board, Sub-Committees and Commissions. Heads of MNAs

Atlantic Crossing: 'The Route' on a Multi 23

Images by Christophe Launay / sealaunay.com - After Yvan Bourgnon crashed and destroyed his cruising beachcat at Sri Lanka we got a reality check on this kind of projects. I know a little on this not on doing the sailing but on preparing several Cruising cats currently used in the Patagonian coast. And we have the stories of Beto Pandiani's trips as reference.

Now after Loick Peyron left his vintage Route du Rhum project on a 1967 Walter Green design , to replace Banque Populaire V injured skipper to do the same event , another French sailor (go figure...) will attempt another crazy crossing on a Multi 23' Trimaran. Interesting concept on seeing which is the best cruising option for this beachcat lenght range , for instance how do you recover from a capsize sailing solo on the M23..??

Below some comments by Gilles Morelle sent by Christophe along the images:
"Vincent Beauvarlet is a French sailor. If he started his career as a windsurfer, youth world champion in 1990, he discovered offshore sailing quickly (Route du Rhum, Québec St Malo)… Today, three days before the start of La Route du Rhum, he goes on a long journey from Cancale (France close to St Malo, start of the Route du Rhum) to Guadeloupe (French caribbean island, arrival of the Route du Rhum and where he is born 40 years ago) alone onboard a very small multihull a Multi 23 (VPLP Design ) called “Ocean Love Dream”.

If he won’t go as fast as big multihull as Spindrift, 140 feet, Vincent’ll try to make a new record set of the atlantic cross alone and onboard a dinghy multihull. It’s not holidays, it’s aventure. Vincent, take care !

Oct 29, 2014

Route du Rhum 2014: Departure scheduled for November 2nd

Image sent by Christophe Launay / www.sealaunay.com from St Malo, where more than 90 boats are getting ready for the Route du Rhum 2014.
Official website at www.routedurhum.com

Multis entry list at catsailingnews.com/2014/10/route-du-rhum-2014-multi-skippers-entry.html

Beachcat Round the World: Help funding Yvan Bourgnon - Last Day

-- Final Update : Funding finally reached 40k! 
--Update II: Only 700Euros left to complete the campaign. Link http://www.fosburit.com/projets/projet/yvan-bourgnon-derniere-ligne-droite-autour-du-monde/
--Update: The Campaign is at 92%, today is last day to help Yvan.--
We've been following Yvan's adventure since day 1. After his crew abandoned him, losing main sponsors and crashing his boat in Sri Lanka, Yvan is searching for funding to continue this epic voyage.

Help him through http://www.fosburit.com/projets/projet/yvan-bourgnon-derniere-ligne-droite-autour-du-monde/

Greg Touble from Forward Sailing comments: "He has set up a crowd funding campaign to reach 40.000€. There are still 2 weeks to go for this campaign, and he is at 50% - a bit more right now, so if you can share it would be great ! He still needs our help !

If he can find the missing 20.000€ he will continue.
He is actually in Sri Lanka to rebuild some pieces, and he must take a decision soon about hulls."

Check Yvan's log book past posts at http://www.catsailingnews.com/search/label/Beachcat%20Cruising

Oct 28, 2014

A-Class: Scheurer G7 stable flight @Silvaplana

We are sailing the As here in BA almost every day now, and one of the key aspect for sailing every day is the actual launch. Having tide changes and shallow river coast it is a must for us being able to leave the boat unattended flat in the sand/mud (no sail) for some secs/mins depending on the tide when we go out alone.

Thus changing the rule to allow foil insert from the bottom will literally forbid us to go and sail alone, that is actually one of the best assets on the As, that are giving us a new fever for catsailing every day, on the freedom the no crew gives you.

I'm sailing out in 5 mins after reaching the club. Is quicker than rigging my windsurf boards, plus no hassle on the handling, it is pure pleasure to launch the As coming from the F18 tanks, but there you always sail with a crew who helps on the handling.  I also sail my daggerless RC16s solo, but it is a little bit heavier than the A, nothing can beat 75kg...

Bottom line is current rule development is showing some stable foiling as seen in this Scheurer G7 video, it also needs some time to learn, but if I have to balance scarifying smooth solo beach launchs for a still to be found perfect 5-25knots bottom inserted foiling solution I stay with current setup, even non flying pre Js conf,  every single time...

Oct 27, 2014

Jason Waterhouse Interview: Youth performer to Olympic level, Non Stop

Images: Paula Kopylowicz /Lisa Darmanin, David Lee / Jasper van Staveren / Jason Waterhouse / ACEA
Jason Waterhouse has a great sailing record already with Lisa Darmanin since they were kids. They went through the Hobie 16, F16 to currently race the Olympic Nacra 17 Class, where they finished 3rd at past Worlds in Santander.

I wrote in the past that Jason was going to be the 2020 Olympics Gold Medalist,  but with Lisa they are accelerating time frames and already targeting  Rio 2016.

Jason also started racing single handed in the A-Class this year, with a rather shocking debut at Bordeaux 2014 Europeans.

Australia has their cat legends still sailing, and along them the new generation is learning fast, securing the Aussie tradition of top Multihull performers.

Beyond Rio and Tokyo with Lisa, Jason is aiming to dethrone the mighty Ashby in the A Class.
Grabbing an Olympic Gold Medal & succeeding Glenn in the A-Class it can be the hardest task you can imagine in our sport, but if someone can dream of achieving it, Jason is definitely your nr 1 option.
Jason Waterhouse Interview - by MV/ Catsailingnews.com

- You've been sailing Mixed way before it became mandatory in the Nacra
17. How long you two have been sailing & racing together with Lisa?

Jason Waterhouse : Lisa and I teamed up in 2007 after we decided to campaign for the ISAF Youth Worlds in Denmark we would had both been around 16 at the time, not many people know this but we are also cousins so was an easy way to find a new crew who i had a good relationship with.

- You started sailing a Hobie Dragoon? I've seen you have a title there too, how many titles you have as Youth?

JW - I actually started my catamaran sailing on the Hobie 16 but was invited to come sail the Dragoon at the World Championships in Vigo in 2006 with fellow Australian Chase Lurati where we came away with the win which to be honest was a surprise as it was the first time i had seen the boat and there were lots of great international squads from France and GBR. I have 4 Youth World Championships titles in the Dragoon, Hobie 16 and ISAF Youth Worlds Brazil 2009.

- Hobie 16 is known for their mixed teams,  and it is surely one of the best learning platforms on the skills needed  to sail in high winds. How sailing the H16 have helped you reaching the  level you now have.
JW -
 My parents are die hard Hobie sailors and Dad used to put me on the 16 trampoline for racing since i was 4, the Hobie 16 fleet is really intense here in AUS and thats where i developed my boat handling and fleet racing skills. I think its a good way to get kids into the multihull scene as it also has a very social aspect.

- After the H16 you tried the Formula 16 and became Europeans Champs in 2010. How was the experience on migrating to the F16 racing?

JW - Lisa and I were really fortunate that Darren and Carolijn offered us a free Viper to use at the Euros in Lake Como, it was our first high performance catamaran racing and we really enjoyed it and we went there to learn as much as we could and ended up taking the win which was a surprise but that was a great testament to what Hobie racing teaches you. The racing wasn’t so different but Lisa’s role on the boat became much busier.

- Following your H16/F16/F18 experience you reach with Lisa the new Olympic Nacra 17 Class.
Thoughts on the new Olympic boat compared with what you have sail before?

JW - I love the Nacra for a few reasons i really enjoy the one design racing as it keeps the racing super tight around the

Oct 23, 2014

F18 US Nats 2014, D4: Easton-Burd lead & 'Hat trick' for Arg Smith-Heuser

Zhik F18 US Nats 2014, Day 4: Aereal Shots by van Staveren

F18 Sweden: Raid Noir 2014 (Plus Russian Sub hunting..)

Images by Max Rehman Linder. Nothing better than sail the Stockholm beautiful Archipelago and enjoygin Post Cold War Russian Subs Hunting along the way....! Report sent by Lars Linder: "We had a pretty awesome raid in the Stockholm Archipelago.

This weekend the Swedish F18 sailors had their final race for the season : Raid Noir. This year edition was the best ever from a sailing perspective, but what everyone will remember most is the presence of the Swedish Navy in hunt for the presumed Russian submarine.

The drama began at lunchstop on Saturday when a couple of teams decided to turn back to base due to the forecast with winds over 30 knots at night. The remaining six teams continued leg 2 with a fantastic half wind leading through a tricky passage with some underwater rocks. One of the teams was unlucky and hit a rock so hard that both hulls where damaged. The security boat was able to assist just as one of the hulls sank under water.

The night stop was great with a good sauna, nice food and great company in a private summer house on a private island. In the morning the heavy rain ceased and the wind dropped to a nice 15-20 knots. The last leg started with a 10 Nautical Mile downwind at full speed. It was an amazing sight to see the 5 colourful gennakers hurling downwind round rocks and skerries ans war ships and combat boats in the hunt for Red October."

Oct 22, 2014

Zhik US F18 Nats 2014, Day 3: Easton-Burd lead after 10 Races

Stunt 9: Final Foil Setup Vid

Best video so far for Michele Petrucci's Stunt 9 project.  This session might have some new riders, as Michele already showed us how stable his platform is in this vid catsailingnews.com/2014/02/stunt-9-by-michele-petrucci-flying-in.html.
But I'm also seeing some issues when overpowered or extra lift is generated, as the wands are left airborne without any effective action. Plus a windward heel too.

I've been sailing almost every day past week the Exploder 2014 A-Cat, and I'm able to get airborne in 8knots, though still much to go for stable long ride foiling in that wind. But I'm enjoying pretty much the whole process.

Seeing Ashby with the DNA, Sandro on the Scheurer and Jason with the Exploder live at Bordeaux was a blast on how stable they were flying, Jason was foiling rock solid in 12 knots , I followed him the entire lake lenght after racing, and got me convinced that was all about it, who needs more?

But not all sailors have the skills top A-Cat riders have, and some only want to have fun without racing at all.

For that target you have the Stunt 9, and I think an optimized 'wandless' system can be applied, taking account of the stable foiling mentioned above.

I'm maximizing my hours on the water with the A, although I have my own RC16 that I sail solo with spi, the A-Cat light handling and preparation needed cannot be surpassed, the Stunt 9 is on the same track and can even become the perfect solution for us Catsailing fanatics.

I will still push Michele to go for simpler foil system.
To contact Michele and for more info on the Stunt 9 check https://www.facebook.com/catamaran.stunt
Project log book here in CSN Stunt 9 label.

Oct 21, 2014

Zhik US F18 Nats 2014 @Corpus Christi, Day 2: Southern Knowledge

ISAF Youth Multi: Why to choose the Nacra F16 over the 15.

Pics: Youths Nacra F16 by Nacra. / Left: RBSC Youths racing F16 2014 Europeans on Vipers & Falcons by Laurent Verbeeck/RBSC.

The bids for the new Youth Multihull are now published:  Full document at available Here
Goodall Design desisted on presenting their Viper F16 as an option, as well as Bimare. So Nacra is the only one bidding new alternatives. Glad they put the Nacra F16, as I think it is the best alternative as stated in previous Nacra 15 post.

But the Equipment Committee has recommended the prototype Nacra 15. As I thought the H16 would not do the job for the Olympics, it is clear that  an new Nacra 15 is not necessary at all for top performers Youths and their pathway to the Nacra 17 Olympic Multi. 

- Current Youth Multihulls & Future Youth Multi bids- 

Data Hobie 16 SL 16 Nacra F16 Nacra 15
Hull Length – m 5.05  4.80  5.00  4.70  -0.30 
Beam – m  2.41 2.32  2.5  2.34  -0.16
Weight – kg  145 148 135 140 5
Mainsail m2  14.25  13.8  13.35  13.6  +0.25 
Jib area m2  5.12  3.8  3.7  3.3  -0.4 
Gennaker m2  14 17.0  17.5  16.5  -1
Self Tacker jib No  No  Yes  Yes 
Daggerboards  No  No  Curved  Curved 
Price ex tax  € 12.300,00 € 12.200,00 € 16.500,00 € 11.850,00
Builder  Hobie Cat Sirena Voile Nacra / CMI (Thailand) Nacra / CMI (Thailand)

Nacra 15 has been recommended by ISAF. 
Sometimes I wonder who are running our main sport body organization. Are they active sailors? Have the equipment committee consulted the responsible of the most successful Youth program ? Coach and youths at the Royal Belgian Sailing Club ??
Do these management , decision and recommendation makers have any grasp on what is going on with top performer Youths to recommend a prototype over a established class targeted already by Youths as a pathway to the Olympics  ?

If so, people would now that Youths aiming for an Olympic pathway are currently sailing Formula 16 Multihulls: Falcons, Vipers, Nacras, Cirrus, Bimares, you name it:

RBSC Youths racing the F16 Europeans 2014.

2011 US Youth Multihull Championships in F16s (Vipers)

F16 (Falcon) Video onboard Belgian Youths:

With the Nacra 15 yet another forced, invented and unnecessary Class will be created from scratch.

Do ISAF officials know for instance Henry Demesmaker won the F16 World Title at age 12?????
That he was capable to helm the Flying Phantom with ease as Aurélie Van Schoote did too?  Even Alec Bague crew the FP for Nathan without a problem:http://www.catsailingnews.com/2014/05/rsbc-youth-flying-phantom-carnac.html

So we have these kids already sailing successfully the Formula 16 and even more powerful boats, but we are going to force them to sail a cut off  production F16???

Just check main that Nacra published recently, Those kids look oversized for the 15...: Nacrasailing.com/nacra-15-maybe-the-next-isaf-youth-multihull/

Some of them were also in the Nacra F16 program previous the launch of its 'mini me' 15 as seen in pics above published also by Nacra when they wanted to promote the F16 for Youths.

ISAF Youth Multihull is not for kids to learn how to sail Multis, for that you have

Oct 20, 2014

F18 US Nats 2014, Day 1: Easton-Burd lead after 1

'Flying Dreams'

Sent by Phantom International: "Flying Dreams movie directed by the talented Elsa Blayau is an ode to ocean, water sports and femininity. Based on an original idea from Alex Udin, Elsa Blayau transformed the project to a complete story and brought it to reality with this realization.

The main character is played by Claire-Lise Welter a french water ski athlete double European champion in slalom. Claire-Lise embodies the modern woman, elegant and sporty.
The movie was shot with 2 cameras one Phantom Flex rigged on a stabilized crane and a Sony F55 CineAlta 4K to provide high speed, high quality and high resolution. During two days, more than 20 crews participated to the shooting that took place some miles away from the coast of Brittany.

Phantom International is very pleased to share this movie with you and we hope you will all have Flying Dreams.

Elsa Blayau, Movie Director
“I have known Alex Udin for several years, and each of us has progressed in our respective careers. He turned to me

Oct 18, 2014

HarryProa: Racing Offshore 1 & 1/2 Hull

Never got to understand fully the goal and performance of these Multis. Costs surely might be greatest asset. Above excellent animation render sent by Rob Denney from Harryproa.com
I will get him back with a Q&A to get background on his HarryProas.

Oct 15, 2014

Australia: MHYC Multihull Short Offshore Series 2014-2015

Media Release sent by James Ogivlie.
New MHYC short offshore summer series for multihulls
"The march of the multihulls into mainstream racing is gathering pace with more summer events than ever before set to cater for the NSW fleet.

Last month’s Audi Hamilton Island Race Week enjoyed bumper numbers thanks to a rise in multihull entries and Commodore of the Multihull Yacht Club Queensland, Bruce Weiland, says these days most clubs in Brisbane’s Moreton Bay offer a racing multihull division.

Today Middle Harbour Yacht Club at The Spit in Sydney announced the MHYC Multihull Short Offshore Series for the 2014-15 sailing season and invited owners with Category 4 safety certificates to be part of the inaugural eight-race pointscore.

“MHYC is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and rifling through our archives has revealed the club has been welcoming seaworthy multihulls since the first division was created for them way back in 1988,” said Commodore John McCuaig.

MHYC is the organising authority of the first-time MHYC Multihull Short Offshore Series and in charge of running five of the eight races plus scoring the fleet under OMR (Offshore Multihull Rule) across the season. The Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron at Kirribilli has agreed to start and finish the remaining three races. The multihulls will dovetail into the existing short ocean series races run by these two Sydney clubs, and will start and finish on the same line as the traditional keelboats.

The multihull series will commence on Saturday September 27, 2014 and conclude on Saturday March 14, 2015.

“We are delighted with MHYC’s decision to support a new Saturday multihull series,” said Sean Langman, owner/skipper of the Orma 60 trimaran Team Australia and the man largely behind the push for the monohull and multihull fleets, particularly in NSW, to integrate. “Step-by-step Australia is joining the rest of the planet and enjoying the purity of sailing these boats. All power to MHYC for having the foresight, and to RSYS for getting on board.”

Soon after Christmas and mid-way through the short offshore series Team Australia

F18 Arg, Buenos Aires Week 2014: Krevisky-Lopez Segura Champs

Oct 14, 2014

DIAM 24, 2014 last event: Looking forward to the 2015 Tour

Images by Jacques Vapillon / DIAM 24 Class. Report sent by Charles Haineville.
"Last event of the Diam 24 2014 Series.
8 boats were on the start line during 3 days at La Trinité Sur Mer. We had all kind of conditions, medium winds the first day , light wind the second and strong ( 20-25 knots ) the third.

This event closed the Diam 24 2014 series. It was a great experience for all the sailors to see the reaction of the boat in this type of conditions like the 18knots of the first day. it was exciting !!!

We are all impatience waiting 2015, as it will be a great year for the Diam 24 Multihulls in France when the our fleet will take over the Tour de France à la Voile.
Check here a start short vid sequence taken by the RC boat, where you can see how fast these boats are. Imagine 25 boats next year for the Tour.

Top 3 Results:
1. Le Télégramme contre la muco (B. Amiot) 17 pts
2. Cheminées Poujoulat (Bernard Stamm) 22 pts
3. Ramouna (C. Hainneville) 25 pts

Oct 12, 2014

Dutch Dragoon Cup 2014

Another good work for the kids this time from Netherlands.  The Hobie Dragoon is a great little cat for kids, I've seen them at Carnac, where 4? yrs old where rigging them to go out.
Dragoon Dutch Cup 2014 report Sent by A-Cat sailor Kees Kriger: -- 

"In 2007 Geert Schouten from Catclub Zeeland had the idea to start a youth sailing program with Hobie Dragoons. Nowadays 11 Dutch catamaran clubs are training youth on Hobie Dragoons and since 2010 they have compete the end of the season in the Dutch Dragoon Cup on the Veerse Meer in Zeeland. 

The Dutch Dragoon Cup has become very popular within 5 years, 39 teams entered the 2014 edition. During those five past editions, the best results were scored by the Belgium teams. 
In the past Henri Demesmaeker was a winner of the Dutch Dragoon Cup and is now very successful in the F16, in which he even became a World Champion at the age of 16. 

The final results of the latest edition of the Dutch Dragoon Cup again show Belgium winners in the C3 and the Dragoons, so compliments for their trainers!! http://www.catclubzeeland.nl/clubwedstrijden/DDC_2014.html 

Greetings, Kees Krijger

F18 Arg, Buenos Aires Week 2014, Day 4: Gonzalez Smith-Heuser lead

Oct 9, 2014

Route du Rhum 2014: Multis Entry List

Images: Spindrift by CSN / Prince de Bretagne by Marcel Mochet / Sodebo by Yvan Zeda / BPVII & Happy by Christophe Launay /  Gitana MOD70 by Yvan Zeda /  IDEC by trimaran-idec.com.-
Loick Peyron will not sail by sextant the vintage 'Happy' (Walter Green designed wooden Tri, pic by Launay above) this 2014 edition, he will race BPVII as the original skipper Armel Le Cléac'h was injured weeks ago.

Loick will compete against some fellow French sailors like Energy teammate Yann Guichard, Francis Joyon and others. Peyron will try to grab a title pending for him. Spindrift video on Yann Guichard solo handling the 40mts beast Here. Check boats and skippers table below,  source by Route de Rhum 2014:
Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe 2014 showed in 4 groups :

1/ Le Maxi Spindrift 2 -  Yann Guichard, 40mts Trimaran , ex BPV , biggest Tri ever built 131'-

2/ 100  Trimarans:

- Banque Populaire VII (Winner Route du Rhum 2010) Loïck Peyron, 
- Idec Sport , Francis Joyon  
- Sodebo Ultim' , Thomas Coville.

3/ Maxi80 Prince de Bretagne, 80' ,  Lionel Lemonchois.

4/ MOD 70 adapted to Solo Racing:
- Multi70 Edmond de Rothschild, Sébasien Josse, 
- Musandam Oman Sail, Sidney Gavignet 
- Paprec Recyclage, Yann Eliès.

Boat Lenght Width Weight Mex Sail Surface
Maxi Spindrift 2     40 23 21 804
Banque Populaire VII  31,5 22,5 18 678
Sodebo Ultim    31 21,2 NC 663
Idec     29,7 16,5 11 520
Maxi 80 Prince de Bretagne     24 18,2 7,2 441
Multi 70 Edmond de Rotschild   21,2 16,8 6,3 409
Musandam Oman Sail  21,2 16,8 6,3 409
Paprec Recyclage    21,2 16,8 6,3 409

Oct 8, 2014

Andy Scheurer & the Caviezel bros: Developing the Scheurer G7

This year I had the chance to participate at the Bordeaux 2014 A-Class Europeans, and thanks to the help of Andy Scheurer and Sandro Caviezel I got to sail the G6 and race in the A-Class racing for the first time.

It was a great sailing and learning experience, the A was all I expected to be and I got hooked even more with the boat. I also got to know people that had been part of the Class for many years and still fully involved like Andy Scheurer, Piet Saarberg & Scott Anderson.

Getting to know people like Andy Scheurer who has been shaping the sport along other it was great, it reminded me of my grandfather, who spent his life building rowing boats and coaching.

Andy lent me his own boat to race and was ready to help at any time. Seeing him so happy after the regatta and on the hard work done for the new G7 was one of the highlights of my trip. Photo left: Scheurer G1 "Fighter" , Circa 1976. 2nd Image above: G4 'Woody' version.

I got in contact with Sandro when he was sailing the 18HT as he was sending material to publish in csn. The 18ht Class didn´t survived but he migrated to another light carbon machine, this time the single handed A-Cat.

Sandro and his brother Daniel had both professional Eng background that helped to developed the Scheurer G7 as Andy got them involved in the project.

It ended being a quite successful partnership with Andy re launching he is already winning floating mode G6 platform to the G7 foiling mode. After a few months of development Sandro got a 5th overall at Bordeaux and the European crown.

Below some background on the Andy's A-Class lifetime project and the G7 development plus the Scheurer A-Class evolution gallery from 1976 to date.

Interview with Andy Scheurer , Sandro & Daniel Caviezel.

-- CSN: When did you guys started sailing A-Class and why?
Andy Scheurer: I joined the A-Class in 1975. I guess I joined the A-Class for the same reasons as many others: You don’t need a crew which gives flexibility to go sailing whenever I had time. At that time Dieter Melcher basically started and pushed the A-Class in Switzerland.

-- For how long Andy has been involved with the Class and building As?
AS: I built the first A in 1976. This was the “Scheurer Fighter” (G1). At the same time I was building the Tornado (1972-1993), so I did not continue building As after the G1 until the G2 in 1992/93.

The G3 followed in 2000 and Peter Tobler won the European Championship with the G3 in 2002.

In 2002/03 I built the G4 and in 2006/07 the G5 was launched. The G6 was a modification of the G5 hull shape and was built in 2009/10.

On the G6, Landy became European Champion in Garda, Vice World Champion and Vice European Champion in Barcelona. Finally in 2014 I built the G7 and Sandro became European Champion on the G7 in Maubisson.

Sandro Caviezel: I started sailing the A-Class catamaran in winter 2012. I began sailing catamarans in 2008 with a 18HT catamaran. At this time we had quite a strong fleet in Switzerland and Italy. The class got smaller and smaller.After Bimare lent me an F16 (Prototype) for the F16 Worlds 2011 in Maubuisson, I sold my 18HT and bought a Falcon F16. The F16 worlds 2011 were really great.

As the Olympic catamaran wasn’t selected yet so we kept sailing the F16 where I got in contact with all the top sailors like Daren Bundock, Jason Waterhouse, Carolijn Brouwer and many more…
I really liked the high level racing and in 2012, we tried our best at the F16 Europeans on beautiful lake Como.

We had some great racing with the F16 and the class itself is really great but we decided then to go the next step.

A-Class: I always looked at the A-Class as we have a strong class in Switzerland and as the A-Class got more and more exiting to sail (downwind trapezing for instance), my brother and I decided to sell the F16 and go for an A-Cat.

We choose two used Scheurer G6 – that was in Winter 2012 and that was the first time I got in contact with Andy Scheurer. I really like the A-Class now – I’ve never had so much fun downwind and upwind (especially in the light stuff).

The A-Class is still the greatest boat to sail. Furthermore I like the flexibility with the A-Class, I usually have the boat on the trailer and if I have time to go sailing, I check the weather forecast and just go there. After arriving I need less than one hour to prepare the boat and hit the water.' (Editor: 15 mins took me yesterday)

Daniel Caviezel: I started sailing A-class in spring 2013. I was sailing yachts for many years before sailing F16 with Sandro where I was crewing.

After switching to the A-Class last year I had to learn a lot but it was a also lot of fun. The boat is very fast but still easy to handle since it has only one sail. Sailing downwind on the trapeze with the G6 was easy and a lot of fun.
With the G6 and the C-boards it was already possible to foil between waves if the wind was strong enough.

However, foiling downwind with the G7 is the most exciting sailing experience until now...

-- How did you guys got involved in the Scheurer G7 Devel with Andy?
SC: Sailing was always our passion and after we joined the A-Class we got in contact with Andy Scheurer. We both are really passionate about sailing and so one things came to another…

With my background as a technical engineer, Daniel with his background in computational Science and his company ASCOMP (www.asomp.ch) and Andy Scheurer with his huge experience in building boats and catamarans we got together a perfect combination.

-- Which was the time frame you guys had previous the Euros at Bordeaux?
SC: We started building the G7 in Winter 2013.

-- Which were the improvements or changes done from the Scheurer G6?
SC: We made the following modifications:

.Flatter hulls
.Slightly changed volume distribution
.Increased surface of rear beam attachment because of a wider deck at the rear
.Reinforced transom
.Reinforced daggerboard case
.More comfortable hull extensions to stand on upwind placed such you can put your foot on sailing downwind and get a little bit extra safety

-- You were the first to develop the asymmetric section on the Js boards?
SC: I don’t know about the section on the origin DNA J-board but the Marström C-Board f.e. had already an asymmetric section and I think also the Exploder J-boards that Nathan was using were asymmetric.

-- Daniel told me at Bordeaux he was involved in the devel of a CFD soft, details on the project?
DC: I'm working as product development leader for a company in Switzerland called ASCOMP. The company is developing a CFD software specialized for multiphase flow simulations. I did a lot of multiphase simulations in the past and I was always looking for an opportunity to simulate boats. So when Sandro asked me to do simulations for the development of the new Scheurer A-Class I did not have to think a second about it.

-- Details on the work done with your custom J’s?
SC:We did a lot of development and research with CFD simulations. I think at the end we calculated about 20 different

J shapes, 40 different sections and also some quite extreme flying solutions like moth-style daggerboards, double T-foils, double V-foils, V-foils etc.

The board we finally designed has in floating mode (or in the light stuff) not more drag then the G6-C-Board, is very tolerant for stall while flying and has the right flex to generate enough.

DC:To develop the J-boards we used simulation results of the G6 hull and the C-boards as reference for the new J-boards. The hull simulation gave as an idea about hull drag and lift at different speeds.

The A-class hull has low drag, so it doesn't make sense to produce too much lift with the boards because it will hurt the performance in floating mode and also at high speed. So the new board should not destroy the light wind performance but produce enough lift to foil as soon as foiling has less drag than the displacement mode.

As Sandro explained, we simulated many different shapes and profiles. The final design of the board seems to be quite a good compromise between drag and lift for a large range of boat speeds.

Below are two pictures of simulations. The first one shows the G6 hull in displacement mode, the second picture shows a J-board producing enough lift to foil.

-- Rudders were Exploder ones? Plans for developing own design?
SC: Yes as we were behind the timetable in spring we decided to sail with the Exploder rudders and take the time needed to build our own rudder. As the rudder has to be longer than the classic one it is clear that you add some drag to the boat and the goal is to add as little drag as possible but still have the needed bending strength and torsional strength to fly the boat with boat speeds over 25 knots – quite challenging…

-- Sandro did well with the G7 at Bordeaux, with a good consistent top 5 performance, considering your time sailing the A and the short development the new boat had.
How do you guys feel on this achievement, Euro Champ and the development done?
Andy: All the time, money and efforts spent by everyone involved in the process of developing and building the G7 led to a good boat. All our ideas and their implementation worked quite well at the end. I’m quite satisfied with the performance of the boat.

SC:To be honest, already after the practice race - where I finished behind Glen and Dean - our goal was reached.

Till that moment we didn’t knew exactly about the performance of the G7 and the performance was just amazing. I had very little time on the water because the developing & building process took so much time and the results in Bordeaux are based just on pure boat speed.

I didn’t have good starts and I didn’t sail well tactically but I always got to the leading pack – I mean I was several times in the deep 20 and 30 at the first top mark and ended up in the top 5. So as we put so much effort and energy in to the G7 we were so happy that the boat performed so well! Next step is to sail more and race better!

-- Next steps for the factory / racing / development G7 programs ?- G7 Rudder with new rudder stock
- Complete boom solution with integrated mainsheet
- Go sailing and enjoy!

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