Aug 19, 2014

Gunboat 55: Launching 'Vandal'

This is one of the coolest paint jobs ever. Edit:   Graphics are indeed vinyl wrap designed by a graphic artist, friend of the owners, it was printed & applied by MacDesign out of Newport, RI.
This Gunboat 55 , 'Vandal' is one of a kind among her sister ships. The launch truck is well suited for a 'Gunboat' too. More pics at Gunboat fb page

The other day a client that has bought me 3 RC18 beachcat cruisers to raid the Patagonian Coast sent me a render of a 46' Cruiser he was about to build... it was a Lagoon type of tank, old stuff and I told him he'd better take a look to the Nigel Irens designed GB55 for a modern Cruiser. I sent him later some 3D sketch renders samples I made, will publish later.