Jul 29, 2014

Formula 16 Europeans 2014 @Le Touquet: Day 2

Daniel & Nathan Van Kereckhof lead (Viper) after 5 races with 3 bullets in a close fight with Victor Arnaut & Viktor Klaas in second place 1 pt behind. In 3rd place Manu & Jean Boulogne with the Cirrus Q.
F18 & FP sailor Ben Amiot rewing for Kim Anne Le-Formal in 5th place. No pics available.

Below Day 2 Report sent by Antoine Meunier. Iverall Full results at F16 FB Page
Race 3:
"Wind 16knots from North against the tide which is going up, cloudy in waiting the blue sky promised by forecast this afternoon.
Start in right line like soldiers, to the west the boats are against wind and waves which are begining to developp.
BEL308 is 1rst at the buoy1. At gate, BEL308, FRA80, AUS218, BEL666
- Results:
1 BEL308 Arnout & Klaas
2 FRA80 Emmanuel & Vianney
3 AUS218 Daniel & Nathan
4 BEL666 Kim Anne & Benjamin
5 BEL3 Henri & Emile

Race 4:
Wind 18-20knots, from north against always tide but a little to east 5°.

3 starts with black flags which destroy BEL66 FRA5 NED77 & BEL101.
- Results:
1 AUS218 Daniel & Nathan
2 FRA80 Emmanuel & Vianney
3 BEL308 Arnout & Klaas
4 BEL100 Aurelie & ALec
5 BEL3 Henri & Emile

Race 5:
Wind 14-16knots from North, but the waves become great almost 1-1,5m where the experience makes difference
Start is careful, and quiet to hold the current and waves.
Many capsizes and returns.
- Results:
1 AUS218 Daniel & Nathan
2 BEL308 Arnout & Klaas
3 BEL3 Henri & Emile
4 BEL101 August & Stijn
5 NED66 Feenstra & Sanne