Jun 1, 2014

F18 French Nats 2014: Bontemps-Amiot Champs

3 Days of racing  for the 2014 F18 French Nats held at Yaht Club Bray Dunes, as Sunday saw no wind to complete further races. Saturday's results were final and Gurvan Bontemps & Benjamin Amiot are the new French Champs.
Charles & Maxime Haineville ended nly 1 pt behind, with Thomas Normand & Antoine Joubert 3rd.
Although Bontemps-Amiot won 5 races it was too close, and a final day would have been an additional interesting Match Race for the title, check last two races and full results at www.ycbd.org

Images: 1st & rd from Carnac, rest by Yacht Club Bray Dunes. More pics at YCBD Gallery
Additional images at French Assoc FB

Nice mix of crews for the top ten, Moruniac & Boulogne father & son teams 6th and 7th, and the new local promises Berrehar-le Pomelec 8th. French new generations going strong to keep current dominance of the Class and defend the 3 Worlds Titles obtained in the last 4 years.

On boats Phantom, Cirrus R, Phantom, C2, C2, Cirrus R, Cirrus R, Infusion.
The French teams are the favorites for Ireland Worlds coming next month. Check Worlds Official website at http://2014.f18worlds.com/