Jun 5, 2014

Americas Cup 35: The Fiasco Protocol?

Image: Guilain Grenier: It seems oracle will be competing only against themselves for next AC35 final Match...
If you are Challenger for AC35, don´t you dare to pitch a la Oracle AC72 #1 , if beyond repair you are done.

I've been busy with all the racing going on in the small cat scene, so little time to stop and analyze the released Protocol, also as mentioned the actual AC62 are still pending to be published to the public.
Richard Gladwell from Sail-World.nz reviews main aspects and strong doubts arise on this new Cup format.
How come the Challenger agrees on racing an Americas Cup without a spare cat, as Oracle will be able to do, is beyond any analysis...

After a successful format regarding the racing in Multis all were able to see at SF, and with the possibility to expand the number of participants, Oracle and its Challenger/Partner Team Australia are already putting some noise for next Cup success.

Team New Zealand were my favorites even if they would have ended going back to Monos, and an Americas Cup without NZ it is just a "World Series"...   name some US based sports use to describe in-country competitions.

More with Team Australia giving away advantage to the Defender in such hilarious 2 to 1 boat format.

Read full analysis by Gladwell at Sail-world.com/Australia/Americas-Cup:-New-Protocol-represents-a-substantial-shift-in-rules/122887

- In the other hand Dalton says it is AC ' business as usual '  3news.co.nz , but last time they did had access to a spare or 2nd boat..

- Team Australia Ian Murray on the 2nd boat discussion at Sail-world.com/USA/Americas-Cup:-Iain-Murray-interviewed-on-the-Protocol-and-AC62/121816 , he speaks on fairest rules ever and then agrees with a no brainer against that same statement...:

... "While the one boat per Challenger restriction, is a significant cost saving measure, it has a major flaw. If one team crashes a boat, through a nosedive or capsize and writes it off their campaign is prematurely finished, unless they can mend the boat within the alteration restrictions of the Class Rules and Protocol.

'Unless they can repair it, and a repair doesn’t count as a modification under the restrictions, they will be out,' Murray confirms. The Defender will be treated equally severely, and won't be able to use their second boat in the event of a catastrophic face-plant in the Match. "...

Loick Pyeron speaks on the lack of French teams at catsailingnews.com/2014/06/honoring-past-foiling-cup-interview.html

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