Jun 11, 2014

A-Class: Scheurer G7 Flight & Devel

Andy Scheurer from Scheurer Bootswerft is another builder that nhas put the hours to match new developments in the Class. They flew their new G7 Sandro Caviezel some weeks ago, and now Andy with Sandro are developing further on.
Video ride above looks quite stable, the r&d goal is to improve foiling with waves/chop as latest news from Garda reports some wild rides on those conditions.

Details left & below: Those rudders look a bit too long for our river! We sail F18s with 1,40mts daggers but they can be lifted.

I've been publishing on the Scheurer for a while, and labeled it "The Contender" in March 2011. Landy was 2012 Champ at Arco and vice World Champ at FL in 2012 with the Scheurer G6.
I will be sailing a G6 too with C boards/Winglets at Bordeaux,  thanks to Andy & Sandro.
Now the G7 is on Flying

mode, but from all the Scheurer As, the coolest  (even from the entire fleet of I've been publishing from any brand) is definitely Andy's wooden finish one.

After the new F18 for Arg 2016, I will make a custom A with that looks,  nothing beats a well done wood finish work.
More G7 pics below.