Jun 29, 2014

Round Texel 2014l Crown for Nicole van der Velden & Thijs Visser

Image Sander van der Borch. Great to see Thijs and Nicole winning the major Cat regatta Word Wide. Thijs has a tough time this year when he was left out of the Dutch Olympic team. He didn´t stayed put and went forward looking for a chance to sail in Rio. With Nicole van der Velden they start racing under Aruba colors.
This weekend they won the overall first place of the Round Texel 2014.

Congrats Thijs & Nicole for keeping your dreams alive.

They are sponsored by Neilpryde through Sailcenter.nl
- Texel official website at roundtexel.com/
- Top ten results below.
- Full results at roundtexel.com/news.asp?newsid=552

Position Start# Spi Team finish time corrected time
1 484 Ja / Yes Nicole van der Velden/Thijs Visser 2:38:15.00 2:38:15.00
2 462 Ja / Yes Gunnar Larsen/Lisa Larsen-Westerhof 2:42:53.00 2:42:53.00
3 360 Ja / Yes Jorden Veenman/frank de waard 2:46:22.00 2:46:22.00
4 510 Ja / Yes grant piggott/simon james farren 2:48:22.00 2:48:22.00
5 489 Ja / Yes Simon Northrop/Josh Obrien 2:48:46.00 2:48:46.00
6 414 Ja / Yes Froukje Feenstra/Sanne van Hek 2:56:03.00 2:49:17.00
7 304 Nee / No Frank Van Zeggeren/Jurjen Blokzijl 3:21:32.00 2:49:21.00
8 486 Ja / Yes Ad Noordzij/Maarten Noordzij 2:49:34.00 2:49:34.00
9 427 Ja / Yes Arjan Baas/Roderick Gort 2:49:41.00 2:49:41.00
10 439 Ja / Yes GERARD LOOS/PIETER van RUITENBURG 2:50:13.00 2:50:13.00

Jun 28, 2014

Round Texel Blue Ribbon for the Nacra 20 FCS with Vink & de Munck

Image Sander van der Borch. First Try , first win for the Nacra 20 FCS. More details next week with Peter Vink & Mischa de Munck.--
Round Texel Press Release : Round Texel 1st finishers Vink and De Munck
Texel, 28 June 2014 - The first finisher of the 37th edition of Round Texel was the team of Peter Vink and Mischa de Munck in a Nacra 20 catamaran with custom daggers and rudders, which makes the boat 'fly'. The participants and the organization were treated to plenty of sun and a south-westerly wind decreasing from 12-8 knots. Nearly 300 boats took part with around 600 sailors and 18,000 spectators around the course.

Vink and De Munck fastest cat sailors
Vink and De Munck crossed the finish line at Paal 17 after about 2½ hours, with Xander Pols and Stefan Dubbeldam hot on their heels right up to the finish. Vink and De Munck were about 20 minutes too slow to beat the 2009 record. But the duo is not the winner of the 37th edition of the Round Texel. Their boat’s handicap is not to their advantage. The results will only be given once all the smaller and slower participants have finished.

Champagne sailing
The participants and the organization were rewarded with superb sailing conditions.

Round Texel 2014: Nacra 20 FCS vs, FP vs Mischa's Flying M20

Today the Round Texel long distance race will match 3 foiling weapons. Big stakes to see which and who is the top foiler around in the beachcat racing world. Above the Nacra 20 FCS & Mischa M20 training at Texel.
Follow Live results at roundtexel.com/
Texel Image Gallery at flickr.com/photos/roundtexel/sets/
Texel Open Results at roundtexel.com/2014.asp?infoid=reslist.asp

Jun 27, 2014

A-Cat 2014 Europeans @Bordeaux: Day 5, Ashby secures Crown

No official images... check previous post for some courtesy Paula Kopylowicz - Below report I wrote at IACA website: "Three Races were held today in mixed conditions. First race was 4-5knots, top rider and light wind specialist Matthias Dietz won took a bullet from Ashby, who proceed later to standard labor day winning the last two.
The second and third race had good trapeze conditions upwind and pressure for the downwind legs with some going for foiling in the Silver too.

Steve Brewin had two RDG/3 to climb upto the 3rd place overall after scoring today 5,2,2.
Sandro Caviezel continued his average excellent results with 3rd & 4th for the last two races, but got a 35th in the 4-5knots first race.
Steve Brewin placed a protest on that race, more info tomorrow.

Jason Waterhouse also got caught offguard on the calm with a 24th and later recovered with 5,5.

Tomorrow a final 10th race is scheduled for 11AM.
Glenn Ashby is virtual European Champ 2014.
No images available from the organization and Paula still has to save us a again posting her great daily pics
that were the only source to show some action this week at Lac d'Hourtin."
Personal experience:
On my sailing I could finish 3 more races. The first one still hard to get the A going in 4-5knots downwind. The second race had perfect trap conditions and I scored a 16th,  best results so far and was for a better results if I could nail tacks/transitions better, my speed is quite good with the Scheurer G6, a real weapon upwind once more.

Third race there was some good light breeze to trap upwind but I didn´t race the course well.
That 16th in the Silver was as close as my aim  for this event , with now 6 days sailing an A.
Next year the Arg fleet might return to Europe with even more boats. We were 5 this time.

On the way back, I saw Jason foiling as stable as the FP , he was not racing but quite impressive.
In the Silver fleet some try foiling but it didn´t payed as the breeze was not that stable.

Top 20 Below.
Full Results at http://www.cerclevoilebordeaux.com/classeA/resultsA/resultat/european-final-vendredi.htm
Official website http://www.cerclevoilebordeaux.com/classeA/home.htm

A-Cat Europeans 2014, Thursday: Rest Day Freesailing + Bordeaux

Jun 25, 2014

A-Cat Europeans 2014 Day 3: 'Bordeaux Wine' Sailing

Images: Gordon Upton for Ashby one. Rest Paula Kopylowicz / Exploder.info - Full Gallery Day 3 by Paula at facebook.com/exploder.info --
Today the racing was delayed and the CVB nailed it. Perfect sailing conditions, +15-17knots steady breeze. It was airtime for the newer foils equipped boats and full speeding for the floating fleet.  Best day so far of the Europeans at Lake Hourtin.

Glenn Ashby continued his usual bullet collection to lead the championship by 5 points over Jason Waterhouse (3,3).
Ashby is sailing a Dna with latest stepped + asymmetrical section foils.
Jason has the latest production Exploder foils with longer T rudders.

In 3rd place my good friend Sandro Caviezel on the flying Scheurer G7. Hat off to him, Daniel and specially to Andy Scheurer for the excellent work done in so little time.
Today I congrats Andy, he was really happy and after many compliments he told me "Ok, yes, I did a good work"... Bet you did Andy.

From all the top boats the Scheurer was the last to develop flight mode. Only months ago they implemented their first sets of daggers developed by Daniel and Sandro, and now they are at the top of a fully talent packaged Europeans, with the best boats and best sailors in the World.

Landy keeping his average low scores to hold 4th and Barker gain 13 spots from yesterday with a 5 , 2nd for a 5th overall.

The German Nikita 
Light wind specialists, Matthias Dietz & Georg Reutter, were 3rd & 4th overall yesterday. Today they lost some points today but still 7th & 13th overall.
Both sail the legendary Nikita built by Nils Bunkenburg. I spoke with them today, and their attitude on the foilers was pretty practical. Matthias is learning on a Exploder and Georg sails in a light wind Lake, their opinion on the fighting boats passing them in the breeze: "Well, all ok, we have to accept it , all good" .
It was really good to see that attitude and them concentrating on excelling in their favorite conditions.

Fleet B
On the B fleet Philippe Presti , Oracle sailing coach, got 1 & 1. Abdon Ibañez scored 2,2 and 2013 French Champ, Hervé Ledue with 6 & 9th is leading the Siver fleet.
Thibault Laudren with the Askell floating mode is 4th in the same fleet. Tibo got me pushing today in the breeze when we crossed at the gate in race 2.

The Argies improved and our two best sailors, Rodger & Mehl were getting in the breeze and followed Presti around the course. Ian foiled and was top ten when he capsized hard on a downwind airborne run, receovered for a 16 , and a 5th in the last one. Mehl was in the top 5 and capsized at the off-mark. Next year they will be on the Gold fleet for sure.

Personal Experience
5th day for me on the As and it was one of the best racing/sailing days ever, perfect conditions to finally push the Scheurer G6 / Saarberg / Landy around.
Upwind it was a real weapon, I couldn´t believe how I was passing others on the angle and speed, of course in each tack and maneuver I lost every meter the boat gave me! but I was really impressed.

Downwind I didn´t trapeze as I wanted to be conservative and finish the races after several dnf/dns. In the breeze I never felt pitch risk, although the bows were submerging a bit at times, with a smooth transition.
The breeze was full on overpowered for moments, and it was a blast sailing the A around the Course.

The last race we did 4 rounds or 8 legs, and it was hard to keep focused. I was fast but I need to improve my tacks and transition / maneuvers. The biggest achievement was finishing both races in that breeze,  got 26 & 25 and I will aim for more for the rest the event.

To end a perfect day , I went trapezing downwind to the Club to find out that the G6 with standard curved boards / winglets  foils no effort in those conditions.
Just putting the foot on the strap made boat boat airborne, just like that I was foiling to my surprise, made some meters but got back heeled every time as I didn´t knew how to react, didn´t expect that on this setup and it is a final closure for any possible discussion on avoiding foiling with this same set up.

- Image Gallery by Paula Kopylowicz at facebook.com/exploder.info
- Official Website cerclevoilebordeaux.com/classeA/home.htm
- Top sailors Gold & Silver below
- Top Gold & Silver below: Full Results at cerclevoilebordeaux.com/classeA/resultsA/resultat/european-final-bis_s.htm


A-Cat Europeans 2014 @Bordeaux: Images by Paula Kopylowicz

All images Courtesy of Paula Kopylowicz / Exploder.info - Full Gallery at facebook.com/exploder.info
Event Official Website cerclevoilebordeaux.com/classeA/home.htm
Results at cerclevoilebordeaux.com/classeA/resultsA/resultat/european_classea_s.htm

Jun 24, 2014

A-Cat EuroS 2014 Day 2: Ashby, Waterhouse, Reutter, Dietz, Badzio

A-Cat Europeans @Brodeaux: Images by the British Assoc

No official images yet... All images by the British A-Class Association . More at their FB Page

F16 Worlds 2014 @Newport: Schedule

Formula 16 Worlds will start today at Newport , Rhode Island. The Class has acquire International status some years ago. Youths Ravi Parent & Sam Armington, Robbie Daniel, the McDonalds and the Glaser among the favorites.
Check entry list at http://f16worlds2014.org/

-Saturday, June 21
Charter Boat Deliveries
Brooke Gonzalez Advanced Racing Clinic (Youth)
-Sunday, June 22
Advanced Racing Clinic continues
-Monday, June 23
9am - 6pmRegistration and measurement
2pmPractice race
6pmOpening ceremony
-Tuesday, June 24
Racing Day 1
-Wednesday, June 25
Racing Day 2
-Thursday, June 26
Racing Day 3
5pmHarbor Hot-Dog Competition
-Friday, June 27
Racing Day 4
5pmPrize Giving

Jun 23, 2014

A-Cat Europeans @Bordeaux: Day 1, Ashby Leads

No pics available yet. Left : The Argies A-Cat rookies learning & struggling on the water & light wind racing, but enjoying the trip. Ian had a better day though, holding 48 overall and with Mehl/Armesto they can score some more top 20s with more wind.
'Asado' to celebrate after the racing today with a good local wine from Bordeaux. 

We are having a blast learning to sail the As, 117 boats on the Entry list.
Results at cerclevoilebordeaux.com/classeA/
I wrote a report on conditions at A-Cat.org/?q=node/429 , more details tomorrow.

Heemskerk M20 for Texel: Foil Testing

Mischa Heemskerk is preparing himself a weapon for this 2014 Round Texel  edition. Check the double rudder system. Check more pics at his fb page.  
I'm currently at Bordeaux. Info on the A-Class Europeans later today.

Jun 20, 2014

GT300 2014: Report by Philippe Bettler

All Images GT300 FB - The GT300 continues to provide Texas catsailors a 300 miles coastal ride. The F18s are excellent tough boats for this kind of races, but surely wont stand a direct hit as seen in video below , after sailing 100miles ending like that should have hurt the spirit more than the damage on the boat itself. But it is part of the GT300, as stage finish are right there on the beach. Results at www.gt300.com

Report by Philippe Bettler:
"This was the 12th running of the Great Texas 300 (miles), a long distance race from the Texan border with Mexico to the bay of Galveston. The race is organized in 4 legs, the first 2 totaling over 200 miles with the remainder on the last 2. As usual, for the last leg, the participants of the Dash join the fun. This year 8 boats (6 C2, 1 Tiger, 1 Inter 20) registered for the full GT300 while 18

Jun 18, 2014

Stunt 9, Personal Cat Foiler by Michele Petrucci: Pursuing stable flight II

The guy who is having the most stable flights on a cat right now is Michele Petrucci riding his Stunt 9.
Michele continues refining this personal flying watercraft and he is leading the way on the double Moth / Wand system solution for Multis. Leaving the pressure to optimize under rules to others Michele can play at will with foils & active system of his choice. Video above from this past week.

- For more info & contact him go to facebook.com/catamaran.stunt
- Check the Stunt 9 from a rib here catsailingnews.com/2014/02/stunt-9-by-michele-petrucci-flying-in.html
- Michele's design concepts at catsailingnews.com/2014/02/stunt-9-by-michele-petrucci-optimizing.html

Jun 17, 2014

Grainger new Tri: 'Fuel 30'

Tony Grainger has launched the Rascal 25 some months ago. Now the Fuel 30 takes the 25' same foil conf with fitted on the Raw 30 base platform (left sailing image), which is the best looking designed Tri ever in my view which of course it is another weapon designed by Grainger.

For years I've been publishing his work (Check Grainger Label), and his designs get better with time. On the foil setup and with the experience in smaller cats like the As, N17, N20 , it is clear that they can provide a safer ride. And for a Racer-Cruiser Tri provides added performance.

Even more with the winglets this version also is offering.
Below Tony description of this new project. Check also  rocketfactorytrimarans.com or contact graingerdesigns@gmail.com for more info.
Sent by Tony Grainger:
Rocket Factory Trimarans,  FUEL30
"The Rocket trimarans were designed specifically to bring true high performance sailing to easily trailerable trimarans in the 22’ to 30’ size range.
There are four models in the Rocket Range and the FUEL 30 is the pacemaker of the four.

FUEL30 is developed squarely on the RAW30 platform, using the same hull and beam configuration with a few important tweaks that take the FUEL30 to the next level in performance, style and practicality. The floats have a slightly finer entry and more rake in the stems. They maintain the same buoyancy and displacement distribution by slightly increasing the height of the sheer line forward.

Twin rudders are standard on the FUEL for

Forward Sailing

Sent by Greg Toubel / Forward Sailing  Nice video to show who is using their gear. I highly recommend their Impact vests & Helmets. Thanks to them and all the other brands supporting CSN I was able this year to travel to Europe, this coming week I will be sailing & reporting the A-Cat Europeans at Bordeaux.

A-Cat Europeans @Cercle Voile Bordeaux, June 21-29: Ashby & Barker In

This 2014 Europeans at Bordeaux are going to be an unofficial Worlds, with all the top riders present and 116 boats in the starting line. Europeans web cerclevoilebordeaux.com
Preview with event Coordinator Hervé Ledue at a-cat.org/?q=node/388

The event could be a nice chance for James Spithill to walk his latest talk, having the chance to race a 1 to 1 match against Barker. 

Check entry list at cerclevoilebordeaux.com/classeA/race-docA/listes-inscritsIn January 2011 Barker ended 5th behind

A-Cat North Americans 2014 @Sail NC: Report by Peter Johnstone

Flying Phantom @Bol d'Or 2014: 6:21hrs & 11th (Unofficial)

Image Phantom International. PR excerpt: "The unofficial time for the Flying Phantom recorded on the finishing line by the team was 6 hours and 21 minutes, with a “virtual” position just after Hydros.ch that finished 9th with a time of 06 h 18mins 25 s and ahead of the first M2, GSMN Genolier in 06 h 24 mins 02 s. Skipper Dona Bertarelli, Yann Guichard and the crew of Ladycat powered by Spindrift racing won this 76th with a time of 05 h 38 mins."

Gurvan Bontemps & Benjamin Amiot are one of the top F18 crews in the World, and they also have by now lots of Raid & Long Distance racing hours. Doing the Bol d'Or is not an easy endeavour, finishing near some big M1 cats and in front of several M2 is even more impressive. With dead calm the FP struggles as seen at Geneve-Rolle but with some decent wind the the performs as we saw at Carnac and now at the Bol d'Or.
You have the tool but experienced and first class sailors like Gurvan & Ben are key. Check their comments on the experience below. The Texel is going to be quite interesting to follow.

Bol d'Or Real Times Here
Press release FP: Flying week in Geneva: Bol d'Or & Testing sessions.
From June 7th to 15th, the Phantom International team moved its operational base to the Société Nautique de Genève in Geneva to take part in the Geneva-Rolle-Geneva, to present the Flying Phantom to Swiss sailors and race around Lake Geneva with the fleet of the Bol d’Or Mirabaud.
With six boats already ordered in Switzerland for a total of