Jul 30, 2014

Nacra F20 FCS vs Flying Phantom

Updat: Informal Upwind Test Video made in BA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcPLiIPVgaY  -- Sailing Images Pierrick Contin & Sander van der Borch. - I've been asked several times on which boat to buy

, specially from guys here in Arg. I have only sail the Flying Phantom so I will just stick to actual data / features / matching pics to compare.
As I have a full detailed archive on the FP from Carnac but not much available on details on the F20C FCS.
Also videos available and comparative results against non foilers in Carnac & Texel.

Boat /Det Nacra F20C Flying Phantom
Platform Lenght 6,2 5,52 Mts
Platform Width 3,2 3 Mts
Mast 10,45 9,6 Mts
Jib 5,2 5,5 m2
Main 21 18 m2
Spi 28 24 m2
Weight 170? 155 Kgs
Rudders T Winglets T Winglets
Foils C+L C+L
Price 34K Euros* 32K Euros*
Desingers Morrelli Melvin Martin Fischer

- Foils are the main aspect where they differ (beyond boat size). In the daggerfoil  'C' shape, the F20C has an added 'S' section in the top. The FP lower section foil is more of  'V' , while the F20C goes for a more straight 'L'
- Rudder setup is quite similar. Both T Winglets. Different system on joints.
- Carbon Snuffer for the FP & Ring + socket for F20C

- Weight for the F20C FCS is not disclosed, F20C standard was 170kg.

As the FP didn´t finished at Texel, it would be nice to see them at Carnac next year and then Texel again.So we just have comparative results against non foilers. See table  below along videos for each.
Next year we might get a complete review on both. For now this is the data/material available to do any comp.

I know which I would buy with the $, but my recommendation for buying a +30k boat is trying to sail both and then decide.

For more info pics, vids & technical articles on both boats Labels :

Texel 2014
Pos Boat Foils Crew Real Time GAP
1 Nacra F20 Carbon FCS Yes  Peter Vink/Mischa de Munck 02:30:39 00:01:02
2 Nacra F20 carbon No  Xander Pols/Stefan Dubbeldam 02:31:41
3 Nacra F20 carbon No  Alex Noordstrand/Oscar Eelkman Rooda 02:31:50

Carnac 2014
Pos Boat Foils Crew Real Time GAP
1 Flying Phantom Yes Gurvan Bontemps / Benjamin Amiot 02:05:20 00:20:47
2 F18 Cirrus R No Morgan Lagraviere / Arnaud Jarlegan 02:26:07
3 F18 Infusion MKII No Iker Martinez / Ferdinand van West 02:26:56