Apr 29, 2014

Flying Phantom @Eurocat Carnac 2014: 'C'est Magnifique'

Incredible Day at Carnac & La Trinité, one of my best days ever on the water and I even not sail...
Early we went with to look for the 'tender' boat, an offshore style built Norwegian Goldfish, capable of 65knots (we did 60..) Meanwhile Gurvan and Benjamin were setting and tuning the FP.
We reach la Trinite by car with Maurice, launched the boat and went to flying to Carnac after getting such a good Pro and person like Pierrick Contin, plus a filmmaker.

The afternoon had Perfect sailing conditions, flat 10-+12knots , clouds and mixed sun moments made a perfect scenery.

We picked up Henry Demesmaeker, the guys went out and started foiling upwind easily. Champagne sailing all the way, later downwind sans spi, and some match ups with Pigot on his F18. Holding upwind very good, downwind is another game altogether.

After some super photo session where I took the pics above, Henry got onboard to crew first. When helming he grabbed the pace in no time.
It was good to see him sailing and foiling in no time. HIs future is bright.I will have a dedicated post wit Pierrick's image and a filmed q&a we made.

Seeing the foiling live is even more surreal than the videos.

Going back to the port we saw Spindrift , that is training in this waters.

Carnac & La Trinité are just beautiful places to visit, if you sill didn't come to the Eurocat , do it next year. Event starts on Friday.

More pics , videos and reports later here and in CSN FB.