Mar 24, 2014

Nacra F20 FSC 2014: Production Flight

Nacra has been testing the F20 in flying mode for a while. We published a short video weeks ago. Now they are ready to launch the Production series. Being associated with Morrelli & Melving since the Infusion F18, Nacra has slowly dethroned Hobie as the major racing cat vendor. They now have 4 (F16, F18 Inf, Olympic N17, F20c) modern racing cats including this foiling F20 that will fight the high end target with the Flying Phantom.

I commented on a private mail last week that the sales on the Flying Phantom and the Nacra F20c are going to be defined by the price plus the Raids / Long Distance event & Texel performances. And after seeing today's FP video I'm even more convinced.
The FP has some advantage but Nacra will push the envelope, they have the resources now with the great success of the Olympic N17.

At this stage and in my view Hobie should retake the path of his founder, Hobie Alter, one of then most innovative surfers/sailors in history. More from a compnay that in the 80s launched he production TriFoiler under the Hobie brand.

More details later on the FCS (TNZ foils) with Fer van West that has worked with MM in the design. Also some Q&A on current/future Nacra plans with Peter Vink.

Image/info below sent by Peter Vink: "Here you have a visualization of how the Nacra F20 Carbon with FCS (Flight Control System) will look. The foils and rudders are designed by Morrelli & Melvin! The first boats will sail in April this year!

In the render we can see:
- The new full carbon rudder FCS system
- The new full carbon FCS foils that can be adjust in fore and aft rake
- The new full carbon FCS T rudder