Feb 21, 2014

A-Class: World General Meeting Official Minutes

The AGM minutes are officially published at IACA's official website. On the rules issues below is an excerpt.
Read complete Minutes report at www.A-Cat.org
c. Removal or rule 8.2 by UK, DEN, ESP. This vote was to agree to a ballot to remove rule 8.2. The votes were 56 in favour and 49 against. As the 2/3rds majority was not reached the motion was defeated. 

d. Removal of rule 8.2 for a trial period of 2 years by GER, DEN, UK. Similar voting as previous except that SUI voted no and ITA yes. Motion defeated as 2/3rd majority not attained. The votes were 62 in favour and 43 against.

e. Rule 8.1, reduction of 1.5 m rule supported by GER, DEN, UK. After some discussion this motion was rejected as not being properly worded.

f. Removal of rule 8 on a trial basis for 1 voting period with a ballot following. Votes cast were the same as 8.1 and therefore defeated. In favour 56, against 49.


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