Feb 27, 2014

"2013 CSN Boat of the Year": Nacra 17

Images: Thomas Zajac // Tanja Frank - Sailingteam  / Jesús Renedo-Mapfre Sofia. 
Not having a reliable voting system this time prevented an efficient poll process, although the N17 got more 'Likes' in the poll,  I decided to do like last year and define the CSN myself. -
In 2012 Team New Zealand Flying 72 was the CSN of the Year, Oracle end winning the Cup but only after improving the Kiwis breaktrouhg concept.//
The process of having Multis back to the the Olympics can be found here in CSN archives. After a long process and hard work & lobby by several people including the late Nick Dewhirst ,  the mulithull community forced ISAF arm to get cats back to the Games.

ISAF then decided to issue a mandatory Mixed crew for Multis, and wrote a set of recommendations for the new boat. When all was to be defined between the Viper and the Tornado , Nacra made a bold last minute move when they decided to bid with the Nacra 17.

Larsen & Vink got together again with Pete Melvin (Nacra Infusion/F20C/F16) to develop a specific boat for the trials. Taking advantage that the F18 decided and forced the builders not to present bids, Nacra went for a lightweight updated version of it.
Based in their F16 platform, they enlarge the hulls to get a wider wind/weight range, but cautiosly stop cms of being a full 18' footer, thus labeling it the '17'.

Adding curves boards that were tested and produced in their Nacra F20 Carbon , (You can trace those C boards to Nils Bunkenburg Nikita A-Class) , plus a carbon mast (9mts) and lightweight construction they instantly offered  the boat I labeled "The Candidate" to finally win the Santander trials.

The problem was they didn´t had a class formed, the Viper had the advantage in that area, fact that I thought it would prevail in the end.
The Tornado Class presented some pristine 'old' boats

Feb 26, 2014

Yvan Bourgnon Round the World on a 20' : Now in 'Solo' mode.

Image Denis Tisserand. Sorry Beto, but Bourgnon is way nuts than you mate. He is the King of nuts Catsailors.
Yvan was left without his main sponsor support early in the trip, and in Martinique his crew also left.
Leaving Bourgnon to continue his round the world trip Solo... Alone.
He is looking for additional support Visit his site for more info ledefidyvanbourgnon.com

Someone need to open a group funding for him, people give money away for fantasy ACup challenges and other strange stuff, this is way a more noble cause.

Update from Forward Sailing:
"He just finished the first part of his adventure: The Atlantic. He arrived in Panama the 9th of February, after a 10000km trip from Les Sables d’Olonne, where he left the 5th of October.

Yvan is going well, despite of some problems with his skin, the boat is in perfect condition, many optimizations have been made to make more reliable, and Yvan did not have any problem since he reached Le Marin in Martinique.
Yvan is reassured at this stage because his boat is really safe and efficient, his system to redress the boat after a capsize works very well (he already had 2 opportunities to valid it), and the skipper is able to sail around the world alone!

After a few days to cross the Panama Channel and finalize all the administrative details, Yvan should leave soon for the Galapagos Islands, before THE step of his project: between Galapagos and Marquesas Islands, which should last around 4 weeks… "

F18 Newsletter #7 , February 2014

Image above, Mixed sailing in the F18 , Blando-Bosco won this weekend in BA against the top local male crews.|
Sent by Don Findlay, Gral Sec International Formula 18 Catamaran Association
Newsletter No 7.
February 2014.

Dear F18 Sailors,
"The International Formula 18 Catamaran Association (IF18CA) are delighted to announce that they have joined forces with Jasper van Staveren to help support the marketing, communication for the F18 sailors. This is a major step for the Class and shows real confidence in the future at a time when multihull sailing has been so much in the public arena with the Olympic N17 and the success of the AC72’s.

Jasper is 37 years old and lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After he got his Bachelor Degree in (marketing) communication he worked for 15 years in management roles at a large Telecom company in the Netherlands. In July 2013, he started his own company in communication, extreme sport photography and freelance text writing. He knows the F18 builders, coaches, sailors and most of the youth so knows what’s going on in the catscene.

Jasper will be attending to report on F18 regattas, as well as articles on key sailors in every F18 country and also talking to the technical people to give a real insight into their views on F18 racing.

Feb 25, 2014

Extreme Series @Singapore: Pierre Le Clainche's report

Image above: Lloyd Images. Former Youth F18 World Champ helm, Pierre le Clainche suffered a tough injury in his arm while racing with Red Bull last year at Qingdao. After a long recovery period, that included several SUP sessions, he had the chance to sail again in the X40s with Cammas at Singapore. Pierre also came with Antoine Joubert to Buenos Aires to race in our F18 fleet back in 2011 and we expect him again for 2016. 
I'm Glad to see him back!

Report by Pierre: "I went to Singapore ready to sail, see all my X40 friends to let them know and show them that I’m back after a long recovery (1st May accident in Qingdao).

Saturday morning (a few hours before the crash) I received a SMS from Tanguy who wanted to invite me to the Groupama tender to see the regatta (I was in Alinghi Rib’s the other days) and getting ready in case of Sophie couldn’t have done the races after a little injury the day before.

I jumped onboard and enjoyed the regatta until the massive crash caused by Aberdeen

A-Class: Takapuna outcomes by Dario Valenza

Too much 'radio noise' , including my thoughts on the matter, so as always it's better lo read directly what the guys putting the hours building the boats are thinking. 
Text sent by Dario Valenza, Paradox builder. PJ from Dna next. Letter Dario addressed to IACA president Andrew Landenberger:

"Dear Class President,
Being a relatively new participant in the A Class, I thought it right to refrain from supporting either position prior to the vote on Rule 8. It seemed to me that those entering the Class do so accepting the rules. Being fast while staying inside rule constraints is part of the challenge.

Moreover, having invested as a manufacturer in developing a boat within the existing rule, any advocacy for or against a change could have been viewed as serving a commercial interest.
While I still believe that it is not my role to promote an outcome, certain facts have emerged in the lead-up to and during the Worlds that point to a change being necessary to keep the Class healthy - Something I certainly do have an interest in.

It has become inescapable that Rule 8, as currently worded, has failed to achieve the intended outcome. It follows that it should be either tightened with clearer wording or deleted.

Which option will best serve the Class is a matter for debate. However the dilemma of the legislator teaches us that a revised wording is likely to also fail: Any wording chosen to expresses an intent in the mind of the writer will be tested by being applied ‘to the letter’ by those responsible for enforcing the rule (in law this is the gulf between the legislative and the judicial). The writer is not able to conceive of every possible application of the chosen wording that could circumvent the intent. We cannot today write a rule that prevents some future unforeseen technology achieving what we seek to prohibit. This is because we cannot with simple wording

F18 Arg, YCA 'Corbeta Patagon' 2014: Esteban Blando & Eugenia Bosco 1st

F18 Chile: 2014 Nats for Del Rio & Gonzalez Smith

Feb 24, 2014

Stunt 9 by Michele Petrucci, Flying in 8knots tws

At last...! I've been telling Michele to shoot from the rib for a year now.. Nice vid of the Moth style/equipped small flying cat.

Looks quite stable for moments in not much wind. Keep them coming Michele.
For more info about the S9 check http://www.catsailingnews.com/2014/02/stunt-9-by-michele-petrucci-optimizing.html

EXSS @Singapore 2014: Alinghi 1st

Formula 16 Worlds 2014 @Newport

Sent by Thomas Koening: Formula 16 Worlds 2014: Sailing festival in Newport/ Rhode Island.
"Sailing Newport will host the 2014 Worlds of the International Formula 16 Class Association. From June, 24th until Friday, 27th the class of the light and fast beach catamarans will race at one of the most exposed venues in sailing. Although being a multi-generation catamaran, the Formula 16 boats have been the nursery of many crews sailing the Olympic Nacra 17 today.

After Henri Demesmaeker was crowned the youngest World Champion ever apart from the optimist dinghy in Travemuende last year, let’s take a thorough look on young hotshots showing up in Newport, dropping their calling card for future F18 or Nacra 17 racing. Registration is open for double-handed and singlehanded crews. Charter boats will be available. "

Further information on http://f16worlds2014.org/.

Viper Worlds 2014 @CVBErquy

Sent by the  French Viper Assoc: 
2014 Viper World Championships
"It is with great excitement that we are proud to announce that the first VIPER World Championships will take place this summer in France in Erquy, from 19 to 25 July 2014.

We have been to this Venue for the 2010 F18 world championships and know firsthand that is a great place to sail. Located on the north cost of Brittany, Erquay is a small town that is not short on natural beauty and history. "

- 19 July: Registrations, boats checking.
- 20 July: Registrations, boats checking, practice race and opening ceremony.
- 21-22-23-24-25 July: World races.
- 25 July: Price giving ceremony at the end of the day.
- 26 July: Spare day.

Join the Facebook event page for all the updates and information on the venue and accommodation:

Feb 22, 2014

Soft Winged F18

Sent by Guillaume Yvon. This could be a good performance alternative (Disclaimer: not for the F18 Class.. before I start getting mails) ,a future refined soft/inflatable wing, like the ones they are testing in Winsurfing for years now , and we posted in 2011: http://www.catsailingnews.com/2011/02/ac-34-rules-change-one-wing-for-all.html

Feb 21, 2014

EXSS 2014 @Singapore: Day 3

Crash at the EXSS Singapore. More info at  extremesailingseries.com. Check sequence at youtube.com

F18: Official Updated Cloth List

IF18CA President, Olivier Bovyn informs that the Class updated Cloth List has been published at ISAF Website. Check details at http://www.sailing.org/classesandequipment/20032.php?nocache=1

A-Class: World General Meeting Official Minutes

The AGM minutes are officially published at IACA's official website. On the rules issues below is an excerpt.
Read complete Minutes report at www.A-Cat.org
c. Removal or rule 8.2 by UK, DEN, ESP. This vote was to agree to a ballot to remove rule 8.2. The votes were 56 in favour and 49 against. As the 2/3rds majority was not reached the motion was defeated. 

d. Removal of rule 8.2 for a trial period of 2 years by GER, DEN, UK. Similar voting as previous except that SUI voted no and ITA yes. Motion defeated as 2/3rd majority not attained. The votes were 62 in favour and 43 against.

e. Rule 8.1, reduction of 1.5 m rule supported by GER, DEN, UK. After some discussion this motion was rejected as not being properly worded.

f. Removal of rule 8 on a trial basis for 1 voting period with a ballot following. Votes cast were the same as 8.1 and therefore defeated. In favour 56, against 49.


Feb 20, 2014

Nacra 17 , French Team training @Morocco

While the Dutch team already, and maybe too early, reduced their team, the complete French squad keeps training together: Besson, Vaireux, Vandame, Ogerau , Cammas and the list goes one. Clear group of favorites right now, so much talent sailing together is and aiming for one spot it is only good news for French Olympic hopes for Rio. Check full airborne transition above. Video below.

EXSS 2014, Singapore: Day 1

Feb 19, 2014

Seacart 26: Caribbean Sessions 2014 Schedule

Sent by Calle Hennix: "The SeaCart 26 Team has a boat in a 40 ft container on it’s way to the Caribbean. To shake the winter chill out of our systems we have two regattas scheduled; the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta 34 and the 3:rd Les Voiles de St Barth. The Bucket Regatta at St. Barth or/and the BVI Spring regatta is also in our minds. Feel free to make an acquisition for a thorough check out or test sail around the regattas. Keep safe and see you where the palm trees rules!"
News section link . www.seacart26.com

Extreme 40s, 2014 Series

This year the series regain the level of teams they had previous AC34 and the support of a major sponsor like Land Rover. Groupama, Alinghi, Team New Zealand & JP Morgan are among the team highlights.  I hope they can get more wind this year, as it maybe a nice promotional show for the big cities but if no wind the show the X40s can provide, will be diluted and they might change Extreme by 'Parade'...

I still remember the X40s show at Cowes when they were dedicing if cats were to be chosen for AC34. To compare the AC45 circuit had wind in almost all locations, Venice maybe was the exception.
Teams lineups at www.extremesailingseries.com

Feb 18, 2014

IF18CA invests in Communications & Promotion

Press Release by Gral Sec Don Findlay:
The International Formula 18 Catamaran Association (IF18CA) are delighted to announce that they have joined forces with Jasper van Staveren to help support the marketing, communication for the F18 sailors. This shows real confidence in the future of the Class at a time when multihull sailing has been so much in the public arena with the Olympic N17 and the success of the AC72’s.

Jasper is 37 years old and lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After he got his Bachelor Degree in (marketing)

A-Class Worlds @Takapuna: Final Day vid by Arg Marine Media

A-Class Worlds: Ashby Rudder setup

Last week Dario Valenza from Paradox told us about the L foil Ashby and the part of the TNZ was using. Worth posting it again as it was the winning rudder setup on the Dnas. Daggers were standard factory J shape.
Report sent by Dario Valenza / Carbonic Boats:

"Hello from Takapuna, It is certainly a very interesting regatta with a lot of diverse and good ideas being tested by many in the great spirit of the class.
As you may have seen, Glenn Ashby, Peter Burling, Blair Tuke and Ray Davies have fitted rudders, stocks and gudgeon systems from the Paradox V2 by
Carbonicboats. To clarify, this new setup has the angle between the vertical and horizontal at

90 degrees (Mayfly and V1 Paradox had a more open angle). No coupling is sought between sideforce and vertical lift.

Another crucial characteristic is a custom high-speed section optimised for the application.
The section and plan form are designed by Dario Valenza and construction is by Tim Makepeace using tools machined by Carbonicboats.

The collaboration with the ETNZ sailors came about at the last minute when

Feb 14, 2014

A-Class Worlds @Takapuna: 'Speed'' by Beau Outteridge

Seeing Beau Outteridge videos the other day I noticed that the shots where he follwed Nathan in the rib had a nice speed blur background effect , I sent him the pics to the left copied from YT and I asked him if he had any photo of this type, as grabbing it from YT had no much quality to publish. Yesterday Beau posted this pic above.... Much better effect achieved don´t you think?? Beau as responsible for the high quality produced Artemis weekly info videos. Check Beau Pics and videos from Takapuna at facebook.com/beauoutteridgeproductions

A-Class Worlds @Takpuna: Day 3 vid by Arg Marine Media

I don´t know who these guys are, but surely related to NZ, as the NZ AC45 Youth already had a sticker from them at SF. Whichever the case Argentina Marine Media made this great video of Day 3, showing what've been seeing in pics on the foil jumps and hard landings! Check a total airborne jump at 3:06...

Hobie Worlds 2014: Finals, Day 1

Report by Steve Fields: "Last night there were both cheers and tears as the fleet was cut and our 56 Hobie 16 World Championship finalists were named. While there were commiserations for some, there wasn’t too much celebrating for our finalists as there was some pretty serious work to do this morning! It’s day one of the finals!

Racing kicked off on schedule with mild temperatures and winds filling in as expected, early in the day. We saw a nor’ easterly of 10–15 knots set the pace in the morning, freshening to 25 knots later in the day.

The top three going in to the finals, Jerome Le Gal and Marco Iazzetta from New Caledonia along with Aussies Cam Owen and Suzzi Ghent and Swedes Tim Shuwalow and Nina Curtis had their work cut out for them today with a total of 5 races to get through it was going to be anything but easy.
Race 6

In the first race of the day we saw Australians, Rod and Kerry Waterhouse from

Feb 9, 2014

A-Class Worlds @Takapuna: Equipment updates by Burvill & Valenza

Practice Race scheduled for today more info at www.a-cat.org. ////
Brett Burvill's Flex C foils / Windrush Yachts
"Steve Brayshaw and Adam Beatie have them, and we have a few other guys who have purchased to fit later. First two days were a blow out with big onshore breezes, this stirred up the weed and a few people had troubles with that yesterday when the weather was perfect for A cat racing.

Measurement day today and I am heading back to Aus letter today. So hard to watch and not be able to go out and sail the races. Really good vibe in the boat park. Interesting times for the class.

Ours are C and a direct fit to any boat with c foils. As long as the foil radius is around the same. 1200 rad for our boards with many c foils now at 1400 rad they still seem to fit the case O K on most cases. A bar rival top would be better but wont fit enough of the boats yet. We wanted to make a half way solution that can allow flying with out any case mods for now."

Left: Pardox with L Rudders. Below Paradox L use by Burling.
Report sent by Dario Valenza / Carbonic Boats:
"Hello from Takapuna, It is certainly a very interesting regatta with a lot of diverse and good ideas being tested by many in the great spirit of the class.
As you may have seen, Glenn Ashby, Peter Burling, Blair Tuke and Ray Davies have fitted rudders, stocks and gudgeon systems from the Paradox V2 by

Carbonicboats. To clarify, this new setup has the angle between the vertical and horizontal at

Feb 8, 2014

A-Class NZ Nats: Images by Richard Gladwell - Sail-World/NZ

Images Courtesy of Richard Gladwell Sail-world.com/nz  || Still much to go, and Brewin already beat Mischa at Barcelona with standard Cs on his Nikita, and Worlds are yet to begin , (go to posts below for analysis) but these images and beyond any blablab analysis are just one of the best stuff I ever published , of course thanks to Richard Gladwell. Already linked below but check more images, reports and Interview with Burling and Ashby at  Sail-world.com/nz.

Comments from PJ: "Super cool, we started with this with Arno and Mischa about a year ago. Finally this will pay off at a big championship!

Sailing a Dna J-board is a thrill . Difficult and challenging but very cool feeling when you manage your first flights. Just like learning surfing , kiting and snowboarding. As soon you got the feel you are hooked !
The new boats for 2014 are a bit easier to handle we improved the set up and the foils, so the control is better. Now the average good sailor can handle it too!

Thanks to Richard to allowing to publish the images in our site too"

Aclass New Zealand Nats @Takapuna: Images by Paula Kopylowicz

2014 New Zealand Nats @Takapuna for Peter Burling

TNZ Peter Burling won over Ahsby and Landy,  we don´t  know which were the weather conditions though. Only info available are Results.  Top ten below , full list at http://www.sailingeventstakapuna.com/bweb-information/nz-national-results/

Report and great pictures by Richard Gladwell / Sail World here

Kaenon Team interview: Burling & Ashby by Sail-World here, really interesting comments. Left still from SW video: Peter seems to be using standard Js foils and 'L' rudders a la Fischer concept. Check it in the video above at 1:32. Ashby is remarking they are using "pretty standard" setup too. 

Yesterday we commented that Steve Brewin might be racing standard C setup + wingltes on his Nikita, setup used by Steve to win Barcelona Europeans against some flying capable boats. 

I Hope to be the case (although he might be the last Crusader if they end having a high winds event)  and for the fleet to have good mixed weather conditions for the Worlds next week. Whichever the case, lets have the still simple current equipment to perform over the awful 'franken' & draggy foil stuff I've seen in some pics, also over the complex and unpractical cassette case. 

Weather Forecast for Takapuna http://www.windguru.cz/es/index.php?sc=25747

Rank Bow Sail HelmName Division R1 R2 R3 R4 Total Nett Boat Setup
1st 24 11 Peter Burling Youth 3.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 6.0 6.0 dna Js/ L Rudders
2nd 38 111 Glenn Ashby Open 1.0 5.0 2.0 2.0 10.0 10.0 dna Js/ L Rudders
3rd 39 308 Andrew Landenberger Master 4.0 2.0 11.0 4.0 21.0 21.0 exploder C?/Winglets
4th 28 4 Steve Brewin Open 9.0 3.0 3.0 12.0 27.0 27.0 nikita C/Winglets
5th 35 25 Stephen Brayshaw Open 15.0 6.0 4.0 6.0 31.0 31.0 dna C flx/winglets
6th 32 10 Brad Collett Open 8.0 12.0 8.0 11.0 39.0 39.0 exploder C?/Winglets
7th 69 1 Jacek Noetzel Master 6.0 9.0 15.0 14.0 44.0 44.0 exploder C?/Winglets
8th 49 1004 Nathan Outteridge Open 28.0 4.0 6.0 7.0 45.0 45.0 exploder Exp Js / T
9th 46 987 Adam Beattie Open 10.0 22.0 5.0 13.0 50.0 50.0 dna C flx/winglets
10th 78 311 Bruce Mahoney Open 27.0 8.0 12.0 8.0 55.0 55.0 dna Js/Winglets

Feb 7, 2014

Mar del Plata Sailing Week: F18s, Optis and Subs..

Images Matias Capizzano. Sub Image Quique Helman. This incredible shot was taken while the kids were racing a tthe open sea near Mar del Plata's port and Navy base when a Sub emerged from the deep right in their course area, taking the buoy with it. Truly a dangerous thing to happen. Mar del Plata Sailing Week website.  Full sequence  here

'Tempest' @St Malo by Manu Duclos

La Tempête et les grandes marées à Saint-Malo... por manux03

Feb 6, 2014

Takapuna Worlds preview: QA with Martin Fischer

Image: Fischer's Mayfly prototype foils, Noumea Feb-Apr 2011. When Fischer launched the 'Mayfly' many didn´t believe for an instance a flying  A-Cat was ever going to perform. Finally the boat couldn´t achieve the desired goal, but surely set the basis for the ACup course racing flying mode and what we are seeing today in the C-Class, A-Class and Flying Phantom (Project he launched with Udin right after the MF)
To me the the Mayfly setup was 'Ultimate Weapon' at the time beyond being not proven in racing, and got rightly 'killed' on that phrase...

Two years later we are about to know if Martin´s concept will be finally applied in the As with some degree of  success, as we have flying boats already but none has won a major event yet.

Flying A-Cats are the talk of the day with all the intense development going on at Takapuna, including ACup teams like TNZ and I think it is a good thing to happen:
All tests at once concentrated in the same place for the Class to decide what to do next and which are the best steps to follow.

On latest modifications I think the 'Cassette' case is legal and I don´t see flying per se as a class killer as it is already happening for a while with J boards and Airborne time has become an additional appeal for the Class.

But in my view the super refined As should retain these key aspects: 

- Being able to race from 5 to 25knots
- Equipment should be kept as simple and reliable as possible.

These two concepts will continue to attract more sailor beyond any foiling consideration.
There is a reason local Arg F18 sailors who sail in a super crowded competitive fleet are buying these As in masse before even know they could fly on them.

And I do hope for a couple of blessing 5 knots days at Takapuna Worlds combined with some windy days, that would be the perfect scenario.

Fischer was the first to aim for a legal flying A-Cat with the MayFly and we published the project since the first foil prototype tests at Noumea back in Feb 2011, in April Fischer sent the pic above. Original post here

I contacted him yet once more to know his thoughts on current developments.
On the rules I already published Arno Terra's view along Drummond's  against opening Pandora´s box, Fischer has another opinion. 

Always good to read the opinions of the guys involved in the actual development.
- How are you seeing now the development after you launched the MF in 2011?
Martin Fischer: I think it is a natural development and I am very happy about it. When we came out with the Mayfly we were probably a bit too early. We did not have enough time for proper testing and furthermore at that time our whole setup was biased for strong winds, since that were the weather conditions we expected for Denmark. Anyway, now the A-Class goes into that direction and I think it is good, however, due to rule
limitations it is still a rather awkward setup and in my opinion it will be absolutely crucial to remove these restrictions if the Class wants to survive on the long term (more about that below).

- In parallel with the MF you also launched the FP project and later then worked with Cammas and you guys achieved in my view the perfect foiler as Frank also performed in 5knots and went off the scale with steady foiling in the upper range  You expected to do well in the calm too?
MF: We were pretty confident that Groupama-C would be quick in non foiling conditions. However, I must admit that we were surprised that the cross-over was at such a low wind speed. Only below 4 knots of true
wind speed (TWS) we struggled. From 4 knots TWS onwards Franck overtook anybody on the first leg and basically never looked back... We actually expected the cross over at  6 kts TWS.

- What about the A Class? The Js are still to be proven in mixed conditions at a ma