Jan 28, 2014

Gunboat 55: Lauching 'Vanquish'

The GB 55 US build project was launched in August 2012. Now the factory at Wanchese, North Carolina is delivering the goods provinding excellent news for local economy. A challenge & goal for each local industry is to maintain in country production and this goes for GB or builders like Falcon Marine that is offering the only F18 built in the US right now. Mast step procedure clip here
Images & report sent by GB: "Gunboat 55 ‘Vanquish’ on the first day of sea trials. A brief weather window late last week allowed the Gunboat factory test team to do its preliminary load testing.
A gentle sub-freezing breeze allowed the gradual loading of the platform while under careful observation by the technical team. We are happy to report that the engineered structures are performing within their expected tolerances.
During the brief upwind sail, Vanquish accelerated to 9.4 knots of boatspeed in 12 knots of true wind. She is hinting at what is to come."

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