Jan 14, 2014

Yvan Bourgnon the World on a 20' Cat: Martinique

This is the first attempt ever to complete a round World on a non cabin cat. Complex and tough job if any. Update Sent by Greg Toubel / Forward Sailing.com

Official Website http://ledefidyvanbourgnon.com/
"I wanted to give you some news from Yvan, who arrived to La Martinique and will leave soon for Panama on his home made 20 foot catamaran.
Below recap video for his Atlantic trip, only available in French but with great pics.

He is nearly ready to leave for Panama after a long stop in Martinique to repair the boat - mainly his mast and the rudder system which suffered during the 20 day trip on the Atlantic - and some customization to add a 3rd reef on the mainsail and almost some ballasts at the front of each hull to get a better inertia in strong wind and waves.

He should leave next week for Panama, after receiving of a new sail : A big gennaker for light wind (expected for the beginning of the Pacific, until Galapagos Islands), a 2000km sailing trip before crossing the famous Canal of Panama, quite complex with hundreds of cargo ships in this area..."

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