Jan 30, 2014

Nacra 17 @Miami WC 2014: Images by Boatyard Photography

49ers @Miami WC

Credit US Sailing Media. Excellent image from Miami WC 2014. No multis pics available from today.
In the 49er fleet John Pink & Stuart Bithell from GBR lead after 6 races: http://www.sailing.org/worldcup/regattas/miami

Nacra 17: Miami World Cup Day 4

Image Boatyard Photography. Vittorio Bissarro & Silvia Sicouri are leading after scoring 1, 10, 2 &1  in the last 4 races that were completed today, leaving the Austrians Zajac-Frank in 2nd place. Iker & Tara climb to 3rd and Bundock-Curtis continue to improve for a 5th overall. US teams are not having luck against the Euro crews at home.

Top ten below . Full Results at http://origin.sailing.org/worldcup/

FCA: Fiat - Chrysler Logo Restyling Contest....

Are these guys kidding? This is 'blasphemy', I can´t believe two iconic brands are transformed into this.
Without a doubt the worst logo / branding ever in the history of Marketing. Hope they don't end putting this on a Viper , a Cherokee or Wrangler... or maybe on a Ferrari, all brands managed by the group.

Jan 29, 2014

20th Hobie 16 Worlds 2014 @Jervis Bay ,Australia

Sent by Steve Fields: "Yesterday we had a major accomplishment in getting all 60 New Hobie 16 Catamarans on to the beach. Today we put on the finishing touches with all the boats ready to go by mid afternoon.

In addition to the set up of the boats, today's focus was on setting up the event marquees for all the Opening, Closing and Awards Ceremonies at Voyager park and the Hobie Event Store and Cafe on Huskisson beach for when the competitors aren't on the water.

The event jury arrive tomorrow to prepare for registration and weigh on Friday for racing on Saturday.
Jervis Bay delivered exceptional sailing weather once again today with a top temperature of 33º and an average wind speed of 14 knots with it looking set to continue for the next few days.

Bring it on!
Head to http://hobieworlds.com for updates, results and videos.

Jan 26, 2014

Rio 2016: Thijs Visser returns to campaign

A-Class Logo Restyling: 4 Submissions received

The A Class has received to date 4 submissions for the possible update of the Class sail/hulls logo graphic with the intention to suit new class boats looks and how sailor in gral are currently viewing the As.
Any change should be approved by standard Class procedures. The Classic A and its baselines will remain official emblema.
These are just submissions to be analyzed by class members & officials and to be used in parallel (if approved) to promote the Class image.
Nicholas von Flitner, Kees Krijger & Melvinm Bootsgezel and Katie Staniforth and Gordon Upton are the authors of the 4 samples.

Limit date to Feb 1, 2014. Send your take to editor(at)a-cat.org - Official Class website A-Cat.org
Link to full gallery of each proposal:

- Nicolas von Flittner
- Kees Krijger & Melvin Bootsgezel
- Katie Staniforth
- Gordon Upton

Australian F18 Nats 2014

11 Races completed, one more schedule for Monday.  Burvill-Gibson lead, Beattie-Leitner 2nd and Lovig-Goodall 3rd. Not much info available. Pics of the results at F18 Aus FB page https://www.facebook.com/AustF18Cat

Jan 24, 2014

F18 Newsletter No 6 , January 24, 2014

Image Jasper van Staveren. 2013 Worlds @Grosseto, Besson-Lagarrigue. | Official Formula 18 Newsletter No. 6 , January 24, 2014. Sent by F18 Class Sec Gral Don Findlay.
Published in the original format below. New hull lenght measure procedure and diagrams can be found at www.f18-international.org/2014/01/control-of-class-rule-d62-maximum.html

International Formula 18 Catamaran Association
Newsletter No 6.
January 2014.
Dear F18 Sailors,
May I wish you all a very happy New Year.
As before, let me say straight away that these are MY thoughts as your Sec. General. I want your thoughts in reply, so please let me know what you think.

World economies have not been kind to anyone in the last few years,

Jan 23, 2014

AC35, Artemis Design Team updates: Adam May confirmed

Image: Sander van der Borch. Adam May was one of the key team members along the entire shore & part of the design crew on transforming the failed floating concept of Artemis first version to a foiling AC72. The work done on such short time was truly impressive, achieving first an 'out of the box' fast & stable flight on AR AC45.
 later translated to Big Blue that also showed great potential, but of course with so little time the sailing team couldn´t manage to take full advantage of the new  flying platform.

Team owner has taken notice, and has confirmed May along Nico Rousselon, signing also new talents coming from OR & NZ in past campaigns. Full press release below. Interesting remark from Törnqvist on the need of working together over supposedly leading edge tech. Imagine what this team could have achieved on the work done in the last weeks of the Cup at SF if that drive and common sense showed were present since day one in their AC34 Campaign.
Artemis Racing has signed designers Michel Kermarec and Thiha “Winnie” Win, who will join returning designers Adam May and Nico Rousselon, as the team prepares a possible AC35 bid.

“The America’s Cup is not just about innovative design or sailing talent,

Round the World Record Attempt by Thomas Coville: Day 6

Jan 22, 2014

2014 A-Class Worlds Preview by Arno Terra

Image above by Matthew Johnson: Dean Barker is returning to the Class after participating in the AUS Nats 2011. Arno is not working anymore with the Dna project but as main responsible along PJ of the former developments of the brand and as an avid fanatic A-Cat sailor he will continue to be deeply involved with the Class.
His analysis includes some rules points to be addressed at Takapuna in the Class WGM. The Agenda of that meeting is available at www.a-cat.org/?q=node/337  Additional Report by Bob Griffits at www.a-cat.org/?q=node/345
2014 A-Cat Worlds Preview by Arno Terra
"It promises to be quite an interesting event with many AC sailors entering or coming back to the Class. Foiling is the buzzword and some New Zealand sailors switched to J-boards after they were smacked by Peter Burling and Glenn in practice.

Jack Benson is foiling on flexible C-boards and he did win the last race in the Australian Nationals in a stiff breeze.
The sailors who could look through the results of last year’s events in Hyeres and Barcelona were already convinced that flying is the way to go as Mischa had some remarkable come from behind wins in both events.
The best sailors of the last Worlds will be present in Takapuna (Mischa, Landy, Stevie, Blair, Jack, Nathan?), Glenn Ashby will be back and he will take his TNZ mates with him (Dean Barker, Ray Davies, Blair Tuke, Peter Burling, the youth AC series winner, and Luc Dubois an AC & A-class veteran).

The DNA will be the dominant boat, we will see some Scheurer’s (Luc's with DNA J-boards) some Exploders (Landy) and Stevie

AHPC is now 'Goodall Design'

Jan 21, 2014

2014 Formula 18 Worlds @Ireland: Registration is now Open

International Formula 18 Catamaran Association
World Championships 2014

Friday 4th July to Friday 11th July 2014
Ballyholme Yacht Club, Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland
Supported by North Down Borough Council
Official Website http://2014.f18worlds.com
NOR here

Image Jasper van Staveren - 2013 F18 Worlds Grosseto

Nacra 17 @North American Championships: Newberry-Casey Champs

Sarah Newberry & John Casey consolidated their lead in the only race completed yesterday, although Zajak-Frank lost their second overall to end 4th. Bundock & Curtis also had a bad final race and descended 4 additional places for a 10th overall. 
The Italians Salva & Bianchi did quite well finishing 1 & 2 for a vice championship. Arg crew Gonzalez Smith x 2 with a 13th.
Argentina wil lhave 3 crews racing this year in the class, and I've been appointed by them to represent the N17 Class group with the local Sailing Fed , so I can confirm that Santiago Lange & Cecilia Carranza will be participating in some events of the 2014 Season.

Top Ten below Full Results Here

Francois Gabart Flying the Phantom

Barker & TNZ: Back to the Extreme Series

Jan 19, 2014

A-Cat Flex on C Foils: Alternative Flying solution by Brett Burvill

I contacted Brett Burvill from Windrush Yachts Australia, builders of the Windrush F18, as he is offering and delivering to top A-Class riders their new C daggers. Interesting to see how the flex approach is maximized to generate the extra lift provided by a J or L dagger. In Formula Windsurfing foils flex is key, and I always wondered if someone has ever done some specific tests in racing beachcats. I once discussed this with Andrew McPherson and he told me the stiffer the better for the F18s.
For the As, and as Raphael Censier's custom tests using a home made flexible dagger provide him with airborne time with a legal conf even before Mischa's Dna Js.

Brett Burvill on his new  C foils:
"I have been developing over time a foil for the A cat that is a curved C foil as per the old Standard DNA and others C foils. It has a radius of 1200mm .Windrush have developed a way to manufacture the foils so that they can bend quite a lot and this has the effect of increasing the vertical lift component of the foil for the same surface area.

This is the easiest way to fly yet for A cats, if you have rudder wings already then just slide in the board and fly from about 12+ knots . The difficult thing is to make it bend without failure and to date we have had great success. You will have seen the picture with 190 kg standing atop the A board!!

We have 4 different specifications of laminate from X stiff, stiff through flex to soft .
Jack Benson has sailed with all 4 and his feeling is that the soft gave him the best advantage. Upwind he was not suffering any loss of height and as the wind got up and speeds became high he had more lift upwind too.

Full description and insights by Burvill at http://www.a-cat.org/?q=node/326

Nacra 17 @2014 North American Championships: Newberry-Casey lead

Jan 18, 2014

Happy Flying 2014 by Pierrick Contin

More than grateful to have several Pros sending their best material each week. I've been publishing Pierrick Contin's work for a while now, and every year gets better and better. This is truly an iconic image taken  some days ago on a Flying Phantom sailing session with Gurvan Bontemps and Benjamin Amiot, between Saint Lunaire and Saint Malo - Brittany, France. Images sent by Pierrick Contin.
Check Pierrick's website at www.pierrickcontin.fr

Jan 16, 2014


Image by Paul Zizka / Caters News  (via Jeremy Leonard)  Entire set at  www.dailymail.co.uk/

Jan 15, 2014

CSN Boat of the Year 2013 Poll

In 2012 I selected ETNZ AC72 as Boat of the Year. For 2013 I had some doubts so I will put it to vote. I Didn´t found yet a reliable voting system, as FB previous one was erased, so we will use 'Likes' in a CSN FB Album.
Voting till Jan 31st. Vote Liking your boat Here

Nacra 17:
When they showed the prototype I said that the N17 was going to be the candidate to beat for becoming the new Olympic boat. Bold move by Nacra together with Pete Melvin from Morrelli & Melvin on optimizing the F18 concept adding curved boards taken from their F20c , less weight and a carbon mast. Rig is almost the same, and the hull was cut some cms to differentiate it from the 18 footers.
The boat proved itself a success beyond some usual initial hardware problems, and I think no one is complaining now. Every feedback I have is excellent. The Nacra 17 was the right choice in times where we saw the incredible performance of the AC72s. Only detail with want some winglets to have some even more spectacular racing. Image Team Zajac-Frank

Cammas-Groupama C-Class:

This boat was born inside the Flying Phantom project, but the concept was optimized further by Groupama Design team along the Sail Innovation's to achieve a remarkable deed: Competing against proven floating mode C-Class cats in every condition from 5 to 25knots. Making it the perfect foiling solution to date. It also grabbed the look & feel of ETNZ AC72 as designer Guillaume Verdier was working for both projects.
Although Fischer / SI Flying Phantom was the seed planted even before ACup flying 72s , coming from Martin's MayFly A Cat, Martin also worked as part of the Groupama C-Class deign team. Finally it was a synergy between the two projects and each gave feedback to improve the concept.

I didn´t put the FP as an option for 2013 as with the progress we are seeing, the Production launch weeks ago and a possible OD class in the making it will surely became The candidate for 2014. Image Cammas-Groupama

Oracle AC72:
They followed the leader, and they finally surpassed them in the most dramatic ACup and one of the most spectacular sport events in history. Many thought that Oracle was faster by design but they couldn´t achieved the desired performance until they were 1-8 against the Wall for the Cup.
The potential was there, Oracle design & shore teams re build the boat from the ashes after a hard capsize, they modified several times its foiling and platform conf to finally deliver superior performance against the boat that pioneered the three foil stable flight. Image Gilles-Martin Raget

To vote for your favorite, just click a Like in the selected boat image at CSN FB Boat of the Year Album.

Jan 14, 2014

Yvan Bourgnon the World on a 20' Cat: Martinique

This is the first attempt ever to complete a round World on a non cabin cat. Complex and tough job if any. Update Sent by Greg Toubel / Forward Sailing.com

Official Website http://ledefidyvanbourgnon.com/
"I wanted to give you some news from Yvan, who arrived to La Martinique and will leave soon for Panama on his home made 20 foot catamaran.
Below recap video for his Atlantic trip, only available in French but with great pics.

He is nearly ready to leave for Panama after a long stop in Martinique to repair the boat - mainly his mast and the rudder system which suffered during the 20 day trip on the Atlantic - and some customization to add a 3rd reef on the mainsail and almost some ballasts at the front of each hull to get a better inertia in strong wind and waves.

He should leave next week for Panama, after receiving of a new sail : A big gennaker for light wind (expected for the beginning of the Pacific, until Galapagos Islands), a 2000km sailing trip before crossing the famous Canal of Panama, quite complex with hundreds of cargo ships in this area..."

Foiling for every budget

Everybody is foiling. You don´t need to spend 30k Euros , a good home project will get you airborne. Also modifying the foils of your Tiger, F18 or N20c can do the job as published here many times.. The results on foiling for the structure of your vessel is another story.... but the main goal is always having fun, a fact sometimes forgotten by people analyzing if X or Y new project will form a class or will sell in numbers.

Images sent by F16 Australian Nats Champ Adrian Fawcett :
"I have a friend who's made his own foiling cat in his backyard on a very limited budget. Its not completely stable yet but it also doesn't have any wings on the rudders either.

This is Wills first try at this and amazingly it works.
A bit of background on the boat. It is called Arrow and is an inexpensive cat class with a dedicated following in Australia. Its almost exclusively build by amateur home builders. It has a 50 kg platform minimum weight and is 14 ft long. Its very fast without foils but foiling adds a fun extra dimension."

Foil detail below. Rudders are standard.

Jan 13, 2014

F18 Long Distance Punta del Este

Flying Phantom 2014 Short by Wanaii Films

Flying Phantom One design from Jeremie Eloy/ Wanaii Films on Vimeo.
This project is generating lots of good material thus the exposure they are getting. Beyond having a breakthrough product, they produce constant quality promotional stuff. 

I'm always telling those sending info to promote their projects to invest in a good Photographer as images are key to spread the news.
----- Comments by Gurvan Bontemps Phantom International official Rider:
“I’m very happy with the new boat, the one we presented during the Paris Boat Show and that is the first production unit. The last two weeks were dedicated to sailing sessions with the new One Design Flying Phantom. The 4 sailing sessions were very instructive in order to discover the boat: we have new mast, new foils, new sails and the boat is much lighter than the prototype boat.
We continuously optimized the settings and L-shaped foils and T-shaped rudders

Jan 8, 2014

Maltese 52

Sent by Lukas Serafin. -- "I wanted to share some content on Csn, I developed and built a new cat design here in the US labelled the 'Maltese 52'. It's a performance sailing Cat or Trawler cat designed by a former member of gunboat design team at M&M.  

It has a modern retro style that is not yet complete but will be selling for 450K epoxy/ corecell construction/(sail away price). This compares to the Tag 50 at 830k (base boat), MC53 1.8million, gunboat 55 1.895million, CW 1.2 million. More info at our website www.maltesecatamarans.com

Jan 7, 2014

Powder Innovation? 'Apocalypse Snow', 20 Years later

Image: ApocalypseSnow FB. The  freezing temps on the North Hemisphere remind me of the snowboarding/skiing season. (while in the US they are experiencing -50° down here we are in the +40° ...)  Checking some videos I came up with the all 'new' powder designed snowboard from Nitro, the image of the board triggered in my head the memory of an incredible (at the time) french movie I saw in TV +20yrs ago , "Apocalypse Snow",  and I found it in Youtube in good quality: Check it here http://youtu.be/rbdUEOyryeg?t=6m42s and embedded below. Little background on the film here.

'Innovation': Funny how in several sports old design ideas come new again, and no better example than this 1986 from Burton vs the 2013 Nitro Quiver. For pure powder conditions this board should excel though. Board review at http://youtu.be/DyEmIuxiTG8

Jan 6, 2014

Nacra 17 Vid: Overpowered at Sail Melbourne

Video by SailingShack. Nacra 17 Racing in the breeze at Sail Melbourne. Great video of the new Olympic Multihull. I will start the "N17 Rudders Winglets & J Boards" for 2020. Not much much modification and added costs needed, and we can have even more spectacular sailing, super "Crash & Burn and Flying Cats" to take the entire Show at the sailing Olympic venues followed by the Skiffs.
The rest will be always sideshow until the put the Moth and the A-Cat replacing the single handed dinghies...!!

The save is by Bundy & Nina Curtis I think, both now will coached by Andrew Landenberger.

G4: First 'Flying' Racer-Cruiser?

When the project was launched, the guys told me the boat could fly by design. But is was not like a full targeted main goal. Now PJ Dwarshuis , head at Holland Composites / Dna and responsible for the building process, is telling me that the boat will definitely will fly in the right hands... Say Mischa, Barker or Spithill?! Quite an ambitious project I must say, as combining foiling capabilities and sailing for pleasure with full accommodations onboard a light composites cat it is a challenge no one has ever attempt till now.  

A detail to look for will be the helm system. The AC45s have tillers, Oracle AC72 had in its first version too, as designers might thought it would provide a more sensitive control, but the Kiwis went directly to the traditional wheel and it looked the right choice, later same system was adopted by team Usa.
Being a Flying 40' and with the experience of the 72s, plus the Cruiser combo goal, maybe a wheel could be suitable for the G4 too? Taking account also it will have a pedal to control hydraulics?
Below an update of the project from PJ:

"We are working hard on the Gunboat G4 project , finalizing the last design details.
The moulds are underway now , the boat will be awesome .
The first Cruiser which will not be boring at all. That's for sure . The first Cruiser Racer which will have the touch and feel of an beach cat, but the comfort of a cruiser when you want it.
The G4 will be capable of full flying in the hands of experts and right conditions and gently foil assisted fast cruising , for those who just want to be fast and easy.
This is a challenging boat for those who want to learn every time a bit more and they will never be bored with it...

Our challenge is to develop the boat in such a way that the boat is suitable for series production , and keeping the ultra performance spec . A kind of full blood luxury sportscar so to say. Every detail will be thougth over and innovative .

The board shape, the slider system , the rake -adjustable T-foil rudders , capable of sailing also halfway up, the rig with three headsails for a the whole range from 0-35 knts
The hydraulic mainsheet system which will be operated by a foot pedal instead of the standard hand pump.
This will be ergonomic and ideal for shorthanded high performance sailing .

New renderings will be available in 1/2 weeks , because we have our hands full now on the tooling details , amd working on a tight schedule with the first boat to be launched in June this year ..."

For more info on the G4 go to www.gunboat.com

A-Class Australian Nats 2014 for Glenn Ashby

Report by Bob Griffits - Full Results at www.a-cat.org
"Glenn Ashby extended his overall winning margin in the final race of the Australian A Class Catamaran Championships, held at the St Leonard's Yacht Club , on Port Phillip Bay to secure an outstanding 10th Australian Championship in the class
Race 9 was sailed in a fresh 18 knots of wind. Ashby placed second, and Brewin who had challenged Ashby for the lead during most of the series, finished in forth place. The race was won by Darwin's Jack Benson ( the defending Australian Champion), and Stephen Brayshaw placing third to secure a third overall placing in the regatta.

First to the windward mark was Julian Jenkins. But Ashby, Benson, Brayshaw, and Brewin are extremely skilful and powerful downwind, and soon moved through to once again dominate the racing.
The St Leonard Yacht Club provided great facilities for both competitors and spectators , and racing under PRO Ian Johnson was completed on schedule in an efficient and timely manner. The winds were mainly in the light to moderate range, with fresh 18 knot winds in races 8 and 9.

Glenn Ashby used an Ashby sail, and DNA platform. Steve Brewin used a Brewin sail, and a Nikita platform. Stephen Brayshaw used a Brewin sail ,and a DNA platform. All three sailors used a Fibrefoam mast.

At the conclusion of the regatta, 18 boats were loaded into containers for shipping to Auckland where the 2014 World Championships will be held in mid Febuary.
The Australian team will be further strengthened with the addition of Nathan Outteridge, Andrew Landenberger, Brad Collett, and Scott Anderson.

The World Titles should be a fascinating contest between a number of the America's Cup skippers and crew, against some of the highly talented A Class sailors from Australia in particular, and the United States and Europe. It would be a brave person to try and forecast the winner of this event."

Bob Griffits.

Jan 2, 2014

Chopping the A: Worth it?

If you still were wondering how new J boards fit the Dnas (check image below) left you have a daggercase ready to be retrofitted. Extreme measure for an over night gain taking account of the added performance proven to date. But of course if you want to fly legally downwind in the breeze it might be an useful modification.

Right now at the Australian Nats for ie Chris Cairns is holding 7th overall with a 2nd, a 3rd three more top ten on 8 races with an 'old' Tool with standard short straight daggers and no Winglets. So before chopping your current A remember you need some training & talent to improve.
Nevertheless Takapuna Worlds will have an additional result to analyze on the first year of J's board performance. 

The DNA guys did have some serious development / testing and they are quite confident they are the next step. Achieving a legal flight and a 3rd with Manuel Calavia at Barcelona it is very good start. This is the analysis they did after the Europeans http://dnacat.blogspot.com.ar/2013/07/lessons-learned-evaluation-of-j-boards.html
Lets see if they stand the time test as become standard as winglets did.

Australian Nats 2014: Tight fight between Ashby & Brewin

You can't have a better preview of the incoming Worlds at Takapuna for the Aussie fleet. Glenn Ashby & Steve Brewin exchanging overall lead in Thursday's 2 races.
Full report & Results at http://www.a-cat.org/?q=node/303