Dec 31, 2013

Andrew Simpson: In Memoriam

2013 was a great year for Catamaran Racing: Back to Olympics, the  ACup was finally a success, cats flew all over the place, specially at SF Bay, plus many other great events...
But instead of writing a gral year in review, I thought it was a good time to remember Andrew Simpson, a passionate sailor as described by his friends, that passed away while participating in the Americas Cup campaign.

He left a strong mark & that is what it counts at the end. His teammates also made an incredible effort to honour him finally racing Big Blue.
Ian Percy, his family & friends will carry on his Legacy & Memory through his foundation , in 2014 and years to come...

Sail on, Andrew.-

US F18 : Year in Review

A-Class Australian Nats 2014: Day 2

Dec 30, 2013

Flying Phantom Production Final Foil Conf

A-Class Australian Nats Day 1: Ashby leads

No images available yet. Top 3: Ashby, Brewin, Benson. 
Thomas Stuchbery with the  Paradox is showing some potential with a 5th, and partial 3rd in last race before capsizing. Hard work for this team is paying off.

Report by Ian Johnson & Day 1 Results at

Dec 29, 2013

F18 C2 English Channel Record Vid

Click image above to see footage from Pierre Yves Durand & Eric Deffert Record 

A-Class: Southern Cross land News

The Southern Cross is present in NZ & Australian flags, but of course guide sailors here in Argentina too. First Argie A-Cats are been assembled. I wanted to bring an  A13 / Saarberg combo with this container but Exploder guys were too busy on delivering boats to Takapuna Worlds to reach on scheduled time. Will test the DNAs this summer, all J boards/Winglet equipped.

Back In Australia the Nats are being held, Day 1 today, waiting for wind as reported by Ian Johnson.
More event details at

Dec 26, 2013

Flying Phantom: New OD Class a reality with 20 boats sold.

Image above: Franck Cammas & Francois Gabart. Left and below boat detail gallery by Pierrick Contin -
Alex Udin sent a press release to announce they sold 20 boats at Paris, and I fired back a Q&A to know how the Production stage will continue next year. This Class will not replace any existing one, it will find as shown by the confirmed orders at Paris Nautique, a niche above the F18 / A-Class / F16 / Nacra 17.  The great news are everybody has a Playground of their choice to have fun, expanding possibilities for all. The proof? This project was being reported in CSN only since its inception, and now it has become mainstream. Promoting the sport and helping to the exposure of Catamaran Racing World Wide.
CSN; How do you feel after 3 years of development and a somehow low start?
Alex Udin: Launching such an outstanding boat is for sure a challenging project, our goal with Martin Fischer, since the early beginning of the Phantom project was to launch a boat entirely designed for foiling not a kind a convertible F18 or a retrofit kit for an existing boat.
The Flying Phantom is really different from an F18, every parts is designed and optimized for foiling without compromise:

The platform is wider (3m) in order to improve the heeling stability which is crucial to avoid windward heel while you are foiling and trapezing.
The position of the foils has been moved forward in order to have to boat balanced and stable while foiling.

The rig is slightly bigger to compensate the width of the boat which increases the Righting Moment, a high aspect gennaker host on the top of the mast replaces the spinnaker which would not be adapted for the very narrow Apparent Wind Angle while foiling.

The rudder castings are especially designed to

A-Class: 2013, Year in Review

Image Cristain Fletcher - Steve Brewin, winner  Barcelona Europeans 2013. NZ Worlds are coming next February at Takapuna. I wrote a 2013 wrap up at the IACA's official website:
On the class logo update & alternative those who asked more time you'll have  till Jan 5th.

Dec 23, 2013

2013 Best Images Portfolio, Part II

Pierrick Contin -

Guilian Grenier -

Denis Lucci - facebook/denislucci.photographies

Martin Raget -

Chris Cameron -

Juerg Kaufmann -

Second part Portfoilio Series of the contributor Photographers of CSN.
 Part I were selected by the Pros themselves.
Images above were selected by me, based on the  Pros published on their sites as some of their top pics.
Later all images will be published in FB.

No contest, just to say thanks to the guys providing the core content of this website.
All copyrights reserved by the authors.

Dec 17, 2013

Nacra F20c goes Production Foiling?

Posted earlier today in csn FB & Twitter. More info next week.

2013 Best Images Portfolio, Part I

Jasper Van Staveren -

Christophe Launay -

Sander van der Borch -

Jesus Renedo -

Daniel Schmäh -
First Portfoilio Series of the contributor Photographers of CSN. These specific Images were selected by the Pros themselves.
More this week. And later all images will be published in FB. 

No contest, just to say thanks to the guys providing the core content of this website.
Click Images for HQ. All copyrights reserved by the authors.

Dec 12, 2013

2013 Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image for Abner Kingman

I agree, this image reprsents what this incredible Cup at SF was all about.  Congrats to Abner Kingman, that also took some other great AC72 images  we published during the event.
More info at

Next week check best image Portfolio of CSN Pro Photographers contributors, some selected by themselves to show appreciation for their great work sharing top photographic stuff every year.

Dec 11, 2013

Finally... Cammas launchs Team France for AC 35.

Announced at the Salon Nautique Paris today. More info later. Image Gilles Martin Raget.
After the great effort made by the Peyron brothers with Energy and the performance they showed, I hope all the French top sailors can gather together to form a team filled with Multihull talent and aim for the Cup.

Dec 10, 2013

F18 Arg Nats 2013: Day 1 & 2

Salon Nautique de Paris 2013

Nice FPhantom & Hydros foils pics by Lorenzo Bianchini from Aku Aku Sailing Team. Check more at their FB Page
Official Website

A-Class "Extreme Makeover" ...

Beyond being one of the top Catsailors in the World for years,  Mischa Heemskerk is also designing his own sails brand (Mischa Sails) and helping to develop new platforms as he is doing with the Dna camp.

Currently in Santa Cruz, making deep surgery to a known A. That bow cut is rather a fancy feature, although it will reduce drag, the real change is fitting new J Boards.
More pics at the official A Class FB.

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