Nov 28, 2013

A-Class: Paradox update

Dario Valenza continues the hard work on tuning the Paradox,  that is reaching the desired speed goal looking forward to NZ Worlds in February. More details at

F18 Chile: Win for Gutierrez-Nieto at Lago Rapel.

Good news from the Chilean fleet on their preparation for their Nats. Two good friends dominated the event at Marinas Golf in Lago Rapel, Chile. Alfonso Gutierrez is one of the pioneers of the F18 in South America, and first to attend to a World Championships, Australia 2007.

Gonzalo Nieto is a good friend who invited me to race in his Phantom last time, he travelled specially to Chile to race and win! Arg Nats coming in two weeks and I'm trying to solve some liquid issues to race with another boat/crew.
Congrats to Alfonso & Gonzalo for the win!

Poll ends Dec 1st

Youths are leading the poll. The fight is between Henri Demesmaeker & Taylor Reiss-Matthew Whitehead. Besson coming third. Check Nominees achievements at
Vote on the right Column. Poll ends Dec 1st.  Live status here
Meanwhile Simon Tienpoint wins Dutch Sailor of the Year award

Nov 24, 2013

St Barth Catacup 2013 for Cammas-Vandame

St Barth Catacup has become a 'boutique' event but also a place of high performance racing with some of the World top sailors travelling each year. 2013 was for Franck Cammas & Matthieu Vandame. Cammas is without a doubt the most complete and accomplished Multihull sailor. From round the World records on giant Tris to C-Class, Flying Phantom to A-Cup and F18 racing. He is just missing racing A-Class... Someone must invite him to New Zealand.

St Barth Catacup 2013: Day 3

Nov 20, 2013

Catsailor of the Year 2013 Poll

All Nominees are in. Vote till Dec 1st on the right column as FB has deactivated page polls... Detailed stats Here
Billy Besson: 
- F18 World Champ with Jeremy Lagarrigue
- Nacra 17 Worlds with Marie Riou
- C-Class Championships Finalist with Jeremy Lagarrigue
Paul Larsen
- World Speed Record at 65knots with Vestas Rocket 

- Shackleton Epic / Antartic Raid. Check his interview here
Henri Demesmaeker 
- F16 World Champ at 12yrs old! with Jeroen van Leeuwen
James Spithill & Oracle Team USA 
- Americas Cup Winners 

Dean Barker & Team New Zealand 
- ACup finalist & Pioneer Flight Masters
AC34 Posts Here
Taylor Reiss & Matthew Whitehead 
- 2013 F18 Youth World Champs at Grosseto 2013. 
F18 Posts Here
Mike Easton & Trip Burd 
- 1st F18 Americas Continental winners. Top US Team at LA.
Marie Riou
- Nacra 17 World Champ. Showing Girl power crewing 1 on 1 against top 2016 Olympic hopes. Full Nacra 17 2013 Season Here
Beto Pandiani - Raid Master of the Beachcat World.
2013 was Pacific Route: Viña del Mar
(Chile), to Bundaberg (Austrália)
ARG Youth AC45 Team - Representing all the Youth Americas Cup
teams and without the support of the big sailing nations,
the kids from South America made their way to fulfill a
dream born while sailing in the F18 local fleet. Know them here
Franck Cammas 
- 2012 Volvo Ocean Race winner 
- C-Class Championships crown 
- Olympic Campaign

Nov 19, 2013

St Barth CataCup 2013

One of the great benefits of hiring a Pro Photographer for your event is the exponential level of exposure & promotion. A bar you wouldn't  get in any other way no matter how great your venue/event is.

Pierrick Contin sending his images some years ago was the reason why we all got to  know (beyond the french sailors travelling in the past 'unknown' years ..) about St Barth Catacup. And then came Manu Duclos videos / Easy Ride , 2012 version above.

Another edition in Paradise, this year with Cammas & Bundock attending. Bundy will rest after the ACup win, while Carolijn Brouwer (She came here last year) continues to do all the hard work with the SCA Volvo Team! 

If you still wondering what the fuzz is all about on this regatta just check the St Cata Cup label below.

The only problem with these guys is that they still don´t get the message!: When we are going to have an F18 Worlds there??!  I will keep pushing until we have it organized. That will be the epitome of the Class for sure. Daily reports to come. Event website at

Nov 15, 2013

EXSS @Florianopolis 2013: Day 2

Strong winds today at Floria that forced to race with Reefed mains. More info at

Nov 13, 2013

New Kite Speed Record for Alex Caizergues: 56,62Knots

Image Aqua Terra Photos / Salt&Speed. Last week I asked current speed record holder Paul Larsen, if Kiters could get any closer to his 65knots record. Paul said yes, as Kiters do not have to deal with the foil limitations of his Vestas Rocket. But I think before kiters get Larsen, he and his flying Vestas will find another quantum leap in speed.  
Nevertheless achieving this range of speed for Kiters is impressive and even more dangerous than Vestas ride. Hat off to Alex Caizergues, pure guts, & balls of steel (edited accordingly..!). More info at Caizergues FB - Official Press release at - Previous Kite record was 55,65knots by Rob Douglas in 2010, Namibie.
Check board left, assymetric and similar to first production wakeboards or pioneer snowboards. Video below.

A-Class Worlds @Takapuna , New Zealand. February 9-16 , 2014

Right where Team New Zealand trained for this past Cup, the IACA will held next A-Cat Worlds. A great venue for racing but also to visit around.
Dates: Sunday 9th February to Sunday 16th February, 2014
Host. Takapuna Boating Club , Auckland, New Zealand
The Organising Authority is the Takapuna Boating Club, (TBC),
in association with the NZ A-Class Catamaran Association and the IACA

Official Website
Download Registration
Entry List

Local Information

Contact Info: Sailing Events Takapuna
PO Box 33 1601, Takapuna 0622
- Kerry Ellis Event Director
- Mark Greene Head of Sponsorship and Commercial
- Evelyn Johnson Chair of Sailing Events Takapuna & on-water enquries

Kia Ora from Sailing Events Takapuna
"The waters of the Hauraki Gulf off Takapuna Beach have seen many yachting contests over the years and has been the training ground for sailors from beginners in an Optimist through to the worlds elite in the high tech AC72’s of Emirates Team New Zealand and Prada Racing. Since 1980 10 World Championship events have been held in these waters with the assistance of staff from Sailing Events Takapuna.

World Class facilities for regattas are right on the beach front at the Takapuna Boating Club over two floors with meeting rooms for Race Control and the international jury, 2 hospitality areas, one with its own kitchen, and all the usual amenities you could expect from a world class boating events centre. The Takapuna Boating Club has a proud history of hosting international sailors and all visitors are made welcome.

The passionate Team at Sailing Events Takapuna

Nov 5, 2013

Overhaulin the Playcat....

F18 Americas Continental @Sarasota: Report by Rich Vilvens

Image by Tim Wilkes - Report sent by Rich Vilvens. ZHIK 2013 F18 Americas’ Championships --
"We picked up the trailer with 2 boats on it at Redwood City. I was doing the cross country drive with my dad from Redwood City California to Sarasota Florida. We took the 2 boats to Fairfield for the night and after a good dinner we went to sleep. The next morning after some breakfast we were off. Leaving we noticed some hesitation on the truck but it cleared up and we kept driving.

We got about 300 miles into the trip heading East on I-80 and needed to stop for fuel and food. A nice little truck stop in Nevada and the tank was full and we had a sandwich to go. We swapped drivers and went to run another tank of fuel down. Another stop later in the day and we swapped again. Then after the 3rd leg we stopped for the night and got a hotel to crash at in Utah.

Spindrfit 2 : Americas Discovery Route Record Attempt status

5 Days 20:18hs Mins 318,86 Miles Ahead from Cammas previous record. (7 Days , 10:58hs)
Live tracking
More info at

Nov 3, 2013

Speed & Endurance Legend: Paul Larsen Interview

How many sailors can claim they are the fastest on the planet and also have repeated Ernest Shackleton Odyssey? Well, there is only one and his name is Paul Larsen. Not much additional intro needed. The well deserved 'Legend' label defines him.  Just read his interview below. For his record breaking run see
CSN - Little background on your sailing career. Why , when & where do you started sailing?
Paul Larsen: I first started sailing on a small pond up on a hill overlooking Healesville (Victoria). I started messing around with simple little bits of wood and bit by bit I learned what makes a sailing boat work. I didn't actually sail on a boat until some time later. Playing around on that pond with no traditional indoctrination into what a boat should be instilled a fascination in me as to what was possible. In a way, ending up in speed sailing was almost the ultimate progression of this. When I was about 11 or 12, dad came up the long dirt driveway towing a bright yellow Hobie 14 (25080). We immersed ourselves in the Hobie scene for the next five years. I did every race going and started winning a few. At 15 I was the youngest sailor in the Hobie 18 worlds in Port Macquarie.

-  Which was the main reason that made you pursuit to break the sailing speed record & when did you decided to launch the actual project of building a speed freak vessel?
PL: I always loved seeing just how fast you could go on any boat. I was also intrigued by the underlying physics. I simply knew that there were theories out there that held great potential and I couldn't see why they wouldn't work. I guess the time came in my sailing career when I realised that it was my turn to take on the challenge. For me that was just after we broke the 24 hour world record on Maiden2 (ex-Club Med). Whilst the distance wasn't that great by today's standard (694 miles), there were sections of that attempt that were blistering i.e. 37 knots average for an hour. We pushed that boat bloody hard. I really enjoyed that... but I knew that in order to go a lot faster, I had to go and make my own project.
I started working with Malcolm Barnsley in 2001 but it was after we tied Maiden 2 up in Ocean Village in 2002 that we actually started building the first boat.

- Those who precede you, Yellow Pages & Macquire Innovation

Nov 1, 2013

Spindrfit 2 : Americas Discovery Route Record Attempt

Dona Bertarelli & Yann Guichard continue full schedule on their Spindrift project. Hope we can see them along the Peyron bros in next A Cup. --
Live Tracking Here - Full Report at

The Route of Discovery of the Americas : the route of Christopher Columbus

The Route of Discovery was founded in 1984 as a crew race from Cadiz to Santo Domingo. It is a similar route to that travelled by Columbus from August 3 to October 12, 1492, which took him from from Palos de la Frontera (near Cadiz in Spain) and Guanahani (re-named San Salvador by its discoverer), via the Canary Islands. The maxi trimaran, Spindrift 2, the largest racing multihull in the world, is trying to beat the record time* for the Route of Discovery (7 days, 10 hours, 58 minutes and 53 seconds), set by Franck Cammas in 2007 on the maxi Groupama 3. Spindrift 2 can wait until the end of October for a suitable weather window to open and allow the start off Cadiz, for a 3,884-mile Atlantic sprint, which, even according to co-skipper, Yann Guichard, is “treacherous”.

The history of the Route of Discovery:
In the footsteps of Christopher Columbus
The Genoese navigator left Palos de la Frontera in Andalusia, near Cadiz, on August 3, 1492 with three ships: two caravels , the Pinta and the Niña and a nave, the Santa Maria, and no more than 90 crew. This small fleet stopped for nearly a month in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands to avoid the Portuguese who were sailing in the Azores area.

A race the a record…
It was the 26-metre catamaran, Philippe Poupon’s Fleury Michon III, who won the first edition in 1984, in 14 days 14 hours and 49 minutes, in an edition in which 30 teams took part. The second edition in 1988 was won by Jet Services V catamaran Serge Madec. But people who really established the route as a record were Grant Dalton and Bruno Peyron in 2000, onboard the catamaran, Club Med, in preparation for the round the world race, The Race. The American hunter of records, Steve Fossett, improved the record by more than one day in 2003 with his maxi catamaran, PlayStation in 9 days, 13 hours, 30 minutes and 18 seconds. In May 2007, Franck Cammas and the crew of the maxi trimaran, Groupama 3, set the current record of 7 days 10 hours, 58 minutes and 53 seconds at an average speed of 21.70 knots.

* The boat position is sent every hour to the WSSRC, the organisation that validates records. It will decide the legitimacy of the course and will confirm any 24-hour speed records, which are always possible on a long journey.

fb video